tony mckay


/ Open // Taken // Reserved /

| Tribute- Tony McKay. | District- 2 | Age- 17 | Face Claim- Ed Westwick |

Tony was always the district’s pretty boy. He had the looks and every girl wanted him. He had the best training money could afford, he was the closest thing you could get to perfect on the outside and he knew it. But there was one thing very few knew about him. Tony was gay. So many girls wanted him because of his charm and looks but he couldn’t deny who he was. He fought it for many years but it was one thing he just couldn’t beat. He started sneaking around, hooking up with random men at any occasion he got. He could hide it in his town where no one really noticed him. But now he was going to be broadcast on live television and studied by thousands of people, somebody would figure out his secret, then his perfect image would be ruined. But finally he was in the hunger games, something he longed for his whole life. He had never been more excited and more nervous at the same time. 

| Weakness- Hiding who he is, nervous, trouble trusting new people || Strengths- Charm, Focus, Speed, Quick Reflexes. || Ideal weapon- Dual Machetes. |