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Request: I was wondering if you could do a one shot of how you like Bucky and he doesn’t like you and is dating Nat, so Tony comforts you and you slowly fall in love with him and learn to move on? Maybe make it really fluffy and marry Tony at the end? please -Anonymous

What do you do when the person you like, likes someone else? How are you supposed to just move on and forget about their eyes, their laugh, the way they make you feel? The answer is simple; by doing just that. The things you feel for someone slowly start to wilt away along with every thought you’ve had about them, every moment you shared with them that made you fall in love with them. He wasn’t yours and he never would be.

Your feelings for Bucky were not mutual and that’s something you’ve had to live with and suffer through for at least a year now. Bucky was happy with Natasha, he never let a day go by where he didn’t confess or show his love for her.

No matter how many shooting stars you wished upon, prayers you spoke, the hope you felt when the clock struck 11:11, and no matter how many dandelions you blew into the wind, you were not meant for Bucky. You had to accept it and you couldn’t hold yourself from being happy anymore.

You just couldn’t. You’ll never be her.

You could hear Bucky and Natasha laughing in the common room, wrestling with each other over the remote and what television show they’d watch tonight. Your stomach twisted and your throat burned. You could feel the hot tears filling your eyes as you heard them kissing.

Another presence entered the kitchen and you stood there, staring down at your dinner. You had just gotten back from a mission so you arrived late. Your appetite was once again ruined. “You know, I’m gonna start charging you for the food you make and throw out.” Tony said beside you.

You simply sighed and pushed your plate away. “You can afford it.” You said in a monotone voice. Tony laughed and shook his head at your comeback. You always did like to hear Tony laugh. It was strong and everyone knew it was his even if he wasn’t in the same room.

You sighed again and hopped down from your chair. Tony stopped you by grabbing your arm gently. “What’s bothering you?” Tony questioned, but knew the answer as you glanced towards the common room. Tony nodded slightly and sighed.

You gave Tony a tight smile. “You know, it won’t last forever, Y/N.” Tony said to you softly. You crossed your arms over your chest, biting back your tears. You quickly turned away and Tony looked at you with a pained expression.

He understood what you were going through and he wished he could take it all away. He’s always been here for you to wipe away your tears when you go to him crying over Bucky. You’ve spent countless nights awake at late hours with Tony as he comforted you enough for you to pass out on his shoulder.

It was silly to always cry over a taken man, but when you were in love with someone who was with someone else, it happens whether you want it to or not. You cry and cry and cry until you’re left with a hollow feeling that only they could fill; yet they can’t. They’d never be able to.

Natasha didn’t know of your feelings for Bucky. Bucky knew because you had told him one day while you were drunk and he immediately told you that he had been dating Natasha in secret. Bucky just didn’t want anything to ruin his relationship if he told the team. He wanted to make sure it was real. And by the way his eyes lit up when she entered a room, you knew it was the realest thing he’s ever felt.

It became even more real when he told the team that following morning. Everyone was happy for them and you just stood back, watching your life fall apart before your eyes.

Tony pulled you in for a tight hug and you inhaled his expensive cologne. You sighed against Tony and he rubbed your back soothingly. “I know it hurts, but Y/N, you’ve gotta let him go. It’s the only way for you to be happy.” Tony said, swaying you both side to side.

Happy is what you became. A few months later, you didn’t hurt anymore. You accepted your destiny and let fate take you into the arms you were meant to be in. One night after Natasha and Bucky had announced they were going to adopt a little one, something in you closed off and something else opened up.

You stared at yourself in the mirror, running your hands gently along your wedding dress as Wanda was fixing your veil. The man who had been there for you all along was the one you were meant to be with. Tony Stark was your soulmate.

It took you so long to realize it, but as time passed, days felt so short alongside Tony. You found yourself clinging to him in a way that felt right. Being with him made you feel better and you tried everything you could to hear that laugh of his. You’d even spend long nights with him in his lab, watching his hands work on something, anything.

Moments that made your heart beat faster with Tony made your mind scream at you: “He’s your soulmate. It’s him, it’s him, it’s him.” Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Tony asked you out one night after sharing an intimate moment after a very life threatening mission.

You realized in that moment, he was the one for you. You were so blinded and so in love with James Barnes, you didn’t see the truth lying in front of you. You and Tony fell in love and you felt free of your feelings for Bucky at last.

It’s taken some getting used to, but now, as you see the smile on your face and feel the fluttering in your chest, you couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come.

Wanda had finished fixing your veil and you turned to face her. “You look breathtaking, Y/N.” Wanda squealed happily, the biggest smile on her face. You blushed and smiled back. “Thank you, Wanda.” A knock on the door turned both yours and Wanda’s attention away from each other.

Steve peeked in and he gasped, seeing you in your white dress. “Oh my god, Y/N!” Steve beamed, rushing in to see you. You giggled and let him twirl you around, your dress flowing down past your feet and leading a little trail behind you. “Tony is so lucky.” Steve said with a chuckle.

Wanda laughed along with you. “They’re ready if you are.” Steve said, holding his arm out for you to link yours with. Your father wasn’t around to walk you down the aisle, so you made a joke by saying Steve could since he was the oldest on the team. That earned a loud laugh from Tony and a flutter in your heart.

You smiled and linked your arm with Steve’s, waving bye to Wanda so she could line up with Natasha and Sharon on the platform. Grabbing your red rose bouquet, you breathed out, trying not to let your nerves show through. “She’s ready.” Steve said into his comm. “Copy.” You heard Sam reply.

The traditional piano music started to play and two men opened the large doors you and Steve stood behind. You could see Tony lined up with the groomsmen: Clint, Sam, and Bucky. They were all dressed in tuxedos with red ties and the girls were wearing matching red gowns.

Your heart beat wildly in your chest as you started to walk down the aisle, repeating “Don’t trip” in your mind over and over. The guests, which were at least in the high hundreds, all stood up and turned to look at you. A blush crept onto your cheeks as you saw their awestruck reactions.

Your eyes landed on Tony’s as you walked up the stairs. He sent you a wink and you giggled softly, your stomach flipping. Steve let your arm go and you leaned up on your toes to press a kiss to his cheek. “Hey, hey.” Tony said with a firm voice, causing the whole Church to erupt in laughter.

Steve stood behind Bucky, chuckling. You turned to Tony, staring up at him with a wide smile. The pastor opened his Bible and started to recite the marriage prayer. “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today-” He started, looking at you and Tony fondly.

As the pastor finished the prayer, your nervousness and excitement grew in your chest. “Please, join hands.” The pastor said with a smile. You and Tony held each others hands and you could feel how clammy Tony’s was. You didn’t mind, you were pretty sure yours felt the same.

Tony stared down at you and your cheeks turned a bright red. You felt so lucky to be marrying Tony. Your heart felt renewed and full, nothing was missing. “Now, if you have any vows, you may speak.” The pastor said. Tony cleared his throat and smiled at you.

“I prepared a long speech, I even wrote it down and everything. Too bad Sam threw up on it.” Tony started, the guests and yourself laughing. You could see Sam peeking out the side of the line of groomsmen, shooting Tony a glare. You snorted and Tony laughed harder.

“Well, here it goes from memory. Y/N, I can’t begin to tell you how many times I made an excuse to have Nick put us as partners on missions. I wanted to be the one to protect you, to make sure you were always okay, and to be the one to help you when you needed it.

You were in love with someone else, so I had to wait for you to go through that and make your way to me in the end, and I’m so happy you did. I was in love with you while you were hung up on somebody else; someone who didn’t deserve to be loved by someone so amazing.

You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I promise to let you steal my food, I promise I won’t work late nights in the lab on an invention I’ll never finish, even if you’re there in my chair, supporting me. I promise I’ll always be here and I’ll never let you out of my sight. Unless Clint accidentally shoots me in the eyes with an arrow and screws me up for good.”

Everyone laughed again and you could hear Clint wheezing. You covered your mouth to keep from laughing like a maniac. Tony looked down at you with watery eyes from laughing so hard. You all calmed down and you rested your hand back in Tony’s, still giggling softly to yourself.

“I promise to be yours, for as long as you’ll have me. If it’s forever, I’ve completed the biggest and most amazing mission of all: Capturing your heart.” Tony finished, his voice cracking at the end. Your heart swelled in your chest and you tried not to cry.

You took a deep breath, calming your breathing. You definitely couldn’t top Tony’s vows and you could’ve sworn you were going to cry your eyes out any second if you didn’t start talking.

“I’d like to start off by saying I appreciate all those times you were a shoulder to cry on. All the while I was crying over someone else, I know now that I was getting all of those tears out so you could fill me with the happiness my heart longed for. You, Tony, are my knight in shining armor. Quite literally; your suit is so bright.” You said, causing everyone to laugh.

“I fell in love with you as I was healing, and that brought us even closer. I can be myself around you, I can eat your food and mine without your judgement. I can sit in your very comfortable chair and watch you work on your inventions all night long and never grow tired of the way your tongue sticks out when you’re concentrating.

I promise to let you yell at the television as loud as you can when the people on it don’t do what you’re yelling for them to do. I promise to not get mad when you tinker with my weapons and completely break them. I promise to always be by your side when you need me the most, especially when you’re screaming bloody murder because you saw a spider in the bathroom.” You said with a giggle, hearing everyone laughing again.

Tony dramatically rolled his eyes but smiled down at you, his thumbs rubbing your hands.

“Tony Stark, you are my Ironman, the love of my life, the best man a woman could ever wish for. If I had to be stuck with someone forever, I’m glad it’s you.” You finished, your eyes filling with tears again. The guests cheered and clapped.

“Now, the rings.” The pastor said with a smile. Sam smirked and spoke into his watch. “Redwing, do your thing.” He said. Suddenly, Redwing flew in with two strings hanging that had yours and Tony’s rings attached to them.

You laughed as Tony untied them. Smiling, Tony handed them to the pastor. You and Tony thanked Redwing before it flew back down the aisle and through the doors you entered from. The pastor started to pray over the rings and he handed you Tony’s and gave Tony your ring.

The pastor had you and Tony repeat the traditional wedding vows before you both slipped on each others rings. “You may kiss the bride.” The pastor said in a louder voice, setting his Bible down and clapping his hands.

You leaned up on your toes and crashed your lips into Tony’s, letting your left hand rest on his neck. Tony pulled you close and you felt his arm lift into the air, pumping his fist. The guests all laughed and cheered and you couldn’t be happier than you were in this moment.

You found your other half.

Note: gOSH I got carried away!! thanks for the request! I really hope you like it! feedback is always welcome! .c

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Stony Prompt #10

“This is probably a bad time, but marry me?”

Tony is done with everything.

One would think that asking the person you like out for a date is the hardest part – but whoever says this has clearly never tried to propose. And maybe whoever says this is also not a superhero.

Three years ago, Tony actually thought that the scariest thing he’d ever do was to ask Steve out for a date and oh, how had he been mistaken. No, the scariest definitely is happening right now as they sit in a small restaurant. The brunet has big plans for today, big plans for Steve and his heart it beating so fast, he wouldn’t be surprised if it leapt right out of his chest.

He has the ring in his pocket. The waiter is instructed to bring them a special dessert (one that Steve loves with passion and that isn’t available at this place, but well, genius, billionaire here – Tony made it happen) and then it’ll be time for his big question.

Steve smiles at him from across the table, this sweet, beautiful little smile that makes his eyes light up and Tony once more realizes just how gone he is for this man.

Everything goes smoothly. Dessert arrives and as expected, Steve is beaming in joy, if not a little surprised. Tony’s heart thunders against his chest. He licks his lips and carefully reaches into his pocket, it’s now or never, he’ll really ask now-

Steve’s phone goes off and effectively ruins the moment. He gives Tony a sheepish smile and mouths an apology, ready to ignore the call – but then his expression changes into dead-serious in a matter of second and Tony knows their evening is over.

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fic: Bolts for Roses

Tony+Rhodey+Dum-E for #ProjectHappyStark

Tony knelt on a tarp spread on the workshop floor. He wasn’t sure when he’d been to bed last, but the workshop couch was comfortable, and he hadn’t wanted to put his tools down longer than he had to. He’d made into the shower the night before (or the one before that?), but mostly because he’d spilled engine oil down his chest. He was in a frenzy, manic with building anticipation and excitement, but all the energy was focused down into the wheel assembly between his knees. There was a faint throb of discomfort in his lower back, but he couldn’t spare the time and the energy to move, not when he was this close.

The last wheel went on with a soft snict, and Tony sat back. The metal panels were a mess of greasy fingerprints, smudges, and scratches. They made him feel twitchy, but he left them alone for a moment and fished around the tarp for a marginally clean cloth and scrubbed at his hands. The custom laptop was up to the task of withstanding his oil-coated fingers, and he took one last quick glance at the code – too quick to be able to catch anything, but he and Rhodey had gone through the code twenty-two times line by line, and it was as close to perfect as anything he’d ever done. The simulations ran without a hitch, each component had been machined by his own hands, fitted precisely. It was going to work. He hit run on the code, and sat back on his ass to stare at it as the animation he’d created in a fit of insomnia and frustration bounced and zoomed across the screen, a little pixilated robot.

Feeling suddenly drained, he looked up at his – really, there was nothing for it – his baby. Tony might have been only 16, but he already knew that fatherhood was not likely in his future. Not biological fatherhood, but this he could have. He could have designed something that looked closer to human, he could have made something with a dozen legs. He’d chosen something less vain and more practical, a single extendible arm, a heavy base that could handle anything a workshop floor (or a forest for that matter) could throw at it, tread wheels that could scale most small obstacles, and enough power to lift a family sedan with the family inside.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” Tony said finally. “We don’t want you messy on your first day in the world.”

He had nothing else to do while the program ran, but he still ended up sitting and staring for another several minutes. After almost a month of nearly nonstop work, he was staring at something so astonishing that he was having trouble getting himself to move. Even if he did nothing, the program would run and his baby would take its first mechanical breath, move its arm, and start living. Suddenly Tony wasn’t sure if he could handle that. His robotics instructor had preached being careful not to anthropomorphize machinery, but it wasn’t anthropomorphizing if the machinery had a personality, if it was alive. This robot would be. It had pipes, fluid, internal workings, a metal skin, synthetic muscles. It had a heart, and a brain and it would be capable of independent thought.

The animated version of his baby seemed to run into the inside of the computer screen, cracks appearing around it. It backed up, shook its camera, and tried again, bumping into the glass once more. Almost.

Tony lurched to his feet, scrambled for the degreaser and the shop rags. He was at the end of his energy, and his limbs felt almost numb as he rushed to scrub the grease off. He heard a click and a series of tones that indicated the program was done running. He stopped, blue cloth still held against the bot’s body, and looked up hopefully. It had been a month of work to get here, but it had been a labor of more than five years of coding and recoding and simulations, prodding and poking, and knowing that it wasn’t quite there, it wasn’t enough. The technology hadn’t been available. And now it was. It had to work.

For five, six, seven seconds there was nothing. Silence. Eight, nine – the motor turned over with a gentle click, and the fan hummed to life. Tony froze and waited, his stomach climbing up into his throat as the bot went through its startup checks. The wheels spun once, the bot jerking forward, the tarp rucking up around it. The bot’s arm moved, a test run of motion – straight up, curled in, rotating around – and then curled all the way over to look at its treads. It moved forward again, camera lens moving in an out as it assessed the issue and then straightened up. It looked directly at Tony, camera focusing again with a slow whine.

It beeped an interrogative. Tony gasped out a noise that bordered on a sob. He scrubbed the back of his hand across his face, leaving a smear of engine grease across his cheek. Adjusting its camera, his bot repeated the series of tones, and Tony understood because he’d built this language from the ground up.

“What’s your name?” Tony repeated stupidly. In all the planning and defeats and excitement, why hadn’t that occurred to him?

Ddddddddummmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” the bot squealed, audio output malfunctioning. Tony dropped the rag and rushed around to the laptop while the bot tried again, “D-d-d-dddddddd’mm-m-m-mmmmmeeeee’eee.”

“I’ve got it, baby, just hold on, I’m going to … I’ll fix it, just. Wait.”

“Ddddmmmmm’ee,” the bot answered, sounding definitely more plaintive.

“Dummy, I’ve got it, I heard you. Just. I’ll just…” It wasn’t a software issue, so Tony dove for his toolbox while the bot continued to trill and whine. He popped a panel open while the bot grew more distressed, climbing onto the base to search for the shorted wire. “Hang on, stop. Moving, just hold still for me,” Tony said through his teeth. The robot stopped moving, but didn’t go entirely still. Its camera rotated back to watch Tony digging into the control panel. He found the loose wire and wedged it back into place, and then checked the rest.

“Try again, Dummy,” he teased, and the bot beeped at him. Tony laughed. “I didn’t mean that was your name.” The robot repeated it stubbornly, twice, three times. Tony had called it by that name twice, its name was obviously Dummy, and, for another matter, it was a he.

“Well, you come by your stubbornness honestly,” Tony said. He was still straddling the bot’s arm, and slowly slid down to the floor again. “Fine, Dummy, if that’s what you want. D-U-M-E.”

Dum-E repeated it back to him and seemed satisfied. He rolled forward again, beeped at the canvas bunching up under his treads. Twittering, he jolted forward until his treads hit the cement and got some traction. Meeping triumphantly, he took a sharp turn. The laptop skittered across the tarp in his wake and Tony hurried to disconnect it. Making a series of fast beeps, Dum-E kicked up the speed, doing his best to keep ahead of Tony, while Tony chased the laptop, laughing helplessly. He was going to be a handful. But then, he was Tony’s child.

The workshop door opened just as Dum-E made another clumsy right turn that nonetheless managed to drag the 18 pound portable computer just out of range. Tony flopped onto the floor and Dum-E thrummed at him as he made another broad turn to take him to the other side of the room.

“You started without me?” Rhodey grumped. He kicked the door closed and Tony heard the rustle of a plastic bag hitting the ground. He joined the chase for the laptop, stumbling over Tony and running after Dum-E.

“I didn’t even realize you weren’t here!” Tony confessed, scrambling after Rhodey, who slipped on the tarp and ended up on his knees. Tony got tangled with his legs and went down next to him, Rhodey snarling and Tony laughing like a maniac. “Congratulations,” Tony said through the laughter. “You’re a dad.”


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A/N: Snow days are the best! I’m on a roll guys! I’ve decided to write another Bucky imagine. I tried to write this in line with the movies, but it’s a little different. Enjoy! 

Originally posted by unlucky--bucky

“You love him.”

The words hit you like a ton of bricks. The weight of them crash down on you, and everything soon becomes clear. The connection you have to him is something you’ve never felt before. The feeling was foreign to you. You couldn’t understand why you felt like you had to defend him. Until now.

You slowly turn to meet Steve’s gaze. The look in his eyes is filled with concern. You can’t seem to form a response. You can feel the intense gaze of everyone in the room. All of your fellow Avengers gathered for a team meeting, to discuss the future of Bucky. Between the panic attacks and his Winter Soldier mode, everyone else thinks he’s a threat. Even Steve believes he should be contained in some way. Maybe not in the drastic way Stark suggested, but he should at least be kept in check.

When everyone starting suggesting possible containment strategies though, you began to defend Bucky. You know he doesn’t need to be controlled in any way. Bucky once saved your life, and you knew there was still a trace of his old self in there. You just had to work to bring it out. No one could believe you were fighting for Bucky. You yourself couldn’t even find a reason why. Until Steve said those words.

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3490nat  asked:

My fave headcanon ever: Steve will (v rarely) purposefully let himself be taken down while sparring with Tony bc he loves seeing that flash of self-satisfied, almost surprised pride on Tony's face. He does it rarely bc he knows Tony hates being coddled but it's still worth it

The day comes where Tony actually does take him down, and when that happens, Steve is laying on the mat staring up at the ceiling thinking How the fuck did that happen? 

Meanwhile, Tony’s gloating and running around in circles around Steve about how awesome he is before he approaches Steve again and offers him a hand, and when Steve gets back to his feet, Tony leans up and kisses his nose and tells him that he knows Steve has been pretending.  He tells Steve that he caught on pretty quickly, but he appreciates the thought anyway. 

When Steve finally admits that he wasn’t pretending this time, Tony grins like a maniac for the entire day, and Steve really doesn’t mind because 1) he likes knowing that Tony can take care of himself, and 2) he loves it when Tony smiles. 

Nerf War

A/N: I think this is pretty cute, I hope you like it!😄

Prompt: Clint challenges the Avengers to a Nerf War, the reader accidentally hits Bucky in the face and feels bad.

You sat on the couch in the living room, a book on your lap. You tied your hair up in a bun and opened up your book. Sighing, you soon became engrossed in your book. You smiled at a funny part. You heard a click and was soon hit in the head with something. Sighing, annoyed, you looked in your lap to see a nerf arrow. You turned to see Clint holding a nerf bow, giggling maniacally.

“I challenge you, and the rest of the mighty Avengers, to a nerf war!” He yelled, happily. He shot another arrow, but you caught it and started chasing after him. “No fair! You have powers!”

You laughed, chasing after Clint with your superhuman agility. “That’s what you get!”

Eventually, Clint stopped, holding his hands in surrender. “Okay, okay, you got me,” he said breathlessly.

You weren’t tired, but still waited for him to catch his breath. “I’ll help you get the rest of the team,” you spoke, quietly. “I’ll go get my gun.”

“Jesus, Y/N,” he said, frantically. “This is a game! Not a war!”

“My nerf gun, dumb ass,” you laughed, walking down the hall.

When you got your gun, you made it back to Clint. He pointed up to the rafters, suggesting you jump up there. You shrugged and easily jumped. Together, you climbed over the kitchen, seeing Bucky, Steve, Wanda and Tony. Clint leaned closer to you.

“I’ll take Tony and Steve. You get Wanda and Bucky,” he whispered.

“No!” You whisper-shouted in return. “I’m not going to hit him with a nerf bullet! You can hit him! Plus I wanna hit Tony in the face.”

Clint rolled his eyes and took aim for Bucky. You pointed your gun at Tony’s face. You quickly shot off a bullet, then turned to Wanda. You shot her in the forehead, her flinching and quickly jumping up. Tony groaned as he looked up at you and Clint. Clint had hit Steve and Bucky, who both looked confused at the concept of “Nerf”.

You jumped down from the rafters, landing in front of Tony. “Suck it, Iron Ass,” you shouted, laughing. You walked over to Wanda, a sheepish smile on your face. “Sorry, for shooting you in the face.”

“It is alright,” she spoke, calmly. “I would like to join you and shoot my brother. Is that alright?”

You nodded, mischievously. You took her hand and led her to the secret stash of nerf toys. “Here you go, let’s go!”

Within an hour, there was a full blown Nerf war. You were running, frantically, avoiding nerf bullets. You could hear cries of joy and defeat.

“Get back here, Bruce,” Tony yelled, laughing maniacally. “You can’t hide the big guy forever!”

You spotted Natasha, aiming for her head. You wanted, oh so desperately, to shoot her. You’d missed each time. You cocked the gun, aiming at her head. Pulling the trigger, you took a deep breath. Natasha turned, an evil smile on her face. Right before the bullet hit her, she ducked, causing it to hit Bucky right in the forehead.

He flinched, eyebrows furrowing. He looked around, eyes landing on your widened ones. You ran over to him, already feeling guilty. It’d been an automatic nerf gun, which shot faster and hit harder. “Bucky,” you spoke, worriedly, noting the red circle on his forehead. “I’m so sorry! That doesn’t look good.” Before you could stop yourself, you stood on your tip-toes and cupped his cheeks. You tilted his head downward and kissed his forehead. “I’m sorry.”

You lowered yourself back down and looked up into Bucky’s surprised eyes. Your hands still cupped his cheeks. You noticed Bucky had rested his hands on your waist to support you. “W-…why did you do that?”

You stared into his confused and surprised eyes, longer. A bullet hit you in the side, causing you to jerk closer to Bucky, and let out a laugh. “I just felt bad for hitting you!”

Bucky watched you giggle at the bullet as you turned to shoot your automatic gun at Clint, who realized what you had. He smiled, softly, amazed at your beauty. “Oh.”

You smiled at him. “Sorry, if you didn’t like it,” you muttered, itching the back of your head. You noticed that Bucky still held you by your waist.

“I…I did like it,” he whispered, chuckling. “I just didn’t get it.” He bent down and kissed your cheek.

You blushed, raising a hand to cup the cheek he kissed. “What was that for?”

“I think your adorable,” he spoke, winking at you.

Movie night - Steve Rogers

Imagine: Steve Rogers aka Captain America
Summary: Tony has a plan to get you together

Your name: submit What is this?

Originally posted by insaneontheboeshane

It was movie night at the Tower and Tony had chosen the movie- Paranormal activity. You absolutely hated anything horror-like and had a hard time falling asleep after watching but you promised. “Damn,” you thought to yourself. “Why did I make a promise. Maybe I can say i’m sick- no he’ll see right through that. Damn!” Right at that moment Tony decided to pop up. 

“I hope you’re not thinking you can get out of watching the movie,” he looked at you seriously. 

“N-no of course not,” you lied looking him right in the eye your cheeks burning.

“Sure you’re not, remember you promised,” he gave you a cocky smirk and walked away. Tony had a reason for picking the movie. He had grown tired of watching Cap and you giving each other love eyes and never making a move. So he got the others in on his plan- his plan to get you together. He began grinning like a maniac- “Hey Tony, what’s with that look on your face,” Steve asked confused and scared. He had learned what that face meant- that Tony was up to something.

“Oh you’ll see Capsicle. You’ll thank me soon!” He laughed and left. Steve stood there for a moment thinking what that could have meant but he knew he wouldn’t find out until Tony had done it so he went on with his day. 


You had just finished making the popcorn and grabbed the bowls, walking slowly to make you wouldn’t drop them. When you walked into the room Steve hurried up to help and the others gave each other a knowing look. 

“Oh thank you Steve,” he grabbed the the two bowls and grazed your fingers whilst doing that his cheeks turning red. He quickly turned around and went to sit hoping you wouldn’t notice. Of course you didn’t you to busy staring at him to notice. When you snapped of it you saw the only place left for you to sit was with Steve on the love seat and could feel your cheeks burning again. This time not from embarrassment but because you had to sit close to Steve. 

Steve was absolutely everything you had ever dreamed of since you were a child. He was like a prince charming with an amazing personality and his looks weren’t to bad either.Oh you were you kidding. Steve was bloody beautiful and if you could you would be happy spending hours looking at him. So to be so near him meant you were a flustering mess on the inside. You had thankfully learned how to compose yourself so you wouldn’t look like a complete fool. You both sat down and you could feel Steve thigh against yours. 

Just like you had expected the movie scared you a lot, and after a scene you were hiding your face on Steve’s shoulder. You had forgotten everything  about feeling nervous being close to him, you just needed some comfort. Steve was shocked but his natural instinct was to embrace you and softly stroke your hair. He was glad you stayed in his arms and didn’t think he was weird. What you both didn’t was you were both secretly revelling in the feeling of each other. When the film was over you had both fallen asleep, Steve still holding you tight. 

“Well, I’ll say my plan worked pretty well,” Tony said with a smug look on his face. The others simply nodded looking at the adorable pair laying on the couch not wanting to wake you up.  

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Pepper had never been fond of Tony taking her flying. To be perfectly honest, he didn’t blame her; he knew he would never want to do it without the suit on. She had been fine that one time she had worn the suit, so he knew it wasn’t just an aversion to Iron Man in general, and that was what mattered. 

Steve was just a maniac, it seemed. 

Sure, they had done it a couple of times during battle out of necessity, but Tony hadn’t realised Steve liked it until Tony had had to use the suit to get them away from a particularly aggressive pack of reporters after one of their dates. Steve had been beaming from ear to ear when they touched down on the top of the tower, his cheeks flushed and eyes bright with excitement. 

That was the moment Tony fell irreparably in love with him.

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length: 672 words

summary: Tony tries to get Steve in the mood, but hits the wrong spot.

a/n: more playful early relationship Stony! hang in there those of you who already saw CW and good luck to those who plan to see it this weekend! fic requested by @nhasablog


“Morning, beloved.”

Steve smiled, feeling Tony draping himself over Steve’s solid frame. Steve was in the kitchen, making coffee, not surprised in the slightest that the smell of freshly brewed coffee did lure his lover out of the warm bed.

“Morning, Tony,” Steve hummed out, turning his head to the side, to get a good morning kiss, Tony was eager to give.

“You got up early today,” Tony said pleasantly, licking his lips after the kiss. Steve’s lips tasted of freshly squeezed orange juice. Tart and tangy and delicious.

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