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David Bowie on the cover of the October 2016 issue of Uncut Magazine, and an article on Bowie’s previously unreleased album The Gouster, which is a spiritual predecessor of his 1975 album Young Americans; includes anecdotes from Tony Visconti, Carlos Alomar, and Ava Cherry.

Dollhouse Things That I Have A LOT Of Feelings About

(If anybody wants to add on feel free to!)

•Topher having the engagements with Sierra on his birthday so he’d have a friend to be with

•Victor and Sierra / Tony and Priya

•Mellie’s fate

•Topher’s breakdown in Epitaph One

•Topher’s sacrifice

•honestly everything that happened to Topher during the Epitaphs


•How much Alpha evolved as a character despite having only 4 episodes as a speaking role

•Alpha’s last gift for Echo

•The song, Remains

•Alpha’s fate!!!!

•Bennett dying in front of Topher

•Whiskey and her scars

•Boyd being a father figure to Echo in s1

•Alpha imprinting himself with Paul to understand Echo

•Adelle and Topher’s mother-son relationship

•Echo’s confusion when Alpha kills everyone but her in the shower (“They won’t wake up!”)

•Whiskey’s horror when she finds Alpha in her office

•how brilliant Echo and Alpha could have potentially been in the Epitaphs

•Alpha turning the Dollhouse into a safe haven for the dumbshows

•Whiskey gassing the Dollhouse so Mag, Zone, and Iris can escape

Notebook Pt. 1 (Bucky x Reader)

I’m back with more Bucky! This is inspired on the summary an anon gave @bovaria a couple months ago and I loved it so much I wrote two parts….

Thank you guys for reading Shifty! I was so overwhelmed with the feedback, please don’t stop! If you haven’t read it, that’s totally cool, if you want to check it out please search Mags writes, I’m still learning how to tag posts and such.

Happy New Year!

Summary: Bucky writes down every moment he has with you, something he never wants to forget.

Warnings: Fighting (physical and vocal) and angst

Words: Lord knows…..

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Thank you for reading!

Part 2


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You mutter profanities under your breath as you practically rip your black skater dress off, growl as you throw your shoes at the wall and grit your teeth as you pull your hair out of the mangled ponytail it was in, not caring about the achy feeling the grows when you begin to rub your scalp.

You crawl into your bed and bury your face in your pillow, trying to keep the tears at bay as you recalled what happened tonight.

- 2 hours ago -

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Sunday Six

“Turn around slowly,” someone says behind him, and Tony–

He’s a little wired, okay, and it’s not what you think, these days he’s all-natural, the mugs on the bench are gravestones for decaf blend (R.I.P.) and he hasn’t taken an artificial stimulant since that one mission two years ago where he needed an adrenaline shot or he was literally going to crash and burn, everyone who has to cohabitate with him is very relieved, but he maybe hasn’t slept in three days?  Which in any court of law would justify the way he yells, jumps about twelve feet, and throws a screwdriver in the direction of the voice.  Maybe not the screwdriver thing, in hindsight, because firstly that’s a little extreme, and secondly, Tony has excellent aim, and right about now he’d probably be making a whole lot of apologies if his aural assailant didn’t have the reflexes of a supersoldier.

Or an assassin.

The Winter Soldier stares Tony down across the workshop, dangling the tip of the screwdriver from his fingers like it’s a dead rat.

Shifty (Bucky x Reader)

Alright, more Bucky since I’m pure Bucky trash thanks to the lovely @bovaria and basically everyone tagged at the bottom :) Please leave feedback!

Summary: (AFTER CACW) You save the team and recover with Bucky next to you the whole time :) (Sorry I suck at summaries)

Warnings: Angsty fluff, violence, panic attack and injured reader and Bucky.

Parings: Bucky x Reader



The team was trapped, everyone knew it.

Bucky  glares at the Hydra guard shoving him in to the far corner of the room next to Sam, Bucky rolls his eyes and curses his luck when Sam smirks at him.

It was supposed to be a clean mission, take an old Hydra base and go, what they didn’t expect was the base back up and running. Thus the reason three Hydra agents were looking over Steve’s shield while two others inspected Sam’s ‘backpack flight’ they called it in poor English, and Tony, stuck in his suit as an agent ever so often electrocuted him, making him immobile. No one made a move to grab Thor’s hammer as the one that tried was sporting a dislocated shoulder from trying to pick it up.

“We’re going to die.” Sam states dramatically as he stares sadly at his poor baby in the hands of the enemy, Natasha, sitting next to him jabs his ribs.

“Shut up, Birdy.”

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Pick up the newest issue of theskateboardmag (the one with the words all over the cover) to check out Tony’s photo essay.

PS. Have you seen Tony’s new shoe spelled with the letters T-N-T-S-G? It’s pretty S-I-C-K.

The Make: A photo gallery of roll-away shots

It’s simply one of the best feelings in the world as demonstrated by Cardiel, Hassan, AVE, Chima, Dan Lu and TNT. Hell, maybe it’s THE best. Check out this essay and photo gallery of a profound event which is one the main reasons we all skate.

Via Thrasher Magazine

A companion cover (and a bit of a sneak peak) for one of trumpetnista’s upcoming chapters of Shattering Expectations. If you’re not reading it, you should be.