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RIP 2016

Would y'all quit saying “2016 can’t possibly get any worse!” cause it’s taking it as a fucking challenge
26 Pictures Of Politicians When They Were Younger
Show business for ugly people? Check out that haircut.
By Jim Waterson

After Fandies are surprised (because you’re afraid to say embarrassed) to see Andy Burnham’s prom picture, why not fancy Gideon George Osborne with a long hair or Alistair Darling in full beard? Or wonder if Boris Johnson and William Hague are girls in their early life! 

Which transformation do you fancy, fellow loliticians? And whose school pics are you still waiting to see?

Favorite Superman/Wonder Woman Moments for 2014

There were so many memorable moments to choose from and these are just some favorites. Ranking them was tough because it’s not really that any was lesser or greater but some were more defining to the couple and their blooming relationship. I went for the moments that resonated emotionally with the fandom during the course of this year judging by response around our sm/ww groups and fan tumblrs. Let us know your favorite.

#10 Superman greets the Goddess of Peace (Superman/Wonder Woman Future’s End #1)

# 9 Diana letting Clark know she does not stand by while he saves the world. She is there with him. (Superman/Wonder Woman #11)

#8 Diana saying goodbye to Clark before he faces Doomsday (Superman Doomed #1)

#7 Taking on Zod and Faora together. (Superman/Wonder Woman #6)

#6 The world discovers the power couple’s secret.  (Superman/Wonder Woman #4)

#5 That time Clark and Diana danced all night in London together. (Superman/Wonder Woman #7)

#4 Diana battles the Doomsday beast and gets Clark to regain control. (Superman/Wonder Woman #8)

#3  The joyous reunion of Clark and Diana before the world. (Superman/Wonder Woman #12)

#2. Clark wrapping his indestructible cape around Diana to protect her from a nuclear blast. (Superman/Wonder Woman #6)

#1 I love you. (Superman/Wonder Woman #6)

how do you choose between a mother and a father,
when they both claim to love you more than anything,
but you can’t bring yourself to feel it?

how do you choose between a mother and a father,
when they’ve both caused you so much pain,
that you can’t look back at your childhood,
without cringing at the sight of it?

how do you choose between a mother and a father,
when they both play a constant game of tug of war,
with you as the rope,
and the strength of their pull,
equates with how much they can make the other look like a monster?

how do you choose between a mother and a father,
(a monster and a monster)
when you want to choose neither?


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From Ken Watanabe’s Japanese Twitter Account (Translation):

“I was acknowledged as an actor in America today. It’s been that kind of morning. I was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Leading Actor. I have been working on this for a long time; I feel like I can relax now. Although my family and friends in Japan can’t see the show, I think they would be happy to hear this news. To everyone at Lincoln Center and the Company of the King and I: Thank you. Truly.”

Congrats to Ken Watanabe on your Tony nomination!