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Can’t Lose You Kid - Tony Stark x Young Reader

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Request: Can you please write where Tony befriends a young reader who helps save either him or someone close to him from death and Tony realizes he’s going to lose “his” kid and does everything in his power to save the reader? Maybe with some help along the way and the reader becomes a cyborg of some-sort?

When Tony met you, you were nothing but a child who was living on the streets your dirty cloths proved that and for some reason he just had the feeling that taking you in under his wing would be a good thing.

And boy did it..

After Tony had taken you in he treated you like a daughter through out the weeks and months you stayed with him, at first you became like a grease monkey helping him with building or repairing things.

Course this lead you to meeting the Avengers who in time adored you since you were the sole proof that protecting the world for others to see a bright future was worth it.

Of course when Ultron arrived things went horribly wrong, the robot Tony wanted to make to save the world went rogue and turned on people. It to you seemed like out of a stupid movie but it sure happened.

When one of your uncles were about to get hit you couldn’t help yourself with getting in the way, but Tony watched in horror as your small body had flew a few ways and hit the ground hard.

“No….(Y/N)!” Tony shouted.

**Small Time Skip**

The team all sat around your bed, tubes around your body keeping you alive. Tony was a mess, you were like a daughter to him and it worried him why you weren’t waking up.

Turns out you got your arm smashed and your skull was as well but only on your left side, everyone was stuck on how to help you. Your left side looked always useless to be able to move around anymore and they knew it would scare you not only that but hurt your feelings.

“There’s gotta be something to help her.” Bruce sighed.
“We need to find something quick…before Ultron attacks..” Steve told.

Tony then looked at some of the broken down robots that were trashed from the fight, knowing the look in his eye Natasha voiced her concern.

“Your not thinking what I know your thinking…” Natasha asked.
“What?” Steve asked.
“Your gonna use your robots on her are you?” Natasha asked.
“You got a better idea?” Tony asked.
“Are you insane? It could kill her completely!” Clint told.
“But what if it does? What if he’‘s on to something? Also it could save her life and she’ll be able to use her left side without problems.” Bruce said.

It was possible they just needed to scan your body to see how much they needed to replace then get to work on the stuff needed. Surely you would want to keep living so the two went to work while the others agreed reluctantly.

“I can’t lose you kid…” Tony whispered.

As the scan was started and soon finished on the screen your injures were shown and quickly they got ready to make the stuff needed for you, surely you’d need something to cover the medal in your body so they planned to somehow get your skin to rest over it.

**Another Time Skip**

The two men worked on it almost all night and finally had finished it, carefully putting you in the chamber that recovers you they let Tony’s tech to repair you. Luckily for everyone it was a great success. Sighing in relief they waited until you woke up.

Hand twitching you groaned awake everything felt odd but also not bad, looking around you noticed one eye you were able to find things of more info. Wondering what happened you looked at a smiling Tony.

“Hey kid, welcome back.” Tony chuckled.
“What happened?” You asked.
“Sorry we did this but it was the only way to save you…” Bruce frowned.
“It’s okay…I’ll get it used to it somehow, besides I knew you guys wouldn’t let me die this easy.” You smiled.

Everyone laughed and agreed, even if they were soon gonna go fight Ultron they had already won one fight and that was the fight to keep you alive. Sure they were laughing now but they needed this win.

Now they would be able to fight for sure. Thanks to you living.

||A/N: Sorry but when this request came around I completely remembered the Ultron movie xD So i hope this is alright and I’m glad to be back in writing.||

IronStrange and The Winter Wolf

Because I love this exchange between Stephen and Tony so much from AVAC, so I had to write a fluffy drabble. 

“Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy?” Tony asked in that obnoxious voice people reserved for their babies and pets. He was kneeled down in front of the Winter Wolf and scratching the beast behind its ears.

The Winter Wolf wagged its tail like some common house pet, and Stephen could feel himself blanch at the horrible juxtaposition between the wolf’s true nature and its current behavior.

The Winter Wolf barked happily and nuzzled Tony’s cheek.

Tony chuckled and hugged the wolf. “That’s right! You are! You are.”

“Tony, please,” Stephen found himself pleading. He didn’t know how many times he had to explain to Tony that the wolf was a harbinger of doom. “…just stop.”

“Why?” Tony cooed the question as he petted the wolf. “Ultron is the sweetest.” Tony cupped the wolf’s face and pressed their foreheads together. “Plus, we have a bond now, so he’s my protector–not that I need much protecting, but it’s the thought that counts.”

Stephen sighed and ran his hand through his hair. “You’re kind of missing the point, Tony. Harbinger of doom.”

“And if there is any doom, he’ll protect me.” Tony kissed Ultron’s forehead.

Stephen sighed. He plopped himself on the ground behind his boyfriend. He closed his eyes and rested his forehead on Tony’s back. “I refuse to keep talking in circles with you.”

“Really? Considering how often you walk circles around the Sanctorum, I would have thought you’d be fine with this kind of conversation.”

Stephen groaned. He wrapped an arm loosely around Tony’s waist. “It’s how I think.”

Tony reached behind him and ruffled Stephen’s hair. “Whatever, Dumbledore.”

Stephen huffed and kissed Tony’s nape. He eyed Ultron from over Tony’s shoulder. He supposed the wolf itself wasn’t a problem. It was just what it symbolized.

Stephen’s stomach churned at the thought of his boyfriend being in any type of danger that would summon a Winter Wolf to him.

Tony hummed in thought and paused in the middle of petting Ultron. “Oh yeah, did you hear the rumors about some Victor guy and the academy? Natasha and the usual suspects have been going through Fury’s files again.”

Stephen made a noncommittal sound. There were always rumors swirling about who would show up next at the academy. “What do you know?”

Tony perked up and rambled on about all the speculation going on campus as well as the few facts everyone knew.

Stephen listened with a half an ear. It didn’t matter what Tony was talking about, Stephen just wanted to enjoy the peace and quiet with his boyfriend before the next villain showed up on their doorstep.

starkanthonys replied to your post: itsconib replied to your post “Is dr str*nge…

if it’s any consolation he probably won’t be in it much, and stephen strange is a cool character, even if his solo movie was trash and he’s played by an alien man

oh man,,,,,I know nothing about him as a character because I Very Much Avoided that train wreck of a movie entirely i just. I just,,,,,dont,,,,,,,,,,,,want the cucumber man to be near my sweet sweet mcu content at all i hope he’s barely in it at all and Does Not Speak to tony. @ marvel give me this 

Best For My Boy, Part 3

Part 1/Part 2 or Follow on Ao3 -Rachel

Two weeks later …

Tony couldn’t believe he’d let his dad talk him into coming to this stupid function. It was boring as hell and all of the people that he came across wanted to talk about Politics or sports, neither of which he found very interesting. But this wasn’t about fun, this was about improving his skills as a business man, or at least, that’s how his dad had put it.

*ring….. ring…..* “Hello?”

“Hey Bambi, how are you?”

“Oh! Hi Dad, I’m good, things are finally slowing down at school again. I was taking a nap and didn’t check the caller ID.”

“Oh god, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you…” Howard felt bad waking his son up, he knew the boy probably didn’t get enough sleep these days with all the work he was putting in for his projects.

“It’s okay dad. I missed you, it’s been a few days since our last phone call.” He heard rustling over the phone, probably Tony moving into a more comfortable position. His heart swelled, hearing that his son not only missed him, but was willing to admit it. He must be really tired if he was saying stuff like that.

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what are your thoughts on tony stark

okay, so some people out there might be under the impression that because I love and identify with Steve Rogers so much maybe I don’t like Tony

let me get this straight

I freaking love that human disaster

love him

I just thought of a song which is quite Stony and it’s Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth ft Emeli Sande. 

Look at these lyrics (there’d need to be some changes) and tell me this isn’t Steve thinking about Tony:

You tell all the boys “No”
Makes you feel good, yeah.
I know you’re out of my league
But that won’t scare me away, oh, no

You’ve carried on so long,
You couldn’t stop if you tried it.
You’ve built your wall so high
That no one could climb it,
But I’m gonna try

Would you let me see beneath your beautiful?
Would you let me see beneath your perfect?
Take it off now, girl, take it off now, girl
I wanna see inside
Would you let me see beneath your beautiful tonight?

Do you not see and do you not CRY?