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In Memory of Tony Stark (53 Years of Invincible Iron Man):

  1. Tony Stark + Armor/Tech

“Put on some armor. Just remember what’s armor and what’s you, so when it’s time to take it off, you can.”
― Brent Weeks, The Blinding Knife


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Imagine: You get dragged to a party at Tony’s that you didn’t want to go to. You notice Bucky isn’t having fun either so you decide to strike up a conversation with him and it leads to something more

Warnings: Smut


You stood on the outskirts of a large group of people, all chattering loudly. You were at one of Tony Stark’s infamous parties, though you if it were up to you, you’d be anywhere else. Parties weren’t really your thing, but Natasha convinced you to come.

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Prove it

PAIRING- reader x tony stark 


WARNINGS:  you know the drill, SMUT, UNPROTECTED SEX (wrap it before you tap it !) SWEARING, consumption of alcohol ? (idk if this is a warning?) 

Request from Anon- Hey doll! May I request Tony Stark x fem!reader, where they been out sassing and flirting with each other nonstop and creating big sexual tensions for eachother. One day they have the hole Avengers tower to themselvs and have smutty time Ps! ilu 😘

I’ve been waiting for a Tony imagine and this didn’t disappoint i live for Tony Smut, I feel like there isn’t enough but thats just me *shrugs* anyway enjoy x 


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You were flirty person; it was second nature to you. Most, if not all of your friends could testify to that. You couldn’t help it, you liked to flirt and tease those around you. So when you became an avenger you found out that the infamous Tony Stark was equally if not more flirty than you. And that was saying something. The rest of the Avengers were quick rolling their eyes whenever you or Tony sent sexual innuendos to each other. Bruce had to physically leave the lab once time, your flirty and teasing were too much for even the most patient man.

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Title: Truth or Dare (Daughter of Scott! Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Summary: The reader is ready to leave Stark’s party; until Wanda decides that a game of truth or dare would be a fun experience.

Word Count: 1482

A/N: I LOVE PIETRO!!!!!! I hope you love him too. I just loove doing imagines where the reader is the daughter of someone idk guys : ) I’ll be leaving tomorrow to go visit family, so my posting may be a little slower! Okay, enough chitchat. ENJOY! 

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Infamous Iron Man (2016-) #1 - By Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev

“…I notice that sometimes you have this way of coming back to life or faking your own–”

Tony Stark is dead and he’s an A.I and I dunno if I can handle this, because he’s just a hologram and data…why Marvel? Why smol? Who hurt him?

When the Clock Strikes Midnight

A/N: Happy New Years Everyone! Here is a little New Year’s Bucky x Reader fluff… I couldn’t help myself.

Word Count: 1,182

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Normally, a party at Stark’s wouldn’t be something I’d be excited about, but today was different. It was New Year’s Eve and something about the start of a new year, new possibilities, couldn’t be more enticing.

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Worth it

Ok so I rewatched all the avengers movies so ……. XD yeah it’s had to plus a just love to imagen Tony as a father figure :3

Hope you enjoyed.

Pairing : avengers x reader

Warning : none

Worth it.

You couldn’t belive this .

You were (Y/n) Stark.

Daughter of the infamous Tony Stark aka the Ironman .

So sure you had a couple people try to use you because of your father’s money. But you were very careful who you hand around. But this was just to much.

You had a crush on the cutest guy in school. Ryan Edwin . There was just something about his bright blue eyes that you love …. Well loved .

He asked you out almost 2 months ago and you of course said yes without thinking and you didn’t think at all why was he always making up excuses to borrow money.

It hit you like a ton of bricks.

And of course when you confronted him he didn’t even bother to lie so he said it all .

“Of course I used you . Who do you think I am ? Apart from the money your family has your worthless. ”

It hurt a lot , and it hurt even more when all the people around you started laughing.

That day you returned home broken. You were only 16 and you were really starting to hate your life . Money can’t buy you a friend, a happy relationship or even just a single person who wouldn’t care how many numbers you had on your bank account.

You walked to your room but not before your father saw that something wasn’t right.

He was a great father. Many didn’t believe that the playboy billionaire could rase a child all on his own .

But he did and he did a damn good job .

When you wanted his attention he would not hesitate to leave his lab to go and spend time with you when you were little. Of course he spoiled you too .

But some how you grew up to be a pretty decent person. And he was proud of you .

“Hey there baby girl. Is everything ok ? You look a little pale ” he said with concern, not taking his eyes of you .

You never lied to your father and were not intending to start today .

You looked at him with slightly red eyes .

“Daddy Ryan used me … Just like all of them ” you say , voice shaking.

At first you could see anger in his eyes but soon he just smiled and huged you .
“Hey … it’s ok . The douchebag didn’t deserve you anyway ” he said calmly. You sighed and huged him back.
“Can we stay in the lab all night? I can help you with your new suit … please? ” you asked. Surprisingly you calmed down while in the lad . Seeing you dad work on a new suit or helping him out.

“Of course (Y/n) but right now I need to take care of something ” he said and kissed you on the forhead before leaving.

Sure at first you were confused but as you thought more about it you understud more . You smiled to yourself and left to go to the living room where , no surprise, all the avengers were .

They were about to watch a movie when Nat saw you and seeing you eyes asked what happened. So you told them . You could see how the guys were pissed, even Loki looked really annoyed when you told them .

Sure enough Nat huged you and smiled her rare smiles at you . Thor shared some pop tarts with you . And Clint and Steve looked at you with reassuring smiles .

After watching the movie with the averagers minus your dad you went to the lab . Not a hour later your dad entered the lab .

“I see you hacked my code again ” he smirked at you .

“It was too easy ” you smiled “seriously though … my birthday ? You need to think of a better code ” you laughed.

And that’s how you spend the night. Sure you got like 20 texts from Ryan saying he was sorry but you knew your dad had something to do with that . So after reading the first text you put your phone on silent and continued to work with your dad .

Sure it was hard to find friends. But that doesn’t mean your not worth anything. You had the best family you could ask for .

You really were lucky.

You had your dad , Natasha, Thor , Loki , Steve, Clint and Bruce as you family.

What more could you ever ask for .

Our Family

 Request: A Bucky oneshot were reader is pregnant with Buckys baby, but he doesn’t remember ever doing the do? They were both rlly drunk, but she remembers and she doesnt want to tell him, bc she fears he will reject her & the baby, but fluff and love? :3

A/N: i wrote this at 3am so it probably sucks

Another wave of morning sickness had you holding your stomach and covering your mouth with your hand as you ran toward the bathroom. Dropping to your knees by the toilet, you lifted the cover and proceeded to cough up the side effects of the early months of pregnancy.

“Y/N?” You heard a faint male voice come from outside your bedroom door.

“Hold on!” You yelled back as you quickly reached for the toilet paper and wiped your mouth before clumping it in a ball and flushing it.

“Coming!” You huffed as you jogged to your door; chuckling as you thought about that night with Bucky after one of Tony’s infamous parties.

“Oh! Bucky!” You exclaimed as you opened the door to find a very confused and worried Bucky.

“Are you alright? Steve said you were sick,” Bucky said while his eyes roamed up and down your body to make sure everything was alright. You blushed under his gaze, averting yours as his eyes landed on yours.

“Oh yeah, everything’s fine,” you lied with a fake smile. Everything was not fine, especially since you hadn’t told Bucky that he was the father of the child that was currently making its residence in you. You wanted to tell him but there were so many reasons that stopped you. First being the fact that you didn’t think that Bucky remembered sleeping with you. Both of you had gotten extremely drunk at one of Tony’s parties and it somehow ended with you in Bucky’s room. Second, you weren’t even sure he wanted to be with you, but you knew you wanted to be with him since you were crushing on him hard. But was he really ready for a girlfriend? A family? Which goes to the the third reason, what if he doesn’t want it? What if he rejects the idea of being the- a father and hates you? You didn’t want to ruin your friendship or whatever you had with him, so you kept it quiet. Two people knew and they were Natasha and Steve and they had promised to keep it a secret.

“Are you sure?” Bucky asked as he pulled you out of your thoughts.

“Yeah Buck I’m fine,” you replied.

“So you’re not pregnant?” He asked suddenly. Your eyes widened and your heart began to race. How did he know? Did Nat or Steve tell him? No, they wouldn’t do that to me, you thought as you stared at him with a blank expression.

“I, uh, I am,” you muttered out, staring him in the eyes, trying to find any sign of disappointment or anger.

“Am I- am I the father?” Bucky asked as he pointed to himself with his index finger.

“Yes,” you whispered.

“After Tony’s thing?” He questioned softly.

“Yes,” you answered, mildly surprised that he indeed actually remembered that night.

“Do you want it?” He asked above a whisper.

“Yes,” you whispered back, feeling a weight being lifted off your shoulders.

“Me too,” he said in a more confident tone.

“Yes- wait? What?” You asked surprised, raising your eyebrows in shock.

“Look, I like you a lot. A lot and I didn’t think you liked me but then that night,” Bucky started as he rubbed the back of his neck and looking at the floor before back at you.

“And I thought you felt the same but then you said you didn’t remember and I didn’t want to bring it back up. And I never thought I would get this. A family and you know, I’m glad it’s with you. If you want it to be with me,” he confessed. The two of you stood by your door in silence as you tried to comprehend that your crush literally just confessed his love for you and he washed away any fear you had about having the baby.

“Are you gonna kiss me or am I gonna have to tell our baby girl a lie?” You joked as you placed your hands on your hips and smirked at Bucky.

“It’s - it’s a girl?” He asked excitedly to which you nodded in response. Bucky cupped your face in his hands and pulled you gently in for a kiss, a kiss that you craved the moment you left his room the morning after the party.

“Our family huh?” He said as he pulled away and rested his forehead on yours as his hands went to your stomach. You removed your hands from your hips and placed them over his.

“Our family,” you whispered with a smile.

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“Peter, what the hell?” you whisper-screamed, slapping your boyfriend upside the head. You were currently standing in his room at two in the morning, Peter still in his Spider-man suit. Only this morning, you had visited Peter’s apartment since the two of you had agreed to study for you upcoming Biology test together, only to find out from Aunt May that he had disappeared off somewhere with the infamous Tony Stark. You had then gone to wait in his room, where you had discovered a certain superhero’s web shooters hidden beneath Peter’s bed. This resulted in you spending the entire day waiting for your boyfriend, absolutely pissed that he hadn’t told you about his secret identity.

Peter rubbed his head, peeling his mask off his face. “Y/n, what are you doing in my room at two AM?”

“Oh, no, you are not turning this on me,” you fumed. To be completely honest, you weren’t actually mad at Peter. Mainly freaked out that you had only just found out that your boyfriend of two years was Spider-man. “Why didn’t you ever tell me you were Spider-man?!”

“You never really, um, asked…” your idiot of a boyfriend trailer off awkwardly, the moonlight from the window shining down on his face, which was slightly bruised and smudged with dirt.

You sighed, running a hand through your hair. “Did you really expect me to casually ask you ‘Hey, Peter, are you Spider-man,’ out of the blue? Where were you today, anyways?”

“Uh, Germany,” Peter said quietly, eyes looking down at the floor.

You could swear to god your eyes balls bulged out of their sockets at that moment. “Germany? Germany? You went to Germany?! What were you doing there, building rockets with Tony Stark?”

“Fighting Captain America… and his team.”

You stood there, jaw hitting the ground. You really wanted to get a newspaper (Or a heavy dictionary) and slap some sense into your boyfriend. “You… Captain America.” You didn’t even know what to say any more. You had walked into Peter’s apartment this morning, with the happy intention to study for a test with your boyfriend. Instead, you got a whole bunch of surprises, one after the other.

You made Peter sit down on his bed, as you got out a tissue to start wiping the dirt smudges off his face. When he tried to protest and stand up, you death-glared at him, making him sit right down again.

“You’re unbelievable,” you shook your head, dabbing gently at a cut that was on his forehead. Peter winced, watching you cautiously, as if you were going to explode at any moment. “Did you at least get to meet the Avengers?”

“Oh, yeah, I did,” Peter said, excitement building up in his face. “I met Captain America, and this guy with an awesome metal arm, and Falcon, and Black Widow was there too, and I defeated this giant ant guy like from Star Wa-”

You smiled as your boyfriend continue to ramble about his adventures. You were still going to slap him with a book after he was done talking, but you loved him anyways.

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Jealous of Tony? Warning: Smut at the end...

It was the night of one of Tony’s infamous parties at the Avengers tower and you were drinking and chatting with him.
“You know, you and the Captain should really just admit it to each other.” Tony said.
“Admit what?”
“That you have the hots for each other! I mean, come on, everyone knows it. You could cut the sexual tension between you with a butter knife!” He exclaims.
“What?!” You choke on your drink. “Is it really that obvious that I like him? I did not just say that.”
“Everyone can see it but him apparently. He totally likes you too though.” Tony deadpans.
“You’re making it up. I would know if he liked me.” You say to reassure yourself more than anything.
“We’ll test it then. Rogers is coming over now, we’ll flirt a little and I bet you he will be jealous.” Tony suggests.
“What do you want if you win?” You say suspiciously.
“I get your Harley but if I loose you can choose any of my cars.”
“Okay, deal.” You agree.
This was the moment where you would find out whether or not he felt the same way. As Steve was coming over you could feel butterflies rising in your stomach. No matter how much you didn’t believe it, there was still a small part of you that was clinging on to the hope that Tony was right even if it meant losing your prized Harley Davidson.
When Steve was within hearing distance Tony started.
“You know, we would be great together, (Y/N), I am the brains, you the beauty that can kickass.” Tony said really loud. “Just think of what our kids would be like smart and beautiful and able to beat anyone to a pulp. We would be unstoppable!”
You just giggled along, acting as if you were hanging on Tony’s every word.
“What do you think, Cappy? How perfect are we?” He asks Steve.
“Not very.” He answered, gritting his teeth.
“Don’t be such a downer, Stevie!” Tony laughs. “Let’s take this party elsewhere, (Y/N). Like my bedroom!”
“Not happening Stark!” Steve hisses and grabs your arm. “Come with me, (Y/N)!”
Steve pulls you into one of the bathrooms.
“Steve, what are you doing?!” You demand.
“I can’t do this anymore, (Y/N). Seeing other guys flirt with you, stare at you. Especially Stark. He doesn’t deserve a girl like you!” He whisper-yells, frustrated.
“What are you saying then?” You ask, your heart beating faster than ever.
“I like you, (Y/N)! Hell, I think I may even love you.” He admits, sounding defeated.
You are stunned. He actually feels the same way. You stand there just staring at him shocked.
“Say something, (Y/N).”
“I.. Um.. I like you too.” You mumble, finally getting it out.
Practically as soon as you get the words out of your mouth, he crashed his lips to yours. Fireworks go off in your mind.
As the kiss becomes more heated, Steve’s hands go lower to grip your upper thighs and he lifts you up onto the bathroom counter. He starts kissing down your neck and finds your sweet spot which he then sucks hard on. Your hips thrust forwards to try and find any friction you can. You can feel is erection through his jeans, so you start palming him. He jumps at the first touch and brings his head back up.
“Shouldn’t we stop,” he asks.
“I need you, Steve. I have wanted this for months.”
With that he continues the assault on your neck and he nips at you collar bone.
Your hands move to pull at his shirt needing to get rid of the barrier from his skin. Once his shirt is gone he quickly rids you of yours.
He then goes on to cup your breasts and squeeze and caress them through your bra. He reaches around with one hand and takes off your bra. His mouth then moves down to your already hard nipples and he swirls his tongue around then one at a time but never paying attention to one more than the other.
You quickly get frustrated with all the foreplay and start to undo his jeans.
“I need you inside me now!” You tell him.
“Someone’s impatient.” He laughs.
“Now, Steve!” You reply.
He pulls off your skirt and panties quickly and pulls his jeans down.
He quickly sheaths himself with a condom and slides into you.
You go to scream in pleasure but remembering that anyone could hear the both of you, Steve covers your mouth with his in a kiss. You realise that anyone could walk in on you and this only turns you on more and you get wetter than you ever thought possible.
Once all the way in he pulls nearly all the way out and you nearly cry with the emptiness. However he quickly slams back into you and each thrust seems to be harder and faster. You meet him for every thrust and then his hand reaches for your clit. It is you undoing and you scream his name as you explode. This sets Steve off and he moans your name.
As he pulls out of you and puts the condom in the bin you sigh.
“That was well worth losing my Harley for.” You say to yourself, while Steve furrows his brow in confusion.

Preference #5

How they realize they love you

Tony - You never give up on him

Loving Tony wasn`t always easy. Even before he became Iron man, he was still the infamous playboy Tony Stark. He knew he had hurt you more times than he would care to admit, but somehow you had stayed by his side trough all of it. When he returned home after his capture, he realized he couldn`t live without you. He still had a tendency to drift away, bury himself in work and distract himself from his problems rather than face them. But you were there to pull him out, always with a helping hand and unconditional love. He was drowning and you were like air in his lungs. 

Steve - You show him a different side of life 

You could tell Steve was struggling with adjusting to modern society. And to make matters worse, he was constantly away on missions. So when he got back, no matter how bad the mission had been, you constructed new ways of getting him to relax. Whether it was relaxing at home helping him catch up, or dragging him out to do something fun, he was grateful for the distraction you offered. You didn`t have a clue how much he loved you, or about how you were his constant, keeping him from going insane. You showed him there was more to life than what he could`ve ever imagined, and he finally had everything he wanted. 

Thor - You understand

You knew he was doing his best to balance his time between his duties on Asgard, and life on earth with you. That didn`t make it easier to live without him, and of course you were terrified he would`t come back. But he always did, sometimes it took longer than others, but he returned. He wasn`t blind, and he could see how his leaving affected you. But what you didn`t know was that even when he was away, he kept an eye on you trough Heimdal. And little did you know, the next time he returned to you, he had no plans on leaving you ever again. 

Bruce - You teach him the meaning of true love 

Bruce had a hard time accepting who, and what, he was. He wasn`t comfortable in his own skin, and he hated himself more oft than not. When he met you, you became the only light in his darkened mind. He could see that there was no judgement or hostility in your eyes, only pure love. No matter what happened you were there. He could tell in the way you held him in your arms, the way you cuddled into him at night, even in the silence as you curled up at his side, lost in a book. You loved him, you needed him, and most of all, he was perfect to you. Not a monster, not an abomination, just Bruce. 

Clint - You let him let go 

You had absolutely nothing to do with SHIELD in any way. And Clint loved you for it. That way, he could separate his demanding job, and tho love of his life, so one didn`t impact the other. Mostly he was worried about you getting hurt because of him, but you told him repeatedly to let him go. Besides, he had taught you how to shoot stuff. Coming home to you was his favorite thing in the world, and seeing your innocent eyes, and bright smile always mad him feel a hundred pounds lighter. No matter how tough the mission was, the thought of coming back to you, and your life together, was enough to get him trough it. 

Pietro - He can slow down with you 

Pietro was anxious and restless. He had difficulty staying still for long,  and he got uneasy staying in one place to long. You always knew it came back too his past, and you knew the most important thing you could do was to be there for him, no matter how treacherous the road got. It took a lot less time for him to feel safe, and comfortable with you than either of you had thought. He was grateful for your calm, easy going spirit, because it gave him an opportunity to slow down, and truly appreciate the things he had. You kept him grounded, even trough his worst days. 

Bucky - You make him feel human again 

When people looked at him,they saw a killer. A monster. A ghost of the man he used to be. For 70 years he had been an object, something to be used. Returning to life was the most difficult thing he had ever done. When he met you, he had no clue how someone as good and kind  as you could ever love someone like him. But you saw something no one else did. You saw a man who was loving, and caring and warm. All he wanted was to feel human again, and with your loving touches, and gentle words he became not only human, but happy. 

Natasha - You see her for who she really is 

Her whole life she had been what other people wanted her to be, she had told so many lies, she had difficulty knowing the truth. One of the things she loved about you, was how you could see people for what they really were, and she was no exception. You were one of the few people that could see past the way she acted like she was cold and blunt.  You saw a loving, laughing goof ball. She had never been a merciless assassin to you, she had been a strong, independent woman who knew how to hold her own, and who never gives up when things get difficult. 

Wanda - She feels safe with you 

Wanda had a difficult start in life. And a difficult continuation. She didn`t really trust anyone but her brother. You showed her all the beauty of the world trough your own unique perspective. But even with all of your sweet soul, you were tough. You knew how to defend yourself, and the people you love. But you never harmed anyone if it could be avoided. You were the kindest person she had met, and you had a unique ability to comfort every person in your life. She fell in love with you for your kindness, and gentle heart, and she had never felt as safe, as loved as she did in your embrace. 

black ram, white ewe

pairings: bucky barnes x reader

word count: 2,035

warnings: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A/N: this is my first imagine for this blog! hope you enjoy :^) (the title is a racial motif from othello and idk why i did this)

summary: Bucky and you are at one of many of Tony’s infamous parties at a huge club opening, he sees you as a little lamb—innocent and young. Bucky sees an overly drunk-off-his-ass guy trying to hit on you, seeing that you look so helpless, he tries to defend you but you beat him to the punch – quite literally.

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Your name: submit What is this?

You sat at the bar, quietly, letting your thoughts brew as you swirl the liquor in your glass endlessly. The thoughts that rest in your head are nothing but nonsense, trying to help yourself get through the night – and hoping that Tony is keeping himself out of trouble. You being his new assistant (the old one decided that his one too many requests for a specific amount of cheesy fries was just too stressful for her), keeping Tony out of the papers was your main goal, although you weren’t the top prioritized person to be watching over him, it was an important factor to your job.

Bucky sat across the over sized room, sitting on an extremely overpriced leather couch; watching you intently. His eyebrows were so tensed that they were pushing against each other, focusing obviously way too hard on the soft and delicate object in his vision. He stared at the soft colors painted on your clothes, your dark hair gently placed on your back – almost perfectly. He couldn’t help his eyes wander over your gentle features; your dark hair and eyes contrasting almost exemplary with your pale skin and pastel clothing. He always saw you like this; the perfect contrast of light and dark, the complete balance of black and white. Bucky only ever admired you from afar, afraid of scaring you off for obvious reasons (to him at least). Luckily, you always followed Tony around – you being his assistant, and he always had the pleasure of watching your movements; the tender steps you took but also seemed to have a harsh impact, the wind-swept sound of your voice but the abrasive tone of it when you had to scold Tony. He admired you, he adored you—he loved you.

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This was probably the sixth time your father, the infamous Mr. Tony Stark had brought you in to his work place. You had a certain belief that working was better for you rather than education, which he extremely disagreed with as him being the genius he was.

You’d got him to allow you to come with him to the Shield headquarters but with a certain degree, you were literally on a three inch leash when it came to your over protective dad. “Remember, don’t bother anyone. They all hate you.” He said, turning to you in the elevator. You squinted, “Is that an excuse to keep me from talking to anyone?” You asked.

He paused, “Did it work?” He asked. “… No.” You said. “Then no baby, they genuinely all hate you. Especially Rogers.” He said, patting you on the back. “Come on, I’m 19 give me a break.” You groaned, following him to his overly large office. “Hey Bruce.” You said with a wave to him, he worked on an overly detailed prototype you could barely look at due to the amount of math that made you want to gag. Bruce nodded with a smile.

“Ah, no. No waving.” Tony said, pointing at you both. You gave him a questioning look, turning to Bruce for assistance. He gave you a sympathetic shrug, “I don’t blame him, if I had a daughter I’d be just the same.” He said. You rolled your eyes, sitting at your dad’s desk, handing him a tool when needed, nearly falling asleep half of the time. At least it got you out of classes on your too big of a college campus.

“Y/N, wire tester, and wire stripper.” Tony said. You looked up from your phone, “Since when to wire’s strip?” You mumbled, searching through the toolbox. “Save that question for later.” He said, making you chuckle. “Those may or may not be in the exhibit hall.” Bruce said. “I’m on it.” You said, jumping up and leaving before your dad could protest. You needed to leave that room or you would explode.

You helped yourself to some sweets in the food court before finding your way to the exhibit hall, you knew the place like the back of your hand. You paced around the lengths of tables eventually bumping into someone. “Shit, my bad.” You said, looking up to see the familiar face of Bucky Barnes, shaggy hair covering his features and cloaked in a sweater that Steve probably picked out for him.

“Oh, hey Bucky.” You smiled at him, a small smile tugged on his lips. He was rehabilitating after Hydra and it broke your heart just to know what he was going through. “Are you feeling better?” You asked, tilting your head. “Little, a little.” He barely mumbled. You chuckled, pulling him into your arms. He was stiff, relaxing eventually before wrapping his right arm around you. You pulled away slightly, looking down at his metal arm.

You looked up at him, for some type of confirmation, before he nodded. You held the cold metal of his hand in your palm. His fingers twitched, you looked up at him, “Can you feel with it?” You asked out of curiosity. He shook his head. Looking back down at his hand, you caressed the thumb. You felt him pull away and you looked up at him to see him staring at, of course, your father.

You saw the burning anger in Tony’s gaze that ended directly at Bucky. “I’ll see you later ok?” You said, reassuring Bucky. He nodded, but before he could pull away you pecked him on the cheek. Not thinking about it at the moment, but you knew it would stir up serious shit between both him and Tony, and a long conversation about guys was certain to commence between both you and Tony.

You sighed, plastering on a smile as you walked over to him, “Have you found out why wires strip?” You asked jokingly, not getting a laugh out of him. He held the wire tester and stripper and hand before dragging you right back to his office with Bruce.

That Guy? (Rogers/Sam Wilson x reader)

mattmurdocksgirl said: I’d like a story where the reader is invited to a Stark Party as a blind date for Steve Rogers, but discovers that she clicks much more with Sam Wilson when she meets him. I’m not super picky about who set up the blind date or how Steve reacts to the whole thing. I just like the idea of Sam getting the girl over Captain America. Thanks, Lady!

You had seen the tower a million times, several times a day in fact, but you had never been inside. Standing on the sidewalk at the entrance was suddenly daunting; you weren’t just admiring its architecture from afar, you were about to go in to attend an infamous Tony Stark party at the insistence of your friend Wanda.  You had been trying to get out of this for nearly two weeks, but she wouldn’t back down. She wanted you to meet her team, Steve in particular, as he had been the most supportive of her and the two had become fast friends after their rocky start.

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Week Celebration #2.

Second request from my Week Celebration from @queeninthenxrth
In this one the reader has a name and guess what? It’s Tay.
All about the fluff.

Prompt 54: I think I love you and it terrifies me.

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Working as a cook was something you’ve ever wanted. Your first memory about cooking was about a much younger version of yourself, a 5 year old version running around after her mother so she could learn how to prepare that dish that made her smile widely.

So, of course you went to a cooking school and after graduating you landed a job in one of the most prestigious restaurants in New York and after a few years you were at the top of the cooking game in the city that never sleeps.

Your dream? Be able to open your own restaurant and that happened when the infamous Tony Stark crossed paths with you, marveled by your cooking skills he decided to invest in your talent in exchange of him requesting your abilities at least once in a month. How could you say no that offer?

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Give Me a Chance - Steve X Reader

Author’s Note: Hey everyone!  hope you enjoy this. It was so cute to write.

Request: Could you please do a Steve x reader where the reader is the avengers personal chef and Steve keeps on asking her out but she keeps on rejecting him because she thinks she’s too simple not gods enough etc but nat explains this to Steve and Steve goes and comforts her… Thank you xx

Warnings: none, really

Words: 1,080

You found yourself at the tower during one of Tony’s infamous parties. Normally, you would only be cooking for the Avengers, not the obscenely large amount of people at this party. But the caterer that Tony had hired backed out at the last minute, and you were the only other person that Tony had thought of. You had no idea how to cater a crowd of at least a hundred people, but you were trying your best.

“How’s it going in here, (Y/N)?” Nat asked, walking in and leaning against the counter. She seemed amused at your frazzled appearance and you seemed to run around like a chicken with its head cut off.

“It’s going great!” you said, not even bothering to look at her.

You pulled out a tray from the oven and set it in front of her.

“Do you think they’ll mind?” you asked and gestured towards the tray, and Natasha snorted in amusement. Normally, Tony’s parties had pretty fancy food. Crab cakes, shrimp, scallops, and stuffed mushrooms. At such last minute, you ended up making mini corndogs and mozzarella sticks.

“I don’t,” she said, grabbing a cheese stick and taking a bite out of it.

You smiled thankfully at her, and continued making your way around the kitchen, starting to make small finger sandwiches.

“You know, Steve is bummed that you’re not out there spending time with him,” Natasha said, nonchalantly finishing the mozzarella stick.

“Nat,” you said warningly. Natasha had spent all her time and energy trying to set up you and Steve ever since you started working at the tower. She claimed that he liked you, but you never believed her. He had asked you out before, but you were sure that she had put him up to it and he was too nice to not do it. It made you feel bad, because you actually did have feelings for him.

How could you not have feelings for Steve Rogers? He was the perfect man in every way possible. There was absolutely no way that he could be into you. You were mousy and nothing but a chef. There was nothing you could possibly offer him, except food. You never felt as beautiful as the women in SHIELD. He was constantly surrounded by them; how could he ever choose you?

“(Y/N), what’s the problem? I know you’re into him as much as he’s into you,” she said, walking over to you and helping you place cheese on the small bread of the sandwiches. One of the waiters came in and carried your corndogs away.

“Nat, he’s not into me. Please drop it,” you said, trying to focus on the task in front of you.

“Are you kidding me? It’s literally the most obvious thing in the world. It’s actually kind of sad, considering that you reject him every time he asks you out. I know you like him; what’s the problem?”

“…I’m just not good enough, okay?” you said exasperatedly, finally admitting your reasoning out loud.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m…just not good enough, okay? I’m not an avenger like you, or powerful like Wanda…I’m just a chef,” you said, feeling your throat start to close up.

“Oh, (Y/N)…” Natasha started but you interrupted her.

“It’s fine, Natasha,” you said and some other waiter came to pick up the mozzarella sticks. Natasha looked at you as you started to ignore her and started to focus on making your next food creation. She sighed and walked out to the party. She grabbed another cheese stick from the waiter and started looking for Steve.

She finally found him talking to Sam and Bucky.

“Rogers,” she said and he turned to look at her. “Your girlfriend’s in the kitchen.”

“(Y/N)?” Bucky asked and Steve rolled his eyes.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” he said, and Natasha noticed he was slightly disappointed.

“Well, you want her to be,” Same said in amusement.

“Anyways, you might want to go talk to her,” Natasha continued and Steve looked at her in confusion. “The only reason she’s been rejecting you is because she thinks she’s not good enough for you.”

“What? But…she’s perfect,” Steve said and everyone around him rolled their eyes. They’ve heard about your perfection a million times whenever they were around Steve.

“Well, go tell her that, then,” Sam said and lightly shoved Steve in the direction of the kitchen.

You were too occupied making sure your sushi looked perfect to notice Steve walking into the kitchen.

“Your corndogs were amazing,” he said and you jumped in surprise.

Your hand covered your chest as you looked at him. “God, Steve, you scared me,” you giggled.

He smiled at you and started walking closer to you.

To you, the silence felt awkward but Steve was too busy admiring your beauty to notice.

“(Y/N),” he said, now standing extremely close to you. You set the sushi roll in your hand down and started walking away from him to create distance between the two of you. He was quick to grab your hands in his large ones and you looked up at him.

“Steve, please don’t,” you said, already knowing where the conversation was going. “You know I’m going to say no.”

“I’m not asking you out,” he said and for a moment you felt sadness that he was giving up. But, then you remembered that he didn’t actually like you.

“Natasha told me what you said,” he told you and you rolled your eyes.

“Of course, she did,” you said, your cheeks starting to turn red. Great, now he knew that you had feelings for him.

“(Y/N), why is it so hard for you to understand that I care about you? I don’t care that you’re not an Avenger, I don’t care that you think you’re not good enough, because to me, you’re absolutely perfect,” he said and your eyes started tearing up.

“Steve…I’m just a chef,” you told him and looked down.

“I don’t care. I care about you. You’re beautiful, and kind, and you make me feel happy,” he said and you tearfully smiled up at him.

He smiled back at you and leaned down to kiss you. You returned the kiss hesitantly, and it didn’t surprised you how gentle and soft it was.

“Give me a chance?”

“I thought you said you weren’t going to ask me out,” you giggled and he chuckled.


“I guess I can,” you smiled at him and he kissed you again. Thank you, Natasha, you thought to yourself.