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Straw Hats Pirates in a nutshell
  • Luffy: Pretty much the most lovable character of all.
  • Zoro: Your left is my right.
  • Nami: You can call me hot for a hundred beri.
  • Usopp: Puberty hit me so hard I went from Liar to God.
  • Sanji: The blonde with pretty eyebrows.
  • Robin: Probably queen of the underworld on my past life.
  • Franky: Pants are for the weak.
  • Brook: Professional loner for 50 years.
Some things never change

Pre timeskip

Nami is working with grace

Go Zoro! Protect Usopp’s pants!

Robin, our queen, is gently playing with pink crocodile

Usopp is laughting his ass off at their captain’s antics

Poor Chopper… what happened to you? Luffy, isn’t it?

Luffy is working hard at destroying all hard work of his friends

Sanji is done with Luffy

Post timeskip

Brook is asking Robin to show him some panties from laundry basket

Robin gently but firmly refuses

Franky has time of his life with water launchers

Usopp cooperates with monkey to fill the launchers… and apparently to clean them

Nami is trying to control typical strawhats chaos (good luck girl!)

Yeah Zoro, laugh at Sanji’s misery as long as you can, but you should know that you are 1 sec from getting you face smacked with Luffy’s cardigan

Smol brother Chopper is busy with picking bad habits from his bigger smol brother

Luffy like alway is enjoying himself and bringing element of disorder

Sanji is done with Luffy

+ how cute is it that crew have buckets with their jolly roger and name?!

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Robert Lopez Spooky Similarities

Lin-Manuel Miranda (In the Heights, Hamilton, Moana) and Bobby Lopez (The Book of Mormon, Avenue Q, Frozen) have both won the Grammy Award for Best Musical Theatre Album: Lin for In the Heights, Bobby for The Book of Mormon.

Both have worked as composers for Disney. Lopez for Frozen. Miranda for Moana.

Both have worked with Jonathan Groff

Both have worked with Andrew Rannells

Both are Tony Award winners

They even both went to the same high school. THE. SAME. HIGH. SCHOOL.

If this isn’t eerily awesome, I don’t know what is

3.5k words so look out for under the cut!

“I’m too old for this kidnapping bullshit,” Tony whispered, shivering, and tugged the collar of his shirt tighter around his neck in a futile attempt to block out the freezing rain. Forty-five years old and still being carted around like so much luggage. God.

He didn’t think about how glad he was that there was no sand, no heat, no bright lights in the dark. He didn’t think about how glad he was to break out of a building instead of a cave. He didn’t think about how no one had come for him, and what that meant for the monsters that had been screaming when he’d been taken.

The forest was cold, and as much as the conifers blocked the onslaught of rain, they did little to protect Tony from the rain dripping off the needles and onto him. He tucked himself in the lee of a larger tree, taking a few deep breaths, but it hurt—every gasp hurt. The metal casing was cold in his chest, making the skin around it burn and then spread out into a dull ache. His fingers were beginning to go numb.

He was going to die out here.

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#AgentsOfShield season finale

So, that ending?! Is Coulson the only one in space? Is the whole team in space? Did Coulson know they were going to space? Was this Ghost Rider’s thing? If so then why? Is it all just for a big Thanos tie-in? How pissed would May be stuck in a box in space? How upset would Jemma be after everything that happened with her getting stuck on that planet? What if Daisy tried to quake some walls and the whole place gets messed up?! That’s just impractical! What if the whole team is still down on earth dealing with the shield fallout while Coulson was the only one sent to space? You know that team gonna go looking for him. But also, May piloting a space ship might possibly be the best thing ever. Will we ever get any FitzSimmons closure for everything? Will we get more Mack mourning Hope stuff. Will Mack and Elena become even closer now? What if Yoyo had a baby guys. What if Yoyo had a space baby?! While they’re in space, can Stan Lee be there? I feel like Stan Lee should be there. Why was Coulson not surprised? Was he like, “oh yeah guys, I signed us all up for special space camp and waited till the last second to tell you…” And Daisy just be like, “you didn’t tell us! We woke up here!” And May be like, “you’re losing a lot of dad-points right now Phil” And FitzSimmons are just huddled in corners rocking back and forth like, “not again, not again, no again. Why does no one want us to be happy?!” Can we have Hunter and Bobbi back now? They all like, “we told you guys to maybe take a vacation sometime, not to go to SPACE sometime!” Can Sharon Carter show up back on earth like, “I heard you guys needed a new face of shield and, as Peggy Carter’s GREATEST niece, I got this. *wearing cool smilie sunglasses*” Can Nick Fury just go strolling through the destroyed base like, “damnit Phil, you don’t ever clean your room. What kind of example are you setting for my grandkids?” And Maria Hill is beside him all like, “have you seen Tony’s life, this is nothing in comparison to his constant emotional turmoil.” Fury: “I can’t take your sass right now, half my avenger children ran away!” Maria: “I wonder who they learned THAT from Mr. Fakes His Own Death.” Fury: “that was ONE time.” Maria: “I don’t think you’re being honest with yourself.”

Omegaling’s Halloween Reading List

Autumn is, without question, my favorite time of year.  The weather finally begins to cool, the air is perfumed by the scent of crisping leaves and wood smoke, stick-to-your-ribs dinners simmer on stove tops, the spicy-sweet taste of pumpkin tickles our palates, and, of course, it marks the coming of Halloween.  And what better way than to spend those darkening nights, where the shadows begin to move as though they’ve taken on a life of their own and leaves scatter in the wind as though fleeing some unseen threat, than curled up under a warm blanket with a hot drink, reading a good horror story?

Here is a list of my favorite Halloween reads compiled from over a number of years.  Hopefully you’ll be able to find some favorites among them as well.

Books of Halloweens Past

My 2017 Reading List

For Halloweens to Come

anonymous asked:

I'm hella exited for Christmas-y requests. I <3 your blog 10/10 check everyday <3 If someone hasn't already done this, but, Zoro, Sanji, Luffy, Ace, and Smoker with kissing their gf under the mistletoe?

(^///^ I’m glad you like my blog, Anon! I shall do this in crew order!)

Monkey D. Luffy: Nami had explained what Mistletoe was and he couldn’t help but smile at his partner’s clueless expression. He quickly ran over and grabbed their hands before kissing them in a quick, chaste kiss. His partner looked at him confused and blushing before he grinned and exclaimed: “Mistletoe!”

Roronoa Zoro: He saw his partner under the mistletoe and smirked. He walked up behind them and put his hands on their hips before turning them around and kissing them. He felt them stiffen in shock and he smirked, pulling away. His partner was blushing darkly, stuttering out his question. He pointed up, still smirking. “Mistletoe.”

Black Leg Sanji: When he saw his partner under the mistletoe, little hearts formed in his eyes as he made his way over. Before they could even ask him anything, he gave them a quick peck, smiling ditzily. His partner blinked and smiled, asking what was that for. He just grinned and pointed at the mistletoe. “Mistletoe, (Y/N)-chwan!”

Tony Tony Chopper: “A kiss?” He asked Robin as she smiled and nodded. He looked at his partner and smiled, running over and hugging their leg. They blinked and kneeled down to his level. He kissed their cheek, giggling and blushing. They smiled at how cute he was and questioned him. “That’s what you do under Mistletoe!”

Dead Bones Brook: He saw that his partner was under the mistletoe and spun his way over, laughing. He grabbed his partner’s hand and kissed their knuckles before placing a kiss on their lips. When he pulled away, his partner looked up at him with big eyes. He laughed at their flustered expression and pointed up. “Mistletoe, (Y/N)-san~”

Trafalgar Law: He smirked and walked over to them, saying ‘Room’. They looked confused for a bit until he wrapped his arm around them. Before they even questioned him, he leaned down and kissed them. They blushed when he pulled away and he smirked again, mumbling: “Mistletoe” and kissing them again.

Portgas D. Ace: He grinned as he saw them under the mistletoe. He ran over and wrapped his arms around them. “Excuse me!” He exclaimed before capturing their lips in a breathtaking kiss. When he pulled away, his partner blinked at him and blushed. He grinned and pecked their lips again before saying: “Mistletoe!”

White Hunter Smoker: He wouldn’t have cared until he saw the cute clueless expression on his partner’s face. He strode over and stood in front of them. They blinked up at him and were about to question him, when they were silenced by a peck on the lips. They were blushing and he looked to the side, a light blush on his cheeks. “Mistletoe, idiot.”

Red Hair Shanks: He giggled like a little kid when he saw them looking clueless. He walked over and put his hand on their cheek. “Cute.” He mumbled before kissing them quickly. They blushed and looked up. “Ohhh.” They said, making him laugh. “So cute!” He exclaimed, wrapping his arm around them this time and kissing them again.

Buggy the Clown: He usually doesn’t show affection in front of the crew but he found this a good chance to embarrass his partner as payback from the other times. He went over and greeted them. They looked at him before greeting him back. He leaned down and pecked their lips, muttering so that only they could hear. “Mistletoe is above you, just so you know.”