tony hawk 4

concrete ground, blue sky and dark green grass reminds me of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 crazy taxi listening to real big fish snorting cheeto dust on a Friday afternoon knowing no school is tomorrow


‼️Austin Creator‼️

Today on G Pad I decided I’d try and create everyone’s favorite character, Austin, in every single character creator I could find. This one’s fun so be sure to say nice things about Austin in the comments😜

higgzorz  asked:

hey thals!! what are some of your all time favorite single player games

OOOO… FUCK…………………….. this is hard! red dead redemption was so good.. one of my faves… the walking dead season one because lee everett is my husband.. banjo kazooie, luigi’s mansion, twilight princess + wind waker, resident evil 4, tony hawk’s pro skater 2, the last of us, kingdom hearts,   .. honestly so many more.


Watch out for yr biscuits lads