tony hawk 4

concrete ground, blue sky and dark green grass reminds me of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 crazy taxi listening to real big fish snorting cheeto dust on a Friday afternoon knowing no school is tomorrow

relishboi  asked:

Hey Bryce, whats your favorite video games? Name like 6 or 7 of them, maybe 8 if you have the time!

ooh baby i’m just gonna name off as many of my favs i can think of:

resident evil 4
genji dawn of the samurai
fallout new vegas
killer instinct (the first one not the one from 2013)
banjo tooie
ocarina of time
majoras mask
kingdom hearts 1 & 2
gunstar heroes
tony hawk pro skater 4
street fighter 3rd strike
sleeping dogs
perfect dark
tomba 2
castlevania symphony of the night
shadow of the colossus

this is all i can think of and there’s no specific order at all

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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 - Trailer

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 combines classic combo-driven skateboarding with objective-based single player action and seamless online multiplayer allowing you to take on challengers from around the world. Compete head-to-head with your friends on new and signature Pro Skater levels, or build and share your own skateparks for endless shredding.

Coming for PS4 & Xbox One on September 29, 2015 and to the PS3 & Xbox 360 in Q4 on 2015.


Watch out for yr biscuits lads