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Tony Goldwyn always supporting his sister 

Tony Goldwyn & Liz Goldwyn going be next issue Town & Country Magazine in September issue.

Town & Country Magazine in September issue comes out next week.

Liz Goldwyn is guest editor for Town & Country Magazine for article that she wrote Goldwyn Family.

The article is nice to read and give some details about the Goldwyn Family.


#Scandal314 Production Scoop!

Tons of production scoop was revealed and quickly deleted*. Here’s all I could gather in ONE spot. 

  • Bellamy Young’s Viennese waltzing with Tony Goldwyn. 
  • Bellamy sharing THIS photo of Tony Goldwyn and Dan Bucatinsky dancing at a Presidential gala.
  • Tony sharing THIS photo of Fitz’s Presidential band.
  • Lyn Paolo styling Dan Bucatinsky in a Hugo Boss suit.
  • Scandal’s prop master George’s Rose tweets. (bonus +1
  • There’s a Metro scene too.

Production News: We DO know that the Grant kids will be appearing in the second half of season 3 when it returns on Thursday February 27th. 

Putting all of this new production scoop together appears that The Grant Re-Election Campaign is in FULL swing with a possible flashback thrown in the mix!

Get.ready.Gladiators.Get.Ready! \o/

*Photo H/T: beliskner + livandfitz