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Art Notes

Pretty straightforward this time! Nitocris wears a leopard skin, as folk were known to do in the Old Kingdom:

Her wig and headdress are modeled off of this:

The musicians are modeled off of this:

And the banquet chairs and outfits are modeled off of this:

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Almost a clean sweep this time!

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Next Time on Rejected Princesses (posting on October 6, 2016!)

Two bitter rivals for the title of worst woman in Sydney, these gang leaders’ deeds were far from Devine.

(submit guesses here, and if you’re right, I’ll list you under ‘shout-outs’ on the next entry!)

Angels Covers

Bar Refaeli - AT Magazine Israel

Caroline Brasch Nielsen - Harper’s Bazaar UK

Liu Wen - Vogue China

Gigi Hadid

Elsa Hosk - Elle Magazine

Grace Elizabeth - Vogue España

Kendall Jenner - Harper’s BAZAAR

Kate Grigorieva - Vogue España

Michaela Kocianova - Top Fashion

Alessandra Ambrosio - Narcisse Magazine

Toni Garrn - The Glass Magazine

Gigi Hadid - Harper’s BAZAAR

Lily Donaldson - Harper’s BAZAAR

External image

Eva Herzigova - ELLE Russia

Megan Williams - Madame Figaro

Bar Refaeli - Condé Nast Traveller

Josephine Skriver - Vogue Brasil

Stella Maxwell - Vogue Brasil

Sara Sampaio - Vogue Brasil

  • Tony Awards: ho ho ho! Tony nominations! Something Rotten, ten for you. Fun Home? TWELVE for you, Fun Home! You go, Fun Home. And uh... "Jiggy". Do we have a "Jiggy" here?
  • Gigi: It's Gigi.
  • Tony Awards: Oh Gigi, here you go, one for you... And none for Finding Neverland, bye.

Performed with the lovely and talented cast of Gigi On Broadway last night at the TONY AWARDS!!! We performed one of my favorite numbers, “The Night They Invented Champagne”.

It was a sweet cherry on top since one of my best friends, Ashley Tisdale, presented us! Ahhh… It was a night to remember.🌙💕

And big thanks to my glam squad who made me feel like a princess last night!

Dress: Naeem Khan 
Jewelry: Norman Silverman Diamonds
Clutch: RODO Boutique 
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Make up: Find Your California 
Hair: Laura Polko 
Styled by Natalie Saidi

This is my Blog for more beautifull pictures


My first Tony Awards Red Carpet experience! 👠💄💄