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Inktober Day 19 - The Spiderwick Chronicles

There were three things that attracted me to reading this series when I was younger. Number one, the fairie-kind were neither nice nor necessarily “pretty.” Number two, Mallory Grace freaking fenced. 

And number three, the art was my absolute favorite thing. It probably was the starting point of my love of drawing with ink. The style is just so scratchy and nice c:

Im still really stuck on remembering what things have influenced my art. Two ppl have told me it recalls old Soviet cartoons, which is super fucking flattering bc that shits so aesthetic, but i didnt learn about it at all until a few years ago and ive been drawing my entire life

All i really have that i know inspired child me is

-the monsters in Dr. Seuss books, i already made a post about Halloween is Grinch Night go watch it its good

-Tony DiTerlizzi’s art on book covers but Most Especially in Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You and im actually considering purchasing a new copy since i lost mine somewhere years and years ago and it was my fuckin bible way back when

-Pokémon. Holy shit Pokémon. Its been such a big part of my entire life and its the only /fandom thing/ im 0% anxious about adoring beyond words

-i used to collect Yu-Gi-Oh cards so that probably had a part in it

-i found @bogleech’s art when i was 10 and its been a pretty massive influence,, too

-The Future is Wild! The cartoon got me into the actual documentaries and i begged my parents for the whole box set and watched the shit out of all of it. Flish.

-in 2010 i think i saw a part of a short with spec bio martians in it and it was low quality and not all that long but i still think about it a lot even if haven’t seen it since and sometimes doubt it existed at all

2010 was also the year my cousin showed me anime, which I’d known about vaugely before, and those were Cowboy Bebop, the first episode of Soul Eater, Death Note (notebook of death), Trigun, a show with Ghost Dogs in Fancy Necklaces that i cannot remember yhe fucking name of at all, Inuyasha, FMA:B, and some other shit probably.

The only ones i kept watching (and yet havent finished bc, i suck,,,) were FMA:B and Soul Eater

I feel like theres a lot more that i just cannot fucking remember at all for some awful reason. My brain sucks and so do i.

More modern(ish) inspirations! A very very very incomplete list:

In 2013(ish) i bought a scifi art magazine with a lot of tips and tutorials of vastly varying quality and somewhere towards th back of the book was a list of tips by Wayne Barlowe and it was the first time i saw his art and name and he’s still my fav

Also from the same bookstore, but a year or so later i found an artbook from Terryl Whitlatch and she’s currently ties with Barlowe in my heart as the absolute fucking best

I don’t really remember if i saw that Rankin Bass movie with the dragons when i was little but its art is wonderful and i just love it sm…

In 2013 (again) i started getting interest in some way-older-than-me things that have inspired me a lot but i was 15 and thats pretty far past Those Formative Years but

-Its when i learned about the aforementioned Russian cartoons, and also stuff like Moomin. Def more but Im bad at lists and having a decent memory oops.

-Bloodborne and Dark Souls

-whole lotta other shit

A lot of artists on tungble here bit this post is already way too long oops…again…