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Sunday: Mother’s Day Tiva Fic

I threw this together quick. I had loftier ideas, but what came out? Fluff. Happy Mother’s Day. :)

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Tony knew a Sunday.

Like when a suspect was lying to him, or when Ziva needed a trip to the gun range, and usually a few seconds before one of the kids lost their shit in the grocery store. He just knew.

And that morning was Sunday. No alarm. No trilling cell phone, delivering gloom and marching orders. No—

“Do not jinx it.” Ziva whispered the warning, a slender arm draped over her eyes.

Not for the first time, he envisioned her some Greek goddess sculptured in marble. He preferred the real thing.

“You don’t know what I was going to say.”

“The children, yes?”

They should have heard from their offspring by now, at least.

“Okay. You knew what I was going to say.” His grin melted the words soft. They might have melted regardless.

It was too hot for covers. It was too hot to sleep, to touch her, his human furnace of a partner. (In the shower, he’d slough sand from the skin behind her ear and swear she was made of the stuff.)

Tony risked being burned. Touching made it Sunday, too.

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Man I think back on S10 and I can mainly remember the sweet, shippy moments where Tony was an actual good man - the opera for Tali, sharing stories about his mother, being there for her when her father died, appreciating her for who she is in Berlin, and genuinely showing her that he cared about her in a way that went far beyond superficiality.

But then I get to thinking about how much of a jerk he could be sometimes, and that’s something she put up with from him so much of the time. Like sure, he was probably acting that way to hide the feelings he didn’t know how to deal with, but it’s no wonder when she stayed behind in Israel she didn’t believe him when he put his heart out on the table for her. No wonder she was skeptical that he really even wanted her like he said he was - because if she came back with him, it was likely they’d return to the status quo of “tease but don’t get too close” that their entire fucking relationship had been, and no wonder she wanted to distance herself from that. She was probably tired of being hurt by him, of getting her hopes up only for him to turn around and do something dickish that really hurt her.

Compounded by the events of Family First where they apparently did it (possibly only one time) and then he left. Of course she let herself feel in that moment, let herself be with him, because she believed it might be the last time and she may as well let herself have this one indulgence, right? But she knew he wouldn’t stay - he was saying these things, but he’d never been good at showing her, in the end, and after a lifetime of pushing her, pushing her, pushing her, he finally gets her message when she least wants him to and he leaves her to her thing, going against what had been his nature for the past almost decade of his life, which was to push at her and force her to open up to him despite the fact that she really did not owe him that in any capacity.

And that’s the tragedy of it. He finally learns the lesson - sometimes you just can’t push people to open up or you’ll end up pushing them away. So he gives her that space for the first time ever, really, when the irony of the situation is that this is the one time she probably actually wanted him to push back and say, no, this is important to me, WE are important to me, and I’m going to stay here until we figure this out and make this work somehow. In that moment, they were - again - completely and irrevocably out of sync.

And then she must have found out she was pregnant, one or two months down the line, and what do you bet she cried? Cried because all this time now she’d been trying to be okay with herself, be okay with herself without him, and now she’s got something of him to carry on with her for the rest of her life. Considering the hurt she must have felt at the way he’d walked out and the guilt she probably felt at making him sad over her (because that’s a thing women do, you know - we hurt, we feel our own pain, but we also feel guilt at the pain we’ve caused others even if they’re the ones that have been hurting us), is it any wonder she dreaded contacting him? Is it any wonder she didn’t want to call him, to tell him the truth? Tony said in Family First he’d have been there in a heartbeat, but did Ziva know that about him? All Ziva knew about Tony and his relation to kids was that he didn’t have one, and he feared them and wasn’t ready to be a father and honestly, when had he shown her otherwise? When had he ever given her any indication that he was ready to be a family man?

I know that many are angry about the pregnancy story line because they think Ziva would have told him. And I think she would have, eventually, but I also can understand her hesitation, after everything that had happened between them. Judging by the way their entire relationship worked, she probably would have felt that this is one more thing to burden him with and her guilt at being the one to have caused him so much suffering might have precluded her from doing the right thing and reaching out.

And I can’t even begin to tell you why this is bothering me as much as it is today, but here, have a bucket of feels.

25 Words - TIVA

Hello there! Me and @dazzlingstarlight decided to try this writing challenge from @promptlywritingideas. We sent each other 25 words so the other could write 25 sentences. Well, in my case these aren’t sentences. I just couldn’t stop myself and developed it further, so most of it is pieces of unrelated conversations.

Enjoy my TIVA take on the wonderful writing challenge and don’t forget to read magnificent Harm/Mac version of dazzlingstarlight!

(1)  House

Ziva sighed in content, letting the sunrays to caress her skin as she watched her little daughter and her little son playing in their playground from her place at the porch. It was truly a brilliant idea to buy a house for their growing DiNozzo family.

(2)  Movie

“What movie are we going to watch?” Tony asked Ziva nervously, fidgeting in his armchair. As a huge movie fan and self-proclaimed movie expert, he didn’t feel excessively comfortable with someone else choosing a movie.

“Stop being so mistrustful.” Ziva shoved him the bowl of popcorn into his lap, feeling slightly annoyed as she had heard the exact same question for umpteenth time this day.

She sat down next to him and pushed the play button. Tony just opened his mouth wide as the opening credits for The Little Prince movie began to play. Then his lips formed into a grateful smile as Ziva squeezed his hand.

(3) Heart

“With this ring I thee wed and I give you my heart under your guardianship. I cannot imagine any other person suitable for this job than you, my love. You may have not always treated it well, but it has belonged to you since the first moment we have met. And there is so little I can do it about it, that is why I am giving it to you to take care of it as I know that I can trust you with my life. I love you with all my heart, body and soul and I will spend the rest of my life by proving you that.”

There have been silent tears at Ziva’s eyes at first, then sob escaped from her lips. She has never heard such a beautiful wedding vow. And being the bride, it had been twice emotional. Her soon-to-be husband slightly caressed her face, wiping away the tear in a way only Tony DiNozzo could.

(4)  Bug

“Bitten by a love bug, DiNozzo?” Gibbs looked at his agent inquiringly. He was unfocused, seemingly having his head in the clouds, daydreaming all the time instead of properly working. All proofed that he was head over heels in love. And judging by the ‘secret’ look between him and Ziva, he had no doubt who the lucky woman was.

(5) McGee

“Do you keep any record on how many nicknames you have already invented for McGee?” Ziva asked Tony out of sudden curiosity.

“I have no idea.” Was the answer as Tony tried to count on his fingers.

(6) Undercover

“Do you realize that we are undercover and also under the covers?” Tony said while throwing the sheets across his body and Ziva rolled her eyes. He would seriously never stop with assessing their situation of being on an undercover mission and sleeping in the same hotel room AND in the same bed as they had posed as a married couple.

“Shut up and watch the movie, DiNozzo.” She growled, trying to force the fantasy of them using this cover and these covers for entirely different kind of activity.

(7) Autopsy

“Stop laughing! I couldn’t sleep because of this nightmare!” Tony exclaimed, regretting that he had ever decided to tell his co-worker about the dream he had had last night.

“Ok, so let me summarize it.” Ziva said between her occasional laughs as she tried to subdue her amusement. “Me and Jimmy had an affair and we decided to kill you by performing autopsy while you were still alive?”

“Yes, and whenever he cut me, you kissed him.” Tony flatly added while Ziva was overpowered by another wave of laughter.

(8) Gremlin

“It’s a 1984 comedy horror classic, Jimmy. I even found a plushie for you.” Tony waved the plush toy in front of the face of pale Jimmy Palmer, setting in it on the DVD cover of Gremlins movie.

“Thanks, Tony.” Jimmy said hesitantly, hoping that Tony would never come up with ‘personalized’ gifts as he called it. Ziva, who had gotten a box of paperclips, silently agreed with him.

(9) Dress

“Can I talk for a second with Ziva in private?” Tony asked Abby, the bridesmaid, anxiously. He needed to see Ziva before she would walk down the aisle and marry CIRay right in front of his eyes. She nodded in agreement and slipped out of the room, letting him to go inside.

The moment he saw the Israeli bride, all words left him. Her wedding dress was the definition of beauty. The rich fluffy skirt, the lacy bodice hugging her curves perfectly, the perfect cleavage showing just enough of her natural treasures, the sequins, pearls and other decent decorations, the long veil waiting for her to place it into her hair – she looked like a Disney princess.

And in that moment he forgot all of his prepared speech about his true feelings for her. He realized that all he wanted for her was to be happy. Even if he wasn’t the man with whom she would spend the rest of her life with.

(10) Smash

Sound of breaking glass as she smashed everything made out of transparent material against the wall. Hebrew curses. More sounds of things being thrown in many directions. Thuds. Anger of losing a loved one, the person she loved the most on this world, prevailing over any other rational thought. All that was left was remorse. Wrath. Sadness. The second stage of grief over the loss of her husband Tony has just begun.

(11) Abby

Abby persistently pushed the elevator button down in her floor, wondering why the hell the elevator just wouldn’t move. She had important results to show to Gibbs and considering his injuries from the previous case, she didn’t want him to trudge to her lab. When the elevator finally arrived to her floor and the door opened, she found herself face to face with Tony and Ziva whose reddened cheeks were telling enough. Abby slowly smiled, no longer annoyed. Her suspicions were confirmed. Those two were making out in the elevator!

(12) Language

“How many languages do you even speak?” Tony wiped his eyebrow that got wet under the drops of sweat on his forehead. He was getting too old for such quick running. He was no Usain Bolt. Yet, he was forced to start dashing when Ziva had uttered apparently pretty vulgar remark towards the man they had been speaking to. It was better to run than to involve in a fight with a bunch of the man’s friends who appeared out of nowhere.

“It doesn’t matter, as long as I speak with the language of love.” Ziva replied, pressing her lips on his, stealing his breath away.

(13) Boss

“Are you saying that I’m supposed to be boss now, boss?” Tony asked incredulously, watching the older man in front of him. Gibbs’ retirement was something he expected to happen one day, but still dreaded it in the same time.

“You’re competent enough for that job, DiNozzo.” Gibbs squeezed his shoulder, expressing confidence in his successor.

(14) Phone

“Tell me, what are you wearing?” Tony whispered sensually into the receiver, his legs propped up against his desk. He was alone in the darkened office, ruining his back over the pile of paperwork.

“I’m not having phone sex with you, Tony.” Ziva refused and ended the call, throwing her phone on the couch in her apartment. She stared at it for a moment, biting her thumb in contemplation.

Half a minute later, the phone in the NCIS bullpen on the desk of Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo rang.

(15) Investigation 

Tony stared at the file in front of him. He refused to believe that the investigation was over. Well, over… It was seized. Suspended. Listed as unsolved. When you have no witnesses, no cameras, no traces of tires, simply nothing to hold on to, you can hardly investigate a crime. And yet, Tony felt that he hadn’t done enough. His father was killed. Ran over by a car in the middle of an unlit street. Nobody head heard or seen anything. No clues. No hints. No traces. No suspects. Only a victim.

A warm hand squeezed his shoulder and he was immediately grateful to have her here with him. “How could you deal with it?” He asked her as she knew the feeling of losing a father like no one else.

“The official investigation might over, Tony. But the one in your heart and your mind will never stop until you know who did it and bring him to justice.” She said in a knowing tone. “And I promise you we will find the bastard who killed him. I will personally take care of it.”

(16) Magic

Her eyes lowered and her cheeks flushed with dark crimson. The magic of Anthony DiNozzo’s smile was sometimes embarrassingly efficient and she found herself in a state when she couldn’t deny him a single thing. Maybe it had also something to do with the face she was a little bit in love with him.

(17) Explosion

The steady beeping sound of the life monitor seemed like a music to her as opposed to the terrifying sounds of the explosion she’d heard and witnessed a couple of hours ago. Tony lay in the hospital bed in barbiturate-induced coma with scratches all over his body as the shrapnel had cut into his flesh while the building he had been in had blown into pieces. She’d never felt to scared in her life. And it had awakened something in her, as well. It was different than with the members of her family who had been taken away from her too soon. They were hers, they were part of her. Tony had never belonged to her as she had been to coward to tell him how she felt about him. But she vowed, at this very moment, that if he would pull through this, she would change it as soon as she had the chance. Tony DiNozzo was about to find out the extension of her love for him.

(18) Agent

“I’m Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, nice to meet you.” Tony introduced himself to a witness they were supposed to question in their latest case. “And this is my wife, Special Agent Ziva DiNozzo.”

(19) Paris

Ziva stood in front the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France and watched its glow as the darkness settled in. She was getting nervous, feverishly wondering whether Orli hadn’t been joking and Tony had really found her secret message in Israel where she’d informed him about couple of things that needed to be said, including where he might find her. She had suggested a place and time for their ‘date’. She couldn’t imagine any better location for their reunion. Paris was the symbol of their friendship, their love. She could never forget what had happened here a couple of years ago. Suddenly, she had a feeling that someone was watching her. When she turned around, her eyes welled up with tears as she saw her daughter she’d missed so much over the last few weeks in the arms of the man she loved more than herself.

(20) Wedding

She walked down the aisle on her wedding day and observed the faces of the people she loved dearly and who came here to celebrate her and Tony’s happiness with them. For a moment, she had doubts about being able to go through this but in the end, it seemed as a piece of cake. When you marry a man who had crossed the world twice for you to find you, defying all orders and rules, you just know that he is the right one. And there’s nothing easier than seal the mutual love in front of those who had witness their hardships and supported them in their hard times.

(21) Father

“There’s something I want to talk to you about, Gibbs.” Ziva started, feeling more nervous than ever in her life. “You are probably the closest thing I’ve had to a father. Especially after my coming to the United States. You somehow filled the void in my heart that was left there after my parents divorced. And considering my own father is now dead and the wedding is just around the corner, I wanted to ask you… Will you give me away?”

Gibbs approached her and kissed her on her cheek. “It’ll be my honour, Ziver.”

(22) Family

“With this ring I thee wed and I fully accept you as part of me. You once told me that family is more than blood. That it’s something I build around myself. My friends. People I trust. And people I unconditionally love. I couldn’t ever imagine how right you were. You are the one I unconditionally love. You are the one I trust with my life, my heart and my soul. You are my dearest friend. You are my family. And I will do everything to preserve it until the end of time and beyond that.”

Ziva’s quivering voice as she recited her vow had almost caused a heart attack to Tony. This was really a wedding of their dreams. And he was marrying the woman he loved the most. He was the luckiest guy on this planet.

(23) Friend

“Well, that’s the problem, Ziva.” Tony countered to her words, “I can’t be friends with you anymore. My heart just can’t accept it. Not when it knows it has a chance.”

Ziva stood in front of him, running out of words. That was not how she’d imagined their conversation, how she would tell him that he needed to be patient as she was in a hard place and she had to be careful while making her decisions. She couldn’t mindlessly enter a relationship with him, but he couldn’t and didn’t want to understand it.

He turned away from her and started to walk away. That was end of their friendship and practically everything between them. He couldn’t continue in being friendly to her when all he was thinking about constantly was to show her how much he loved her.

He was more than surprised, then, when her hand reached for his arm, turned him back to her and her lips crashed on his in a passionate way that made him lose his mind. That certainly wasn’t a kiss between friends.

(24) Daughter

“How are you going to name her?” Abby asked as she held the newborn daughter of her friends in her hands, while McGee stood behind her back, gushing over the baby’s cuteness just as her.

Tony looked at exhausted, yet smiling and incredibly happy Ziva. “Tali.” They both answered in unison.

(25) Gibbs

“Hell, it’s about time.” Gibbs uttered, seeing his two agents breaking the Rule 12 right in front of his eyes. (This is sort of a honour of a character named Tychus from Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty video game. I just can’t get the sentence out of my head, always imagining Gibbs saying it.)

Are you a diehard NCIS fan who wants a challenge?

 If so, try as best you can to solve the puzzle without looking up the answers on the web or watching the DVDs. ;)

If you do decide to have a crack at it, if you can, take a photo of your finished crossword and post on tumblr under the tag #JessNCIScrossword or twitter under the hashtag #JessNCIScrossword.

Answers will be posted on this blog two weeks from now. (24th July)

Any grammatical or fact-based errors are unintentional. However, if there does happen to be some, I apologise in advance. 

If needed, click crossword to enlarge and read clue numbers.

Most importantly, ENJOY! :)


3 Cote de Pablo was born in this country. (5)

5 Finish the quote: ‘When you die I want to dissect your _____.’ Written by Steven D. Binder for Jimmy Palmer. (5)

8 The number of actresses to date that have portrayed Kelly Gibbs. (5)

9 The number of times NCIS has been crowned ‘Number One Drama in the World’ (5)

10 According to the NCIS pilot, Kate Todd replaced this special agent. (6, 10)

11 The title of the song played at Mike Franks funeral. (6, 2, 3, 5)

12 This cast member has recently had their directorial debut. (5, 7)

15 Rocky Carroll shares his birthday with this fellow NCIS cast member. (7, 9)

16 Complete the quote: ‘I’ve got a better chance of hooking up with _______ ____ than these guys do of infiltrating SeaLift.’ Written by Donald P. Bellisario for Tony DiNozzo. (7, 4)

18 Gibbs first met Shannon here. (5, 7)

19 The realistic contents inside the fictional Caf-Pow. (8, 5)

20 The genre of music McGee enjoys listening to when he’s alone. (4)

22 The name of the technical adviser for the show who was also a former NCIS Special Agent. (4, 7)

23 According to Emily Wickersham, Michael Weatherly gives her this nickname on set. (4-3-10)

29 Pauley Perrette’s natural hair colour. (6)

30 What rule number is this? ’Never say you’re sorry. It’s a sign of weakness.’ (3)

31 NCIS was originally drawn from this television series. (3)

32 Colour of Gibbs’s watch band. (6)  

33 Michael Weatherly directed his first NCIS episode in this season. (5)

34 Finish the quote: ‘Who’d want to be a Navy cop? I’d rather have the ______.’ Written by Steven D. Binder for Tony DiNozzo. (6)

35 Michelle Lee died in season six when Gibbs shot her in order to kill the man holding her hostage. According to the writers, that exit was originally meant for this character. (4)

38 The family relation Sean Murray has with NCIS creator Donald P. Bellisario. (4-3)

39 The original title for the show before it became NCIS. (4, 1-1-1-1)

40 This song by ’Stop Making Friends’ featuring Pauley Perrette is heard during an NCIS episode. (4)


1 The place Ziva visits annually to remember her late sister Tali. (5)

2 What rule number is this? ‘Always watch the watchers.’ (6, 4)

4 What rule number is this? ‘It’s better to seek forgiveness than ask permission.’ (8)

6 The title of 100th episode. (7)

7 According to Gibbs, this is what the second ‘b’ in his surname stands for. (7)

10 The name of Jimmy Palmer’s daughter. (8, 9)

13 Complete the quote: ‘A slap to the face is an ______ — to the back of the head is a wake-up call.’ Written by John C. Kelley for Leroy Jethro Gibbs. (6)

14 The animal that sometimes features on Ducky’s bow-tie. (8)

17 Finish the quote: ‘I appreciate that, Tony, but don’t try to compete with my _______.’ Written by Scott Williams and Reed Steiner for Ziva David. (7)

21 Name of the boy McGee volunteers to Big Brother. (4)

24 Name of Kelly’s best friend. (5, 6)

25 This animation features on DiNozzo’s stapler. (6, 5)

26 Abby’s first case at NCIS involved this facility. (3, 4)

27 The title of McGee’s sequel to ‘Deep Six’. (4, 6)

28 The nationality of Sean Murray’s mother. (10)

36 The name of Ducky’s murderous girlfriend. (4)

37 Tony has two fish. One of them is named Kate. The other one is named ____. (4)


A Very Merry Holiday Light Show

“Ima, Ima, look!” Noah’s excited words filled the back seat of McGee’s mid-size sedan, and filtered up to the front, meeting Ziva’s ears. Brown eyes met smaller emerald green ones as they danced at the sight outside the window. Ziva’s attention followed that of her son’s, and her jaw dropped and then tightened at sight of the shenanigans occurring on the roof of her home.

“Ima, did Santa come early this year?” Noah’s innocent assumption made McGee chuckle and his mother sigh.

Ziva shook her head, as the McGee brought the car to a slow stop in the DiNozzo driveway. Unbuckling her seat belt, she opened her door and climbed out and reached for son’s. After undoing the carseat, she gathered the small boy in her arms, settling him on her hip. In four years, he had gotten so big, but she selfishly couldn’t bring herself to give up the small moments like this one. Give him a couple more years, and he’d be refusing to be held at all.

She offered up a laugh, nuzzling his cheek with her nose. “Noah, you know better. Santa does not come until Christmas Eve. No early visits for good little boys, unless maybe he’s delivering your coal.”

An sharp little intake of breath is paired with a squeal, Noah shaking his head furiously into his mother’s neck. “No coal, Momma. I’ve been an extra good boy.”

Ziva smiled warmly and tightened her hug, “Well you may have been a good boy all year, but in this moment, your father is not.”


The shouting accusation caught Tony off guard, causing him to momentarily lose his balance and slip and slide on the shingles. Reaching out, he grabbed the edge of the brick chimney to steady himself, but not before he got himself tangled in the array of multicolored lights.

“Last I checked, Tony, it was fifty degrees and hadn’t snowed. I’d think you’d have a little more grace than this,” McGee mocked just loud enough for his partner to hear, unloading the bags from the trunk and carrying them up the front steps.

Green eyes sent daggers in McGee’s direction, as Tony turned his attention to his sure to be livid wife. “Zee-vah,” he drawled out in good humour. “How was the shopping trip? Get me anything good?”

“I don’t believe you deserve anything,” Ziva hissed setting Noah on his feet by her side. “I thought I had made it clear before we left that you –”

The front door swung open and a burst of energy, all long lanky legs and long unruly dark hair, ran out towards Ziva, interrupting her lecture. “Mom, I told him not to. I tried to tell him that you’d be mad. And he tried to swear me to secrecy,” she confessed, whispering the last part with her head down.

Tony shook his head, from his seat on the roof, muttering under his breath at being sold out by his only daughter. “So much for being daddy’s little girl.”

Ziva hugged Lena, and smiled warmly at her, “Don’t worry, my love, I believe you. Why don’t you take your brother inside and continue to work on your lists for Santa?” Lena nodded, grabbing Noah’s small hand in hers and led him up the front steps.

Turning her attention back to the task at hand, Ziva looked up at her husband, who had gone back to his task of untangling the long string of lights he had been previously attempting to line the house with. “Tony, I thought we had an agreement. You were supposed to wait until McGee got back to help you. I don’t want a repeat of last year. Especially after the fiasco that happened last weekend with the Christmas tree lights.”

“I just wanted to surprise you and Noah,” Tony sighed, his head bent in regret before slowly lifting to face her with a full-on DiNozzo smile, plastered across his face. “But I didn’t do it alone; well, at least not exactly.”

Ziva looked around in question, “What do you mean? The only ones here are you and I, the children, and McGee.”

“Hit the lights, Boss.” Tony ordered nonchalantly, appearing to speak to no-one in particular, but as soon as the words left his mouth, the house became a well-designed spectacle.

Various colors danced like Noah’s eyes along the combination of brick and cement that encapsulated the structure of their home. The strings of icicle lights lined the roof evenly without one single bulb out of place. Candy canes and snow men lined the walk, in reds and whites. Snowflakes hung in each window, causing a glow to light up each room.

“Tony….,” Ziva breathed, taken back at the sophistication and coordination that was bestowed in front of her, such a drastic change from the haphazard light show of the year before.

Smiling as bright as their children on Christmas morning, Tony only winked.

Ziva shook her head in wonder, “Who?”

A deep, gruff chuckle came the fence, separating the driveway from the small backyard. Appearing in his jeans, USMC sweatshirt, and an uncharacteristic Santa hat, Gibbs took a swig of his beer and sent a pointed smile at Ziva.

“Merry Christmas, DiNozzo.”