tony dawson


WWE’s Harlem Shake

  • Tony Dawson:How would you characterize the difference between being a Champion and not being a Champion?
  • William Regal:That's another one of those silly questions you keep asking me, Tony. I mean, really. Please. Sometimes - Does your mother still tuck you in at night? Sometimes I wonder.

“Let me tell you, if me and Cass, got a dime for every time we got beat up as a kid, we’d have ZERO dimes.  Why?  Because we’re not S-A-W-F-T SAAAAAAAAAWFT!!!!” - Enzo Amore

“Enzo Amore described that hairdo as being, "A party on my head, and you’re not invited.” - Tony Dawson

“No one has answered my question, is Enzo Amore DDP’s love child?!” - William Regal


I love the little touches, Big Cass adds to being with Enzo.  Like he holds up a zero sign for him and he has Enzo box his hands.  They’re bros.

WWE Inbox Episode 73 - Who Is The Worst Driver In WWE?
  • Big Show:Who do I think is the worst driver in the WWE?
  • Justin Gabriel:I'd say Damien Sandow because he always drives 10 miles below the speed limit.
  • Tensai:*Points to Brodus* Bingo.
  • Brodus Clay:What?
  • Tensai:He's terrible.
  • Brodus Clay:No I'm not. I'll tell you who it is. I came here just for that.
  • Tony Dawson:The worst driver in the WWE, people will tell you is me.
  • Layla:If you ask people, it's definitely AJ.
  • Tamina:AJ Lee.
  • Tony Dawson:I am a safe driver, mind on the moment and hands at 10 and 2, focusing on the road. Never distracted.
  • Tamina:Let's just say this is why I am the one that always drives. Always.
  • Brodus Clay:People are saying that the worst driver in the WWE, only one knows is Yoshi Tatsu. He is the worst driver. He's the worst driver ever.
  • Big Show:I would have to say Summer Rae is pretty terrible. She's frightening to watch trying to park a car. Even Hornswoggle can't even see over the steering wheel, does a better job.
  • Titus O'Neil:The worse driver in WWE? Well that's easy. It's you.
  • Darren Young:Me?
  • Tony Dawson:I'm safe and cautious and I get from point A to point B.