tony barber

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Seeing how poodles have actually LOTS of hair that just doesn't stop growing, I can't stop imagining Dean growing fluffy all over himself, and going to the barber's with "Buzz it all down, but leave tufts here, here, there and over there" in an awkward manner because of pubes; and leaving pounds of fur in the place. Bc you can't really shave your whole body yourself, and I wouldn't trust Tony.

i think deans barber life has been discussed before LMAO i just dont consider things like this cause pfffht 2 lazy..but IN THEORY this is exactly how it would be

i think tony&dean would have 1 mishap with the shaver and never do that again.. dean envies tony and his low maintenance fur (THO tony does get a lil fluffier in the winter)   


Miles Davis - The Meaning of the Blues/Lament (alternate take)

Miles Ahead (Columbia, 1957)

Personnel: Miles Davis – flugelhorn; Bernie Glow – lead trumpet; Ernie Royal – trumpet; Louis Mucci – trumpet; Taft Jordan – trumpet; John Carisi – trumpet; Frank Rehak – trombone; Jimmy Cleveland – trombone; Joe Bennett – trombone; Tom Mitchell – bass trombone; Willie Ruff – French horn; Tony Miranda – French horn; Bill Barber – tuba; Lee Konitz – alto sax; Danny Bank – bass clarinet; Romeo Penque – flute, clarinet; Sid Cooper – flute, clarinet; Paul Chambers – bass; Art Taylor – drums; Gil Evans – arranger and conductor