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Hey, would you mind sharing your theory on Ross's original plan in CA:CW?

Oh yea! Sorry I completely forgot. Since I forgot I’ll break my hiatus but after that I’m still out


*rolls over to her wall of newspaper clippings and red string*

*takes a deep breath*


That’s a whole lot of lead in to say that specifically, Ross waited until Tony stark was in his most emotionally compromised state to release the information about the Sokovia Accords to Tony. 

If you followed my blog at all you know that I’m not a TS fan like, at all. That said, his motives are pretty clear and predictable, to a point where anyone who has the wherewithal to try can pretty easily direct his actions. You know like Ross.

OK Crow we fucking get it. Tell us how it happened though?

Evidence Figure A: The Teleprompter

Any project/event manager worth their salt checks, double checks, triple checks, and quadruple checks the attendee list, especially when someone as high profile as Tony Stark & Pepper Potts, CEO of mother-fucking STARK INDUSTRIES is showing up to the shindig. 

There’s also this little thing called a contingency plan? If a homegrown convention with a big name actor showing up has a contingency in place should something happen, then one would assume that a fucking top-of-the-line school would have protocols for this, especially since Tony is definitely not the only or the biggest name-brand-celeb to show up at MIT. I just googled, Matt Damon was just there for commencement IRL. So like, this isn’t their first goddamn rodeo!

Lasty, it’s 2016. Teleprompters have had the ability to switch feeds midstream for YEARS. Literally every ‘this just in!’ update your local news personality does when live covering something is precisely what’s happening. The teleprompter is the information and the earpiece is the producer giving them any alternate queues. So, when Tony’s 45 minutes through his speech and immersing into his demo and it’s pretty fucking clear that the Big Pot has not entered the kitchem, maybe it’s time for some midstream reprompting?! 


So we have Tony Stark who’s in his patented Mental Self Flagellation Machine 4000 ™ and is already feeling down. While he’s trying to climb the endorphin high he gets from throwing money at people, the teleprompter shuts that right down.

Now we know Tony is feeling bad. He just wants to go curl up on his private jet and have FRIDAY play Adele while he stares at pictures of Pepper on his phone. And that would be nice-

Evidence Figure B: “I work for the State Department”  

So now Tony has been kicked twice in the nuts by his emotional anguish. He’s down and if we know anything about this dude is that he’s emotionally driven. You grab those heartstrings and you can pull him any which way. The grand orchestrator here (Ross) now has a good hold, but he’s going to lock it in. 

Enter your average ‘State Department’ admin. There’s no real answer as to which branch of the state department she’s in, or what she does or who she really works for. She could be in accounting, weapons acquisition, any number of deep-confidential branches (Spies have paperwork too), or Ross’ goddamn secretary. It doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s very strange that her lead in was a delineation of where she worked, as if it mattered. Taken out of context it’s as innocuous as saying ‘I work in real-estate’ or ‘I work in healthcare’. The story would have panned out either way. 

But no, she works for the state department. She probably has a work email that ends in She’s probably searchable in the inter-office directory, and potentially she’s got access to grief counseling and other psychiatric services provided through her workplace. 

Now we know that shit’s supposed to be confidential but I don’t think a man who’s going to make an extrajudicial underwater superhuman prison is a man with scruples about patient confidentiality. 

How easy would it be for Ross or one of his lackeys to approach this and other grieving workers until they find the one with a perfect hook to drag Tony by the nose?

How did your average State Department admin manage to find her way into an isolated walk path obviously made for personnel only, in a private building on a private campus with no one trying to stop her? 

Now, we know that college campuses unfortunately don’t have the best security in non-event situations. But Tony Stark well known trouble magnet and billionaire was showing up. Sure a police detail and private security can’t really do shit about another alien invasion but they can stop people from waiting around in isolated hallways for celebrities. (Why was he alone anyway? This is 100% against celebrity escort protocol. Beyonce doesn’t even go to the bathroom without a security detail, and for good fucking reason!)

How did she get down there? 

At just the right place and at just the right time to deliver a printed picture of her handsome, selfless, philanthropic, and dead-too-soon son to Tony Stark. 

Not to mention the very pointed speech.

Evidence Figure C: “I blame YOU Mr. Stark”

Well. Fuck.

Rule Number 1 of maintaining world peace, do NOT make Tony Stark feel guilty. 

What happened the last time Tony felt guilt?

Oh There ain’t no strings on me~

Whenever Tony feels even the slightest hint of guilt he essentially breaks out his screwdriver and tries to fix it all by himself in the world’s most expensive display of bad coping mechanisms ever witnessed.

Historically Pepper (AKA his lovely red headed chill button) was there and he was able to channel his angst into like, 87 new suits or something else constructive.

or like 8000 idfk

But Pepper’s gone, Nicky Fury (AKA the backup chill button) is MIA, and MCU Tony doesn’t actually listen to Rhodey.

Had there been no Sokovia Accords they probably would have to have fought a sentient protection robot that’s only goal was to lock all of humanity in a bubble where they couldn’t ever get hurt ever again or something. 

But… suspiciously… There was  a way for Tony to lift some of that guilt off his arc reactor. 

Evidence Figure D: “You have three days” 

Mother. fucker. I have a longer grace period on my goddamn rent than this. Did you see how thick that neat piece of legislation was? It would take a fast and legally genius reader at least a week or two to drag through that piece of work. 

This was extortion in it’s greatest effect, and they knew Tony would take the bait really easily once it was set up for him to see this as absolution for his guilt. 

Where were the Avengers’ lawyers? How the fuck did Tony run a business where no one read over his major contracts to assure that he wasn’t getting fucked over by a line in convoluted legalese? 

Steve at least cracks the thing open and gives it a glance, but three days isn’t long enough to review a ten page divorce agreement, let alone a 300 page document signing super-powered individuals under the jurisdiction of a singular but not unanimously agreed upon “ruling” body. (the UN doesn’t actually rule and is mainly a facilitator of multi lateral agreements and I could go on for days about the loopholes in that but I digress)

So general Ross chooses the day of (day after?, day before?) to present this document to Tony, giving him a very final due date with which to sign or be thrown in superhero prison. 

This document that is going to be ratified by the UN.

This document that somehow no one who is actually in close contact with superheroes has apparently heard of. 


Fucking FOREVER.

American children , remember this?:

It’s a long long way into the capitol city indeed

I just googled and the Average time for a bill to move through the legislative body in America last year was about 263 days. Now, that’s just America. This is the UN. 

That means that the same accords have to be written, revised, translated, documented, discussed, researched and presented to the 193 constituent countries of the UN with their myriad interests and legislative processes before coming to that one document. 

And Tony thinks they can just clean it up later? Of course he does.

Oh my god does he try. 

So far I’ve only been putting down the facts but not the motivations. 

What the actual fuCK Ross?

Well that’s simple really. Ross wants to run the world. He may not be HYDRA, he may not be a part of any organization (or maybe he’s the head of one). This man desires nothing more than power. After all, he’s a general in the goddamn US military. There’s not really anywhere else on earth you can get that level of a power high. The man knows where the nuclear codes are, for shit’s sake. 

That is, unless you’ve been clued in to powers that are stronger than nuclear stockpiles and trips to the moon. You’re clued in to men who can turn green and raze cities, that can bench press 2000 lbs and puppy eye the enemy to death, Sabrina the teenage witch,  an AI with a dubious color scheme who can shoot laser beams outta his noggin and like, some normal folks who can take a 3″ knife and a fucking Ford Fusion to a fight with terrorists and win

The real superhero of this operation

Fuck nuclear warheads. How easy would it be to control everything if you could just threaten to unleash the Hulk?

Ross has the money and the power to do it. But he’s just got to wait on the right conditions.

Or, like any self respecting hard working old fashioned American warmonger, he can make them his damn self. 

Tony Stark, the  billionaire playboy philanthropist and strictly technology based genius bank rolls the Avengers, providing them with food, housing, paychecks, and the ability to continue doing what they do under the private sector, after SHIELD/HYDRA was dissolved. Without Tony and the whole free-market ruling that makes the US government weak to corporations.

Boy oh boy is it a good thing that Tony Stark has an Atlas-complex big enough to heft a galaxy and is easily lead to bad decisions by his emotions. 

For Ross there was no way for it to go wrong. If they all signed then he’d have the full control of the Avengers through the UN. If any or some of them did not sign, then they go on a fucking all expenses paid Guantanamo-style torture Cruise already outfitted with anti superhero and anti magic technology… despite not having signed the accords and not having violated any other international laws.

Now remember this, Zemo-Bucky is not a main storyline on this. It’s a happy coincidence. The strife with the Accords would have probably occurred in a conference room instead of a goddamn Tesco-parking lot brawl. However, the consequences were exactly the same, even though by abstaining from signing, they would not have been violating any laws. 

You know how if you get a speeding ticket, you aren’t compelled by law to agree that you were speeding and sign it? You can contest it in court? Now this is not a particularly safe practice in our current climate, but that’s what the little print under the ticket says.  

But here Ross is stating that not signing is essentially a one-way ticket to Poseidon’s special hellhole.

What page of the Accords was that listed on?

Steve probably highlighted it. 

Sticky notes and highlighters weren’t invented till the ‘60′s ya know. Steve is probably as impressed with washi tape as I am. 

In summary

  1. Ross crafted the perfect conditions to take the entire fucking UN on an emotionally compromised piggy back ride in the wake of the fall of Sokovia in order to craft a legislative document and a zero-sum totalitarian punishment game.
  2. He then waited on Tony to be emotionally compromised and then took the seed of guilt that’s already planted in Tony and just twisted it in a little harder until the kingpin of the current Avengers operation was putty in his hands.
  3. And after all that happened, even a particularly competent terrorist’s personal vendetta only helped his goals and didn’t hinder them in the slightest. 

In this movie, Ross won. It wouldn’t have worked otherwise. Pepper would have called lawyers and Nick -it’s a stupid ass decision- Fury would have called bullshit before this ball could have even started rolling. 

Now as far as we know, Tony and assorted are under the jurisdiction of the accords, while Steve and his team are ostensibly international outlaws dependent on the benevolence of Wakanda and anyone else who can keep them from being sent back to fucking sea-jail (or space jail, seeing as they broke out of sea jail)

SO uh…



I Thought You Were Different (Part 2)  (Steve Rogers x reader)

Part 1

Request:  #29 Steve and reader please “Nothing about us feels right anymore.

”26. “I’m getting really tired of losing people.” Steve

She was standing next to him.  She was touching him.  But she was looking at you.

“(Y/N), I think you should come with me,” Bruce said quietly, grabbing your arm and pulling against your resistance as you fought to maintain your position.  “(Y/N)…”

You pulled your arm from his grip with a quick motion, swinging it through and across your body with your fist tightly clenched.  “What is she doing here?”  Even in your own head, your voice didn’t sound like yours, full of venom and a coldness that brought Steve to attention.  He had never heard this before, and though he may never admit it openly, it terrified him.

“I know you’re angry…” Wanda began, but you didn’t really want an answer from her.

“Angry doesn’t begin to cover it,” Bruce interjected.  “We’re way past that.  I could choke the life out of you and never change a shade.  Well, whatever life she leaves for me, that is.”

“Banner, you’re only making this worse.  This doesn’t involve you,” Steve snapped, “so please, and I say this as politely as I can, stay the fuck out of it.”

Tony’s head shot up from behind his workstation, his mouth agape at the Captain’s words.  It had only been a matter of days since the ‘language’ transgression, and for this to happen was completely out of character. Always one to push boundaries, Tony took the bait.


An audible groan came from Bruce, a repressed snort from Clint as he came up the stairs, and a low growl from Steve through his clenched teeth.  “Do you think this is funny?”

“I think it is, yes.” From the safer spot behind a tall computer, Tony tested the limits of Steve’s temper.  “We’re in the middle of what could be global destruction, and you’re having a childish fit because the witch messed with your head and (Y/N) has the nerve to want to help you.  Man, how dare she?”

“Tony,” you interrupted, raising your hand to stop him, “this has nothing to do with you.  Just let it go.”

“Well we wouldn’t be in this position at all if you hadn’t played with something that you don’t understand.”  Steve took a few steps towards Tony, looking around the room at what he and Bruce had been doing with the cradle.  When you saw him move, you hurried towards him reflexively, not sure what you would even do to stop him if you had to.  “Shut it down.”


“Steve,” you barked out, jumping in front of him when he began to charge towards Tony again.  “Stand down.”  You pressed your hands against his chest, pushing back against him but struggling to plant your feet firmly enough to hold any ground.  “Rogers, if you touch him, I will shoot you.”

You couldn’t help but sigh with relief when that got his attention, but your relief was short-lived.  When Steve looked down at you his eyes were full of fire and anger; there was none of the gentle Steve in the eyes that you looked into the first thing every morning and the last thing every night. This Steve was ready to see you try it.

“What did you just say?”

Your mouth opened to reply, but nothing happened.  You had just threatened your Captain, beyond even considering your relationship.  His eyes were boring into you, waiting for your answer, and just when you were about to relent and step away, the words came tumbling out.  “I said, I will shoot you.  If you touch Tony, or anyone else in this room other than ‘resting witch face’ over there…” you sneered towards Wanda, “…in a way that I deem as a threat, you’ll hit the floor before you even see my hand move. Understood?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Everyone in the room was silent, looking at each other in confusion to confirm that they had all heard the same thing.  Everyone except you and Steve.  Your eyes were locked on each other in a challenge, waiting for someone to break. So many words were said between you without a sound; the emotions flooding over you were almost too much and all you wanted was to tell him that it would be okay.  That you would do anything just to make this be done; to go back to the way things used to be.

“But you understand something, (Y/N),” he said very quietly, only making his anger feel more powerful and more in control.  “What’s going on here,” he pointed between the two of you, “ends right now.”


The door to your quarters flew open so forcefully that you thought for sure it would break, but Tony’s building held.  Steve entered first, throwing the shield on the ground without a care to where it landed, ripping his gloves off and throwing them to a table across the room. He stood at the foot of your shared bed, resting his hands on his hips and waiting for someone to begin.  The silence hung over the room like lead, pressing down on you until you couldn’t take it anymore and finally gave in.

Nothing about us feels right anymore.  Even before all of this and that damn girl.”

“And that’s my fault?” he scoffed

“I didn’t say that, did I?”

“Well it kinda sounds like that’s what you meant.”  Steve let out a long and defeated sigh, heavily dropping back to sit on the edge of the bed, resting forward on his legs and watching you to make a move.  “So what do we do now, (Y/N)?”

You looked at his face to try to read what he was maybe thinking, but he wasn’t giving you any clues. Did he really want you to make this decision?  Was he really handing the power over to you so easily?  Why didn’t he have any fight in him?  

“I think we need to take some time,” you said quietly with a small nod for your decision.  “I think we need to focus on this job, and take some time apart.”

Steve sat up straight with a surprised reaction that quickly shifted to resolve.  It pissed you off that he wasn’t putting up an argument for you or your relationship, and that he seemed to be rolling over so easily.  “How long?” he asked, watching you for an answer. When none came, you just looked at each other, holding your gaze for only a moment, but realizing that you both already knew the answer.  

Slowly, he stood and walked towards you, pausing for a moment at your side before shifting and moving past.  He stopped at the door, resting his hand against the frame and only glancing back at you over his shoulder before exiting to leave you there alone.

I’m getting really tired of losing people, (Y/N).  I never thought that you would be one of them.”

Part 3

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Loki’s Song (Part4



“How long have you lived here?”
Loki joined Tony on the large, wrap around deck, looking out across the water.

“Couple of years.”

“And you are happy like this. No technology, no fancy parties and expensive suits. No… people.” He pressed, and Tony didn’t even blink.

“It works just fine.”

“I heard… about the attempt to corral your team.” Loki waved his hand, summoning a chair from across the deck to his side and sitting gracefully. “The Accords, was it?”


“It cost you several of your friends.”


Loki fell silent again, discouraged by Tony’s short answers.
The billionaire just sat, feet crossed at the ankle, one hand wrapped around a bottle of water, the other idly flipping a screwdriver through his fingers.

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Rate Me

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Sam Wilson x reader 


Beginners post. 

You sit on the couch with some popcorn and Tony’s good rum and continue to watch the SPN series. 

“Dean you are one fine piece of ass.” You mumble under your breath.
“Oh sure you admire his ass but what about mine.” The familiar voice sends shiver through you, Sam Wilson give you a toothy grin.
“I give yours a 9 but Dean, Dean is a 10… thousand.” You laugh at his expression of defeat. He sits close to you, and you can smell the Giorgio Armani cologne coming off of him. You try to look at the TV but you can’t help it. You wanted to be cuddled, you wanted to be touched, you wanted to be loved… but Sam never saw you that way. You knew that but it didn’t stop you from reaching and caressing his face. He grabs your hand out of reflex and he holds it in his. He keeps his eyes on the screen and he pulls you into his embrace.
You feel warm and comfortable, you feel safe.
“So his brothers name is Sam too?”
“Yes, and he is gunning for the 10 thousand crew too.” You smirk at the screen.
“They has to be a superpower dying and living again the next seasons and Cas, he’s badass. I’d give him a 12… million.” He looks down at you and you are in shock.
“I keep up with the Winchesters too. They are an interesting trio.”
“And Crowley?”
“That asshole? What about him?” Sam raises an eyebrow at the screen.
“What do you rate him?” You ask wrapping your arm around his chiseled stomach. You swore he was flexing just for you.
“I give him a 5…”
“You’re cruel.” You giggle as his arm around you tightens. Your breathing hitches as his hand caresses your legs.
“Sammy?” You move away and turn your body to face him. He stops looking at the screen and faces you.
“Yes y/n?”
“On a scale of 1-10 rate me?” You ask the impossible of him. He doesn’t know how to answer but the pause made you feel awkward. You nod and give him time you get up and begin to clean up the area. When he doesn’t answer you feel a bit uncomfortable, you force yourself to laugh and turn off the TV.
“I’m just kidding. Relax Sam.” You walk away to the kitchen washing the bowl, tossing out the trash, and just try to ignore the stinging feeling in your chest.
“Y/N…” Sam walks into the kitchen almost whispering your name, you can barely hear him over your own heart beat.
“It’s alright Sam, I was kidding around. I just remembered I had to do something for Tony. I’ll see you later.”
You leave the kitchen and make a beeline for the elevator.
Sam stands there confused at what just happened. She wouldn’t look at him, it was like he was a disease to her.
“You know, she was giving you a hint there buddy.” Tony says grabbing his near half empty bottle of Rum off the counter.
“What?” Sam’s trying to collect his thoughts.
“She likes you Sam, she always has and still does. Thought I don’t know what for, you always keep her in the friend zone and yet you treat her like a girlfriend… I don’t maybe you’re kind of leading her on?” Tony pulls out a cup and fills it and hands Sam another cup filling it as well.
“I never put her in the friend zone… and I am not leading her on.” Sam gets defensive. Tony raises his hands, palms out.
“It’s just what I’m reading. You have to be blunt with Y/N otherwise she will move on…” Tony grabs his bottle and heads out of the kitchen waving as he walked away to the stairs.

“I’m an idiot… why did I think he would ever be into me?” You cry out to Wanda who just lets you lie on her lap as she strokes your head.
“No you’re not, maybe Sam does like you, did you even ask him?”
“No… I can’t. I’d rather us just be friends than ruin it with asking him that question.” She sits up trying not to cry.
“Hun don’t do this to yourself, I’m sure he doesn’t even know you like him like that… if fact, do you know for sure that he doesn’t like you?”
You go silent and listen to her.
“Just talk to him and if he doesn’t like you, there is always Bucky, Steve, Coulson, Happy, hey and maybe even the King of Wakanda.”
You throw a pillow so hard at Wanda she falls off the bed to the floor. She is laughing and sends it flying back at you as you laugh.
“I as, Queen of Wakanda, banish you Wanda Maximoff.” You joke and shake your head.
“I am sorry my Queen…” They both go into a laughing fit.
“So the Queen of Wakanda… huh?” Sam’s voice interrupts your laughing as you sit up quickly and highly embarrassed. Sam gives you a side ways glance, you get off the bed and walk toward him.
“Sam.…how long have you been standing there?” You ask.
“Long enough… Sorry I’m not the right black guy.” He walks off in a huff.
At this point your run after him completely angry with him.
“What the hell does that mean?” You practically shove him into a corner. He glares at you but there wasn’t anger tinting his eyes but pain.
“I mean, I guess you’re into the rich suave guys huh?” His voice cold.
“Sammy, you don’t get to say that to me. As long as we have been friends, since when have I ever looked at a man for his riches or his status?”
He doesn’t answer but looks over your head out the window. You grab his chin and direct his focus on to you.
“Sammy, I love YOU. Not the King of Wakanda! You’re such an idiot.” You storm away from him leaving him dumbfounded.
“You let him have it!” Wanda laughs walking out of your quarters to give you two some space. You sit fuming playing some old school R&B to soothe your angry heart.
He finally comes fumbling into your room, he can’t get himself to look at you. You find something to fiddle with in your room.
“So, I may not be a King, but I would love to take you out.” He says with a sly smile. You narrow your eyes at him not even cracking so much as a grin.
“Y/N… I’m sorry, I just can’t believe someone so damn amazing, so sexy, so talented, and so unique could love someone like me… I never knew that the one I’ve been looking for this whole time has been in front of me.” He pauses and caresses your face, sending shivers through you heating your core. “y/n, please…" He leans in, looking into your eyes then down to your lips, you bite your lip instinctively. He runs his thumb over your soft lips and he kisses you. You drop the item you had in your hands, you feel your stomach tighten as he pulls away. You both smile and without another word you straddle him and look into his beautiful brown eyes and ask, 

"Sammy, so what from a scale of 1-10, what do you rate me?”
“None, the limit does not exists.” He says smugly giving you a boyish grin.
“Smart man.…now what were we doing again?” You says coyly.
“This…” He flips you onto the bed, pinning you as he envelopes you into a deep passionate kiss. If you were standing your knees would have buckled.

“So… did he take the bait?” Tony asks handing Wanda a glass of rum.
“Oh yeah. He took it.” Wanda laughs, downing her shot, she turns to leave to find Vision. She wanted to know what he would rate her as.


Hello! This is my first piece for this ship, and this fandom. I took @tonyxclayblog ’s prompt! There could be a part two, and if anyone wants one, I’d love to do one! I’m working on widening the sites my work will be found on, so expect some new links maybe sometime soon. Anyway: here’s my first work for Clony! PS: This was posted on mobile! Apologies for any mistakes!

In the aftermath of the tapes, the world seemed to start moving again, like it pressed play to hear the rest of the stories. Just like everyone who got the tapes did.

The trial was still going strong, but the school’s side seemed to get significantly weaker as the tapes were pulled into the equation. Everyone was recovering, some more than others.

It was just another day to Clay, though. A day where he’d try to move forward, where he’d try to think of her without crying. Well, as much as he usually would.

As he sat in the corner of Monet’s, sipping a lukewarm cup of hot chocolate, he thought about her sitting in the table that was in his direct line of sight, and for the first time he didn’t feel as though the world was weighing him down. He felt his lips curl into a small smile as he remembered her smiling instead of crying.

He glanced down to the cup, half full. He shook the mug slightly, watching as the liquid lapped at the sides of the blue mug.

Maybe it was that he had discovered a liking for someone else, maybe that was what was speeding up the process.

When he heard the door to Monet’s open, he glanced over. He’d been there for two hours, and barely anyone had come in, which was surprising for a Saturday. He found that it was Tony and Brad that entered, and he immediately looked away, hoping that the corner he was in was enough to hide him for the time being.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to talk to them, it was rather that he didn’t want to hurt himself further.

He distanced himself upon realizing he had indeed grown feelings for Tony, and he had just assumed they were unrequited. He wanted time to let them die down, to allow a chance to talk to Tony without his heart pounding, and his temperature rising.

When he looked up, he noticed Tony was scanning the room as the two ordered. Clay frowned and slid further into the corner and turned away, trying to let his hoodie hide him from the view of everyone else. He was fixated on a stain on the table as he fought the urge to glance up. He’d rather have a clean getaway.

“Clay?” Tony’s voice was softer than usual, and without looking up he already knew Tony’s features were filled with concern.

He looked up and feigned a surprised glance. “Tony, hey. Brad, hey,” he greeted awkwardly, his tone wavered when he spoke and he silently prayed to get out as soon as possible. Tony smiled at him, and Brad shifted slightly, a sign that he really didn’t want to be talking to Clay at all.

“Do you want to join us?” Tony questioned, glancing back to Brad when he sighed. Clay blinked in surprise before sputtering out an answer.

“Uh, no, I can’t. I was actually just leaving, enjoy your date,” Clay responded, hoping that he didn’t sound nervous as he stood up, waving to the two. He pretended not to see Brad sigh in relief as he got up.

“Hey Clay, we can hang out later, yeah? I haven’t seen you around lately,” Tony pointed out. Clay awkwardly shrugged before turning around and bumping into the door. He quickly pushed it open and fled the scene.

He knew it probably looked bad, and that Tony was probably at least a little hurt by how desperate he was to leave, but he just wanted out. He didn’t need to watch as Brad glared when he thought he wasn’t looking, he didn’t need to watch them be together.

He was happy that Tony was happy, yes.
But that didn’t mean he had to watch them be happy together.


He left Monet’s only to find himself wandering to the path that they had ‘walked’ that day. They hadn’t returned since the last time, and it saddened them both that it’d been a while.

He took the easy dirt path this time, pulling his hoodie tighter around his body as a cold breeze sent a chill as he hiked. He felt his phone buzz, and silently groaned before reaching in his pocket to fish for his phone.

Everything okay honey?

Are you alright? You didn’t seem okay at Monet’s.

He typed a reply to his mom, but decided not to reply to Tony’s. Not at this moment. He finished the hike and arrived to the top of the boulder, sitting on the edge.

It seemed like everyone was moving on, and he was too, but it seemed like he was much further behind. After the confessions and the release of the tapes, the guilt seemed to ease from everyone, well, almost everyone. The better majority of the 13 seemed to move on, with only Clay really having a hard time. No one really knew about Justin anymore.

Clay grabbed a small pebble from the dirt and throw it as far over the edge as he could. In his mind it was his feelings for Tony, throw away, out of sight, out of mind. He scoffed, Oh how he wished that’s how it worked.

His phone buzzed again and quickly grabbed it and almost threw it in a spurt of anger, but quickly realized that it’d be hard to explain to his parents. He sighed at the caller, and muted it, sliding it back into his pocket. The phone buzzed multiple times, and he tried to ignore it.

Someone sat next to him as he squinted harder, trying to ignore the insistent buzz. He glanced to his side and flinched in surprise when it was Hannah. He hadn’t seen “her” in a while. She smiled softly and glanced to the buzzing pocket.

“You should really answer it,” she squinted against the harsh rays of the sun. “He cares about you, and it isn’t that fair to isolate him,” she glanced back to find him looking away. When he looked to her, she was gone.

“What the fuck is going on with me?” he whispered to himself, pushing himself up and dusting off his pants. Everything was getting to be too much. There was a period of everything being okay because his feelings were under control for once. But they weren’t anymore.

He was in love with Tony.

In response to that, he ignored Tony.

And that caused Tony to assume something was going on.

As he began his way back down, the buzzing had silenced. He reached for his phone, and as soon as he had it in hand, it began to buzz again. He answered.

“Clay? I called like eight times!” Tony greeted, a slight undertone of anger. Clay pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Actually it was eighteen times, Tony. I was doing something,” he replied, walking down the trail. He could hear Tony sigh.

“You’ve been ignoring me,” Tony stated, and Clay thought he could hear a clink of metal and assumed Tony was in his garage.

“Not ignoring you… just dealing with things on my own,” Clay replied, and he hoped the lie wasn’t that obvious. If it was, Tony didn’t take the bait.

“Clay Jensen working out things on his own? That sounds unheard of,” Tony joked, but there wasn’t the full sound to the laugh he gave.

“I’m sorry if it seemed like I was ignoring you, I could come by and hang out for a little bit,” he hoped Tony would say he was busy, but he didn’t.

“Okay. I’ll see you in a little bit?” Tony sounded happier when he responded. Clay rubbed his head as if trying to soothe the spitting headache he had.

“Of course,” Clay replied, hanging up. He slid his phone back into his pocket and continued on down, until he reached the road.

Next stop: Tony’s house.

He rounded the corner and rode up Tony’s driveway, only to find Tony looking at the engine of his mustang. Upon hearing him arrive, Tony grabbed a rag and walked to greet him.

“The scar is healing nicely, Clay,” Tony remarked, smiling at him. Clay nodded.

“Yeah, yeah it is. So what’s up?” His headache was worse now, and he could barely think. Tony looked concerned.

“Is everything alright, Clay? You haven’t been yourself,” Tony noted as he moved back to his car. Clay laid his bike on the ground and took a seat on the driveway, watching Tony work.

“Just working through some stuff,” Clay replied shortly. His tone said, “Just drop it.” But Tony pressed further.

“Anything I can help with?” Tony cocked a brow as he glanced back to Clay. Clay shook his head and shrugged. At the response, Tony turned away, trying to stay calm. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Clay debated it.

He could tell him.

Maybe it would help him move on.

“It’s feelings, Tony. You don’t seem like the type of guy to really want to discuss those,” Clay remarked, leaning back on the driveway, soaking up the sun light. He hoped that if he had his eyes closed, he could ignore that it was Tony he was talking to. It was a vain attempt, but an attempt nonetheless.

“Feelings? Talk to me, man,” there was humor in Tony’s voice. Clay wrinkled his nose and tilted his head to look at Tony as he leaned against the car, a smirk pulled on his lips as he crossed his arms, awaiting more.

“Just I’ve liked this guy for a while, but he has eyes on someone else, and so I’m working on getting over him,” Clay chose his words carefully as he slowly explained to Tony. Tony seemed surprised that Clay had told him, as their relationship had been wishy-washy the past few weeks.

“Have you tried talking to him?” Tony inquired, taking a seat next to Clay on the driveway.

“No,” he responded. “He wouldn’t be interested in me, so I’ll silently let the feelings die,” Clay continued, looking to where Tony sat, appearing to be deep in thought.

“Maybe talking it out would be a good idea?” Tony finally replied, looking to Clay. “Let him know about your feelings, and try to explain that you don’t want to interfere?” Tony offered, shrugging. “That’s what I’d do,” Tony finished, watching as Clay shook his head before standing up, glancing at Tony for a long moment.

“I’m a ball of anxiety, I don’t think that’d go over well,” Clay replied, reaching for his bike. Tony sighed.

“I offered some help, man,” Tony shrugged and stood up moving towards the mustang. Clay pondered for a moment.

“Hey, Tony?” Tony looked towards Clay to find him staring.

“Yes, Clay?” Tony raised his eyebrows as he awaited the response.

“I’m in love with you, and I understand you’re in a relationship, and I don’t want to interfere. So I’m going to go.”

By the time Tony processed Clay’s words, and got over the initial shock, Clay was already gone.

Thank you for reading, and I’d love feedback! And maybe, I’ll take requests.

B.O.Y [Because of You] (Ch.14)

Mood board created by Jey @jeylovestoblog

❆ Pairing(s): BTS X OC | GOT7 X OC | B.A.P X OC | Kang Daniel x OC

Spotlight Couple(s): Yongguk x OC x Taehyung (feat. Seokjin x OC x Junhong)

(there will be other couples/flings in the story but not official)

❆ Genre(s):  COLLEGE AU, ROOMMATE AU, Angst, Friendship, & TRIGGER WARNING
❆ TRIGGER WARNING(s): Mentions of Mental Abuse & Physical Assault
❆ Words: 3,294
❆ Song(s) That Inspired Me: Karma | Bad Girl
POV: 3rd Person

Summary: Months have passed since the whole shit storm that went down between the couples. Tensions were at an all time high, and certain events happened that lead to four people holding a tiny grudge against one another. People were left heartbroken, however, one thing was certain, and it was that majority of the bonds that were made were strengthened. Now, it was time for a brand new school year, which meant that it was time for a bit of normality, right? HA! You’re reading the wrong story, if that’s what you were expecting. When it came down to the people of this special house, there was no such thing as “normal”.

 Previously: ch.1 | ch.2 | ch.3 | ch.4 | ch.5 | ch.6 | ch.7 | ch.8 | ch.9 | ch.10 | ch.11 | ch.12 | ch.13
Next time: ch.15

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Johnny Storm (Human Torch): Trust is a Fragile Thing (Part IV of IV)


Forty Minutes Ago

I shook my head as I walked towards the elevator after my exchange with Johnny. I just needed to let it go. I sighed and answered my phone as I push the button to go down in the elevator.


“Y/N, we need your help.” Jean says urgently.

“Tell me what you need.” I said.

Charles knew that my powers would be able to absorb the energy with no problem. The down side was that Magneto and teamed up with a man by the name of Dr. Doom. With them working together there was going to be a need for a lot of us. Adding in the fact that Erik was going to have members of the Brotherhood with him.

I leaned my head back against my head rest thinking about the events that have happened since the Fantastic Four have been back in my life. It was amazing until I realized that Reed only found me interesting because I could help him, Sue loved having me around because it lessened the burden on Reed so he actually would spend time with her, Ben had me to keep Johnny off his back, and Johnny got a distraction while his girlfriend was away. It seemed me coming back into their lives was positive for everyone except me.

I closed my eyes briefly before I adjusted my suit as Scott leveled off the plane and landed us. I took a deep breath and turned to look at Logan who has gone white as a ghost.

“Show time kiddo.” Logan says as he pats my shoulders and stands like he was not having panic attack moments ago.

“Thanks.” I mumble out. I had kept this part of myself a secret for so long I was terrified of what Sue, Ben, Reed, and mostly Johnny were going to say. I never told them any of this because I was afraid of what would happen since they were well… normal. I mean I left before they got hit by the weird storm energy.

I sighed and stood as Scott opened the door and the other members of the X-Men began filing out of the plane. I stepped out of the plane and squinted as my eyes adjusted to the light.

I doubt that any of my old friends recognized me now that I was finally wearing my hair down and a form fitting suit that I never wore in front of any one who was not mutant until now.

“Well, well if it is the Badger and his freak squad.” I heard Stark snipes at Logan.

I rolled my eyes the man was insufferable, in a annoying big brother way. With him and Reed knowing each other I had hung out with Stark quiet a lot before I went my separate ways with Johnny.

I watched from over Logan’s shoulder as he extended his metal claws. “Want to try them out bub?” He growled out. Logan hated Stark.

I rested my hand on Logan’s shoulder to calm him down by soaking up the angry energy his emotions were throwing out before I stepped around him and into the eye line of Tony. “Don’t let him bait you Logan.” I say giving Tony a pointed look. “Play nice Stark.” I say enjoying the look of shock on his face.

I watched as Johnny, Sue, Ben and Reed turned around at the sound of my voice. “Y/N what the hell?” Ben asked before exchange a long look with the other three. I not sure if it was because I am actually here or because I look a lot different.

I rolled my eyes. “We all have secrets Grimm.” I say before turning to Bruce to speak to him. Bruce and I have worked together on small gamma theory projects. “What have you got Bruce?”

He looked from me to the four of them and cleared his throat. “That energy source that you were helping Richards make was taken by Viktor and he is using it.” He says pausing. “It’s volatile, enough so that it could probably take out the entire planet.”

I nod. That was exactly why we were shutting down the project in the first place. The conductor Tony had found was not as strong as say…my body? “We found that it was unstable and let the contractors and investors know it was impossible to continue research due to the fact it could destroy the planet. It was going to be shut down in the next few days.” I said as I watched Jean and Storm take a walk into the forest to get better recon than what the Avengers and the Fantastic Four could give us. It was recon that would let us know how our powers could be put to use.

“That’s what Reed said…” Bruce said scratching the back of his neck.

I watched as Johnny moved towards me angrily. “Y/N this is dangerous! You should not be here!” He says as he gets closer to me.

I quirk an eyebrow at him, “Hate to break it to you Storm but I belong here just as much; if not more than you.” I say as Reed also moves towards me and places a hand on Johnny’s shoulder.

Johnny looks at me with understanding before I say his jaw clench in anger.

“Y/N, Johnny is right this is no place for you to be.” He says giving me a smile. “You’re just a kid who doesn’t understand anything that is going on here. It is not like the newspapers or your books say Y/N. This is extremely dangerous.”

I don’t know whether I should be appalled or happy that they wanted me to get away from here. I decided being appalled suited me better. I was a grown ass women who had been taken care of herself for a long time. Hell, I have probably seen more danger than he or any of them ever will. I was going to respond when I watched the Professor and Logan move in between the two of us.

“Y/N, now is not the time or the place.” He say before turning to speak to Reed, “Y/N knows what she had gotten herself into Dr. Richards so I suggest you do not antagonize her or you will be at fault for what follows.” Charles says causing Logan to chuckle. ”Relax.” He speaks in my mind as he continues to stare down Reed and Johnny.

I glare at Logan as he wraps his arm around me, obviously getting Charles broadcast as well. “Come on bub we have work to do.” He says veering me off in the direction the Jean and Storm had headed.

“Look Baldy we can handle this you can take your band of misfits elsewhere.” Says Tony before snickering at his own joke.

I watched s Clint, Natasha and Steve all wince at Tony’s words out of the corner of my eye.

I felt Logan take a deep breath along with me. It was definitely a stupid idea to piss off someone who can kill you with a single touch or thought.

“Look I know you freaks think you are better than us bu-“Stark starts causing me to stop but Logan tightened his hold around my shoulder but hearing someone call me a freak turned everything red in my eyes. Logan tried to tighten his hold around me but I used my power to heat my shoulder so it burned him as he touched my skin. Logan let out a stream of curse words as I moved back towards Stark.

“Say that one mor-“I say as I move my arm and begin to summon the energy around me to knock Stark flat on his ass.

Johnny steps between the two of us and wraps his arms around me.

“Y/N let it go.” A voice growls into my ear. “Babe stop, it is not worth it.” Johnny says loud enough for every one surrounding us can hear.

I closed my eyes and take a deep breath. When I opened my eyes I saw Johnny staring back at me. His eyes still looked angry but he seemed to act like everything was fine.

“I’ll go with Y/N. If you guys can’t shut it down then there’s a chance we can just destroy it all together.” Johnny says and turns me around to head in the opposite direction of were Jean and Storm headed.

“Jo-“ Reed begins.

“She’s not an idiot Reed.” He says. “She didn’t just tag a long she obviously is a mutant as well.” Johnny says as he steers me further away from the group as we here a loud humming begin.

We all exchanged a long look before turning and rushing towards the sound. I watched as I came to the opening as Viktor moved towards Erik.

“Erik! Enough of this!” Charles shouts from my left.

“Stay out of this Charles.” He shouts as he nods at Viktor.

I watch out of the corner of my eye as Stark moved but Erik flicked his wrist and sent him, Natasha, Steve, and Clint flying due to them all having metal on their person.

I moved to better position myself. I glanced at Johnny who I could feel his anger and fear radiating off of him. I focused at the job in front of me.

“Enough, Viktor!” Sue shouts.

“Not today Sue!” He shouts as the machine starts to work. I can feel the energy around me building and building.

I watch as Reed makes a grab for Viktor and the remote while Ben and Logan both run at Erik. I felt the energy building even more. “It’s not going to hold it!” I shout before making a run towards the machine.

“Y/N, you are going to have to harnass the energy. Johnny you will have a small opening to destroy the conductor, wait for it. Sue and Jean get to the remote and destroy that.” Charles says in our minds.

I nod being used to him speaking inside of my mind as I continued to run towards the machine. I turned my head and see Johnny covered in flames and flying as a few of the Brotherhood used their powers on him.

Upon reaching the machine I took a deep breath and held both palms out and felt the warmth of the energy begin to flow from inside of me. After a few minutes I noticed the machine still was humming with energy. This was the lowest it would go. “Johnny now!” I shout moving only slightly back to continue to absorb the energy.

“Not until you move!” HE shouts as he flies past me.

“That’s not an option!” I say knowing that I needed to continue.

“Johnny you do it or I will have to do it on my own!” I say as I feel blood drip down the side of my mouth and out my nose.

“Dammit!” He shouts before sending a large fireball at the machine.

I felt my ears begin to ring as I was flung away from the machine. I felt my back hit a tree trunk and winced. I glanced down and noticed my burn marks were fading rapidly due to my healing abilities. It was good that I absorbed all of that energy beforehand. I winced as I stood up. I wobbled a little before I felt two arms wrap around me.

“I can’t believe you made me do that/” Johnny growls out before my world goes dark.

Johnny’s POV

It’s been a few hours since the incident and Y/N was sitting with us inside the Baxter building. All those years she never told me. She never trusted me enough to let me see that side of her. Not, that I really blame here considering the fact I had been a huge asshole.

How could she think that? She is the only women I have ever been just friend with before thinking about dating. This to most people makes it sound like she was not worth dating until I got to know her. But the truth is the opposite she was way too important for me to mess up and I still ended up doing that. I shake my head of my thoughts. I glanced around and noticed Y/N and I were alone.

“You never told me.” I say in a tone absent of emotion. I never realized how much she hadn’t trusted me until now.

“I didn’t want you to think th-“ She stopped walking and turned to look at me.

“You were a freak?” I laughs. “Believe it or not Y/N I wouldn’t have.” I say shaking my head at me.

“Jo-“ She start but I cuts her off.

“No Y/N, you were my best friend I cared far more about you than to judge you for something you can’t control.” I say with hint of anger in my voice.

“You don’t know that.” She says from her spot on the couch.“I was scared of telling you because I loved you and was afraid that you would leave.” She says as she turns and look at me. “I know I was right in not telling you.”

“Are you ser-“

“Yes, Johnny because you were an immature frat boy who would have ran if someone told him they weren’t human. But who you are now? That Johnny would except me and I am sorry I didn’t tell you but-I just didn’t think we were that close.” She says shrugging. She seemed to be waiting for a response but was meet with silence. “Well, on that note I’m going to shower and change.” She says moving to leave the room.

I gently grabbed her arm.. “You’re right I probably would have, but Y/N you never stopped being my best friend.” I say before letting go of her arm. “I was a scared child. Hell, I had this great girl who was far more intelligent than I would ever be and I screwed it up because I…” I chuckled. “Because I am.. was an asshole.”

“Johnny one has nothing to do with the other.” She says moving to sit down next to me.

“That’s were your wrong Y/N. You didn’t trust me because you knew I couldn’t be trusted.” I say shaking my head.

Y/N grabs my arm. “I trust you now though.” She says before getting up and heading out of the room.

I watched her disappear from my sight. What reason did she have to trust me now? I groaned and threw my head back to lie against the back of the couch. Maybe I needed to give her a reason.

Four Months Later

The clinking of glasses could be heard as we finished eating our wedding cake for Ben and Alicia to kiss. As soon as the big man does everyone cheers.

I glance at Y/N as she smiles at them before she glances to lock eyes with me. She looked absolutely stunning. I smiled at her as she rolled her eyes before sticking her tongue out at me as she took another bite of cake.

I was glad that we were able to put my mistakes in the past behind us and be friends. Even though Reed and Ben both insist that I am in love with her and am secretly dying to be with her.

I smiled at her as they announced the dancing would begin. I laughed as my sister and Alicia both dragged Ben and Reed onto the dance floor. I slid over to sit next to Y/N in the seat that Ben had vacated. “Only took four months to get hear.” I say looking down at her and smiling. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and took a bit of her red velvet cake.

“Thank god it’s’ almost over. I want this dress off.” She says causing me to laugh.

It felt good know that we had our old banter back and our friendship was stronger than ever after the whole energy fiasco. “Well I co-“

She turns her head up and glares at me as she takes a bite of my vanilla cake. “Don’t even think about finishing that sentence.” She says but I can tell she is fighting a smile.

As we finished I began to get restless. It would really piss Ben off if I wrote it in the sky. I inwardly smirked. He said no pranks on him he didn’t say I could not do it anywhere else.

“No Johnny.” She says as she removes my arm from her shoulder.

“No what?” I asked deliberately putting it back around her.

“No you can’t write this in the sky.” She says turning to cross her arms over her chest.

“I didn’t sa-“

“You didn’t have to. I know you.” She says using her fork to point at me.

I rolled my eyes. “You never used to be a party pooper.” I say pretending to pout.

“You never used to be so boring.” She says as she takes another bite out of my cake.

“Boring how so?” I say taking a bite out of her cake.

“Plain old vanilla cake.” She says taking a bite to emphasize her point.

“How dare you!” I shout causing a few heads to turn and Y/N to burst out laugh. “It is a classic. While your red velvet is…”

“Sinful?” She supplied as she took a bite of her cake.

“Sinful? It’s cake it can’t be si-“ I start but am cut off by some guy approaching us.

“Sorry for interrupting but I was wondering if you would like to dance?” He asked as he glanced between the two of us.

I felt my temper rise. I was not jealous, I was simply angry that the guy interrupted my banter with Y/N. My eyes widened Reed was right.

“Well Johnny really isn’t into dancing.” She jokes causing me to laugh. She purposefully misunderstood him to make him feel awkward.

“Good, because that means you are free to dance.” He says to her holding out his hand.

Y/N glances between me and the guy. I shake my head and quickly finish off my cake tossing my fork on the table.

“You know what you and I are going to dance.” I say giving her no option to argue.I laugh as it turns to a slow song and wrap my arms around her waist as she wraps hers around my neck.

“What was that about?” She asks.

I shrugged trying to play it off. “Seemed like a douche.”

She quirked an eyebrow at me, “So if a bimbo hits on you can I do the same?”

“Of course that is what friends are for.” I say.

“Sure you weren’t jealous that a guy I would potentially have a connection with want to dance with me?” She asked jokingly. “Johnny…” She says.

“Sorry I was just staring at the waitress tits.” I lied as I rested my chin on top of her head. I just wanted to remember this moment for a while.

“I know your lying but I will let it go because you obviously don’t want me to know.” She says pulling away from me as the sound come to an end. I move so that my arm is around her shoulder as the music ends.

“You guys know what time it is!” The DJ shouts. “All the single ladies please report to the dance floor.” He says as Sue approaches him and whispers something in his ear causing him to laugh. “And Johnny please controls yourself.” He says causing everyone to laugh.

I stick both of my hands up in mock innocence and move away from Y/N to stand next to Ben and Reed as women rushed to the dancefloor to catch the bouquet.

“You ladies ready?” Alicia asked.

Y/N laughed at something Alicia’s cousin said as she turned to face the bride.

“One…Two…Three!” Sue shouted and Alicia threw her bouquet behind her. I watched as all of the women’s arms flew up to catch it.

I heard a punch of complaints as Y/N stood with the bouquet in her hand laughing as my sister helped her up.

I smiled. She looked happy at receiving the bouquet. I couldn’t wait to watch her walk down the aisle to me smiling just like Alicia did when she reached Ben. I groaned. “I need air.” I say to Reed and make a b-line for the door.

As I hit the spring air I sighed. Why did weddings always make me realize things? Like at Sue’s and Reed’s in Japan I realized I didn’t want to ever marry Frankie. But, here at Ben and Alicia’s I was more than willing to marry Y/N. I heard footsteps and turned to see Y/N walking towards me. I refused to make eye contact with her and instantly turned back away.

“You alright?” She asked worriedly to my back. “Reed says you get pretty weirded out at weddings.” She laughs. “I mean I know commitment isn’t your thin-“

“Wasn’t my thing.” I correct automatically.

“Okay…Why have you been acting weird all night?” She asks as she stands in front of me staring up at me.

“I have no-“

“Cut the crap Storm. Whats wrong?”

I run a hand through my hair. “Did you hear about what I did at Sue and Reed’s wedding?” I asked.

She shook her head yes.

“Well I did it because I didn’t want to marry Frankie and tonight…Well tonight I realized that there was someone I could see walking down the aisle to meet me. Sad part is I know she would never say yes.” I say staring down into her eyes.

“Wh-Who?” She stutters out.

I chuckle more at myself than her. “It doesn’t mat-“

“Yes it does.” She says placing her hand over my heart.

I stared down at her for the longest time. “You know you are the only person who ever tolerates me all the time without needing a break?” I ask. “You’re also the only person who can understand and love me whole heartedly.”

“Who are you and what have you done to Johnny Storm?” She jokes.

I studied her she seemed nervous but her eyes were filled with hope. Did she want the same thing? “HAr. Har. Very funny.”

“Just tell her that you are in love with her.” She says giving me a small smile.

“I’m no-“

“You are. I have never seen you this…happy when you talk about someone. Your eyes lit up when you spoke about her so please get off your high horse and tell her.”

“Fine.” I say taking a deep breath. “I am in love with you.” I said my eyes widening at the words actually coming out.

“I-Wh-Ho-Oh my god!” She says backing away from you.

“This is why I didn’t say anything.” I groan and move towards her. “Please forget it. We will just blame it on the wedding.”

She shook her head. “How long?” She asks.

“Couple months.” I say shrugging and putting my hands into my pocket. I felt like an idiot for mentioning anything to her.

She shakes her head. “Johnny…” She says before turning to face away from me.

“Forget it please.” I whisper. Never in my life have I felt this unconfident about a women until now.

“What if I don’t want to?” She asks turning back around to face me. “What if for some asinine reason I want to say it back?” She says.

“Then do it.” I say needing to ehar her say it.

“I’m in love with you too.” She says as she steps closer to me.

I grab her around her neck and push my lips onto her lips. She tasted just like she used to sweet and addicting. We kissed until we needed breath.

“This time I’m not messing this up.” I say as I rest my forehead against hers.

“This time I will incinerate you.” She says.

“Ouch.” I say laughing.

“Now can we go back and eat more cake?” Y/N says pulling away from me.

“Thought you’d never ask but first.” I say as I pull off my tux. “Hey everybody! Come check this out!” I yelled. Before kissing Y/N again.

“He’s going to kill you.” She says laughing as people came outside.

“I have an important message let me just real quick write it down.” I say as Ben makes his way towards me.

“Johnny!” Ben shouted. “You get back here R-“

I laughed and took to the air. It was good to know that trust could be rebuilt and that I could still annoy Ben.

I Am So Dead (Deadpool/Tony Stark x reader)

Request:  Omg your Deadpool imagine was pure GOLD. I think you captured the character perfectly! A thought came to mind and I thought I’d share with you: Imagine an AU where Tony has a daughter and she has been dating Deadpool. One day, Tony stumbles on them just hanging out at his personal bar so Tony goes into full blown dad-mode and decides to interrogate this weird dude in the red outfit drinking his expensive booze. Now imagine the sass battle that would ensue between Tony Stark and Deadpool. 

Warnings: The usual Deadpool swearing and offensiveness that we’ve all come to know and love.

You had only a few precious minutes before he had to leave again; Wade hurried behind the bar and splashed alcohol into the two glasses he had thrown down haphazardly, the liquid spilling over the gold-lined rims and onto the swirled marble surface without a care.

“That’s two thousand a bottle, Wade.”  

His hands froze in place, the eyes of his red mask widening in response with a loud gasp. “Whaaaat?”  His head snapped to look at you, then to the bottle and back to you several times before he stopped at spoke again.  “Are you serious?  We already know how rich the guy is, so what the fuck is he compensating for?  I thought this massive, erect tower was a pretty clear indicator, but how small can it be?” he mocked, holding up his pinkie finger toward you.

“Ew, Wade, no!  That’s my dad!”

“I’m just saying, babe, performance issues are not uncommon.  One in five…”

“You need to stop right now,” you scolded, tipping your drink back in one painful swallow, heavy with the burn of alcohol in your throat.  “Or else hand me that bottle so I can start working on making you tolerable.”

He straightened his posture and moved around the bar towards you to take the chair next to yours.  Reaching down, he spun your chair in his direction and put either leg along side yours to hold you in place, then took your hands before he began again.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N).  I don’t know what gets into me sometimes.” His voice was quiet and sounded almost genuine for the first time since you’d known him; certainly since you began dating a few months ago.  “Listen, there’s something that I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while now, but I had to figure out how to say it.”  

“Wade, you can tell me anything, you know that.  Just not about my dad’s junk,” you said quietly with a grimace and a slight shake of your head, failing at removing the thought from your mind.

“Okay,” he said, taking a long and deep breath, letting it out with renewed resolve.  “So I’ve been meaning to tell you…I wanted to say that…man, how do people do this stuff?”  He readjusted himself in the chair and squared his shoulders as he looked at you. “What I’ve wanted to say for a while now, (Y/N)…is that…um…your boobs look so goddamn gorgeous in that shirt. I seriously can’t stop looking at them. It’s like God gave Jesus a Playdough Fun Factory and said, ‘make me proud, son’,” he whispered, with a slight hint of a fake sniffle and a crack in his voice.  His eyes were now fixed on your chest, releasing your hands so that he could motion absentmindedly over yours as if he were seeing their creation in his head.


No reply.  “Wade,” you scolded a bit more firmly, but there was still no reply though he was right in front of you.  “Wade!”

“Hmmm,” he mumbled, but after about five seconds more he realized that you were trying to get his attention and jolted up straight, his hands landing firmly on your chest.  “Yes, dear?”

“It looks like there’s some catching up for me to do here?”

You squeezed your eyes shut tightly in both mortification and a little fear at the sound of your father’s voice echoing through the room as he entered.  You hadn’t quite gotten around to telling him about your relationship with the man more commonly known as Deadpool in the superhero world.  “Hi dad,” you groaned, then dropped your voice to a whisper.  “Wade, move your hands.”  His hands definitely began to move, but they were still attached to you even though he had now turned to look at Tony.  “Not like that!” you hissed.  

“You need to be more specific,” he replied calmly.  Wade released his grip and stood up sharply to greet Tony with an extended hand that wasn’t well received.  “Mr. Stark, sir.  Parental figure of which I have the utmost respect, sir.  Apologies for the whole grabbing of your daughter’s-ample-bosom thing, sir.”

“What’s with the suit?” Tony replied flatly, keeping his hands in his pockets and a watchful eye on you.

“Rude.  I could ask the same of you.”

“I’m Iron Man.  Who the hell are you?”

“Pool, Dead,” he replied, trying again for a handshake with futile results.  “Okay, so what crawled up your ass, man?  You’re really coming off as kind of an asshat to the readers, here. You should maybe be a little bit nicer. I hear that your stories are usually pretty popular; particularly these dad!Tony ones like we’re doing here.  You wouldn’t want to lose your fans, right? I mean, watch your back, my popularity is fucking skyrocketing!”

With a deep breath and pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration, Tony turned to you for any kind of reasoning.  You were in such shock at the whole turn of events, however, you didn’t know what you could say that would even make any sense.  “(Y/N), what the hell is he talking about?”

“Wade, I think maybe you should just go and we can do this another time.”  You slid carefully from the bar stool and grabbed his arm, trying to pull him gently towards the door.  “I should probably try to explain you to my dad before either of you say any more.”

“Nah, baby, words pale in comparison to meeting me in person!”

“The same could be said for me,” Tony interjected, moving to stand right in front of Wade.  “So you never answered me.  What’s with the suit?”

“It’s a high-tech prosthesis. The suit and I are one,” he said sarcastically, baiting Tony with his own words for a response.  “I mean, it’s no gold-titanium alloy, but I don’t need all that flashy business like some people,” he paused to bring his hand to his mouth.  “Tony Stark,” he coughed under his breath suggestively.

“Don’t need it, or don’t understand it?  I could throw something together for you really quick, with a big on/off switch right in the front so you don’t miss it.  I’m thinking maybe something in Legos?”

Wade gasped loudly and turned to you, clapping his hands together excitedly, “Holy shit, I love Legos! Can I have one?”

“Alright, alright, that’s enough,” you barked, “I haven’t had enough alcohol to handle both of you at the same time.  It’s impossible.  Wade, let’s go.”  You took his arm again, this time pulling him along with more force to make your point. With his feet stumbling along beneath him, Wade turned back to Tony with an excited wave just as you reached the door.

“Bye, dad!  Please don’t make the super suit green!  Or animated!”

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Sugar daddy!au HC: I know this is a non-powered AU, but I can't help imagining some assholes kidnapping Tony to use as bait so Steve will give them some of his money, his tech, etc.

Tony knew from the beginning that getting romantically involved with a celebrity was going to have its drawbacks.  He long-ago accepted that he probably wouldn’t be able to live the normal life he always dreamed of as a child, but after going on that first date with Steve, he realized that any chances of that happening were going to be nonexistent. 

Tony was ready for the paparazzi.  He was ready for the stares he’d get while walking down the street, and the murmurs of the other kids in his classes.  He was ready to deal with being photographed while out in public with Steve, and ready to answer the ridiculous questions from prying reporters. 

One thing Tony wasn’t prepared for, however, was getting snatched and thrown into a moving van by a group of large men while doing some last minute gift-shopping for Steve’s birthday.  

Tony’s watched plenty of movies, so when he comes to, he’s expecting to find himself to be tied down to a chair in some abandoned warehouse in the middle of bumblefuck nowhere. 

He’s surprised to find himself in a decent hotel room with the television playing The Price Is Right in the background.

Of course, he was still tied to a chair, and he wasn’t a particularly huge fan of the gun being pointed at his head, but luckily, the entire situation was over within another few hours.

The kidnappers had given Steve an account wire some money to, and while the police weren’t able to use that to trace the owner of the account, Steve’s tech guys and Tony’s brilliant friends were able to find the guys within the hour.

It turned out that the police were good for something though: dramatic entrances.

Between the shouting, and the bright lights, the police storming into the room, and his kidnappers crying on the floor, Tony felt like he was in the scene of a movie.

And when Steve got to the hotel—in his helicopter, like what even was Tony’s life?—he made the medics check him over three times, and after they assured Steve that Tony was perfectly fine, Steve still refused to leave his side and was touching every inch of Tony’s body that he could, as if making sure Tony was actually there.

So they got into Steve’s helicopter and had Steve’s pilot fly them back to the penthouse, and the ride wasn’t unpleasant necessarily, but it was obvious that Steve didn’t want to talk about it yet (which was perfectly fine with Tony).  And upon arrival, Tony passed out on the couch because yes, he may have escaped any actual injury, but he learned that getting kidnapped really took a lot out of a person.

Tony woke up a good ten hours later in his and Steve’s bed, with the first rays of sunlight just starting to peak over the city skyline.  He spotted Steve leaning against the railing on the balcony, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a pair of threadbare pajama pants.  Tony put on a sweatshirt and grabbed a blanket before stepping out into the chilly November air.  

“You’re going to freeze out here,” Tony said, draping the blanket over Steve’s shoulders.

Steve’s shoulders tensed, obviously not expecting the contact.

“Steve?” Tony called out softly.  He placed his hand on Steve’s arm, and that’s when he realized that Steve was shaking. “Steve, babe, what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong?” Steve repeated incredulously, finally looking Tony in the eye. “Jesus. Tony, you got kidnapped.”

“And now I’m back home safe and sound,” Tony countered.

Steve looked physically pained.  “I don’t understand how you can even look at me right now.  None of this would’ve happened if you hadn’t gotten involved with me.”

“Nothing happened to me, Steve—”

“It could still happen, Tony.  I’m an easy target.  I’ve had my fair share of kidnappings when I was a kid,” Steve said, surprising Tony. He remembered Steve saying something about getting kidnapped once, but multiple times?  

Sure, Tony acted flippant and nonchalant in front of the police and medics, but he scared out of his mind when he was tied down with a  gun to his head.  

“I wouldn’t wish those experiences upon anyone,” Steve added, quieter than before. “I couldn’t live with myself if you had gotten hurt because of me.”

“Steve, if this is you trying to break up with me, it isn’t going to work.  You’re gonna be stuck with me until you get sick of me, and when that happens, I’ll just make you fall in love with me all over again.”

Steve smiled a bit at that. “Impossible.  I could never get tired of you.”

“Good to know,” Tony replied. “Just… stop with this self-sacrificial bullshit, okay?  I knew what I was getting into when I started dating you, and this isn’t going to scare me off.”  If anything, Tony actually felt lucky to have someone who cared about him so much to threaten the mayor to find him or Steve would make sure his political career was no more.  

Tony knew it was a little twisted, so he refrained from voicing that particular thought to Steve.

Instead, he wrapped his arms around Steve in a tight embrace and let the larger man sob into his worn college sweatshirt.

“I love you,” Tony said, peppering Steve’s face with kisses. “I’m not leaving you.  Ever.”

“I love you too,” Steve replied. 

“Sorry I ruined your birthday.” 

“Shut up.”

The kidnapping situation sucked, and watching his boyfriend cry over him sucked even more, but at least Tony could cross “sex on the balcony” off his bucket list.

Den Mother - part 3

Bucky x SingleMom!Reader

Warnings: Language, hints that you might be more than just an average human, and a cliffhanger ending

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Monday Night

After dinner, Bucky wandered around the living room of your apartment rather awkwardly waiting for you to finish putting Noah to bed. He couldn’t quite place it but something felt off about your place…why was there a fire place in a small building like this? There’d be nowhere for the smoke to escape to…Raising a brow he glanced down the hall, the faint sounds of you singing your boy to sleep could be heard, muffled by the door. He reached his hand up to brush his flesh fingers over the wood before kneeling down to look up into the fireplace to see just what the hell. He chuckled slightly at what he found before pulling out a small cache of weapons. This was something he definitely didn’t expect out of you.

“Sorry it took me so long to-” You stopped in your tracks when your eyes fell on Bucky handling all your weapons. But then again leave it to him to find them!

“Do you even know how to use any of this stuff?” Bucky asked with a chuckle as he looked up to you, an amazed smile dancing across his lips.

“You know, Buck, SHIELD did want me for a reason.” You answered in a stern tone as you folded your arms, looking down to him with an almost amused smile on your face.

“Prove it.” He quipped, tossing a katana up to you, which you caught with great ease, giving it a small flourishing spin out of an old habit once the hilt touched your palm. The two of you sparred, Bucky surprised that you were actually pretty hard to keep up with. He was curious before but now he was intrigued. After a while of sparring you found yourself nose to nose with Bucky, his once cold steely blue eyes now filled with a spark like you hadn’t seen in him before. You were both glistening with sweat, panting for air. The blade to your katana had been put at a standstill by Bucky using one of the grooves in his metal arm. Your eyes flicked over his face, and his over yours before you both moved, breaching the gap as if your lips were two sets of magnets. As your arms pulled down the katana had worked its way into the groove of Bucky’s metal arm, causing sparks to sputter between the two of you before you dropped your weapon, giving in and wrapping an arm around Bucky’s waist. He in turn did the same, his hands coming to rest gently on your hips.

The metal hand made a soft metallic noise as it began to tighten it’s grip on your hip bone, at first you liked it, but it soon became too tight and seemed to show no signs of stopping. A small wince and an “Oww” was what finally broke the kiss. You both looked down to Bucky’s hand, his eyes going wide, realizing that he was not in control of his hand at the moment.

Panic began to show in his eyes as they darted back up to you. You tried to pull away but the nad was just not letting you. Finally, Bucky threw all his weight away from you, falling to the floor, forcing the hand off your hip bone, it snapped shut now that it was free of obstruction. As his back hit your carpet you lifted your shirt off your hip to find deep red and purple bruises quickly formed where his fingers had gripped and Bucky’s heart fell. He didn’t know what happened with his hand but he knew it had hurt you. His mind raced. What if he didn’t get it off of you, it could have broken a bone. Wait, with the force his hand snapped shut it SHOULD have broken a bone. What if it had been Noah? He’d never forgive himself if he hurt him. “I’m sorry.” He blurted out before jumping up and rushing out your door to tend to his arm, and more importantly, to get away from you before he hurt you again.

Tuesday Morning

“Bucky and (Y/N) sitting in a tree” Tony playfully sang, doing a little spin as he moved across the kitchen as you cooked breakfast, surprised he was up so early…But then again knowing Tony he might not have gone to sleep yet. He was afterall covered in grease and motor oil…It wouldn’t be the first time he’s stayed up all night tinkering with the engine of one of his many vehicles.

“Excuse me?” Bucky growled, looking up from his coffee as far away from you as he could be but still being in the room. When Bucky had gotten home he took a closer look at his arm, some of the inner workings had been damaged by the edge of your sword…easily fixed.

“K-I-S-S-I-N-G.” Tony continued with a smirk as he poured himself his coffee seeing that you were busy with pancakes. You blushed slightly as you flipped the pancakes, wondering to yourself how Tony would know about that.

“I’d shut up if I were you.” Bucky’s voice resonated with anger at the taunting as the other Avengers shuffled in. You began to wonder why everyone was coming in early, hoping they weren’t all going to gang up on you to press you for information about your free time again.

“First comes-” CLANG! Tony was cut off by the sound of Bucky’s metal arm meeting Tony’s arc reactor.

“Hey! Save it for the training room!” You heard Steve yell before running to break the impending fight up.

“Wait…You and Bucky? I thought you two hated each other?” Natasha asked turning to you with a raised brow, a little out of the loop.

“Yeah…hate is a good word. That’s totally why Robocop left with (Y/N) last night.” Tony was just baiting for a fight at this point.

“How did you even know about that anyway?” Bucky demanded, turning his steely gaze back to Tony.

“He came back all sweaty.” You heard him whisper to Natasha who gave you an excited you-go-girl look.

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” You screamed, breaking into your mom on a warpath voice without realizing it. “Tony! Me and Bucky didn’t do anything last night so shut the hell up about it! Bucky! Stop trying to kill Tony.” Steve’s jaw dropped, turning to you amazed to see that it actually worked. “And everyone just please sit down, eat your breakfast and stop being such gossips about my life for one day please!” This had gotten ridiculous…You left them all to their breakfasts while you went of to get some work done…

You hadn’t seen Bucky the rest of the day. Well, you almost saw him…You saw the back of his head as he left the room every time you entered. You sure hoped that Tony’s taunting didn’t get to him too badly, you, after all, really needed to talk to him about last night. But that apparently wasn’t going to happen…

Two weeks later

Your bruises had healed but you seemed to be back to square one with Bucky. He refused to talk to you, look at you…wouldn’t even stay in the same room as you. Each time you saw him get up and walk away as you approached you could feel your heart tug and tighten just a bit more, seeing things had devolved so far over just one kiss began slowly eating at you.

Finally you just couldn’t take this torture any longer. It was five thirty pm, you should have been out the door some time ago. But you texted your babysitter to let her know you had something important to take care of and made your way to the dinner table. The team looked up from their meal, shocked to see you.

“Domnita! You are finally joining us for dinner!” Pietro cried out with joy, but you ignored him, your eyes set on Bucky who was already picking up his plate to leave the room.

“Not this time.” You stated almost angry as you followed Bucky with a brisk pace. You cornered him in his room, your hand clasping down firmly on his flesh shoulder, pushing him against the wall with force that Bucky realized you shouldn’t have being a girl your size. His blue eyes went wide as he looked to you, anger and determination written all over your face. “Now that I have your attention…Mind telling me what the hell has been going on with you?”

His eyes softened at the question, traveling down your body resting on the hip that he had nearly broke. “I hurt you…My arm malfunctioned and you paid the price.” He answered softly.

“Seriously?! That’s what this is? I’ve had a lot worse in my life. Trust me.” You replied as you let him go. “So what? You’re just going to avoid me for all time to make sure the delicate little girl doesn’t get broken?” You backed up a few steps, picking up a knife that sat on his nightstand, absentmindedly flipping it in your hands. “You fought me. You really think that I’m breakable?” He watched you, wondering what the hell you were to be able to do these things. “And what about Noah? He’s been asking for you. He misses you.”

“And what if I hurt him?!” Bucky finally snapped, his lip quivering and tears swelling behind his eyes at the thought of it. “No! I’m not taking that risk!”

You opened your mouth to argue that stupid logic but you were interrupted by your phone playing the ringtone you had set to signal your babysitter calling. You gave him a quick ‘this isn’t over’ glare before answering your phone. “Yes?”

“We have your son. If The Winter Soldier returns to us willingly we will return him unharmed. He’ll know where to find us.” A German accent spoke attempting to threaten you. If it had been anyone else it might have worked, but not you. Your eyes darted up to Bucky, your heart racing as you heard the line go silent.

“HYDRA has Noah!” You exclaimed, worry filling your voice

TITLE:   Second Chances


AUTHOR:  Rainefyre



WARNINGS:  A bit violent at the beginning

          The TV was on in Tony’s apartment.  It had been the team’s only way of gathering info on Katelyn since she had left Avenger Tower. Pepper, Jane, and Thor were practically glued to it in horror as the rest milled about with their breakfasts.

          Video footage from the bank ran, showed the chaos and carnage created by her and her team.  Her black shorts, tank top, and military boots, along with the long black hair pulled into a braid made her look almost like Lara Croft—from Hell.  The smile on her face as she surveyed the scene and then pulled the trigger on a couple near the tellers was chilling, but her next move was purely macabre.  She wrote a note on the wall in the couple’s blood: “My favorite is still red.” 

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fem steve starter, open to anyone. (mostly tony-centric but anyone can play :D)

Steve had run from Tony after attempting to kiss the man, humiliated that he’d been rejected. He supposed it was to be expected as the man was rumored straight, but it still hurt. He thought he was reading him right, that Tony was interested in him, but he supposed he was wrong.

Steve sat sniffling on his motorcycle miles and miles away from Tony Stark, and any civilization whatsoever. He wasn’t prepared for Loki to show up at all, let alone right there in front of him, nor for the god to seem empathetic. He touched Steve’s soft blond hair and smiled. “What’s wrong, soldier?” he asked. “Rejection getting you down? Heartbreak can be so devastating. I know what will help, however.”  Steve looked up in shock.

“Yo-you do?” he asked.

“Yes. Do you trust me?” Loki asked. His eyes seemed sincere and despite his emotional state, Steve remembered the destruction the god had caused. Then again, this was a god after all, and Steve was desperate. He nodded and closed his eyes as Loki’s magic washed over him.

When he opened his eyes, he felt exactly the same, but Loki was gone. “Stupid Steve, always chasing your dreams.” He sighed and took off for the army base where he was currently residing after leaving Stark Tower shortly after the events that had occurred in New York. With Tony living primarily in Malibu, the tower had seemed empty and lonely and Steve hated it. Once he arrived, he couldn’t help how exhausted he was and soon fell asleep after reaching his bunk. Four AM would come soon enough and he intended to be ready for it.

When four AM did arrive, Steve felt strange and awkward. Smaller. He got out of bed and blushed when he saw how huge his clothes were. “Did I shrink? Am I… Pre-serum again? Dammit…” Then he realized the new shape his body had taken on. “Damn… What- what even? Loki did this… Shit..” He blushed when he realized what he sounded like and rushed to a mirror, holding up his pants.

Her pants. Her voice. Damn, what had happened to her hair? It was long and wavy and tangled. Steve quickly put it up and changed into a nearby hoodie and sweatpants. He- she quickly called her commanding officer and requested an audience. Of course, he didn’t believe her at first, but when she showed up in his office, she didn’t have any other explanation. They fingerprinted her and when they were a match, that was the proof they needed. Of course, the commanding officer recommended Steve take some time off.

Walking out of the base, she felt like shit. Headphones draped around her neck, she shlumped along to Stark Tower, hoping Tony was home.

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inspired by that tumblr post: Bucky and Steve complaining about being underwhelmed by the future, like yeah okay you can go to space now but somehow you still have to fold your laundry yourself come on future get it together

Anything for you, dear (especially if it lures you even slightly into writing this pairing yourself). <3 <3 <3 Steve x Bucky future fic, in which Bucky is living with the Avengers. FWIW, I am already, after Make It Up and this, all over writing Steve Bucky and Tony being assholes to each other constantly. Love it.


Tony loved few things more than being trolled by crotchety old grandpas about his tech. It happened in board meetings, it happened in press conferences, and, these days, he was oh-so-lucky-enough to put up with it in his damned kitchen.

He waved emphatically at the StarkPhone that Barnes was tapping, totally unimpressed, against the kitchen counter. “You’re welcome, by the way, for the device that connects you with anyone, anywhere, in under five seconds.” He watched Barnes give Steve that shitty little smirk that pissed Tony off—the one that meant Tony had taken the bait, again, because he couldn’t help himself.

He also didn’t imagine that Barnes tapped the phone harder on the granite. So he had to press on: “You know, the one that’ll find any news you want, up to the minute, or play any goddamned movie you like, at any time, because heaven forbid you get bored. And the fact that you can have anything—from anywhere—here in a day. Less than a day. I’m sure your Pony Express could manage that in the prehistoric times.”

And Steve was smiling now, too, and Barnes’ body language was changing, like he knew he’d roped Steve in, and now he just got to watch the fireworks.

“We’re just sayin’, Tony,” and that was Steve, sure enough, who was less evil than Barnes but could be tricked into this game too easily, always wanting to make good-ol’ Bucky laugh. “For all these neat gadgets you guys have invented—” Gadgets! “—there still are a lot of uninformed, out-of-touch people in the world.”

“And in this room,” Barnes said, and what a dick.

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