tony awards 2004

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ok i know i’ve been posting a lot of Idina lately but i was just going through my favorites and i stumbled upon this and i watched it again and… tears… i remember listening to the soundtrack over and over again for months and i wanted soooooo bad to go to new york to see wicked, and like a week before the 2004 tony awards my dad got cable again  (we had cable but my mom cancelled it because i was doing horribly in school and yes, i watched a lot of tv… still do.. and im not from the us so if you wanna watch abc, cbs, or any other american network you had to have cable…) and i got to see the 2004 tony awards live and it was the best sunday ever and i just remember screaming and crying histerically when idina won (even though i loveee donna murphy and cheno) and my family kept looking at me like i was crazy… /coolstorybro

So yeah… i fucking LOVE this woman and if i ever get a chance to meet her i’ll probably make a fool of myself and cry hysterically!

WARNING!: i am also completely obsessed with Cheno (Kristin Chenoweth) so im sorry if in the next couple of weeks/days your dash is full of her… :)

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2004 Tony Awards WICKED Defying Gravity (by thejukebox)


Hugh Jackman’s performance “Not the Boy Next Door” at the 2004 Tony Awards. 

SO. GOOD. And funny :)