i will never get over this


“To every future leading man who’s making his debut in his fifth grade class as Peter Pan, as Pirate #2. To every future dancing queen who’s feet are set to fly at the Tiny Toddler’s tap routine next Sunday at the Y. To the theater kids from any place with stardust in their eyes, of every color, class and race and face and shape and size. To the boys and girls, transgenders too, to every Broadway would-be. Don’t wonder if this could be you. It absolutely could be!” — James Corden hosting the 70th Annual Tony Awards


and love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love

-Lin-Manuel Miranda, x

Hamilton Performance

I feel like people are missing something really key that happened in the 2016 Tonys performance.

Lin changed one word. But that’s all it took to change the meaning of the performance and the Tonys.

“Weapon with my hands.”

They didn’t just take out the muskets to show solidarity, Lin is trying to teach us that what we do, say and write will change perspective for generations to come. He’s showing us how we don’t need a gun or violence to fight for what we believe in. Like Alexander, we have our hands. Our writing. Our words are immortalised when we write, no matter who takes us away. The massacre in Orlando has devastated our country, but why stay silent? Why give them what they want and silence ourselves? We need to make something that is immortalised. Teach generations that come that you can take away our loved ones, but you can NEVER take our words.


James Corden is an angel sent from above.