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Waking up the Avengers

pairing: avengers x reader

summary: you get to wake up the team in your own way, every morning

(this was a rewrite of an old oneshot, sorry for not including anyone new)

warnings: none

The metallic hallway floor was cold under your feet as you made your way to the shared kitchen of the Avengers, and you silently cursed Tony for not putting in heated floors for the cold New York winters. The sweatshirt you were wearing came down to your hips, just where the thick sweatpants started. Being comfortable was key for your mornings, since you were in charge of waking everyone up and making sure they got ready for the new day at hand. Training sessions never started before 8am, so it gave you time to eat a snack and wake up before going about the routine. There was one time when Thor had just gotten an iPhone and smashed it with Mjolnir the next morning when the buzzer started to go off. Then, the following morning, Natasha threw hers out the window, and on its way out Clint shot it with an arrow. The Avengers were really just a group of people who didn’t know what the hell to do with their phones.

Your first stop on the route was to Steve’s room, he was still not caught up at a decent enough pace to use an iPhone just yet. He lived on the same floor as you though, so he was the breakfast maker for everyone while you were off getting them to wake up. The door always had this creak whenever you opened it, and Steve learned to sleep through it. You walked to the side of the bed he was facing, and after a gentle nudge to his shoulder you whispered, “Hey Cap, good morning.” His eyes always opened slow as he got his bearings, and you took a moment to appreciate his ruffled hair and sleep eyes. Steve’s room was the cleanest out of all the Avengers, it even smelled decent. Steve rolled over on his back, and stretched for a moment before standing and finding a shirt to go into the kitchen with.

Next was Bucky, and you made sure that you took an extra deep breath before stepping into his room. In the past, you’ve walked into a completely nude Bucky who was also spread eagle on the bed. There’s been times where he’s not even in the bed, and he’s with his weapons by the closet. This time however, he was peacefully sleeping and stirred slightly at the sound of your feet padding across the carpet. You made a point to make yourself known as you came in with a little knock on the door. So he happily smiled and greeted you a good morning, in that wonderful husky voice. Bucky’s laugh made you smile as you made your way out of his room and towards the stairwell.

Clint’s room on the floor below was your next stop, and technically speaking it was Natasha’s room as well. They were easily woken up, considering all you had to do was open the door and yell, “Wake up time!” Those two shot up like there was a murderer at their door. A lot of the mornings you had to duck in case Clint was ‘sleep grabbing’ his bow the night before, and sometimes Tasha would sleep with a gun under her pillow after an unsettling mission. They had the blinds drawn in their room so there was no sunlight coming through. So it was difficult to see what you were walking into some times, let alone what time of day it was.

Down the hall from them was Thor’s room, and it was big enough to fit a king. He was also your favorite to wake up, other than Steve. Thor was the happiest to see you in the morning, and in general he was just the happiest one around the tower. Once you opened Thor’s door, you ran and leapt to the King size bed. “Good morning Thor!” You tickled his sides as he started to warm up and adjust to the light streaming in through the large windows.

“Oh lady y/n, you never fail to make me laugh in the morning!” Thor groggily spoke, and his voice was so deep it practically made the walls rumble. His laugh thundered on even as you walked out of his room, and you continued on with the routine.

Tony was next on occasion, but all he really needed was Pepper. However, she was out of town at that particular moment. So you hopped on the elevator, and rode to the top floor. The billionaire was already awake and moving by the time you’d reached his floor, so he took the opportunity to ride with you down to breakfast.

Everyone was sitting around the giant oak table, joking around and laughing about some of the older mission stories. The super soldiers were just now sitting down with everyone, and they still had their “dance around the kitchen” playlist going full blast. People were singing along, and being nice for once while sharing the pancakes that Steve had just made. You took a moment to appreciate the people sitting in front of you, when Thor interrupted your thoughts by putting his left arm over your shoulder, and announced, “We love you the most, lady y/n.”

“I love you guys too.”

I was watching Frequency (the TV show, not the movie, but same premise) and thinking that if there’s not already a Steve/Bucky Frequency AU, there really, really should be.

Something along the lines of:

Tony gives Steve the radio when he passes back through New York, because Pepper’s been advocating “thoughtful gifting,” (by which she means “gifts you don’t memo me to choose, buy and wrap, Tony, I’m not your PA,”) and because Bruce found it when they were clearing out the lab after a particularly virulent acid infestation. (Combining acids and single-celled - more like single-minded - organisms may not have been their best idea.)

Anyway, Tony lugs the radio out for Steve, dusts it off and checks that it still works, then hands it over. “Dad always said he built this for the war,” Tony tells Steve, patting the enormous box fondly on its side, rubbing the crayon formula for creating a more efficient receiver he’d doodled on the radio when he was five. “Maybe you can use it to communicate with other Great War veterans trapped in the past, reliving their golden years.”

(It’s possible, given Steve’s blank face and the tic in his jaw, that Bruce was right and Tony should have stuck with a duller, more impersonal speech, such as “Here, I thought you might like this. You’re welcome.”)

Steve takes the radio to DC. He sets it up in the spare room, remembers Howard tinkering with a mass of wires and tubes in the London bunker surrounded by the smell of singed hair and musty concrete damp. Remembers Dum Dum complaining about carrying the damn thing out of airplanes and up mountains, Gabe bent over it and radioing in their position from a mountaintop in the Alps. Remembers sliding down an icy cable; remembers the train.

He turns the radio on at two am, because it’s either that or sleep, and at least the radio won’t leave him hoarse and shivering, knuckles bruised where he’s flung his hand out over the side of the bed and slammed into the hardwood floor.

The radio hisses and hums, buzzes disconcertingly for a minute before giving way to a burst of static and a man’s urgent voice.

“Howie? Howie, you asshole, if you hung up on me to make time with Laura again, I will crush your balls in a goddamn vise. Howie?”

“Sorry,” Steve says, gripping the table, because maybe Tony’s right, that voice does sound trapped in time, the cadence of it nothing like the world’s voice in 2012. “I think you’re on the wrong channel. This is Steve.”

Steve?” the voice responds, after a moment, sounding far more irritated than Steve figures is fair, since he’s not the one castigating an absent Howie. “Steve, you punk, you’re supposed to be debriefing Carter, not fucking around on the radio! Howie’s never going to be able to meet the train tomorrow if you don’t let me tell him our coordinates.”

Steve shoves the radio away, pushes his chair backwards and nearly tumbles onto the floor. One of Tony’s pranks, he thinks, frantically checking for wires or cameras or anything that might be plastered with Tony Stark’s patented smirk, but there’s nothing there, and pretending to be Steve’s dead best friend isn’t really Tony’s style.

“… Bucky?” he finally whispers, creeping back toward the radio, hovering over it, afraid if he touches it all this will somehow disappear. Afraid to hit the switch and wake up to the buzz of his alarm.

“Were you expecting the Pope?” Bucky snaps, and Steve needs to sit down, tries to drop into the chair he’d shoved across the room and winds up collapsing onto the varnished, bruising wood of the floor.

(”Don’t go,” Steve begs, once they’ve exchanged skepticism for disbelief for shock. “Don’t go on that train - tell me no, tomorrow. Tell me you can’t.” But there’s always a price to pay in the future, when you change the past.)

Sorting The Avengers in Hogwarts houses!

Note: This is the first time i’ve sorted anyone! I might get a few wrong, and we may think differently. That’s okay! These are just my thoughts, and you are more than free to give yours too. 

Tony Stark: This… Could go either way for me. I think Tony has both Ravenclaw and Slytherin traits. Though overall i think he is Slytherin.

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Steve Rogers: Completely a  Gryffindor. He has every single trait the Brave house shares. And frankly i don’t know what other house would suit him more.

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Bruce Banner: Ravenclaw! This one was pretty obvious. Bruce is extremely smart and wise, and would for sure do very well in this house.

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Natasha Romanoff: Slytherin! She is very Cunning and has a fire inside her, just like most of her housemates.

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Clint Barton: Hufflepuff! Loyal, kind, and sticks to his friends sides, he is truly a cute lil’ huffpuff.

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Thor: He cares about his friends and would always stick by their side. Not to mention all the gifts he gives to his roommate (Aka his presence). I think Thor is a Hufflepuff!

Rhodey: Without a question, Gryffindor! He risks his life constantly for his job, and puts nerve over all. 

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Scott Lang: Hufflepuff! Our Scott is very genuine and kind, and really i think he’s a very very good example of a pure Hufflepuff.

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Peter Parker: Ravenclaw! Though i do think he would be good in Hufflepuff, his wit, mind, and wisdom are his true traits. (In my sorting hat book)

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T’challaGryffindor! He’s brave, chivalrous, and daring, which is why i put him in there!

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Sam Wilson: Honestly, this one is a little hard. Though i know him for his kindness and loyalty to Steve, others could say his willingness to save people tops it all, but i think he’d do well in Hufflepuff.

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Bucky/ Winter solider: Bucky is Hufflepuff, since he always makes sure Steve is happy,  and stays by his side forever. The winter solider is  Gryffindor.

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Wanda: I feel like through she could be a Gryffindor, she would do much better in  Slytherin. Since she’s a very ambitious and now mostly cares about herself and only herself. 

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Pietro:  Gryffindor! It’s a little hard to place him, since he wasn’t in the movie all that much (ow) but i think the way he saved Clint was brave and daring. Which seems to be his main traits.

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Vision: He does have a almost limitless amount of information at his hands, and is very accepting, so really, what other house than Ravenclaw! 

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