tony and the clone


I couldn’t possibly let my favourite ever TV show come to an end without  doing something to say a proper goodbye.

Some of you might have seen some of these photos floating around before; my collection of cloneplays has been growing steadily over the years. I felt that now was the right time to add Tony, Jennifer, and Beth to the gang.

A lot has happened in my own life since the start of Orphan Black. I started and completed my degree. I came out as gay to my parents. I developed vitiligo and dealt with my own identity crisis as my face started to change. Thank you so much, @orphanblack, for providing such a vast, interesting and exciting array of strong women for me to look up to, no matter how I’m feeling or what I’m going through.

The fact that Jordan Gavaris and Tatiana Maslany can play so many different dynamics between the two of them and still maintain that chemistry that they always have shows how talented they both are.

orphan black countdown day 6/11: tony!!! 

guys we’re halfway there but idk if i’m going to make it on time lmao i’ve been super busy with school and barely had time do this but i’ll try my best to post the rest of them daily

day 1: sarah

day 2: beth

day 3: katja

day 4: helena

day 5: cosima

Imagine being Tonys sister and shipping Clony

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“You guys are just too cute, you would make the perfect couple.” You leaned against your brothers red Mustang and smirked at the exasperated look on Clays face.

“How many times- we’re not gay!” He thought, having gone through his entire Freshman year with everyone thinking he was gay, that all the gay rumors had subsided.

Tony put his hands up in defense and circled around to the passenger’s side of the car. “Hey, speak for yourself.”

There was a beat of silence as you stepped in the car, nodding your head to Tony as a silent ‘thank you’.

“Wait, what?” Tony stopped his actions, only closing the door halfway to give his full attention to Clay.

“Clay… you know I’m gay, right?”

“No, I didn’t know that. How was I supposed to know that?” Tony chuckled before closing your door and walking to the other side of the car, where Clay was.

You laughed at Clay’s cluelessness and shook your head, “Dios Mio.”

Whatever happens tonight.

Let’s keep drawing, and writing, and talking about it.

Clone Club, let’s never forget Orphan Black.


A Masterclass in Acting by Tatiana Maslany (part I | part II | part III | part IV)

Which clone should you fight?

Sarah (chances of you winning: 5%)

This punk will fuck you up. You press hard, she fights back harder. No matter what you do, you can’t pin her down and you can’t stop her. Your only hope is to blackmail her into submission, and that’s too much effort. Don’t fight Sarah Manning.

Alison (chances of you winning: 0%)

Do not fight this woman under any circumstances. She looks harmless, but she has killed people. She will probably kill you by accident while kicking your ass, then hide your body where no one will find it and sip fine wine over your grave. Don’t fight Alison Hendrix.

Cosima (chances of you winning: 90%)

You can totally win if you don’t give her enough time to science you. But she just wants to be your friend, why would you do that?? Don’t fight Cosima Niehaus.

Helena (chances of you winning: no)

Why the hell would you think that was a good idea? Run away as fast as you can. She will literally kill you. It will not be pretty. Even if you managed to land a hit at a vulnerable moment, it’d be like punching a butterfly and you would be the worst person in the world. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Helena.

Rachel (chances of you winning: 100%)

You’ll probably have three hit men following you the next day, but it’d be worth it to knock the smug look off her face. Do it. You know you want to. Fight Rachel Duncan. I’ll bring pizza.

Tony (chances of you winning: 50%)

His bark is worse than his bite, but he’s still pretty scrappy. Also, he’s being an ass. Go for it. Take your chances. Fight Tony Sawicki.

Beth (chances of you winning: 5%)

Beth is tough, she’ll kick your ass. Unless you can catch her by surprise at the end of a long run, you’re done. Probably don’t fight Beth Childs.

Jennifer (chances of you winning: why?)

What did Jennifer ever do to you? Why do you want to pick a fight with a schoolteacher? Go away. Don’t fight Jennifer Fitzsimmons.

Charlotte (chances of you winning: stop)

You can’t pick a fight with an eight-year-old what is wrong with you

Katja, Aryanna, Danielle, Janika

How are you gonna fight them when you’re in Toronto and you’re not even on the same continent? Get a grip. Go chill with Cosima and stop trying to fight people.