tony and the clone

The fact that Jordan Gavaris and Tatiana Maslany can play so many different dynamics between the two of them and still maintain that chemistry that they always have shows how talented they both are.

Imagine being Tonys sister and shipping Clony

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“You guys are just too cute, you would make the perfect couple.” You leaned against your brothers red Mustang and smirked at the exasperated look on Clays face.

“How many times- we’re not gay!” He thought, having gone through his entire Freshman year with everyone thinking he was gay, that all the gay rumors had subsided.

Tony put his hands up in defense and circled around to the passenger’s side of the car. “Hey, speak for yourself.”

There was a beat of silence as you stepped in the car, nodding your head to Tony as a silent ‘thank you’.

“Wait, what?” Tony stopped his actions, only closing the door halfway to give his full attention to Clay.

“Clay… you know I’m gay, right?”

“No, I didn’t know that. How was I supposed to know that?” Tony chuckled before closing your door and walking to the other side of the car, where Clay was.

You laughed at Clay’s cluelessness and shook your head, “Dios Mio.”


A Masterclass in Acting by Tatiana Maslany (part I | part II | part III)


Okay, I think i have it now and i appreciate it.

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Teen!Tony/Teen!Reader: Oh My God!

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A/n: This contains smut!

“Okay class today we are starting a new project!” Mr. Adams announced. The class groaned. “This project will be on a home of the future. You and a partner of my choosing will have to create  home of the future. It has to have a way of getting everything eco friendly. That means a good way to get water and energy."You and your best friend looked at each other hoping that you’ll get each other like you always do. Mr. Adams got a top hat out and put everyone’s names in.

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