tony and iron man suit shipping

Favorite Civil War Things (spoilers)

I’ll do an updated version of this when I watch it for the second time but :

~Bucky buying Plums
~Steve saying “c'mon” when Bucky almost killed that dude
~“He said Bucky and suddenly I was 16 year old boy from Brooklyn again.”
~How much t'challa loves his father
~Black Panther’s existence
~The Bike scene
~“Bird costume?”
~“Can you move your seat up?” “No.”
~The look Bucky and Sam gave Steve after he kissed Sharon (I 178% don’t ship it though)
~“I can’t go to Germany.” “Why not?” “I have homework.”
~“Spider-ling… Crime-fighting-spider…Spider-boy..?” “Spider-man.” (and his face when he said it)
~Spider-man and talking during the airport scene
~Ant-Man fanboying and asking for orange slices
~How much Tony wanted the team to stay together
~“We haven’t met, I’m clintm” “I don’t care.”
~“Give me back my Rhodey!”
~The whole airport scene
~Bucky and Steve staring at each other intensely in the elevator
~Bucky and Steve talking about how old they are
~Black Widow fighting
~Vision cooking for Wanda
~Sam and Bucky interactions
~“Do you like cats?”
~Steve and Bucky fighting tony with the shield (as sad as it was it was great action)
~Steve dropping the shield when Tony said it didn’t belong to him (my poor stony heart)
~T'challa doing the logical thing and not let his emotions cloud his judgement + seeing that Bucky was the victim and helping him when all he wanted to do before was kill him
~Ant man + Tony interaction in prison
~Tony Stank
~How much Tony cares for Rhodes
~The letter from Steve
~“No matter what, I promise, if you need us - if you need me, we’ll be there” (AAAAAWWW)
~Steve’s face in the end when he went to break out his squad from prison


digitaldiscipline  asked:

(would have sent as message, but tumblr says you, wisely, only do that with mutuals.) possible ship - Tony and Hardison, because Hardison *really* wants to hack the IM suit. :-)

Ah yeah messages are a TERRIBLE way to reach me – they give me anxiety, so I have them hidden by xkit. I wish I could fully turn them off, but alas, that’s not an option so far. 

A Failure To Communicate

Tony notices Iron Man isn’t performing quite up to standard on occasion, and a diagnostic reveals that the armor’s having performance issues (it happens to everyone). Never during combat, but sometimes in transit or during demonstrations, the armor seems to have delays so slight only its creator would notice. Tony finally works out that someone is tapping satellites to try and remotely hack the armor, and immediately he goes on high alert for saboteurs and assassins. The other Avengers, noticing Tony’s paranoia and finding out why, go on high alert as well, making aggressive attacks on various villain strongholds to try and beat information about who’s put a hit on Iron Man our of their enemies.

When Tony finally does manage to track down the hacker, it turns out to be a guy with a laptop in a gastropub in Portland, who (he explains after Eliot lets Tony out of the armbar) just wanted to see if he could hack the Iron Man’s code and have a look around. 

Problem is, now half the supervillains in the world know only one dude can hack Iron Man, which puts a pretty big target on Alec Hardison’s back….

Questions I asked myself while watching AoU

Ok but how did Tony get his suit back after Jarvis initiated the Clean Slate protocol in Iron Man 3.

Ok but where is the Romanogers bromance

Ok but where was Bucky during all of this

Ok but where is the build-up to Brucenat other than that one scene in A1.

Ok but where is Loki.

Ok but why was Steve only able to lift Mjolnir a little bit.

Ok but why is Nat a monster if she can’t have kids.

Ok but what happened to ‘Love is for children’.

Ok but why is there such an abundance of redundant one liners.

Ok but why did Ultron die such a boring death.

Ok but how did Thor know where the mystical waters were.

Ok but if Pietro can run faster than sound then why couldn’t he dodge all those bullets while saving Hawkeye.

Ok but why Pietro.

*had to edit this because of haters