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(warning: kinda angsty, given the… you know, death.)

Pietro looked up from the foetal position he had curled himself into above the young boy, confusion lacing his features at the lack of pain he was feeling. This isn’t how death should feel. Little did he know, your body was slowly fading not 5 metres away from him.

Hearing the gurgling noises coming from behind him due to your flimsy attempt at taking a breath, Pietro’s eyes widened in surprise and fear as it dawned on him what had happened; you had risked your own life to protect him, and you were paying the price.

Speeding over to cradle your weak form, the distress on his face clear as day, you couldn’t help but smile up at him as genuinely as you could, which really wasn’t much in your predicament.

“No, no no no no NO!” He shouted, fear and desperation coating every word as he looked upon your rapidly paling face. “You can’t do this, you can’t leave me!”

You try to comfort him by placing your cold hand against his warm one, but all that succeeded in doing was showing him just how close to the brink you really were. As your breaths grew more and more shallow, you took in the features of the handsome man above you: his silky silver hair, his icy blue eyes looking down at you in poorly concealed anguish. You knew without a second thought:

You don’t regret it.

(oops I didn’t mean for this to be this long love me)

M: “That wasn’t what i meant when i told you to dress up for Mar’s Birthday.”
T: “Uh. I think she likes it anyway.”

Happy Birthday @lucifrmorningstar! Wish you all the best ♥


A sad thought popped into my head, where Steve is a college student on a football scholarship and working a part time job as a waiter at a fancy restaurant to help pay for his mom’s medical bills. But sometimes he has to skimp out on meals because he doesn’t have time or it’s not worth the money (not to mention he’s got the metabolism of a hummingbird). So when he goes to work it’s hard to resist not taking a nibble… that is until Tony comes along.

i feel bad bc i’ve been following this dude for a while and he was chill i liked seeing him on my dash and then all of a sudden he fuckign,, posted some intense tony stark hate??? and i just felt so shitty like. damn. and i thought maybe it was jokingly but then he confirmed that he hates him and i was like well ok thanks bye

anonymous asked:

why do i find tony stark so attractive ahhh like for real idk if i wanna take care of him or absolutely devour him he's so pretty and so hot


Both is good

Honestly he goes from “sad puppy, needs to be taken care of” to “sex god with amazing hair” in 0.1 seconds and it is always absolutely stunning.

Lately, I’m more like “protect him at all costs and spare him from what the world has stored for him because he deserves all the happiness and love he can get”


It still absolutely destroys me when I look at the first Iron Man movie and likE????????ß HE WAS SO FULL OF JOY AND FAITH!!!!!!!

Tony back then is a man who saw his own mistakes and who tries, with all of his heart, to correct him

He deeply believes in what he does, believes he does the right thing

And like;;;;

When I look at Civil War, I ask myself: where did this attitude go?

Where is the Tony that was so proud of what he was doing ;;;


I just uploaded this a few minutes ago. Enjoy :) *still dead*