tony & kerry

anonymous asked:

Do you think "a supernatural Olitz" is what JP and Dries were going for with Delena?

Yes. JP once referred to Scandal when discussing the triangle, she said Olivia loves  Fitz but she also loves Jake and considering that DE are supposed to be the breathless, consuming, ruins everything but can’t stop, won’t stop, I’ll die without you dynamic I think she believes DE is Olitz and like … I don’t even LIKE Olitz, in fact I hate them, but Tony and Kerry have the chemistry to make that dynamic work and Shonda shows the supreme lows and the supreme highs, the consequences and damage and resentment that come with a consuming love so it just doesn’t work with DE. They’re too scared to do that and DE don’t have the chemistry, like I swear when Tony comes near Kerry it’s like her entire body vibrates and everything is thick with their tension, I prefer the tension she has with Scott but that doesn’t mean that objectively I don’t see what she has with Tony. I don’t get that with Nian or DE.