(DJ KnockOut) - R&B Mix 

Tony Toni Tone - Anniversary
Aaliyah - Rock The Boat
Notorious BIG - One More Chance (Remix)
Ashanti - Foolish
Miguel - How Many Drinks
112 - Cupid
Donell Jones - Shorty (Got Her Eyes On Me)
Jodeci - Come & Talk To Me (Remix)
The Dream - I Love Your Girl
Chris Brown - Strip
Chris Brown - Privacy
Dru Hill - Sleeping In My Bed (So So Def Remix)
Keyshia Cole - Let It Go ft. Missy Elliott & Lil Kim
Diddy - I Need A Girl Pt. 2 Ft. Ginuwine & Loon
Mary J Blige - Real Love
Faith Evans - Love Like This Before
Pharrell - Frontin’
Jagged Edge - Put A Lil Umph In It Ft. Ashanti & Jermaine Dupri
Jacquees - Persian Rugs (Cover)
Rihanna - Sex With Me
R.Kelly - It Seems Like You’re Ready
Keith Sweat - Nobody
Usher - Nice & Slow
Pretty Ricky - Love Like Honey
Jeremih - Birthday Sex
Goldlink - Crew ft. Brent Faiyaz & Shy Glizzy

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Going through something? Here is a list of mood music

Gotta Crush?
Fantasia-When I see You
Tevin Campbell- Can we talk
Yuna- Crush
Usher- Super Star

Going through a Break-up?
Brandy- Almost doesn’t count
Aaliyah- The one I gave my heart to
Lauryn Hill- When it hurts so bad
Beyonce - Irreplaceable
Monica - So gone

Having make up sex?
Silk- Lose control
Jodeci- Stay
Case- Touch me, tease me
Jagged Edge Promise
Jagged Edge- I gotta be

Getting married?
Bobby Brown - Til the end of time
Ltd - Love Ballad
Stevie Wonder- Ribbon in the sky
Tony Toni Tone - Ask of you

Missing your ex?
Case- missing you
Aaliyah- I miss you
Frank Ocean - miss you so

Tamia- Cant get enough
Tony Toni Tone - Anniversary
Beyonce - Dance 4 you

Birthday sex?
Trey songz - invented sex
Destiny’s Child- Cater 2 u
Jeremih- Birthday sex

Single and ready to mingle?
Trey Songz- I need a girl
Troop- Spread my wings
P.Diddy- I need a girl pt1&2

In love?
Mary J Blige - My everything
Monica- Why I love you so much
Monica- Angel of mine
Toni Braxton- I love me some him
Jesse Powell - You

Stuckony AU

“Good morning.” Steve said as Bucky opened eyes.

“Mhm.” Bucky murmured as slowly awaking and comforting in Steve’s hug. “Where is our birthday boy?”

Steve just give him little piece of paper Tony left:

“I have a lot for work so I started earlier. Don’t forget about deal. Love you.”

“Who would say we would change him like that. Tony Stark was main man for party and now he doesn’t even want to celebrate his birthday.” Bucky said.

“We have to get him some present. I know he said he doesn’t want party nor presents but at least cake and some trifle, you know as a token of appreciation.” Steve said.

“Of course. I was saving money for that last two months.” Bucky said.

“So let’s get shopping.”


“We’ve been looking two hours for perfect present and still nothing…” Bucky said annoyed.

“Maybe we should get back to the first shop and buy that boots.” Steve said.

“Oh I would like to see him naked in that…” Bucky said already imagining.

Steve smiled but then suddenly grabbed Bucky’s metal arm. “Buck! I see it! I see perfect present.” he said and Bucky turned around.

Jewelry shop.

“See that beautiful sapphire ring? It looks like Tony’s arc reactor.”

“Wow.” was everything Bucky managed to say.

“Excuse me sir, how much is this ring?” Steve asked pointing on it.

“That would be 1375 $.”

“Damn. That’s more than my month salary.” Bucky muttered but Steve heard.

“But Tony is worth of that. Let’s buy it together.” Steve said.

“Okay, for Tony.” Bucky said, “He is definitely going to kill us.”

“You wouldn’t spend this much on me, right?” Steve asked.

“No, but Tony would.” Bucky laughed.

“At least someone loves me.” Steve pouted.

“Come on. I love you too.” Bucky said and hug him.


“He is coming.” Steve said.

“Where is lighter? Steve, you lose… Oh here it is.” Bucky started freaking out.

He light candle on cupcake and they started singing “Happy birthday to you…” as he enterted.

“Happy birthday sugar.” Bucky said and kissed him. So did Steve.

“Happy birthday honey. Make a wish.”

He closed eyes as he wished something and extinguish the candle.

“Thank you guys.” Tony said happily surrounded by his boyfriends in their warm hug.

“We have something for you.” Bucky said and Steve took blue box from his pocket.

“Guys you really shouldn’t spend on me. I told you already…” Tony stopped when Steve opened box. He was surprised. Really surprised.

“What do you think?” Bucky asked.

“OH. MY. GOD.” Tony went speechless.

Bucky took Tony’s hand in his and Steve put ring on his finger.

“No. I said no presents and you buy this. It must be too expensive. You spend all your savings. At least tell me how much is it I’ll give you money.” Tony started freaking out.

“Tony, Tones, look we are together now, so your money is our money. We share everything. Just enjoy beauty of it, please.” Bucky said.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Tony asked and both of them nodded. “I would give all my money for you two dumbasses.”

“Oh that’s nothing. I would sold my soul to devil for you two.” Steve said.

“Pff, I would sold you two and get rich.” Bucky said and three man laughed.

They exchanged few ‘I love you’s’ and had wild sex in every centimeter in house so if you are visiting them, you are notified.

DJ SoSuperSam reaches back in the vault to mix all your favorite 90s slow jamz.

Ray J - One Wish
Ginuwine - In Those Jeans
Usher - U Got It Bad
Subway, 702 - This Lil Game We Play
Ciara - Promise
Playa - Cheers 2 U
R. Kelly - Feelin’ On Yo Booty
Mary J. Blige, Method Man - You’re All I Need
Janet Jackson - Let’s Wait Awhile
112 - Cupid
TLC - Baby Baby Baby
Keith Sweat - Twisted (Sexual Healing Remix)
Notorious B.I.G. - Fuck You Tonight f. 112
Boyz II Men - Water Runs Dry
LL Cool J - Hey Lover f. Boyz II Men
Tony! Toni! Toné! - Anniversary
Anita Baker - Sweet Love
Michael Jackson - Butterflies
Jessie Ware - What You Won’t Do For Love

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Tony Toni Tone - Let’s Get Down (ft. DJ Quik)

Chapter 182 - Ridin’ Dirty

“LATE” this is my latest mix for the month of February featuring various artist… Enjoy!

PND - Lets Get Married
R Kelly - you remind me
Ying yang twins - bed room boom
Tyus- XXX
Ty Dolla $ign - 1st night
R Kelly - your body’s calling
Miguel - vixen
Ginuwine - so anxious
Tyus - city of the rose
Wale - lotus flower bomb
Miguel - quickie
Partynextdoor - sex on the beach
SWV - weak
TLC - red light special
Chris brown - take you down
Miguel - adorn
H town - knocking the boots
Aaliyah - rock the boat
Ty Dolla $ign - missionary
Bobby Brown - rock witcha
Partynextdoor - thirsty
Aaliyah - one in a million
Tony Toni Tone - Anniversary
Frank Ocean - pink matter
Aaliyah - you are love
Lauryn Hill - Nothin Even Matters

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Lucy Pearl-Dance Tonight

Lovers Playlist

1. Dru Hill~ Beauty

2. Sevyn Streeter~ Sex on the ceiling

3. Timothy Bloom~ til the end of time

4. Tony Toni Tone~ that all i ask of you

5. Silk~ Lose Control

6. Pretty Willie~ 4 walls

7. Ginuwine~ Remember

8. Usher~ can you handle it

9.Usher~ that’s what its made for

10. Raab~ 4 play

11. Twista~ get it wet

12. The O’Jays~ Cry together

13. Isley Brothers~ Summer breeze

14. Timothy Bloom~ Rivers Run Deep

15. Silk~ More

16. Tyrese~ On top of me

17. 3 piece~ Ooh Aah

18.Monica~ Love all over me

19. Shai~ if i ever fall

20. Intro~ come in side

21. Shai~ comforter

22. Subway~ this little game

23. Dead Prez~ mind sex

24. Tyrese~ signs of love making

25. Chris Brown~ beg for it

26.R. Kelly~ strip for you

27. Janet Jackson~ discipline

28. Janet Jackson~ would you mine

29. The Transitions~ straight fucking

30. Jamier Foxx~ Slow

31. Tank~ slowly

32.Rome~ I belong to you

33. Blackstreet~ Deep

34.Dave Holister~ Take care of home

35.Keri Hilson ft. Chris Brown ~ One Night stand

36. Lil jon Ft. oobie~one night stand

37. Lil jon ft. oobie ~ ooh nana

38. Latif~ dont wanna hurt you

39. Under Presha~ Splackavellie

40. Avant~ Happy

41. Floetry ~ its getting late

42. Playa~  Cheers 2 u

43. Silk ~ lets make love

44. Silk~More

45. 112~ you already know

46. En Vouge~ don’t let go

47. R. Kelly seems like you ready

48. T- pain~ Studio

49. Marvin Sease~ Candy Licker

50. Miguel~ Pussy is mine

I missed so many but these are  a few of my favs… may do a part 2 @mobettafreak


 Tony! Toni! Toné! | Feels Good | 1990