“I guess it all still feels like a dream,” Edmund confessed.

Things was a long moment of silence and you could hear the wind rustling in the trees right outside.  You turned slightly in your hammock to see Edmund staring up at the ceiling of the cabin.  It was difficult to say for certain in the dim light, but you almost thought he might actually be crying.

“Everyone I knew, here or in Narnia,” he continued in a stilted whisper, “they’re all gone.”

“I can’t imagine what that must feel like, Edmund,” you told him.  As much as you would like to have said you understood, that just wasn’t true.  There was nothing either of you could do to bring any of them back.  "But…“ you added, "you still have me.”

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“Alright, time to go,” you called out.

Several yards away, Edmund and Sophia were still hard at work.  They had been digging a small network of trenches and canals in the sand, filling them with water, and then tossing stuff into them to watch it float away.  You could tell Edmund had been taking his time trying to get thing’s just right.  Sophia’s contributions, on the other hand, were more…haphazard.

“I don’t want to go,” Sophia whined.

Edmund looked down at what they had been working on.  Then he looked at Sophia, who was giving him a pouty look.  Finally, he turned toward you.  "Fifteen more minutes,“ he asked.

You glanced down at your watch and sighed.  As much as you would have loved to have let Sophia keep playing, there were other things that needed doing.  The three of you had already been at the beach for two hours.  You still needed to pick up a few things from the store before taking Sophia home, getting her cleaned up, and making her dinner.

"Five,” you conceded after a moment, knowing full well it would end up being more like ten.

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Headcanon: When the Pevensies first began their reign, huge gowns were in style for events such as balls and galas. It was Susan’s idea to introduce thinner and lighter dresses, similar to the ones they wore casually, in a much more elegant way for balls. This style didn’t just catch in Narnia, but also Galma and Archenland. The noble ladies were very impressed by the young girl’s boldness to introduce new fashion.

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