people basically never have just one nd or disability… like i am professionally diagnosed with so many things, and know a lot of ppl who r too… n like….. u might think shit like “how are these people alive lmao” or like you question us or whatever but like?? yeah it actually is hell to live with trauma and psychosis, even if there’s like tonsa labels attached to it, i do indeed have to and have most my life lived with a lot of bad stuff… and things often cause other things.. so like, it might seem like people have made it up or are a mess or are exaggerating but we really do often have like 3-6 diagnoses. that is really more common than having 1.

Palik: plus my feet are like snowshoes, i had to dig a hole just to get to eye level with you.

Palik, you have no right to complain. you agreed to live on that planet with your wife knowing full well how the seasons are. Its not her fault you’re cold blooded and will die in temperatures cold enough to freeze water. 

(i got new colored pencils and wanted to try them out)