can ppl stop pretending like ppl take physical disabilities more seriously than mental health issues?

n maybe stop pretending like ppl respect disabled ppl? n also start recognising that tonsa disabled ppl actually even die due to strict systems of not being taken seriously..

meaning being forced to work, lack of medical coverage, and lack of support system and monetary support from state.

so please shut it with ur bs about “u wouldnt say that to a disabled person”.. bcus they fuckin would!

signed a disabled person with a mood disorder who’s autistic.


Still wondering how plankton swims?

The open sea is a pelagic ecosystem (Pelagic is a term that refers to a part of the sea or ocean, that is not near the shore nor near the bottom), in wich the living components are plankton an nekton.

Plankton (singular plankter) are a diverse group organisms that includes microalgaes (phytoplankton) -both first gif- and animals (zooplankton) that float along at the mercy of the sea’s tides and currents.

Several structural features and behaviors have evolved to keep afloat organism that are not strong swimmers. some plankton species display a number of interesting adaptation that help them avoid predation. Many planton and nekton swim by cilia, flagella, appendages and undulatory tails

Some are babies (correct term is larva) that will grow into strong-swimming, non-planktonic adults. Others will remain plankton for their entire lives, also jellyfish. Most of the plankton in the ocean are micro-algaes, It is estimated that 80% of the oxygen on earth is produced by phytoplankton.

i’ve seen so many “hey this blog is safe no jumpscares even on halloween!!” posts BUT i haven’t been able to reblog any because they all also say “no gore or horror etc” too and um 

i think you all following me are p much into the skellies and macabre shit already, but yea, no jumpy scares coming from here either, dw

Quod pectus, quod crura tibi, quod bracchia vellis,
quod cincta est breuibus mentula tonsa pilis,
hoc praestas, Labiene, tuae, quis nescit, amicae.
cui praestas, culum quod, Labiene, pilas?

“You pluck your chest, your legs, your arms, your cock is surrounded by trimmed short hairs; everyone knows you maintain this for your girlfriend, Labienus. But for whom, Labienus, do you maintain your ass hairs?”

Martial’s Epigrams, 2.62

1st Century AD
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yooooo tonsa smorches and a puppo! fluff train goes choo choo ::)