Dumb spooky scary AU headcanon time. Ray and Mark are werewolf buds that go out on runs together and are major pup dorks okeybye

last night the thought of kuro!neki visiting :re couldn’t let me go. some au ideas in the tags.

Really wish you lived next door, so I could go over at anytime and spend some time with you, cuddle, talk, watch movies and eat tons of junk food, take naps and just be near your, because I literally crave you 24/7, your presence, your touch, you.

min yoongi probably.....
  • *bangtan eating breakfast*
  • Yoongi:wow jin this sure is EGGcellent
  • Seokjin:thank you yoongi, that's very RICE of you
  • Jungkook:is.....are they flirting? does this count as flirting??
Sign Friendships
  • Libra & Gemini:lots of laughing, going shopping together, partying, crazy memories, laying a whole day on the beach
  • Virgo & Scorpio:camping, buying tons of food in the middle of the night, friends since kindergarten, shared secrets, adventures, sleepovers, talking for hours
  • Picses & Libra:insider-jokes, laughing, gossip, partying, skype the whole night, long telephone calls, compliments
  • Capricorn & Virgo:singing out of tune, doing something crazy, spending hours in a book shop, watching stupid movies, laughing, smirking at something that isn't funny
  • Cancer & Taurus:insider-jokes, laughing about something that isn't funny, traveling together, camping, trust, telling stories to each other, sharing secrets with each other
  • Aquarius & Aries:parties, sitting at the rooftop at 3am, road trips, traveling together, laughing out loud, watching movies together, going to summer festival, having a bucket list
  • Leo & Sagittarius:spending much time outside, going to the cinema, listening to music together, festivals, laughing about old stories, kindergarten friends, little fights which aren't that bad
  • Pisces & Scorpio:funny memories, screaming at each other because they have insider jokes, helping each other out, trust, baking together
  • Gemini & Virgo:being crazy together, little fights which always end with laughing, funny times, laughing at something stupid, joking together, talking about books/ movies,

A-Z Vegan food ideas and recipes for when you can’t think what to eat.

Prepost: I’ve collected my personal veg recipe list. I haven’t tried every recipe so I can’t guarantee all of them. If you want to add to this list or take it and add to it, that’s awesome. I’ve used *s to mark the recipes I’m particularly in love with.

Apple (apple fries) (apple slices w/ pb) (dipped in caramel)
Avocado (avocado fries)

Bagels (bagels)
Baklava (baklava)
Banana bread (banana bread) (choco banana)
Bars (w/ coconut, oats, fruit) (w/ vanilla, almond + oat flour) (w/ rasberry jam, orange, vanilla, almond extract) (granola bar)
Bread (Butternut Squash Focaccia) (focaccia barese) (white bread) (garlic bread) (mashed potato pillow rolls) (corn bread) (corn bread w/ egg replacer) (corn bread w/ basil) (french bread) (bread rolls w/ veg filling) (farinata w/ chickpea flour) (greek easter bread w/ mahlepi +mastic) (brioche) (buchty) (breadsticks) (w/ garlic, rosemary, s+p, nooch) (glazed cinnamon oat) (apple cinnamon raisin)
Briam (Tourlou Tourlou)
Brownies (5 minute brownie in a mug*) (hot fudge pudding cake) (w/ pumpkin) (w/ zucchini) (+salted maple syrup peanut butter nut topping) (+choco chips)
Boogatsa (cream pie pastry)
Burritos (raw burrito) (sweet potato + bean*) (black bean + Spanish rice) (breakfast burrito) (tofu breakfast burrito) (baked w/ avocado) (black beans, mushrooms, cilantro, corn, carrot, tomato sauce w/ hint of rosemary)
Bulgur (w/ tomato + onion)
Black eyed peas (serve w/ olive oil, lemon) (serve w/ 3 pepper, dill, olive oil, lemon) (moroccan feast) (w/ kale, garlic)
Black beans (w/ pineapple) (w/ red pepper) (cuban)
Bourekia (pastries w/ potato + leek)
Bean loafs (w/ black bean) (w/ lentil) (+mashed potato topping)
Bean balls (bean balls)

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Merry Christmas!

If you celebrate, I hope that you have the best day ever, get all the presents you want eat a ton of really good food, and have so much fun your head nearly explodes. If you don’t celebrate, then have a super awesome Thursday!

I love you guys, thanks for sticking around!

Okay, hold up. 

It has recently come to my attention, (and idk if this has been mentioned before,) that in this picture: 

Baby Makoto and Baby Haru are wearing the same clothes as in this picture: 

Exact same clothes. Makoto’s got the same t-shirt and everything. 

Now, I’m really not one who usually pays attention to this sort of thing, but holy shit somebody please confirm to me that these two adorable lil children went to the pool to swim majestically with each other, and then CAME BACK HOME to immediately start making a shit ton of food. Like, a shit ton. Look at all that food. 

Who you feedin, boys. A fuckin army?

Or WHO KNOWS, maybe Makoto just stayed the night over at Haru’s after the pool scene. Maybe this is their breakfast, after a night of Makoto holding the sleeve of Haru’s shirt like he did when they were little, maybe cuddling up like a couple of snug lil bugs in a rug. 

Idk, man. Maybe.