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i dont think its wrong, i think everyone has different ways of handling their characters and how they get the feel of them. ive heard from others that discussion was a common way to visualize and understand ones characters, but there are people who work with words and lists and tons of other ways to develop and figure out their characters.

Sense8 has everything you could ask for in a show honestly. A closeted gay actor who is outed unwillingly but ends up using it to empower himself and coming out officially at a pride parade? Check. The same man being in a loving, healthy relationship with another gay man and neither of them being stereotyped by the show or other main characters? Check. A trans woman whose identity is something that is dealt with by the show but is not her entire character point, and the show treats her just as the other characters? Check. A lesbian relationship where neither is killed off or used for male pleasure? Check. An interracial relationship which subverts the standard tv trope of the white man saving the brown woman by reversing it and having him being the one who is saved? Check. Plus a shit ton of other great stereotype-defying characters and moments.

Not to mention there’s also sci-fi, action, drama, romance and friendship. It’s perfect.


my casual suga post just got a bunch of notes recently and people seemed to like it so i thought id draw another one in my own outfit from a couple of days ago bc im Gay And Edgy


✿ Happy Mother’s Day! ✿

This one goes out to all of the moms/motherly characters who, despite their differences or backgrounds, chose to show kindness and compassion above all else.

Without you, we wouldn’t have our main protagonists.

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"The last two blocks had a ton of characters other than the Gatewatch playing major roles." I dont know if mayor is a good term when the stories amounted to nothing, thalia, arlin and olivia did nothing on SOI, at the end it was lili and jace only.

Sorin played a major role.

Nahiri played a major role.

Avacyn played a major role.

Tamiyo played a major role.

Emrakul played a major role.

The only two Gatewatch members that had a larger role than those five was Jace and Liliana and Liliana wasn’t even a Gatewatch member until the end of the story.


*casually makes fanart for a game that came out almost a decade ago*

Alicia from Rune Factory 2! I keep making bigger and bigger pieces… She’s almost 3 feet tall. For people new to my blog, she’s made out of perler beads. I was working with the picture of her from the official rune factory wiki, here’s a side by side comparison-

She was a ton of fun to make, and I’ll probably be making other characters from the rune factory series in the future. If you have any suggestions for future pieces, let me know!

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Hey! Do you have a list of books that feature sapphic ace characters/romance?? Or any recommendations??

I do have a few books with major characters on the ace spectrum! These are all on my current tbr list so I definitely recommend checking them out:

This is the best I could find for now so I hope you find at least something worth reading! :)

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What are your worst female pet peeves in characters? You should make a video on it

I’m actually going to refuse to answer this question.

It’s International Women’s Day. I am really not about dragging my fellow ladies today of all days? (Or really ever.) I know they’re just pet peeves and not any person or character in specific, but like…really? 

(Also not going to make a video on it because you’re kind of just asking me to rip off @jennamoreci‘s video and not about that life.)

I’m gonna switch your question around. I’m going to tell you things I love to see in female characters. Not that this is comprehensive, not that there aren’t a ton of other things I like to see when writing female characters, or that you have to do all this, these are just a few that come to mind!

1. I love it when female friendships are portrayed as deep and important, and not with a bunch of jealousy involved. I love getting to see those deep, friend-soul-mate type female friendships because that is actually beautiful and something to be celebrated. 

2. I love it when female characters possess characteristics that aren’t traditionally feminine, but they aren’t penalized for it in anyway. And, when they aren’t described as better than other female characters for it.

3. I love it when female characters do represent traditional feminized ideals but aren’t portrayed as shallow, weak, or vilainized. Because, it seems like most traditionally girly characters are portrayed this way and it just equates femininity with negativity. 

4. I love it when female characters call out male characters for saying/doing misogynistic things, instead of just being treated as victims.

5. I love it when female characters point out engrained patriarchal attitudes with badass one-liners (or just point it out at all). ex. Eowyn’s “I am no man”, Daenerys’ “All men must die, but we are not men.”

6. I love it when female characters who have more traditionally masculine skills (ex. combat, math, mechanics) aren’t portrayed as anomalies who have magically surpassed the struggle of being a woman and managed to be competent anyways. I love it when it’s just accepted that they are good at the thing, not good at the thing ‘for a woman.’

7. I love it when female characters are funny. 

8. I love it when female characters are intelligent.

9. I love it when female characters are complex. 

10. I love it when female characters are diverse. 

11. I love it when female characters have complex goals and ambitions.

12. I love it when no one questions female characters in leadership roles simply because they’re female. 

13. I love female characters who take care of other female characters, instead of being pitted against them. 

14. I love female characters who are flawed. 

15. I love female characters who are celebrated for more than just their appearance.

16. I love female characters who are total badasses. And I love female characters who are gentle and shy. I love female characters who are both simultaneously (see Vin, who is my child).

17. I love relationships between sisters, or mothers and daughters.

18. I love female characters who are strong, in whatever way their strength might show. 

I could go on, but I’ll cut myself off here.

*drops mic*

Season 6B as it should have been: with Belle.

I’m sorry, I just CANNOT stop with this. It would have been so easy to give Belle the presence she deserved–which the story NEEDED–in this arc. Without interfering with the other characters’ arcs or adding a ton of screentime. 

So I’mma do it. I’m a little handicapped because I only watched half the episodes (which is three times as many as for 6A and more than in S5 entirely), so cut me some slack where needed. 

Under a cut because it got long as fuck. 

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okay so like Kodaka expecting Miu Iruma to be hated by the fans is kind of fucking creepy and here’s why

Okay so this is Miu Iruma, She is Arrogant, Brash, Rude, A Little Lewd, and is all of that that to hide a timid side of her with Abandonment Issues and Inferiority Complex. Series Writer Kazutaka Kodaka wrote her this way and expected her to be the worst DR Character in ndrv3 

She placed 4th place on the popularity poll, 

So like, Why did Kodaka create a character so fucking likable if he expected her to be the worst god damn character, meant to be hated

The Implications here are kind of disturbing 

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One last declaration

Due to the recent cover of the new chapter for FT I’ve officially given up hopes that Grayza will be canon and accepted that it will end up being Gruvia that happens.

I can only deal with Gruvia becoming canon without being super salty afterwards is knowing that FT has become such a terrible manga and Mashima is just bad at storytelling so of course it’s going to have some bad ships. With that being said I feel the need to get my salt out now and remember this is all opinion even though I’m sure I’ll get crap for it anyway.

Here’s a list of all the Gray ships that are better than Gruvia:

Gray x literally anyone other than Juvia

I think people see Gruvia as equivalent to like NaruHina or SasuSaku. The problem with that is neither hinata nor sakura were stalkers, they didn’t have their rooms filled to the brim with sasuke or Naruto posters, they didn’t have tons of dolls shaped like their loved ones and didn’t invade their homes. Sakura had her own developed and and flushed out character and hinata did too (Not as much but enough for a side character). Juvia’s character is all about Gray and their relationship, she’s not her own person and I’d go one but all this stuff has been said by a ton of other people anyway.

Gray and Erza are both devolepod characters and as we’ve seen share a strong and respectful bond that I believe could flourish into a healthy relationship, they’d both challenge each other to be better and provide each other with the love and protection they both need. I believe that they could’ve been the best ship in the fandom but oh well I guess, I’m not going to give up shipping them but like I said I’ll accept what becomes canon

I also don’t like Jerza but that’s mostly because I hate Jellal. It’s not so much of the actuall relationship.

P.S. I’ll be changing my name soon, mostly because my blog has more than just Grayza stuff and I don’t really like it anymore (the name)

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You know what I also love about Flint? He has tons of different relationships and dynamics with other characters and every single one of them is unique and interesting. Even if he had like one conversation with them like with Rogers or Blackbeard. His relationships are never ever boring. There is always something interesting going on between him and his on-screen partner.

YES, ANON, YES!!! 👏🏼 I absolutely agree. I think it’s partly due to flint just being incredibly well written - honestly one of the greatest characters I’ve ever seen on television - and partly due to toby stephens being absurdly good at what he does. I don’t think I’ve ever been bored watching a scene that’s had flint in it, even if he’s just silently playing with his rings fjdsklfjkdlsf >:)

flint and miranda?! still one of the most fascinating on-screen relationships in the world (louise barnes and toby stephens together are just……ridiculous. they’re so good. I’d watch them all day.) FLINT AND ELEANOR. flint and gates flint and madi. flint and scott. I’m not a vane fan but I was most interested in him when he was aligned with flint, especially in 2x10. flint and abigail! flint and billy! also not a huge fan of blackbeard or rogers but you’re so right - put them in a room with flint and suddenly I’m on the edge of my seat.

I’m absolutely biased but I’M REALLY WITH YA, ANON. even if they weren’t given much screentime, his relationships with the other characters are somehow both so complex and so understandable. I think it’s such a testament to both the writing and the acting that, for example, flint and eleanor only had so many scenes together, but you could still write essays upon essays about them. IT’S VERY WONDERFUL INDEED :’’)

Um… Was thinking about expression sheets while animating so I tried a few with these two corporate nerds (instead of my own characters). Please excuse me and my messy scribbles. They’re directly scanned from my sketchbook and I got real lazy to clean so… Here.

I’ll just be on this other side yelling at myself for doing this. eheheheh.

rt: [comes up with an entirely unique property with a massive cast of highly marketable characters with tons of unique weapons, emblems and other things you could make merch out of incredibly easily]

also rt: [smashing nerd shirt ideas together and calling it original content]