Happy Campers Chapter 1.

The first part of Happy Campers featuring Trevor Gordon who rides for Patagonia and shreds on a twinny. Awesome little film about converting his pickup into a camper and going out into deepest North America & Canada, and laying down a few turns while he is there. 


She jumped on my back while I was bent over sorting laundry, and climbed up me as I straightened…as you can hear she’s VERY pleased with herself. #MissMapleSugar #purrmachine #tonklife #tonkinese

(May have to crank up the volume to hear the purring…idk)

Strong Adolfos Cafe

If you are in the North Cornwall area and you want some great food and a good coffee post surf. You have to check out Strong Adolfos on the A39 near Wadebridge. 

Run by a laid back couple this place is epic, the interior is comfortable and has a few retro motorbikes around the cafe.

We definitely recommend you check it out, we think we’ve even seen the owner in a film charging a single fin in double over head Indo… But you will have to ask him about that.

For a full review check out

Strong Adolfo’s,Hawksfield, A39, Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27 7LR.

Pasties and welcome to the city of Wompton, North Devon.

Last weekend saw some big old walls of water coming through on the North Devon and Kernow coastline.

And the Tonk crew where there to get some waves and take some beatings. But also try and solve the never ending argument of which west country county makes the best Pasties (the jury is still out on this one).

These two picture don’t do it justice but if you can see the little black dot paddling out that is a surfer…

Our California Tonk crew member Mike took these below two pictures of a almost perfect Woolacombe and it finally proved to Mike we get good waves in the UK.

After last weekends waves, we are all now looking forward to this winter weirdly…. 


Yesterday saw the release of Mick Fanning’s ‘MF Missing’ film shot by the legendary surf Director & Producer Taylor Steele. It is available on iTunes and definitely worth a download to get you amped for your next session.