219: "Epic, Heated Combat! The Fateful Final Conclusion!"

Awwww… what a brilliant ending to a fun arc. I knew everything would end well and I’m glad it did. In an odd way, I kind of predicted the end. As soon as Foxy offered taking the opponent’s Roger as an option, I guessed Luffy might opt for that instead of collecting more crewmates. That he didn’t do that first time round made me think my prediction was wrong and it wouldn’t happen. It’s nice to be proven wrong, haha!

It’s nice that the Strawhats and Foxy Pirates reached something of an accord. Luffy definitely won the crew over during the last moments of his fight against Foxy. When they were both pummeling one another with their signature punch rush moves, the Foxy crew were on the edges of their seats. When Luffy took punch after punch and got back up, stating that he would keep getting back up because he would rather die than let his nakama go, the Foxy Pirates forgot their allegiance and began to chant his name. xD

One thing I didn’t predict? The way Luffy would win the fight. The mirror solution was right there in front of me! There’s no way I would have guessed a shard of the mirror would be stuck in Luffy’s wig and that he would have used it against Foxy. I loved it, though. It was a more cunning win from Luffy, rather than raining punches until his opponent concedes. I liked that a lot.

I also noticed Luffy reacted rather strangely when he woke up after passing out at the end of the fight. ‘The game, the game! Is it over? I thought I won.’ He was genuinely worried. It’s the first time I’ve heard him speak like that, without a note of bravado or his usual happy-go-lucky persona. It just shows how much his nakama mean to him. He never spoke like that even when he was going toe-to-toe with Crocodile. Only his life was at stake. When the Strawhats are involved, it’s a different story.

Another thing I loved about this episode was that Oda did not forget Tonjit-san! (Oda Never Forgets). As the Foxy Pirates sailed off into the sunset, with their crap beautiful new Roger designed by Luffy fluttering in the wind, Luffy handed the Foxy Roger to Tonjit. Then his grandson, Litonto, appeared with a moooole and a tear-filled reunion ensued. Turns out his grandson’s ambition was to become a champion digger, just like Tonjit’s was to become something awesome to do with stilts (I don’t know). The tunnels Litontos moooole dug would bypass the thirty year tidal rule and would be able to take Tonjit-san straight home!

This made me happier than it should have. I am especially excited for Cherie. That horse deserves some luck, seriously. ^_^

All’s well that ends well. Onward to the new recruit! ^_^ (I cannot wait to meet them, argh!)

  • Aokiji:You... I wasn't in a deep sleep so I heard what you said. Pack up and get ready to move.
  • Luffy:No. Don't listen to him!! He's from the marines! The marines!!!
  • Tonjit:Why not?
  • Luffy:Oh! That's right. You can listen to him. Normally the marines are the good guys and we're the bad guys.
  • Usopp:This is no time for a joke!!
  • Luffy:Oh... darn... so you're not the genie of the bamboo stick, but... just an old man on a very tall stilt... hey. Why were you on top of such a tall stilt?
  • Tonjit:The thing is, I have always been a fan of stilts, and I thought that... I would use the bamboo on this island to make the world's tallest stlt. However, after I mounted the stilt, I got so scared of the height that I couldn't get down!!!
  • Luffy:Are you stupid, old man?
  • Tonjit:I got stuck there... for 10 long years...
  • Luffy:You are super stupid!!!
  • Usopp:Ten years!!? You were on top of that stilt for 10 years!!!?
  • Tonjit:yes, and the baaaaaamboo kept growing longer and longer... so I got more and more afraid!!! Ah~~~ the horror~~~
  • Usopp:Is that your sentiment after those 10 years!?