Kain Carter: One Of My Favorite "Vlogging" Personalities.

I Don’t Unusually Get On YouTube, But This Guy Changed My Life. He Is HILARIOUS ! He Puts Hours Of Effort Into A 3 Minute Video So His Viewers And/Or Subscribers Can Become Enticed In His Talent. 

But, Last Night, I Was Chillin’ In My Bed When I Saw A New Video Of His. I Was THRILLED At The Sight, Since He Hadn’t Been On For A While. When I Began To Watch The Video, He Said His Uncle Died The Day After Christmas, Last Year. He Went On To Explain How This Made Him Contemplate Continuing With YouTube. He Said That Being A “YouTube Personality” Was Destroying His Life. He His Relationships Were Strained. He’d Even Said He’d Have To Remind Himself To Eat. Seeing A Usually Happy, Humorous Guy Like This Put Things Into Perspective For Me. Everyone’s Human.

I Commend Him And Thank Him For Being So Generous To Share With Us His Talents And Even His Feelings In This Situation. My Prayers Go To Him And His Family.

I Thought I Would Feel Better...

Since Today Is Christmas Eve. If You Look At My House, It Will Instantly Depress You. Come Inside, You Will Die A Little Inside. The Blinds Are Closed And The Lights Are Off. In A Small Apartment Like This, You’ll Feel Suffocated. No Decorations, No Reminders Of Anything Good. I Need To Get Out…

Before I Drown.