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Jealous Love

Anonymous requested: Hey I was wondering if you could do an imagine where you get jealous of Shawn and Camila and try to make him jealous back with an old friend of yours. You guys go back and forth over it, creating a heated argument but in the end you guys make up and he confesses he loves you? Haha if that makes sense lol

Note: you guys I freaking love to write drama it’s awesome


Everyone knew you liked Shawn, well except for Shawn. It wasn’t something you wanted to tell him in fear that he wouldn’t feel the same way and it would damage your friendship.

Aaliyah had always tried to push you to tell him, but each time you shot her down.

For years, you sat idly by as he expressed his feelings to you about other girls. You would always give him meaningful advice, even though you knew your heart was hurting at the thought of him with another girl.

Including now, this was one of those times.

Camila Cabello, one-fifth of Fifth Harmony had reached out to Shawn, wanting to collaborate. You had no problem with Shawn collaborating with someone, but it made you uneasy when rumors started going around that they were dating.

Shawn had told you how he thought she was amazing and it made you sad, definitely, jealous, definitely.

Shawn and you had set up a day for the two of you to go out to lunch or spend a day in. You both thought food would be nice to catch up over - since you two really hadn’t been able to spend much time together with Shawn about to release his album.

So, there you are, sitting in front of a little cafe that Shawn and you had claimed as your “spot” a long time ago. You sat anxious, wondering where he was as he was about thirty minutes late. If he was going to be late, he should’ve at least texted you.

Almost on cue, your phone rings, a picture of you and Shawn your mother had taken of you showing up.

“Shawn, where are you?” You ask, not in the mood for pleasantries.

“Shit, Y/N, I’m sorry but I got called into the studio - Camila wanted to go over some things for the song and change a thing or two, she also bribed me with burgers, I can’t miss this. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. I’m really sorry.”

You sigh, angry and most of all extremely jealous that Shawn held her over your friendship with him. This would’ve been the third time that Shawn canceled on you to do something with Camila, if anyone was counting. You were.

“Save it, Shawn. Go be with Camila,” you pause, rubbing a hand over your face. As much as you wanted to be angry at Shawn and tell him to go to hell, you couldn’t. “Do you want to get dinner or something later?”

“Sure, sure, I can do that. I’ll text you, okay?” He sounded rushed.
“Look, sorry, Y/N, but I really have to go.”

“It’s okay, just text me later-” You couldn’t finish your sentence, Shawn hung up on you.

You pull your phone away from your face and slam it on the table in front of you. You headed home shortly after, waiting for a text from Shawn.

One never came and as it came upon eleven o’clock at night, you knew it wasn’t going to happen. So, you went on twitter, going through your timeline - noticing that people had posted pictures of Shawn.

He wasn’t alone and he wasn’t in the studio.

He was leaving a club in Montreal with Camila.

Yeah, that one hurt.

When you had awoken the next morning, you decided that if Shawn didn’t want you, then you had to move on. Or, you could at least see if he could get jealous of you - mission would be accomplished then.

Obviously, if Shawn didn’t get jealous, you would know he didn’t like you the same way you like him and you could move on.

So, you called up an old friend and asked him if he would accompany you to a show that Shawn had tonight in downtown Toronto. He said it would be no problem and said he would pick you up at seven. Perfect.

Your phone vibrated and you glanced at it, reading a message from Shawn.

Shawnie: I’m sorry about last night, I got so caught up in work stuff. Will u be at the show tonite? I want to see u :)

You rolled your eyes at his lie, as if you were stupid, but replied nonetheless.

To Shawnie: I’ll be there, see you at 7:30


As 7 rolled around, your friend David showed up at your house, definitely dressing to impress. You, were dressed not much different.

“Wow, Y/N, you look beautiful.”

You smile, hearing exactly what you wanted, just not from the right person.

“Thank you.” You reply, getting into his car. “We are going to be late.”

“Yeah, of course, let’s get going.” David said, looking at you with his dark green eyes.

David understood that this wasn’t a date, he was purely being used for an experiment. Wait, that came out wrong. He knew you weren’t using using him, he just knew that this wasn’t an actual date.

When you get to the venue, you immediately spot Camila. You didn’t hate Camila, by a long shot, you wished that she was hate-able, so it would be a lot easier on you. The thing was, though, she was sweet and you couldn’t dislike her.

“Y/N!” Camila shouted, waving at you as she got closer to you.

“Hey, Camila.” You smile as she gives you a hug.

David gives you a weird look and you shrug it off, pulling away from the hug.

“Are you excited for Shawn to perform?” She asks you, smiling right beside you.

“Always.” You say, truthfully. No matter how pissed you were at Shawn, you would always be proud of him achieving his dreams and being happy.

David clears his throat and your eyes widen.

“Um, Camila, this is David - my date.” The words came out struggled, your brain and heart knowing that you should be saying Shawn.

Camila looks confused and startled for a second, then a little embarrassed before she reaches out a hand.

“It’s nice to meet you, David.” Is all she she says before she scurries away, telling you a “see you after the show!”

You look at her, extremely confused as to why she just acted so weird, but let it go.

“Do you think this is actually going to work?” David asks you, looking into your eyes.

“One can only hope for so much, David.” You say, quietly, but he heard you.

He gives you a small smile out of sympathy and you know it’s because he’s been in a similar situation. He, actually, used you for the same reason you’re using him right now - a year ago. It didn’t work out.

You lick your lips, looking towards the stage, waiting for Shawn to come out and perform.

As he does, he thanks everyone for coming and starts to play his first song - however, you can totally tell that there is something wrong. He’s not as focused as he usually is in the songs and lyrics, but instead looks really distracted.

Hopefully, you’re the only one that catches on, because that would kill Shawn if it got out all over twitter.

The show practically ended as soon as you thought it began and someone came to find you, telling you that Shawn needed to see you backstage.

You look at David, him wondering if he should come with, but you tell him to stay and made your way backstage.

You see Shawn, obviously distraught as he hands his guitar over to one of the stage managers.

Your eyes meet and he walks towards you.

“Shawn, are you okay?”

At this very moment, you weren’t concerned about him and Camila, you were concerned about how he was feeling mentally and performance wise.

“How could you do that?” He spits, angrily.

 “Excuse me?” Your eyebrows raise in question, slightly taken aback by Shawn’s sudden outburst of frustration.

“You brought a date, to my show?” He asks, almost as if he were confused that you would do such a thing.

“Yes, Shawn, I brought a date. I didn’t think you would get all bent out of shape if I did.” You cross your arms, getting angry at his irrational comments.

“Yeah, well I did, so your mistake.” He says, his brown eyes somehow appearing darker as he got angrier.

“What the hell is your problem, Shawn? You ditch me for your girlfriend for days, Shawn! Days! And suddenly you’re angry because I brought a date to your show? I’m so god damn sorry.” You yell sarcastically.

At this point, members of Shawn’s crew had stopped to watch the fight - signaling they were concerned and John stood by in case the fight got serious and it needed to be broken up.

“I never meant to cancel my plans with you! Work got in the way and unfortunately you suffered the repercussions! And…wait did you say girlfriend? Are you talking about Camila?” Shawn’s voice gets less escalated, and his tone is filled with confusion more than anything else.

“Who else would I be talking about, Shawn?” You said his name with venom. “And don’t give me that bullshit, you didn’t text me when we were supposed to have dinner because you went clubbing with her! I saw the pictures, and don’t try to deny it because I know you two are dating. I mean, who could blame her? Plus, you’ve spent more time with her in the past two weeks than you have with me in the past two months!”

“That doesn’t mean I’m dating her, Y/N!” Shawn tugs on his hair and sucks in a breath, clearly fuming. “This extra time I’ve been spending with her is for us to figure out some way that I can tell you that I fucking love you!”

No one says anything, all that’s heard is Shawn’s angry laboring breathing. You had no idea that Shawn felt this way about you - I mean, how could you?

“That’s why we went to the club, last night.” Shawn says, his voice quiet. “We were trying to get my brain to open up in some way so I could figure out someway that I could tell you that.”

“Well, you just did.” You swallow, shocked.

Shawn steps forward and carefully, as well as slowly, cups your cheek; his hand softly brings your head further to his until you feel him kiss you.

Cheers and claps erupt around you as Shawn’s crew rejoice in happiness.

When you two finally pull away, you see Camila smiling to herself and you look back to Shawn, the both of you smiling at each other.

“I love you, too.” You say and he smiles even wider, going in for another kiss.


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this girl just saw sh at a club * * "@robs_bitch Lili and Cole are here I am quaking!!"

Yes, I shared the link. Apparently Hayley’s having a show there tonite

Mahira Khan on the set of upcoming talk show ‘Tonite with HSY’ that is all set to air after Ramzan on Hum Sitaray.

Mahira wore a Feeha Jamshed sari on the show.

So far, the confirmed guests are: Mahira Khan, Fawad Khan, Bilal Lashari, Meesha Shafi, Hamza Abbassi & Reema Khan.