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My Vendetta #80

Passive activism. How does caring about the sick help the sick? How does not
throwing food away help those who are starving thousands of miles away? Is your stomach going to send invisible love signals to them, so that they may feel full as well? Whether you eat or not is upon you, whether you excrete fecal matter of the food you ate or simply throw the food in the trash is only upon your wallet. Simply saying things, simply praying or simply not doing something does not help anybody but you yourself. Its a selfish act to make yourself feel good so you can sleep better at night. Those in need will still be there, those who are suffering will still be suffering whether you pray or think about them. The much more useful solution is to actually do something. Whether its by a collective effort to contribute something, or by you physically being there to assist those in need. If everybody simply prayed for those in need, then nothing would ever change in this world. You might as well just go to sleep, the effect is the same.

Stalin & Me - What we have in common

Doesn’t he look like a merge between Keanu Reeves and Jonny Depp? Thats a picture of Joseph Stalin in his mid-twenties. Picture was taken on ~ 1902.

Alright, so, what do I have in common with Stalin of the Soviet Union?

  • Stalin thought that religion was an opiate that needed to be removed… but then later on decided that its cool, after all, he had majority of population who had Christian beliefs, he thought its better to have them at his side (in case he needed them in war, because religious people can be used by their clergymen for anything apparently). Of course that was then when people in general were idiots, and easily susceptible to mind control, propaganda and programming. Back then when the world was in the brink of war… Back when there was no Internet. I agree that religion is an opiate, but I don’t want to remove it. I think people should believe whatever they like (freedom of expression, freedom of thought, etc), as long as they keep their religion in their pocket and not on my bottle of wine, and not on my front door (you know who you are, Jehovah’s Witnesses). Besides its easier to control people when they believe in the something similar.  
  • Stalin enjoyed drinking, but could keep it under control. We both rather have wine as opposed to vodka. He was a heavy drinker, so am I. Sorta. Well, I’m working on it. I promise. Yes, I know ethanol is poison.
  • Stalin had unsuccessful relationships/unions, which ended with tragic deaths. Same here, except for the tragic deaths part. Sometimes I wish it were the case.
  • Stalin was a promising amateur poet. Yep. Thats before he went death-cowboy, waving that reddish flag with farm tools on it. He was also considered a rebel, a revolutionary, fighting against the establishment, etc. I think I’m a promising amateur poet as well. Of course I have a long way to go, all my work is yet ahead of me.
  • Stalin is considered a dictator. It seems like I’m leaning towards that direction as well for several reasons. The wine, the poetry, my anti-establishment views, my mild psychopathic nature, my pessimism, my paranoia, my misanthropy (its mostly distrust, not hatred), my quest for power and knowledge, my atheism (yes, some nice religious/righteous people have happily associated atheism with war, suffering, immorality and mass murder…) and so on.

Further reflection:

It seems like the old world’s way was either conform or die. That’s how dictators and other assholes got the people under a singular mind. Similar to how North Korea functions. Those who differ with the government are imprisoned and marked as terrorists. Never be critical of your dear leader. The binary world view. Either you’re with us or against us. Monotheistic religion has this mentality as well, its not just communism or socialism.

Hopefully, the old world will die off. I’m tired living in a fucked up world, given all this technology we have, all the history we know, yet still we fight about dumb shit. We’re still being lied to over and over again. And there we stand in the same spot, waiting for the sky deity to come down and save us. What foolishness. If there is God, then God is the everything, that is, the sun, water, air, blood, and all those other countless things that we can not exist without. That includes even your toilet paper and your porn collection. Given that scenario, the description or title God becomes unnecessary and common just like you are.

Though I’m not one to hope, and because I understand how the world works, I shall keep on fighting my small battles, so that someday, we shall win the bigger war. Hope is as useful as showing a photograph of the sun to a leaf.

There is no good solution. However I look at it, it wont fit. Something will always remain broken. There can never be a perfect world, there is no such thing as perfect. Its a theoretical description of something you would imagine to be ideal. So this is where the wine comes in handy. Some people like to feel blessed, I like to feel tipsy. Thats just how I role. Anyway, fuck Stalin and his friends.