New assessment of recently found Mayan pyramid puts it up among the biggest

Five years after its discovery, excavations of a Mayan pyramid in Mexico have revealed it to be the among largest yet found.

At 75m tall, the acropolis of Tonina Chiapas in southern Mexico has 208 stone steps leading from its base to its apex.

This places it firmly in the same league as the famous “Pyramid of the Sun” in Teotichuacan, a 225m wide monstrosity varyingly reported as either 75m or 65m tall.

Recent excavations have proven the Mayan city at Tonina to be double the size previously anticipated. It is also being described as unique in that the city has seven clearly defined districts within its 10-12ha boundary, each dedicated to a different purpose — such as palaces, temples, housing and administration. Read more.

Researchers confirm that recently discovered Tonina Pyramid is Largest Pyramid in Mexico

It was just over five years ago that researchers in Mexico discovered an enormous pyramid of the Maya civilization in Toniná,  Chiapas. The fact that the pyramid had remained concealed under what was believed to be a natural hill for around 1,700 years is truly incredible, particularly considering that it has been confirmed as the largest pyramid in Mexico and is even taller than Teotihuacan’s enormous Pyramid of the Sun.

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