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((Take the lovely @dailyadventuresofbraginsky’s Assasin!Ivan (AKA: Alfreds favorite client to clean up after) from the C•up-Crew au. I need to draw him more.


Highlights of RENT

•Mark Cohen is still Bi and going strong twenty years later god bless
•they dabbed during La Vie Bohemé after “ to any passing fad”
•Mark just threw himself up on the table during La Vie Bohemé
• Angel jumps off the table in like full out 7 in heels
• The entirety of Out Tonight and Mimi in general
• Angel boops Mark’s nose in Santa Fe and Collins’ in You Okay Honey
• Our entire theatre started mooing when Maureen asked
• Christmas Bells is amazing
•Roger joins in on “ reasons says I should’ve died three years ago”
•When Benny says “ You’ll see boys he lifts Angel’s skirt”
•Roger mimics Mimi’s dance on “ I once was born to be bad”
•At one point Benny was doing a dance thing to the camera and Roger mimicked that too
•They just tangoed across the entire stage during the Tango Maureen
•All of Roger’s lines during Goodbye Love were directed towards Mark • Like even when Mimi was singing to him he tried to tear away and go to Mark •They changed “ you can take the girl outta Hicksville ” to “ You can take the girl outta Jersey” •The lighting!! Just wow • Honestly I hate Contact so much but the Angel was just so good that it made it better • Angel’s new costume!! •Without You was also surprisingly good •Out Tonight had the best intro bc it comes after a ton of softer songs and then Mimi just comes in w/ a big guitar note •Also the choreo for Out Tonight is my fav right next to What You Own’s •Kaleb Wells is one of the best Rogers in my opinion •Kaleb and Skyler and David and Aaron’s chemistry was off the charts • The cast is my new favorite • Danny sounded exactly like a mix of Anthony Rapp and Adam Kantor •When Collins said “ you can drum a gentle drum” Mark does a little beat on the drum •" Next up, vampire welfare queens who are compulsive bowlers!“ Tl;DR: this musical ruined my life please get tickets to this tour I’m physically sobbing

           “Coffee is disgusting. Rots your teeth if you’re not careful and leaves you with a terrible after taste,” There’s a scowl on her face as she rips open a second sugar packet with her teeth, pouring it into the very drink she strongly opposes, “yet, there’s nothing like it to get rid off your headache and give you a little boost of energy to go to work where, to be honest, I don’t do much. Besides look pretty and bored out of my mind by the cash register.” Delphyne blew into her cup, letting it cool for a handful of seconds before taking a sip which caused her nose to wrinkle in no time. “Anyways,” she said, leaning back into her chair, “What are your plans for today?”

Scripted Part 1


Included Characters - Dean Ambrose, Reader aka You, Natalya, Color Commentator Team.

Setting - SmackDown Live 8/12/2016

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“What is she even doing out here!?” you seethed in the ring as Natalya smirked at you when she passed. She walked on your left to go sit beside Tom, Mauro, JBL and David. You were currently in the ring for a No 1 Contender’s Fatal Four Way match against Becky Lynch, Carmella and Naomi so you better believe you could do without the distractions tonight.

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Tonight on Intro Week… two intros made by Batman Animated! Second, is the intro side by side with its original storyboard!

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Took a small break to decorate my Filofax, but now back to studying. Got three tests coming up this week and I need to get the A!! (90 or higher). Studying anatomy & physiology and finishing my homework while I’m at it. Later on tonight, Philosophy and Intro to Physical Therapy. Busy day today, but I got my list and I got my second coffee for the day. Hope everyone is having a great day

Hey guys, laura here again. Gonna post the intro tonight and hopefully a starter cause i’m headed to west end live right now and it will finish late. But, I may message people about plotting with this weird child of mine before that. ❤️