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Imagine: Spending the 4th of July with the gang

Spending the 4th of July with the gang would include:

● Darry barbecuing hamburgers for all of you.

● Dallas being a lil shit and throwing ‘pop its’ at everyone’s feet.

“Dallas Winston! I swear to god if you throw one more of those at my feet-”

● Making a huge mistake and giving Soda the sparklers.

● “Soda, for fucks sake! I said you could light ONE sparkler, not FORTY!!”

● Baking a special ‘4th of July’ cake for the barbecue and having to make sure Two-Bit doesn’t try to steal any of it before it’s time to eat.

● Having to take the sparklers away from Soda after he lights his shoe on fire.

● Leaving Steve in charge of guarding the cake from Two-Bit, which probably wasn’t your brightest idea.

● Leaving Ponyboy in charge of the fireworks, but Darry tells you to supervise him because he doesn’t trust Pony not to blow himself or anybody else up.

● Johnny being a lil sweetheart and helping set the table for the barbecue and helping Darry cook.

● Stealing some of Dally’s “pop-its” and throwing them at his feet for revenge, resulting in him getting mad.



“I told you he couldn’t juggle all of ‘em…”

● Two-Bit saying “It’s a special occasion” as an excuse to get wasted.

● Driving to see the firework show put on by the city.

● The boys smiling at you as your eyes light up with excitement once the fireworks start shooting off into the dark night sky.


( I know I already did a 4th of July thing this morning but I’m just so excited for tonight. My girlfriend sent me videos of the fireworks that she got to see and I’m going to see fireworks later tonight. I’m drunk off of root beer floats and I’ve never been better, lol. I hope you enjoy this btw, sorry if it sucks. You guys know I’m not that good at these…)