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The wait is over, sorry it took a few hours, but my heart wouldn’t stop beating out of my chest. 

This is it. This is the confirmation video. I mean it’s not a kiss, but it’s DAMN close. 

If you still think LR and CS are together after this, I’m genuinely worried that you have eye and hearing problems. They don’t even interact for a second, except when CS gets mad at her for insulting his boy. 

Before you watch and read this, take a deep breath. You are going to scream, you are probably going to cry, but they are happy tears. 

Now, onwards!

0:16 - Not Coleneti, but the fact that LR instantly looks at KJ when saying “mostly likely to only need one take” is so amazing and sweet and kind and beautiful.

0:18 - KJ starts using his CS voice “I mean, I’m not gonna lie, but that’s probably me” Cole doesn’t laugh, he just looks impressed and nods his head in agreement.

0:25 - Everyone agrees on KJ and then CS adds in “cause he’s performance is so monotonous, it’s just like” This reminds me of the Bromance-O-Meter where with every answer CS HAS to give some sort of inside joke between him and KJ.

0:49 - Everyone says that KJ is most likely to be spotted at craft services, but then CS says “KJ, for sure” and Cami and Mads go “really?” even though they JUST said KJ themselves, but CS knows him best, so even though they agree, they defer to him. This was a really interesting moment that showed cast dynamics.

0:51 - And of course, in true CS fashion, he has to playfully make fun of KJ by saying “sorry dude, are you offended.” He also uses this as an excuse to lean back, get KJ to look at him, but his hand on the couch and tap it a few times trying to get KJ to move in hand as well. I wonder how long the gears in his head were turning for before he finally made that move.

1:05 - KJ insists over and over again that he and Cami rule the dance floor at a cast part, and then LR says “We all get pretty down” and CS purses his  lips and shakes his head. He pretty clearly does not want LR involved in this

1:23 - “Me, me and CS, me and CS talk to each other while we are on set.” I am just imagining them sending stupid photos and emojis and loved up bullshit. I mean we always see KJ’s phone open to his camera, I guess that’s why.

1:24 - Cami and Mads start making fun of KJ for constantly being on his phone and CS gets extremely offended saying “woah, woah, woah, woah, woah” and glaring at Cami.

1:30 - CS gets KJ’s attention and mouths “we’re gonna do it” and they both grab Mads hair, but they also do it at the exact same place and then their hands disappear from view. You can see through Mads hair they grab hands and play with each other’s fingers and when Mads moves her head to look at KJ they pull apart. This is not like LR and CS during TV Line that was very visible and everything was tense leading up to it and it was clearly planned. This was two boyfriend who just wanted to hold each other’s hand for a few seconds

1:43 - CS doesn’t like what anyone is saying about most likely to make him laugh during a scene so he says “CS for me” and then KJ repeats him and then CS says “KJ definitely for me, KJ and I can’t even look at each other in a scene.” We know, CS, we watch you eye fuck each other in every fucking supposedly platonic scene.

2:01 - The SECOND KJ hears that it’s supposed to be a real person, he says CS. Mads turns to him and says “wow” raises her eyebrows and rolls her eyes. She is so done with their romantic shit. Probably made worse by the fact that her boyfriend is back in LA and she doesn’t get to see him everday like they normally do. 

2:02 - Naturally, KJ wants to solve a murder mystery with CS. The girls start arguing and it’s like all of a sudden KJ and CS are the only people in the room. They just talk amongst themselves. The girls say Skeet and CS and KJ just have an entirely non-verbal conversation. It reminds me a lot of Marshall and Lily in HIMYM.

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2:19 - “KJ for sure, because he can provide like the muscle” and then KJ smirks. He takes working out very seriously and I think is really touched every time CS mentions how ripped he is, and CS does it A LOT.

2:32 - “Maybe both of you guys as a duo, like I’d hire you both” Cami says, and then CS and KJ just look at each other and CS says “What would our investigation name be” starting another private conversation.

2:37 - When he has everyone’s attention CS asks “What would our private investigation name be called?” Mads and Lili don’t get it, they say the Two Stooges, but with a glint in her eye and locking eyes with CS, Cami says “Coleneti.” She got what CS was getting at. This was never about a private investigation name. This was about coming out subtilely, and Cami caught on right away.

2:59 - They are almost done with the video and CS looks at KJ and just stares. The amount he loves his boy is so clear after watching this video.

Did you get through it okay?

I may have missed things, there was so much in such a short period of time, but reblog and add anything I missed!

Heteronormativity’s Nightmare is taking a nap, I’m tired. 


LMAO…Tonight Show isn’t shit! =D


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