tonight we strike


It’s mandatory yeen viewing time.

25) Tonight we strike!


:) Tonight We Strike


The ship haven’t had a heading for awhile now, we were running low on supplies and we couldn’t make port without knowing where to go on shore, my compass had never really failed on me before like it did the last weeks, if it weren’t months by now. But then one night, with my crew asleep in their chambers and I laid wide awake on deck observing the constellations in the sky, my compass suddenly pointed north, pointed straight to her, and we could finally sail again. But I didn’t know then that she would change my life forever from that night on. I smiled somewhat amused by finding my crew looking all surprised when we already stood in the harbor by sunrise and we could finally stack up our supplies again and with supplies, the men were aiming more for rum than the ammunition of our cannons. “We strike tonight, keep a low profile and enjoy yourselves until then.” I reminded my men before I dismissed them and I stayed behind to watch the ship and study the routines of the soldiers guarding the town intently.

“Now! And remember, no hostages.” I hissed underneath my breath and sent them to raid the villages and take out the reinforcements while I’d break in the mansion and raid whatever valuable belongings there were to be found there. I climbed up in a tree and jumped on a balcony from there, quietly sliding open the doors while sneaking inside and tiptoed my way around the room in the dark, I’d already caught sight of a form sleeping in the bed, so I tried to steal whatever content there was in the drawers as quick and slick as possible. That was when I turned my back on the bed for just a fraction of a second that I felt something sharp pinching my back and I slowly rose my hands while looking over my shoulder at the petite brunette aiming a sword at me. “Do you even know how to handle one, love?” I asked while slowly turning around and put my finger on the blade to lower it while drawing my own sword with my other hand. “Are you challenging me for a duel?”



I must say, the illustrations are pretty good and nice colored! And it seems the artist respected the characters’ proportions more than ROR did (aka Simba is a lot bigger than Kion and he doesn’t look so “chibi-fied”). It’s a bit sad that there wasn’t a page portraying the “Tonight we Strike” song, with the saturated colour palette tho xD

In case you haven’t noticed, I am a BIG dork when it comes to TLK/TLG <3