tonight tonight spoilers

No one can ever say “Rubies are dumb” ever again.

Ruby made the smart move of saving Sapphire.

Doc stays skeptical when things are fishy.

Eyeball has the memories and knowledge of an old soldier.

Army knows when you’re fucking up and calls you out.

Leggy asks question and gets answers.

And Navy … did this.

Rubies. Are. Not. Dumb.


Malec Sneak Peek!

“Don’t let them erase me, Magnus. Don’t let them make the world forget.”

Shoutout to the world’s greatest composer


Broadchurch parallels: Holding the other’s food/drink
Season 2, episode 8 and Season 3, episode 3

superhumanspeedandnetflix  asked:

I may be proven wrong in the crossover, but I think the Musicmeister wouldn't be able to take the Green Arrow. A big deal was made about Barry and Kara losing their powers and that being the reason they have to play along, but everything that makes Oliver dangerous is knowledge. I mean unless he can take away his skills and his physique, dude's gonna get suckerpunched mid-song and threatened with a broken bottle until he lets Oliver go. I'd watch the hell out of that deleted scene.

This is like the inverse of that @comickergirl comic where Kara and Barry kick ass while Oliver’s just like “…what do you mean you took care of it already?” I’d watch the s%^* out of Oliver Jonas Queen going to town with nothing but his fists and whatever absurd and scarcely weaponizable props they’d give him. I wanna see Oliver take down the Music Meister with nothing but pure rage and a squeegee.


He’s brilliant, you know? I’ve heard him underestimated on that score, perhaps owing to his physical strength. People finding it hard to accept the idea that one man can be two things, but I’ve seen it. He is brilliant. And last night, all he wanted was revenge, and all that would satisfy it was Eleanor Guthrie’s head on a plate. And in a moment in which he had no appetite to be persuaded otherwise, I persuaded him otherwise. If the story of the pirate Jack Rackham is to end with him standing alongside Blackbeard as an equal, together defeating the governor who hanged Charles Vane and in so doing restoring pirate rule over Nassau… that is an ending I can live with.

Alec: Ok, so you know how Magnus almost died?

Jace: Yeah, sorry abou…

Alec:  And that I told him that I love him for the first time rigth?

Jace: Yes…?

Alec: …HUm…You told me you need to talk to Clary right?

Jace: Yes, but Alec what are…

Alec:… YEAH! you know… you should… maybe you should stay here you know… don’t go to the loft, try to talk to Clary here, stay here in the institute to talk to her… here in the institute… with her… here because she lives here in the insitute, so you should stay here…


Alec: …for an hour, maybe two… three tops.

Jace: Alec… Are you and Magnus going to …

Alec: ok bye!…