tonight tonight spoilers

Hedge your bets, my cautiously optimistic Carylers.  When and where are our babies going to have their first kiss?

And for those throwing all caution out the window, lol, where oh where are they going to do the do? 

Inquiring minds want to know.  At least this inquiring mind, hahaha. 

P.S.  edited to add…you can tell me when you think they’re going to seal the deal, too.  In fact, please do. 

No one can ever say “Rubies are dumb” ever again.

Ruby made the smart move of saving Sapphire.

Doc stays skeptical when things are fishy.

Eyeball has the memories and knowledge of an old soldier.

Army knows when you’re fucking up and calls you out.

Leggy asks question and gets answers.

And Navy … did this.

Rubies. Are. Not. Dumb.