tonight tonight pt. 1

On Stage: Luke PT. 1

PT. 2

Tonight is different from others, tonight is the night I’m going to get luke back. A couple of nights ago he called me, saying how much he needed me and stuff. He told me he was going to punish me and at the end, it was just to get me flustered. He knew I was at a friends house, and thought it’d be funny. I’ve got this all planned out. 

I grab a head seat from a set worker and tap into luke’s head piece, this is going to be gold. The show’s started and are singing Amnesia, it’s my time to shine. 

“Hey Luke?” I say, scooting away from people who can hear. I look to him and he’s looking around. 

“Hey baby.” I say in the most seductive voice I can muster, but fail and sound like I have a sore throat. I continue.

“I’m really wet.” I say, looking to the side to see his face, it’s bright red like I knew it would.

“I need you so bad.” I say in a low moan. He looks at me and gives me a flustered look. 

“I need your cock Luke.” He looks around nervously. 

“I’m gonna ride you all night long.” His voice cracks when he sings and the boys look at him with confused looks. 

“All night long baby, so hard I’m not gonna be able to walk tomorrow.” His voice cracks through out the whole song while I fill his head with filthy things. His tight pants show his bulge but he tries to cover it with his guitar. 

When they finish their performance I run from him and into the dressing room. He pounds on the door while I look for a place to hide. When he finally enters I’m in the supply closet. 

“(Y/N)! Where are you? God I’m gonna fuck you right on the spot.I promise that. ” He says, his voice close to the closet door. I can’t help but laugh, but the doors burst open and I laugh till my sides hurt.

“I always keep my promises.” He says, grabbing my hips.


Ok, part one. But lets get this straight, Luke is most likely not the bad boy, although he tries to play the part. He would probably laugh awkwardly during this whole thing.