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alright but. au where even is working in a diner his parents own late at night, there are only like two people there, he’s on his phone texting his friends and then the door opens with a jingle and a drunk isak manages to walk up to the bar and puts his head down and even slowly puts his phone away standing up, “can i help you? are you alright?” and isak groans, puts one finger up and makes a “shhh” sound and even raises his eyebrows, “this isnt a hotel” and isak slowly lifts his head and looks even up and down and then after a while he’s just like “wow.” and even is just. he doesnt know what to do but the guy is clearly drunk so he just gets him a glass of water and after half an hour he’s still sitting there, even has gone back to his phone but is still keeping an eye on him, and isak just blurts out “im gay” but he’s just staring in front of himself and even looks up suprised but then he shrugs like “im bisexual” and isak looks at him with furrowed eyebrows “excuse me but, im talking to myself” and even holds up his hands “damn ,sorry, i thought we were getting to know each other” and isak rolls his eyes “whatever” but then after a minute isak just starts asking even questions about everything and theyve been talking for at least an hour when even is in the middle of telling a story and notices isak fell asleep and he doesnt have the heart to put him out on the street so he closes the diner and drags a half asleep, really clingy isak to a small couch in the back, turns the lights off and sits next to him and lets isak put his head in his lap and eventually both of them fall asleep and the next morning is really awkward for isak, and later that day he finds out his friends planned a chill bros night and “that diner down the street looks cool, we should definitely go there tonight” and isak is too hungover for this

Image (Taehyung/Reader)

Prompt: Hey they~ can I request an angst scenario where reader and taehyung are both idols and are forced to date for public. It’s up to you on how you want to end it. Thank you! 😊

Genre: Angst

Words: 3.4k+

Author: Admin Meyg

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still like 3,000 behind as of rn, but i’m hoping to really catch up this evening. i want to get to like. 1,000 behind or less so that way tomorrow i can hopefully get on track.

Lost and Found (Part 7)

Prompt: Imagine finding a lost dog, but it’s not just anyone’s lost dog. Who will show up at your door to claim the pup?

Warnings: maybe language, lost dog…

Word Count: 1519

Note: My precious doggie went missing on 6/10 and no one has spotted her or turned her in to the local shelters or anything. I miss her so much, but it inspired this fic. Texts are in italics. Thanks to my darling beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

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At 5:30, there was a knock on your door.

“Who in the fuck is bothering me on a Saturday?” you groaned out loud. As you were waking up, you realized it was Seb waiting for you. “Shit!” you exclaimed as you jumped out of bed. You didn’t want to leave him standing in the hallway so you ran and let him in.

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            Pay attention first
to the crackle of the wood,
splintering like wrapping paper
ripped at the seams. Listen
to the language of birds
nesting in the twilight,
and the rumble of the far-off
thunderstorm. Our story should be quick
tonight. The air has the character
of cool murder, and our beds of peat
will call us soon. Lean in and listen -
I’ve a song for your fireside ears.
—  a fireside song 1/31

    honey lingers outside her shop, everything is finally in order for her night. she finally has the time to return her focus to the living and she waits on the street, dressed casually for the weight of her intentions. as a figure looms closer, she steps dead center in their path. and as soon as they’re close enough, she extends a hand only adorned with two rings, to take ahold of theirs. “it’s the new moon tonight,” she says in a way of greeting, “its the perfect time to regain harmony and find new footing. its the perfect time to release anything weighing you down as you make moves towards the waxing moon. is there anything you’d like to get off your chest?”

I Loved You From the Start

Request: hey can you do an imagine where Frank has been in love with y/n since they were really young?

I remembered the day I first met Frank Iero. It was the first day of Kindergarten and I recognized him as the boy who lived around the corner from me. He was the only other kid in the class who thought Gengar was the coolest Pokemon. We instantly became best friends. Oh how innocent and pure little kids think. The next day he showed up at my house, asking if I wanted to come play on his new Nintendo 64. We were inseparable ever since. We did everything together, from trick or treating to walking to school. He always protected me and I always looked out for him. It was a typical Saturday, Frank showed up to my house and let himself in, saying hi to my parents before coming up to my room. “Hello,” he chirped. “Ar you going to Ryan’s party tonight? It should be pretty cool.”

“Nah, I don’t feel like going out tonight,” I shrugged. “Maybe next week. Are you going?”

“Not anymore.”

“Frank, if you want to go go.”

“I’d rather hang out with you,” he insisted, flopping down on the bed next to me.

“Okay, if you don’t mind just watching movies today.”

“I don’t care, as long as it’s not one of your bullshit love story ones.”

“Shut up, you know you love them.” I giggled as he made a disgusted face, getting up and digging through my DVDs to find a movie. My phone vibrated on my night stand, making the wood rattle with it.

“You have a message,” Frank called over to me.

“Oh. Read it for me?”

“It’s from a guy named Felix.” I didn’t respond, turning on the DVD player. “Who’s Felix?” he asked a little bitterly. 

I turned to face him, frowning at the irritated look on his face. “What’s wrong?”

“Y/n, who is this Felix guy?”

“Frank, it doesn’t matter,” I huffed, rolling my eyes. I hated when Frank got all protective over me.

“What do you mean it doesn’t matter?! It does matter!”

“No, it doesn’t! Why the hell do you care so much? It’s none of your concern at the moment.” Frank’s face fell and instantly regretted my choice of words. I didn’t like keeping things from him, but I knew how he would react.

“None of my concern?” he asked, his voice barely audible. His face changed, the angry crease in his eyebrows now softening. 

“Shit. No…I…Frankie, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Then how the fuck did you mean it? We’ve been friends forever, Y/n. I thought we told each other everything. How could you say that?” He was almost yelling now. I looked at my feet, shifting uncomfortably. “Why do you never tell me about guys? I tell you about all the girls I’ve liked.”

“you never tell me about your crushes ad there’s a reason I don’t tell you about my dates.”


“You’ve talked me out of every relationship since the day we’ve met.”

“Not all of them,” he whispered, his cheeks flushed red and he looked down at his feet as well. 

“I don’t even like Felix, Frank. Happy? He’s asked me out a few times but I always tell him no. I told him that I liked you and to leave me alone.” The words tumbled out of my mouth before I could stop them, making me blush furiously. Frank stood still for a moment before walking over to me and cupping my cheek.

“I like you, too. And I never tell you about my crushed because I’ve never had one except for you. I loved you from the start.” And with that, he kissed me. The kiss was slow and soft, moving his lips passionately but with no urgency. My arms wrapped around his neck and his hands came down to my waist, gripping it firmly. I didn’t realize how long we were kissing until my lungs began to burn, screaming for air. We pulled away, breathless and lips red and swollen.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted you to do that,” I said with a small laugh as I heard the title screen for the cheap horror movie turn on. He chuckled, a deep raspy noise that was unique for him.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do it.”

rokachan  asked:

🎥 Who is my muse’s celebrity crush?

While it’s hard to really say ‘celebrity’ crush because Eorzea is (for better or worse) without Entertainment Tonight - which someone should fucking MAKE holy shit that would be a cool idea i’ll get to you on that - there are some bigger name performers.

He’s not particularly CRUSHING on them, or anything, but he finds @etani-a to be one of those most pleasant people on the eyes to ever take up a stage, and he would probably kill to have tea and talk with the man again.


I’m going to a black light yoga Halloween class tonight. Should I wear

(A) stuff that will look cool under blacklight (neon & white)

(B) actual costume. I can be “Mother Nature” - a skin tone bodysuit with flowers on it (I think I was Eve?). Because I’m a mom get it?

I can’t decide!

I Need Her

This is my first Becommissar fic so please be nice haha! It’s seriously smutty, like 100% NSFW! I might continue it because there is a bit of storyline in it that I could continue with but i’ll see what the response is like first!

Beca hadn’t seen or heard anything from the tall gorgeous blonde since the after party at Worlds. Two weeks had gone by with Beca constantly reliving that night of raw passion, heat, and intensity. Every night she dreamed of Kommissar running her hands along her skin, her lips ghosting over her neck, and her perfect teeth biting down on her collarbones. She continually woke covered in a thin layer of sweat desperate to see the perfect German once more. Beca had quickly found that pleasuring herself was not enough to compare to what she had experienced on that one glorious night. She had to find Kommissar again.

Beca woke early on the Monday two weeks after worlds, her penultimate day in the Bella house with all the girls together. They were going out to celebrate tonight and she knew she should finish packing today before the drinking started. Her day went slowly, shoving her belongings into boxes marked ‘Bhloe’ to be sent to her and Chloe’s new apartment in LA. Her friend had secured a teaching position at an LA music school and Beca was beginning a paid internship at a music production agency near the school so it made sense for them to move in together. She started with big items such as furniture until she could finally move onto smaller items scattered around her and Amy’s room. As she stuffed three years worth of Bella sheet music into a file Beca found her mind wandering to a tall pale body, perfectly shaped, with bold golden locks falling just below the shoulders. She shook her head and checked the time, 5.30pm, she had an hour before the Bella’s were all meeting in the kitchen for pre-drinks. Looking back at the sheet music covered in scribbled notes she felt strangely sentimental and wasn’t sure she was ready to leave her group of awesome nerds. That was, until she heard Amy shouting something about ‘A last fuck in her Bella bed!’ to Bumper. Beca quickly exited their shared room heading downstairs instead. Almost finished packing she resigned herself to sitting on the couch in the living room and watching the other girls packing and getting ready. She found herself joined by Emily, the only Bella not leaving the house, and they chatted and laughed about their memories of worlds before resorting to scrolling quietly through their phones.

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One Foot in Sea & One on Shore, Pt. II

“Perhaps you should marry Lord Enjolras and have done with it,” Azelma says slyly, and their aunt and cousin laugh.

“Feh,” Éponine says, wrinkling her nose. “We’d murder each other within the day, and who will be your maid of honor then? No, sister,” she says, pressing a fond kiss to her forehead, “I will have no husband and be glad of it.”

A Much Ado About Nothing É/E AU for the wonderful, courageous, hilarious, beautiful Rachel. Happy belated birthday, my darling! I hope this year treats you as well as you have treated me. :)

Part I

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Let us in part 3

part 1 is here

part 2 is here 

John Laurens x reader 

(omg im sorry this one took a while. if you’re following me you know I got drunk on the first day (and wrote a joke part 3) and today my friend asked me to be his freaking bf so a lot is happening but no worries I’m still writing! )

HERCULESM: I’m done at 7. I know Alexander is done around 6:30 (you are not working extra hours tonight! ) so should we maybe meet around 8 the usual place? 

lafayette: Sounds cool 

A.Ham: All right 

TURTLELOVER: I’m cool with that. What about you (Y/N)? 

HERCULESM: It says she is offline right now but she will see this once she gets online 

TURTLELOVER: aight I’l see y’all tonight

the ‘usual place’ was a small cafe that served about pretty much anything, it was nice, not too expensive and had free wifi. what more could you ask for. 

Hercules showed up first, 10 minutes early, then Lafayette and John, Alexander came 10 minutes late. But there was still no sign of you. the group stayed and chatted for a while. 

“Is (Y/N) not coming?” John asked the group 

Alexander and Hercules looked at each other, confused about why you were not here yet. 

Lafayette quickly replied “She is! I’m sure of it! She is probably still just getting ready! I can call her to be sure yes?” 

“No. If she doesn’t want to come it’s fine we shouldn’t force her” John looked down at his coffee cup as he said that, Obviously a bit upset. was 


“Laf. Don’t call her ok?” 



“yes yes. But i have to go the bathroom now” 

 “are you going in there to call her?” 

“I am shocked! You think I would betray a promise? shame on you” with that he ran into the bathroom he locked himself in and grabbed his phone and dialed your number

You woke up to the sound of your phone ringing you reached for your phone and answered “ hello?” 

“Did you just wake up?” 

“Lafayette? ugh yeah I was pretty tired. What time is it?” 

“It’s around 9 pm! We were all supposed to meet here at 8! We’ve been sending you messages!” 

“Oh shit I overslept. Do I -Wait why is your voice so echo-y? are you in the bathroom? oh my god Lafayette-” 

“Unimportant! We are waiting! What were you going to say Do you?” 

“ugh, Do I have time to get ready?” 

“oooooo wanna look pretty for John?” You could practically hear his grin 

“….Do I have time?” 

“Nope! get over here as soon as possible we can’t wait much longer for the fifth member of our group We are incomplete (Y/N). How can you do this to usss?” 

“Fine. I will be over soon” You got up and saw you had some missed messages from the group chat you quickly looked through them to see where they told you to meet them since Lafayette didn’t mention it in the phone call . You charged your phone while you quickly changed clothes and fixed your hair. You tried to get a little ready as soon as possible. Once you were done you put on your shoes and left.  You decided to walk since the weather wasn’t so bad. It took you about 15 minutes to get there walking. . You walked in and it didn’t take long for you to spot the table where your group of friends were at. They were always the loudest ones. 

You approached the table 

“(Y/N) YOU CAME!!” Lafayette shouted 

“Well yeah you cal-” 

“ssshh” you raised a brow as he rudely shushed you. 

“Okay?” You sat down next to your friends and greeted them 

“Where’s John?” You asked them they all reacted with huge grins

“aww miss your boyfriend?” Hercules asked 

“He’s not my boyfriend! Just tell me where he is!” 

“He is just in the bathroom” Alexander said before taking a sip from his cup. 

John came back and sat down next to you 

“Hi (Y/N)” 

“Hey John! Sorry I’m late ” 

“It’s fine” 

Lafayette sighed and turned to Alexander “This is awkward to watch, He is usually a flirt I wanna see something happen” He whispered to him 

“You know you whisper really loudly” you said obviously annoyed 

“hah. Sorry” 

the next hour you spent with your friends chatting, You tried to have conversations with John but he kept giving you short simple answers. It seemed as if he was annoyed. 

Your mind started racing. Why did he seem annoyed? Was he annoyed at you? Did he not want you here? Is he mad you accidentally announced in the group chat about your crush? have your friends been bothering him with his and now he’s annoyed? 

before you could think about this more Lafayette stood up 

“It’s getting late. I should go I have to be up early and so do Alexander and Hercules. lets go” before you and John could react Lafayette had grabbed the two men and practically ran out. 

It was quiet for a little bit before John said “I should probably go too.” He stood up and walked away you instantly followed him outside the cafe and grabbed his arm making him turn around. 

“Are you mad at me?” 


“Are you mad at me? We can usually talk for hours and hours sometimes even about just the same thing but you have barely said a word to me tonight. Are you mad?” 

“You didn’t come at first. I know Lafayette called you to get you to come, it was obvious. You didn’t want to see me right? Did you send that text to the group on purpose? to see what I would say? Embarrass me? If you don’t want me around you that’s fine I can go” 

You stared at him for a second, hurt he would actually think you would hurt  him “He did call me yes. I was asleep and he woke me up. I fell asleep because I was so nervous about seeing you tonight. I did not send that on purpose, that was really embarrassing for me I meant to send it to Angelica. I really do like you. I’ve had the biggest crush on you for so long. You are my best friend I feel like I can always talk to you I would never try to embarrass you. I would never hurt you , John” you let go off his arm as you said the last part.

He held on to both of your hands “I’m sorry (Y/N) I shouldn’t have assumed. I just really like you a lot and I just got nervous about thinking that maybe you didn’t want me around and just-” 

“You don’t have to apologize. I’m just glad I know you aren’t mad at me” 

You both stood there for half a moment just staring at each other and smiling 

“This is the part where you kiss me” You whispered. John chuckled and placed his hand on your hip, pulling you a little closer and placed his other palm on your cheek and leaned in to kiss you

It didn’t last long but it was perfect, His lips were soft and perfect for yours you didn’t want it to end but then he pulled away, you looked at him with the biggest smile on your face you glanced to the side and looked at John right away again bursting into laughter 

“What? What’s so funny” 

you pointed in the direction with your head while still laughing

John looked in the direction, it was across the street a bar and in the window you could see , Alexander, Lafayette and Hercules all looking at you two but trying to seem as if they weren’t it didn’t take long for John to start laughing too “I can’t believe they have been spying this whole time” 

You looked in their direction again and waved the 3 men looked embarrassed and looked away right away

as soon as you two stopped laughing you were both looking at each other still smiling 

“So (Y/N) How would you feel about heading back to my place?” 

“On the first date? Oh mister Laurens how scandalous” you joked 

“Just to watch a movie maybe cuddle and see how things go?” 

“I’d like that” 

His smile grew wider and he held on to your hand and lead the way, You knew your friends were watching from the bar trying to figure out where you were going, You knew it wouldn’t take long for them to figure it out and the next time they would see you the jokes wouldn’t end but you didn’t care you all ready had it planned out to just make out with John in front of them to make them (mostly Lafayette) uncomfortable if they joked about you two. This night is going to be fun and the next time you see your friends will be too. 

((AAAAAAA I’m sorry I know this is short and I know it isn’t as good as part 2 omg I was just so nervous about writing part 3 and ahh its 5 am im tired, I tried writing part 3 like 500 times and decided to just use this one and hope at least some of you like it (I’l double check for spelling mistakes in the morning im too tired right now rip ) oh and also you can send requests!! )))