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She wakes, and she’s not startled to find herself in a strange bed.  There’s no moment of sleep-bleared confusion, no profound moment where the events of the night before come flooding back in some vivid rush; this isn’t one of Varric’s stories, after all.  She simply wakes, and breathes, and he is there beside her; and it’s hard to imagine that it hasn’t always been this way.

He looks like a stranger, dappled by the warm dawn light that spills across the bed, but there’s little surprise in that, either.  She lies beside him, watching the gentle rise and fall of his chest as he dozes peacefully, and for the moment he’s not Commander Cullen, but something softer, something untouched.  His face, slack in sleep, looks impossibly young, a time-travel glimpse into some part of his life before, before the weight of duty etched lines into his brow and carved hollow circles beneath his eyes.  His hair has been mussed into a glorious halo of bedhead overnight, separated into a mess of golden ringlets that spill across the pillow, and she smiles as she reaches out to gently run her fingers through one of the curls. This man truly is a stranger, so different from the carefully ordered Commander that she knows by day.

For a moment, she’s afraid to even breathe, reluctant to risk waking him.  When he wakes, whatever magic the dawn light weaves will be broken, and he will become Commander Cullen again.

She likes Commander Cullen immensely … but Maker, she loves this man.  This man who, somewhere halfway to the bed, sent some piece of armor or another crashing to the floor and let the weight of the world slip unnoticed with it, sliding gently from his shoulders to pool like fallen velvet on the rug.  She loves this Cullen, fiercely and beyond all reason, this man who held her through the night with such unabashed wonder, such quiet and profound joy, that it was easy to forget that he’d ever been anything else but this, soft and new.

She can hear activity begin to stir beyond the broken ceiling, and she knows she should get out of bed, begin the task of dressing and preparing for her day.  Slip out before she’s seen, out of some wistful desire to keep this theirs for another day or two more before Skyhold’s prodigious rumor mill inevitably gets hold of it.

But Maker, a moment like this feels too rare and precious to step away from.  A gift she somehow can’t believe that she’s been given, in simply seeing him soft-eyed and smiling in his sleep.

She stays.  And when he wakes, there’s no moment of confusion, no alarm at finding someone in his bed.  There’s simply the crook of a sleepy smile as he turns his face into the pillow, a single amber eye peeking out from the tangle of his curls, a soft murmur of greeting.

She stays, and reaches for his hand, carefully threading her fingers with his; an anchor, as he drifts through this gentle liminal space, back to himself.  

She stays, until he is her Commander again.

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41, 6, & 9...Muahaha


You gently pushed the shopping cart down one of the many brightly lit aisles of the supermarket. 

Your  three year old son, Max babbled to himself as he played with his Black Widow action figure, his recent birthday gift from Natasha herself. As you pondered on which desert you should make for tonights dinner, you heard Max suddenly let out a loud shriek. 

Your eyes snapped back to your child, who was giggling like mad as Bucky attacked his cheek with kisses, blowing raspberries onto his little chubby cheek. You smiled lovingly at your small family, they were your world. 

“Hey, babe,” Bucky spoke as he lifted Max out of his seat. “I’m gonna go take him to the toy section and get him something, okay?” he gave you a wink. You gave him a subtle nod, before going back to the many deserts on display. 

After circling around the market, collected all the items you needed, you made your way towards the toy section in hopes of finding your child and husband. 

But to your dismay, they weren’t there. 

You frowned, peering around the busy store and trying to locate your family. Slowly, minute by minute, you felt yourself growing anxious. 

You know,” you heard an all too familiar voice behind you, followed by a pair of strong arms wrapping around your waist. “Seven years and your ass still looks as amazing as the day we met.” 

You let out a snort, before playfully elbowing Bucky in the ribs. He let out a dramatic grunt, clutching his side playfully. “Jesus, Y/N!” he gasped, earning a giggle from you. “I-I think you might have broken my ribs!”

You let out a laugh, throwing your arms around his neck and leaning upwards for a kiss. He pressed his lips against yours, his hands roaming your backside and giving a gentle squeeze. 

Just as it was getting good, you felt a pang of realization. 

It was quiet. 

Too quiet. 

You pulled away, peering down at Bucky’s body. 

“Where is Max?” You asked, your eyes narrowing as they traveled back to Bucky’s face. 

Immediately, Bucky spun around, his eyes scanning the entire store. 

“Please tell me you didn’t-”

“Babe, I’m really sorry to tell you this,” he shouted over his shoulder as he raced away. “But I may or may not have lost the baby!” 

“Are you serious, James?” You shrieked as you raced after him, forgetting your shopping cart in the middle of the aisle. “I can’t believe you!” 

You couldn’t believe he would do such a stupid thing! He was right with him, how on earth did he manage to lose a kid in twenty minutes? He could assassinate presidents, but couldn’t look after a child? 

You turned a corner, and was met with the most horrific sight. 

Max was standing in the furniture aisle, in front of one of the many fake toilets with his little shorts around his ankles and peeing right into the toilet. He peered over his shoulder at the two of you and grinned. 

“Mama! Daddy!” He called, waving at the two of you. The large crowd of disappointed adults around him all turned to the two of you, giving you looks of disapproval. “I go potty! I big boy now!” 

You slammed the car door shut and rested your face against the steering wheel. 

You were beyond embarrassed by both your son and your husband. They both acted like toddlers. You let out a sigh, running your hands over your face. This was not good for your health at all. The doctor said you needed to take it easy right now. Especially these first few months. 

“You really need to step your game up, Barnes.” You peered over at him, narrowing your eyes. “We’re gonna need a giant team of people soon. Maybe we can hire Nat and Steve to help us next year. We’re gonna need it.”

Bucky frowned, peering over at you with his head cocked to the side. “Why is that, doll?” he asked. 

“Because,” you smiled as you started the engine. 

“I’m pregnant.” 

200 Writing Prompts

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if you're stressing really badly and have a little bit of freetime and a bathtub? i take a bath so hot that my toes and knees turn pink at first and listen to musical numbers. I don't know if that would help you, but I took a bath like that tonight and it just makes me feel really clean and better inside and out !!!!

Weirdly enough I actually do this at least once a week! Maybe not super hot, but I have back problems so it helps to just lay in the tub for an hour.

So my daughter has recently figured out which button on our Sonos makes the music play – it’s pretty simple, there are only two buttons – and so one of her favourite things now is to turn it on all by herself and then dance her little butt across the room. Usually we just have it tuned to the local radio, or the Pop All Day station.

I was making supper tonight, and she turned it on, and I guess it was still tuned to the last playlist my wife had on earlier in the day. Something she was clearly listening to without the toddler around.

And when I looked into the living room my three-year-old was dancing happily to Jason Derolo’s “Talk Dirty”.


Day 2 - Total Miles: 14.8
At 8am, we left Black Gap Shelter and climbed the mile and half up to Springer together as a family. The kids and I took our picture touching the southern terminus plaque on the summit. The we headed down the almost mile to the parking area. We met lots of hikers on their way up to Springer (most sans pack) to start their official thru hike journey. The parking lot was full when we arrived. I said bye to the kids and D and headed down the trail. The next section is really nice, running mostly alongside a creek and intersecting the Benton MacKaye trail several times. Trail traffic picks up at Three Forks and the section to Long Creek Falls. After climbing up from the falls, I met my first Ridge Runner - a group of ATC emplyees that live at various campsites along the AT and make daily long hikes to help hikers, encourage LNT and keep an eye on the trail. I meet Lydia who happens to make tonight’s destination, Hawk Mtn Campsites her home.

After climbing over Hawk Mtn, I took the spur down into the valley that hosts the 30 tent pads of Hawk Mtn. Each little pad is cut into the hillside about 20 yards apart along the trail that winds down to the water source which is a little spring that runs straight from the side of the mountain.

I set up my tent about 12:45pm, scarfed down a late lunch - tuna fish salad and cracker - and walked down to the spring to refill my now empty bottles.

I took a quick nap and hiked out of the valley to touch base with the fam. I was able to get signal in a 2 sq ft section atop the nearest nob. While I was talking to D, Double D - Dave & Darrell - from Black Gap hiked by. They set up at the campsite and we shared a quick dinner. The weather was nice, too nice. The forecast called for storms, but as we ate our rehydrated noodles and looked out from the valley, the blue sky was dotted with puffy white clouds.

Soon after crawling into the tent for the night, you could hear the storm approaching. Not thunder or rain, but the roaring of an outflow boundary rushing through the trees like a giant wave. The high winds slammed against the side of my tent and ripped at my rain fly. Then came the rain. Gushing, giant drops that hit my rain fly and spattered through. I shuffled things around and made sure my important stuff - warm layers and sleeping bag - remained dry. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled through the hills, but I felt pretty well protected nestled in the valley.

I buried into my sleeping bag and let the rain lull me to sleep.

I woke up in the night to check the state of things and I noticed the downhill corner of my tent was holding about an inch of water.

Welcome to the Appalachian, sister.

It rained all night and was still raining in the morning when I went to the bear boxes to grab my food. What did I find, but that someone had left the box unlocked. Good thing the weather was yuck and the bears weren’t hungry. If they had been out searching for food, all they would have had to do was lift a lid and there would have been a campsite of hungry hikers.

I ate my chocolate granola and powdered milk, enjoyed a cup of hot coffee with a packet of cocoa and began the sloppy job of packing up my tent.

As I finished up, Dave came over with a couple of extra tuna packets - he and Darrell were finishing their section that day - and his contact info with a promise that he and his wife would offer me some hospitality if I contacted him once I made it through the SMNP.

I hiked out in the rain for the start of day 3.

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your art is always so lovely and the shading/highlighting/blending and colors are so great!!! do you have any tips for art if it's okay to ask? :D

=0 thank you so much!!! I do, this was a good time to ask since I’ve got a lot of energy tonight haha, I will make a coloring tutorial for how I usually do the neon coloring!!

I use paint tool sai which you can get for free here (link) It says it has transparency but it’s lying. When I want transparency I have to save as psd and then run it through photoshop (which is also available to download on the same link, actually.) Now I dont know how to be sure if those links are virus free but they havent destroyed MY laptop and it’s been a long time so? probably safe enough i think?

First off, the brushes I use: 

I usually use smoothing 3 or 4 for sketches or writing, 13 or 14 for lineart, and anywhere from 3 to 6 for coloring! I sometimes change that up if I’m not getting my desired result though. I usually sketch in pink and line in black or blue which is why I used those colors for those brushes here.

I’m gonna start the tutorial off with just lineart since that’s not really what the tutorial is about and my whole sketch + lineart technique is “sketch something and put lines on top of it” combined with pulling stuff around using the free deform tool if it looks wrong until I get it like I want it. I always start with black lineart!

this is weird lookin sloppy lineart but that’s ok bc it’s just a teaching aid

so. COLORING STEP 1: flat colors. I use flood fill for this most of the time but you can also like, draw it in, same result either way. Just pick some you think look good tbh, when I’m doing the neons I use only full saturation colors. Obviously if you’re doing a different color palette you dont have to do that but this tutorial’s about the neons. Sometimes you have to change the colors a few times before finding ones you like, dont get discouraged! I put each color in a separate layer, sometimes I put bits of the same color in different layers as well if they’re on different parts of the drawing that need to be shaded differently. Also! For a couple things, like the teeth and collar, I blend a color, which I dont do yet in this step, so I just use a base color as a jumping off point.

^the eyes, mouth, and collar are each a separate layer, the skin is all one layer

STEP 2: toggle “preserve opacity” on in each layer, and block in shading! For the neons I use only full saturation colors. Really you can experiment and decide what you like best, you dont even have to use the same ones every time! I find that you can actually shade green with either red/oranges or blues, it has a different look depending on which you do. Usually I shade pinks and reds with purple or other pinks/reds, but you can experiment. For the teeth and collar, I blend a yellow into the pink to make a more like, light orange color, and then shade that with pink. I do all this with the “color and limited blending brush!” If something looks like it should be more smooth, I use the “default watercolor” brush to smooth it out. Generally for blending you want to not use much pressure, the more pressure the darker the color and sharper the lines will be. I’m duplicating the lineart, I’ll shade the green differently so you can see the difference. I’ll add highlights and details in a future step.

as you can see, these look a bit uneven in places. this is how they look with just the color brush. the left has the green shaded with reds, yellows, and oranges, while the right has it shaded with blues.

^ the same ones after being blended in places with the watercolor brush. generally you want to pick a watercolor brush color somewhat in between the colors you’re blending but if you do it lightly enough the color won’t really show up and it’ll just blend.

For details I just stick them on whichever layer they go on, like, freckles go right on the skin layer, eye shines go right on the eye layer, etc. I use the color brush for these, they generally dont need to be blended any further with the watercolor. The drawing on the left has an issue: the eye shine doesnt have enough contrast. When this happens I break the rules a bit and use a lighter pink (shifted towards white) in the middle of the eye shine. Other exceptions for the all neon rule include the whites of eyes that have them and other similar things that just wont ever look right in bright colors (I use very light colors for those).

See, that has better contrast and is worth breaking from the neons a bit for.

OPTIONAL FINAL STEP: sometimes I’ll change the lineart color, usually to the darkest fully saturated blue. You can use whatever color for the lineart that you want though tbh, that blue is just one I like bc I tend to use it as an equivalent to black a lot of the time when working in neons. Just turn on “preserve opacity” in your lineart layer and color over the whole thing.

I used red in the right drawing and blue in the left to show diversity but typically I’d use blue for the left one’s color palette as well tbh

Anyway I hope that is helpful!!! I feel like I might not be so great at explaining myself but hopefully this works haha

I feel like I need to contribute something to the Robron fandom. I seriously my posts screaming about random theories and yelling out ‘POSITIVE’ every five seconds isn’t cutting it anymore. 

I might actually try writing fanfiction tonight. I would make a video (that was my specialty back in the day), but my video editor is out of commission right now.

Yup. I’m going to try fanfiction. This should be interesting.  

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my view for a good 20 minutes while waiting for sum 41 to play at warped tour. fun night. // 08.05.2016

12.12 coda

“Are you fucking kidding me,” Dean gasps. He pulls Castiel’s jacket off with both hands and doesn’t even bother shutting the door behind him. No point anyway. He bites down on Castiel’s lip without being cute about it.

“Dean,” Castiel hisses, helpless. His hands hover uselessly out to the sides as Dean pushes him deeper into his bedroom.

“‘I love you?’” Dean accuses, squeezing Castiel’s hips with those rough beautiful hands so hard that it would probably bruise anyone else. “Just like that, in front of everyone,” he says. He shoves Castiel down, hard.

Castiel bounces a little on the bed, right against Dean’s chest, quickly descending down on his. He looks like he was the one that got hit by a truck, eyes wide open in the oncoming headlights. “Dean.

“Don’t,” Dean growls, ripping Castiel’s shirt open. Buttons scatter to the floor. His skin is pale, smooth, unblemished beneath the cotton. Soft and pliant where his nails dig into it. “You couldn’t even look me in the eye, you coward.”

Castiel can’t deny it or defend himself.

“Your last words,” Dean adds, dangerously close to a sob. “Were going to be…”

He pulls back from Castiel’s face and pants into his mouth. His nose brushes against Castiel’s in a kiss of its own. His lashes are wet.

“I love you,” he whispers.

Castiel reaches up and wraps his arms around Dean’s neck, drawing him into a hug. He knows, intuitively, that Dean isn’t repeating his own words from before. He’s just stating a fact.

And quite a personal one, from the way his lip quivers. The kind of fact that’s unwavering, heartfelt and secret but truer all the same as the seconds tick by, which makes it that much harder to confess to somebody else.

All the breath in Castiel’s body leaves him at once, painfully. Dean doesn’t give him the chance to say anything else before he surges forward again and kisses him, wet lashes cool against his skin. He’s gentler with it than before. His hands, still tacky with dried blood, come up to loosen Castiel’s tie. It slithers limply in his grip, cool and silky, and Castiel gasps when the fabric slides across his nipple. Dean bunches it in his grip against his knitted-back-together side.

“The… door,” Castiel sighs.

Dean turns his head and kisses his cheek. His ear. The bolt of his jaw. Dragging his warm, slack mouth along the rough skin of his neck. “Doesn’t matter,” he tells him.

That’s his serious voice.

Castiel swallows hard. Dean licks a long line up the column of his throat.

“Just be with me,” Dean pleads. His hands go to Castiel’s belt. “God, I really thought I was going to lose you,” he laughs, a little hoarse.

“I really thought I was going to die,” Castiel confesses, just on the right side of hysterical. He lifts his hips up just enough that Dean can pull his pants down over the swell of his ass. Castiel hesitantly reaches up and runs one hand through Dean’s hair.

He walks his fingers down until he’s cradling Dean’s face. Their eyes catch, and hold.

Without another word, Castiel starts divesting Dean of his clothing. They kiss and they kiss and they kiss until their faces rub raw with stubble burn and their lips are red and wet. 

The door stays ajar, and the sounds of their hushed and anguished moans echo like old ghosts through the halls.

No one can ever say “Rubies are dumb” ever again.

Ruby made the smart move of saving Sapphire.

Doc stays skeptical when things are fishy.

Eyeball has the memories and knowledge of an old soldier.

Army knows when you’re fucking up and calls you out.

Leggy asks question and gets answers.

And Navy … did this.

Rubies. Are. Not. Dumb.