tonight is not a photoshop night

“ Then stay … but remember, the House of Black and White is not a home for orphans. All men must serve beneath this roof. Valar dohaeris is how we say it here. Remain if you will, but know that we shall require your obedience. At all times and in all things. If you cannot obey, you must depart.” 
( arya’s fc credit: x

2 year bloggiversary!!

2 years ago today i realized i needed a place to yell about hxh and here i am today… still yelling about this japanese cartoon.

thank you all for coming along for the ride and enduring memorable moments in this blog’s history like “sneaky the clown”, 90s killua photoshopped into promotional material for the outsiders movie, gon with a gun, the night i shitposted about beans for 2 hours straight, the time i got drunk and livestreamed the two hxh movies, and other similarly terrible content.

i will do a surprise power hour tonight from 8 to 9pm est!! (it’s a surprise because even i haven’t decided on what it is yet!!! fun!!)


× YOUNG JUSTICE × appreciation month → day 02: favorite season

season two definitely had its ups and downs, and maybe it wasn’t perhaps as strong overall as season one, but I have to say that season two is my favorite. I mean I could sit here and wax poetic about how great certain episodes were, how amazing the villains were (oh hayyyy Black Beetle), how fantastic and diverse the new characters were, but I mean. really. c'mon. it all boils down to this:

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Season’s Greetings!


Hello! A great human suggested I start something called “chats with charlie” and I’ve been super excited to do exactly that ever since, and I thought I could do start it now bc i love all of my amazing followers :) This is just a fun way for you guys to get to know me, and me to get to know you a bit better. For more info, look below the cut

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what makes you so special
to think I would ever settle
for that devious dance between you and me?

a playlist for monstrous unrequited love that poisons everything it touches | [listen]

i. three wishes the pierces | ii. creep scala & kolacny brothers | iii. kill of the night gin wigmore | iv. between two points the glitch mob | v. can’t sleep can’t breathe digital daggers | vi. in the air tonight natalie taylor | vii. monster meg myers | viii. devil devil milck | ix. one way or another until the ribbon breaks

man i am straight up having a Terrible Fucking Night like i thought for sure playing a game and doing some shit in photoshop would help but it is ??? Not At All like if anything i think i feel worse than i did when i started this so uh idk when i’ll be around y’all

angeryphil  asked:

These uploads after 9pm were so bad for me since one of them was during a school night for me (well actually two but i couldnt gif on wednesday) so i went to sleep at 1am and i dont need more of that stress,, also i'm doing a spooky week related Thing and i was so behind w it and now i caught up with my photoshop crashing once and me almost crying after i finished one of the gifs and im glad its only 6 vids (u asked abt possible games for tonight but i dont know horror games soz)

i literally took the week off work, i don’t know how to adult rip so its a good thing its not a month long bc i would be skint af but then at the same time CONTENT dskdbgkb