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A lot of people will write long posts justifying why it’s wrong the more popular actors/movies didn’t win, but here’s one for Ruth Negga.

Ruth was born to an Irishwoman and an Ethiopian man, Ruth has been working tirelessly for years in various shows and movies. 

Ruth portrayed Mildred Loving, a woman who was arrested for sleeping in bed with her husband. A woman who was arrested after the birth of her first child. A woman who was not allowed to happily be with her husband or family for over ten years because of the color of her skin. When they finally won their case, Mildred lost her husband seven years later to a drunk drive. Ruth wore her ACLU ribbon today partly to represent them. 

Ruth’s performance in Loving was heartstopping and everyone I’ve shown the movie to in real life watched with awe as she brought so much emotion and voice out of a woman who hardly spoke. Watch archive footage of Mildred and then watch Ruth’s performance. It’s completely astounding and you can TELL she worked so hard to bring her to life, to tell us the story of this woman who’s been only mentioned briefly in schoolbooks. Just a scene of her, standing in the sun in the countryside, had me in tears. 

I can’t quite wrap my head around a white, fictional character in a performance that was underwhelming in comparison to Ruth’s winning. I just can’t. Was she undermined because of race? Perhaps. Was it because she was a new face? I don’t know. 

What I do know is that Ruth Negga won that red carpet tonight and she truly kept her “always be posing” rule at maximum performance. Everytime the camera flipped to her (which was quite often) she looked so ethereal. “We may lose the small battles but win the big war.” I feel like we’ll see Ruth Negga on that red carpet again soon. She’s got so many Preacher fans at her back and she’s definitely taking the world by storm. I can’t wait to see what she does next and I hope she has a really nice night and a good night’s sleep. 

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I adore your work! It's amazing. If you're still taking requests, could you do something where Betty gets a little tipsy and accidentally admits she likes juggie?? Is that dumb??? Lol

These ones are so fun to write! Thanks so much!

Okay, this wasn’t so bad. She kind of liked this.

Looking into Veronica’s expectant eyes, Betty smiled reaching for the brown, bubbly alcohol.

Veronica smiled

“Oh hell yeah! Betty Cooper slaying your dragons, one by one!”

The cold foamy liquid slid down her throat instantly warming her body from the inside out.

It didn’t taste bad, but it was not what she expected beer to taste like at all, it was a little too ..sour?

This wasn’t something Betty did on the regular, going out to wild parties and drinking with her best friends, but today had been a really rough day.

She needed this.

Closing her eyes and leaning against the counter of the blossoms kitchen, she could remember exactly what had put her in this mood .

Ginger Lopez and jughead jones.

That girl had been all over the mysterious moody boy and he just… let it happen. He didn’t try and stop her, he didn’t shove her away when she placed her hands all over his biceps, he didn’t even yell at her when she stole one of his fries at lunch, And in jugheads world? she assumed that was the closest he came to flirting.

So yeah she was frustrated, couldn’t he see how completely head over heels she was for him? She thought she was being obvious, always asking him to pops, running her hands through her hair, she even bought chocolate scented lip gloss, it was his favorite smell after all. But no. nothing. Instead he was gonna end up falling for ginger Lopez and all her fake lipped, leopard wearing glory.

She didn’t have anything against the highlighted brunette, sure she had filed a petition to get her kicked out of seventh grade for wearing a real fur coat, but that was for the animals, not for her. None the less the girl didn’t bother her.

But now.. Betty couldn’t stand to look at her.

She always met Jughead after school to walk home, unfortunately for her she caught him leaning against the bike racks talking to none other than the girl in question. She was batting her false lashes at him and practically devouring him with her eyes. The worst part of it all? He was smiling back at her. Needless to say, Betty turned right around, and made the walk home on her own today.

Pulling her phone out she noticed the four missed texts from Jughead

JUGGIE: where are you? Burgers at pops? My treat.

JUGGIE: missed you after school, did you have to stay after? Meet up later?

JUGGIE: Ron said you were going to the blossoms tonight, safe idea? Not really your scene.

JUGGIE: hello?

Slamming her phone shut, she reached for another beer, having already downed two she could definitely feel the effect.

So Jughead didn’t want her? Fine. She was gonna have fun tonight, ginger could have him for all she cared.

Suddenly Kevin was by her side, handing her a bubbly pink wine cooler.

She grabbed it quickly taking a sip.

Oh that was good. Finishing it in less than a minute she reached for his, before he pulled it away

“Down girl, the night is young! Let’s dance!”

Forty minutes later , four more wine coolers and one steamy dance with Veronica, Betty was feeling more than a little wobbly.

As she made her way to the side of the room, she felt a hand grip her wrist, steadying her.

Whipping around she came nose to nose with jughead jones.

“Oh great, just the person I didn’t want to see.” She groaned.

Hurt flashed in his eyes for a quick second before it was replaced by anger, tugging her along he shouted over the music

“Come on we’re leaving.”

Ripping her wrist free , she shot him a glare

“I’m not going anywhere! I’m having fun.” She smiled doing a twirl.

He sighed

“Fine have it your way.” Suddenly she was up and over jugheads shoulder, his hand on the back of her thighs holding her skirt down.


Finally she felt the cool breeze hit her face, and her feet touched the ground.

“Don’t make this difficult, we’re going home. Arch is driving Ronnie, but I figured we’d walk, you could use the air, maybe it’ll sober you up.” He looked dissapointed.

“Hey! You don’t get to look at me like that, you’re just a silly boy, a stupid silly boy.” She slurred

He shook his head, the confusion evident in his eyes
“Drunk words are sober thoughts and all that, so why don’t you tell me why you’re so upset that you had to go get drunk?”

She narrowed her eyes, wobbling a little in the pavement

“Like you don’t know, why are you even here juggie. I assumed you’d be cuddling your girlfriend right now.”

His eyes widened comically
“ my girlfriend?”

“Oh ginger, I love how your delicious lips taste just like plastic, oh that’s right they are plastic! Let me cuddly you in your rabbit coat. She’s an animal killer, did you know that juggie? I love animals, I would never wear one But you like her instead of me.” She pouted ,as he went to catch her before she fell

“Woah what are you even talking about? Ginger Lopez? You think I like ginger Lopez? Maybe you’re more drunk than I thought.” He gripped her by the shoulders

“Yes I am drunk. Yes I am very drunk. Am I lying? No. every one can see it Jughead, it’s fine I’ll just stare it you from afar like I’ve been doing for five months, you don’t even notice, you don’t even notice me.” She was crying now and every piece of jugheads heart broke, he grabbed her face, Hiding his wince at the alcohol on her breath

“I notice you bets, I notice everything about you.”

She leaned into his palm

“If you noticed you would have known, I was in love with you.”

His heart leapt out of his chest.

“You’re drunk.”

“Drunk words , sober thoughts and all that” she giggled.

He smiled softly

He loved her more than anything but he was not about to have this conversation, with the very tipsy blonde in front of him

“I love you too Betty, and we will discuss this further in the morning, when you’re head is throbbing and you want to bury your self in your bed forever. And that is your punishment.”

She sighed

“Ay ay captain!”

He rolled his eyes reaching for her hand.

It was gonna be a long night

Auston Matthews - Different

Anon: Could you do an Auston Matthews imagine about his first playoff goal? 😍
Anon: Don’t know if your requests are open but if you have a chance could you write a smutty Auston Matthews one with the song Lights On by Shawn Mendes as the inspo?

A/N: Decided to combine two requests and GUYS I’m still so happy about the game I wrote this so quick

Warning/s: After smut because I’m terrible at writing actual smut

Word count: 818 (needed a little bit of a shorter imagine after all the long ones)

Song/s: the song this is based off of, and Feel Good - Gryffin

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Archie x Reader: Love And Other Drugs

Warnings: bad drugs n bad boys (with a good archie)
Requested: yes

A/N: This sounds like a total bad thing but this imagine is v fluffy I promise

*Your POV*

“Betty, should I wear the red shirt or the blue shirt?” Tonight was the big end-of-summer party and I felt like it was my night to finally get with Archie Andrews. Archie and I have been flirting all summer and it was clear that he had feelings for me like I had for him, but neither of us had said anything. I thought that since Archie would be at the party tonight I could go for it, and if it didn’t work out, I could say it was the liquor talking.

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The Note ~ Draco Malfoy imagine

Originally posted by imagine-everything41


I love you writings so much. Could you please do an imagine where the reader (Griffindor) is best friends with Draco Malfoy and decides to write him an anonymous note expressing her feelings towards him but then he later tell the reader about the note mockingly not knowing it was from her?! I’m sorry if it’s really confusing >.


~The Note~

Throughout your 4 years at hogwarts, there was only one person who you ever called your best friend, and that one person was Draco Malfoy.

Yes, that cocky, Slytherin boy who seemed to hate everyone. And although that was partly true, he didn’t hate you. Not one bit. Of course, you didn’t completely like him when you met him.

You two became acquainted in your first year potions class. You two sat at the same table and were partnered up for nearly every project. When you first started talking to him, he was, of course, extremely cocky and full of himself, which made you a little less motivated to be friends with him.

But, as time passed, you learned there was more to him than that hard exterior, and you begun hanging out more and more. Soon, the two of you became inseparable.


Tomorrow night was the Yule Ball, and it seemed to be the only thing anyone was talking about; girls gushed over their dresses and who they thought would ask them to the ball. Except for you. You had decided to stay in. Which Draco didn’t like at all.

“What do you mean you’re not going?!” He whined.

“I mean: ‘I’m not going.’ It’s as simple as that. I don’t want to get all dressed up and wear painful heels for some silly dance,” you answered, not looking up from your potions essay.

Draco snatched your quill from your hand. “Hey! Come on, I need to finish my essay!”

“No, you need to go to the ball! You’re my best friend, who else is gonna be my date?”

“Oh, Draco. Don’t you know you have a whole line of girls just dying for you to ask them?” You said sarcastically.

“I hate you,” he scowled playfully.

“I love you too, Draco,” you winked. The two of you locked eyes for a few seconds, causing your cheeks to turn pink. Quickly, you turned back to your essay.

That part definitely wasn’t sarcastic. You loved him. Yes, in a best friend kind of way, but lately, you’ve been feeling… More…

You weren’t sure if it was how he spoke to you, or the way he looked at you, or… The way he was there for you when no one else was. The way he’d make you laugh when you were down.

But what you did know was that you loved Draco Malfoy. You 100% wanted to go to the ball with him. Just not as his best friend. As his girlfriend.

“Tonight. I’ll tell him tonight,” you said to yourself.


Finally, the night everyone had been waiting for; the Yule Ball.

Everyone in the school was getting ready, including you. You had changed your mind about going with a little persuasion from a certain person.

Last night, you had left a note in Draco’s bag. It was anonymous, but you told him how you felt about him; about the way he made you feel. You told him you loved him. You were worried that he’d hate the note since he wasn’t one to really acknowledge his feelings.

You quickly shook the thought from your head and continued getting ready. Your mother had sent you an elegant, floor-length dress in your favorite color and a sparkling necklace to match.

You were ready.


As soon as you stepped into the Great Hall, all eyes fell on you. The boys ogled at you, the girls whispered over how magnificent you looked, and finally, there stood Draco, wide-eyed, completely blown away. He immediately walked up to you.

“(Y/N)… You look… Wow…” he breathed. He quickly cleared his throat. “You look stunning.”

“Thanks,” you blushed. “I love your dress robes. You look great,” you said awkwardly.

“Thank you.”

An awkward silence fell between the two of you.

“So, guess what?” Draco asked, breaking the silence.


He pulled out a folded up piece of parchment from his dress robes and held it up.

It was your note.

“W-what’s that?” You stuttered, trying to play dumb.

“I found it in my bag last night. It’s a love note.”

“Who do you think wrote it?”

“Probably bloody Pansy.”

Your heart dropped. “You think?”

“I’m not entirely sure. I don’t think she’d write something this cheesy. Look at this one part: ‘I get lost in your eyes every time you look at me and I melt whenever I hear you say my name.’ It’s mad, right?” He laughed, looking at the note once more.

Your face turned red. “I have to go,” you choked out, holding back your tears. You turned around and walked out of the Great Hall.

“Wait, (Y/N)!” Draco called out, but you were gone.

Embarrassed and flustered, you let your tears fall as you pulled off your heels and made way for the astronomy tower.

As soon as you got there, you put down your heels and leaned against the railing, looking up at the stars, allowing more hot tears to fall.

“It was you,” said a soft voice.

You whipped your head around and your eyes met with a pair of deep blue ones.

“Draco, I-” you started wiping away your tears.

“You wrote the note,”

“How long did it take for you to figure that out?” You asked bitterly, turning back to the railing.

He came over and stood next to you. “Not long after you left.”

You were quiet and you didn’t look at him.

“(Y/N), I wasn’t making fun of the note because I thought it was cheesy. I just… I-I didn’t want you to think that- okay, if another girl had written this, I didn’t want you to think I liked them… None of this is making sense, bloody hell…” he stammered, running his fingers through his hair.

You finally looked back at him and locked eyes with his once more.

“I love you, (Y/N).” He took a step closer to you.


He got closer again until your faces were merely centimeters apart. “I love you,” he repeated, his lips slightly brushing against yours as he spoke.

You didn’t say anything. Instead, you grabbed him by the collar and pulled him into a kiss. He wasted no time wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you closer to him. You ran your fingers through his hair as the kiss got deeper. You both eventually broke away, completely breathless.

“I love you too, Draco.”

Thank you for requesting!

Muse - “Crazy Hypotheticals”

oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!! an update!!!!!!! finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i’m so sorry this took forever it’s almost 5am as i’m writing this and i love u and i really hope u like it because if you don’t or do, pls let me know bc my heart grows when you do and if u hate it i still wanna hear from ya bc i love a good roast !!!!
also: i hit 200 followers and i know it may not seem like much to some of you but i’m so new here and your support as been OVERWHELMING i absolutely adore all of you thank you thank you thank you thank you
this !! is !! 4 !! u !! og bitches !!!!


summary: *to the tune of ‘what’s this’ from a nightmare b4 christmas* first date? first date!! there’s magic in the air! first date, firs- wait!!!! Karen, what should i wear!!!!!!!!!!
word count: 5600+ lmao kill me 
warnings: swearing !! as per usual i’m sorry yall i cannot help myself - also drinking, bad dancing, some terrible spanglish!!! lots of stuttering !!!! terribly formatted texting + facetime, lots of dopey smiles + way too many commas

part one / part two / part three 


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We live in the same block of flats but haven’t ever talked and Sunday morning we were both doing the walk of shame and had to stand in the lift together.

The walk of shame.

How you dreaded having to do the embarrassing task. You had been ever so fortunate of having gone so many years without having to do a walk of shame.

Now you found yourself walking to your apartment building at six in the morning. The streets were mostly empty. You were glad that you didn’t have people judging you. You already felt humiliated enough.

The bar that you went to the night before was one that wasn’t too far from your apartment. You went with a couple of your friends to celebrate one of their birthdays when you were approached by a handsome man. One thing led to another and you ended up at his place.

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I wasn’t going to initially write a Valentines Day story for Harry but it’s sparked up on over the last few hours and I want to get it out and try to work through this bloody writers block because it’s so horrible. 

It’s a day early, I know, but, who cares? We all love some lovey-dovey Harry so there isn’t a day where it shouldn’t be written. ;)

Italics indicate to a flashback. Credit to the owner of the pictures used as visuals throughout and towards the end of the story. 

This definitely isn’t my best story but I feel like I owe you a (slightly late!) Valentines story with Harry. 

Enjoy. xx

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Love Unintentional (Part 2)

Word Count: 2842

A/M: So this is Part Two of my story *Love Unintentional (Part 1). The first one went extremely well and I’m so happy for it, thank you! :) There will be more parts to this story, look for them the next coming fridays! I hope you like it! Tell me if you do! Xx

*Other Parts: Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

The driver pulled up to the curb on your side as a red carpet welcomed you to the premiere. Suddenly you felt butterflies in your stomach as you looked out the window to the crowd of people, fans and cameras. With the thoughts of your boyfriend and relationship in peril still in your mind, you began to feel sick. 


“Hey.” You heard Harry call your attention, “It’ll be okay. You’ll do fine." 

"But what if they ask a question that I don’t know how to answer? What if something slips and this huge lie is out there? If that happens we’re both screwed.” You frowned now feeling more anxious than ever.

He just simply smiled, “Just stay with me when doing interviews. I’ll handle it." 

"What are you going to say then?" 

"We’ll tell them the truth." You raised an eyebrow not understanding what the hell he meant by that. But he just shrugged it off, "If you’re ever feeing anxious or nervous, just come over to me. I’ve got you.” He assured which made you feel a lot better. 

He smiled, “Now stay right here. I’ll get the door for you.” It was then that you realized that he had held your hand the whole drive as he finally let it go. 

You felt yourself blush, until he finally showed up as he opened the door to your side and smiled, “It’s now or never love.” He said as he reached his hand out to you. 

You smiled and took it as you stepped out of the car with him arm in arm. 

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The Wedding Planner (Part 2)

Summary: Being a wedding planner is all fun and games until suddenly you’re saved from an accident by the man of your dreams–later discovering that he happens to be your latest client’s fiancé.

Author’s Note: at last! part 2 of this series. thank you all so much for all the positive feedback I’ve been receiving, it means the world to me. I’ve had to re-post this a couple of times because it seems as if Tumblr is just preventing me from uploading new things I guess. Hope you like!

Part 1

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When I Was Jungkook // JK x Reader

Formerly known as Salt and Pepper

This was a little random. I had the idea to write about what would happen if Jungkook and Y/N switched lives and bodies, and had to go through the other person’s life, kinda like Freaky Friday. I thought it’d be funny haha, but this one is a lil random. I loved writing it though, so let me know if you want a part 2?

Genre: comedy, fluff, i can make this somewhat smutty in future if ya’ll want hehe
Jungkook x reader
Length: 9k words

YOU closed the lid of your laptop with a sigh, pushing it to the side and running your fingers through your hair. Leaning back in your chair and eyeing the clutter of your desk, you basked in the realisation that now you could finally go to sleep. You looked over at the clock next to your bed to find that it was 2:43am. You had only just finished everything now. And you still knew that soon enough you’d be assigned another twenty things.

Being a university student meant that you were given barely time to even breathe around all the work your professors set for you. What with your job added onto all of that, the amount of stress you dealt with on the daily was crazy. But you dealt with it regardless because you were passionate about what you were studying, and if this is what you had to do to reach the place you wanted to get to then so be it.

Your job was one thing you were less enthusiastic about, but that couldn’t be helped. Your tuition wasn’t going to pay itself.

Besides all the stress and work, you liked to think you were a cheerful and optimistic person. You were reasonably confident that at some point your life would stop being as damn repetitive as it was now. Work, lecture, study, sleep, repeat. You hated to admit that your life was dull, but it really was. There wasn’t much else to say about it, if you were honest.

Pulling yourself out of your desk chair hurt far too much. You’d been sitting still there for so long that your back absolutely killed now that you’d straightened out. Your bedroom door opened as you sat down on your bed, allowing your dog to wander lazily into the room. He immediately came to you and rose up to rest his paws on your thighs, trying to lovingly lick your face. You pushed his head away from you with a soft chuckle, mindful of the fact that the rest of your family would definitely be asleep by now. Cookie must have gotten bored of staying in your sleeping sister’s room again, which would be why he was now here trying to lick your cheek as you tried to keep his tongue off of your skin.

Eventually you fought him off and managed to lie down with your head resting on your pillow. Your poor rejected Cookie took the hint that you were going to sleep and curled up in a fluffy ball next to your body. You lay there for a minute petting his curly fur for a few minutes, just thinking. Right before your eyes fluttered closed, you wished for the fiftieth time that your life would change from dull and repetitive to somewhat eventful. At least you could dream of what it would be like.

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Okay but what about a McKirk AU where one of them saves the other from an embarrassing situation even though they absolutely don't know each other?

  • Being a bartender is not so bad. The pay is decent, the company usually okay, too. Being a bartender in wedding venues? Not always as great. But the good thing about it is that mostly bridesmaids are easy, groomsmen are horny, general visitors are drunk, and Jim being attracted to mostly anything with a pulse; that works out pretty well. Plus, everyone dresses up nicely. Except maybe Leonard, who looks already drunk when he arrives at the wedding reception.
  • “You familiar with the bride or groom?” Jim asks, pushing a glass of strong whiskey in his direction; something Leonard gratefully accepts. “Yeah, you could say that. That’s my ex-wife and my ex-best friend,” Leonard replies, and Jim frowns. “Yikes. Why are you here?” “I’m the better man,” Leonard replies, “that, and my daughter asked me to be here.” “Ah,” Jim says, briefly hesitating to refill Leonard’s glass, but he does so anyway. “I’m sorry about that, man. Weddings are usually pretty great.” “Oh, it’s fantastic,” Leonard says, “I don’t have to wake up next to her anymore, nor do I have to care for a guy who’s pretended to be my friend for the last 20 years.” Yikes. This guy’s a downer. A shame, too, because Jim can sense such a caring person underneath all of that. Especially when Joanna rushes towards him. It’s like that whole, shitty situation is briefly forgotten - as is his whiskey, and instead he focuses on his girl for a while. Comments on her pretty red dress and the flowers in her hair, and promises they go out together again soon. 
  • They’re gone for a while and Jim doesn’t think much about it. But Leonard is most definitely drunk, a little annoyed, and clearly hurt, too, when he returns. “Do you want some water?” Jim asks him, but Leonard shakes his head. “No, something stronger.“ Jim is about to politely object to that, but another guy walks in and pats Leonard on the shoulder. “How about that ceremony, huh?” “Yes, congratulations,” Leonard says, “you’re sleeping with a witch for the rest of your life. But considering you did so behind my back while we were still married tells me you’re going to be very happy together.” “At least I didn’t drown myself in work because I don’t know how to be a husband or a father-” “You’re not a father,” Leonard interrupts. “What do you have going for you right now, huh? Poor job performance, no wife, a kid only every other weekend. What do you have that makes you so great? Nothing.” “Me,” Jim replies, so out of the blue both Leonard and his ex best friend (or whatever) look confused. “He’s got me,” Jim says, “Leonard and I. We’ve been together for a while.” Leonard looks even more confused now, especially when Jim leans in over the bar to press a quick kiss to the other’s lips, “and I don’t appreciate you talking to him like that. You use that tone on your wife, too? For your sake, I hope not.“ 
  • “Why’d you do that?” Leonard asks Jim once they’re alone again, and Jim shrugs. He shrugs, because honestly, he has no idea why he just said that. “I don’t like people talking down on other people like that. Plus, I figured, for the sake of tonight, what does a little lie matter? Not like you’re seeing a lot of these people on a regular basis. Let them think you date this handsome man,” he adds, gesturing at himself. Leonard laughs at that, and when he does, Jim knows it’s his personal mission to keep this man smiling. Because honestly, he looks so much more handsome like that. “Fine,” Leonard says, “I could date a bartender.” “A handsome bartender,” Jim corrects him, and Leonard smiles lightly. “Very handsome.”
  • There are other bartenders present, luckily, so Jim takes some time to just sit with Leonard and talk. Initially just for silly dating lies, but Jim finds that the two of them have a lot in common. They laugh at the same kind of jokes, drink the same drinks, and apparently go out in the same districts. “How come I’ve never seen you before?” Leonard asks, “seems like I would’ve remembered seeing you.” “Because of my strapping good looks?” “You know you get less attractive every time you say stuff like that,” Leonard replies with a grin, and Jim smiles. He reaches out, hand on Leonard’s arm. “Hey, but, maybe you would’ve noticed me if you weren’t so focused on your shitty choice of friends. Don’t let this charade keep you down, yeah? You know which couples stay the happiest? The ones with small, genuine receptions. Where it’s about uniting families instead of showing off the debt you’ll be paying off for the rest of your marriage - weddings are expensive,” Jim says. “You learn all that from being a bartender?” Leonard asks, and Jim shrugs. “I actually organize events. Like weddings. Birthdays. Anniversaries, etc. Bartending is something I enjoy doing because I meet interesting people.” “Handsome people,” Leonard comments, and Jim laughs. “Very.”
  • Jim uses up his break time to join Leonard on the dance floor, where they mostly dance closely together and continue to talk, joke, and laugh at the stupidest things. Leonard does get a few questions from family members. How long have you been together? “Three months,” Leonard replies smoothly, and Jim just rolls with it. “I was instantly smitten,” Jim says, “though he’s a bit grumpy from time to time, isn’t he?” “More like all the time.” “I can hear all of this, I’m right here,” Leonard replies to both Jim and the family member they’re talking to.
  • Jim dances with Joanna for a while, too. They don’t lie about their relationship to her. Instead, Jim says he’s a friend who’s only just discovering how great her daddy is. Because that’s the truth. There’s so much more to Leonard than that drunken miserable pile who walked in earlier. And when Jim returns to the bar, Leonard joins so they can talk more. Joanna sits at the bar next to them, quietly drawing or playing her game boy while sipping on an alcohol-free mocktail Jim has made for her. It’s just different kinds of fruit juices and sodas, but she loves it. Loves especially the tiny umbrella and pieces of fruit in it.
  • Surprisingly, Leonard stays almost to the very end of the night. Hes gone for a few minutes when Joanna leaves with her uncle and aunt, but he’s back for another drink and Jim’s company - something Jim’s happy to give him. “Hey,” Leonard says, when the others start cleaning up and it’s definitely time to leave, “I had a great time. I just wanted to thank you.” “Oh, that’s no problem,” Jim shrugs it off casually. “I’m serious. I know this was all pretend, but if you ever want to recreate some of those dates you told my family about-” Jim laughs at that, walking around the bar to face Leonard properly. “How about instead of those stories, we make a few of our own?” Jim suggests, reaching out for Leonard’s phone to put his own number in it. “When are you free?” Leonard asks. “This week?” “Or tonight,” Leonard says, “I noticed you haven’t eaten, and I know a great burger joint-” “Burgers,” Jim says, “I’m sold.” He smiles when Leonard leans in for another kiss. It definitely feels more genuine each time it happens. Which, probably, has been happening more than necessary this night. “Burgers and handsome company,” Leonard corrects him, and Jim laughs, again. “Very.”
x | (m)

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• pairing: min yoongi x reader
• genre/warnings: smuut, oral, fingering, slight dirty talk, light orgasm denial, double stimulation?? sin, sin and more sin
• words: 3,475
summary: in which yoongi comes home late and misses you, waking you up from your slumber just to show you how much
• note. inspired by this song here and, also named after it. This fucked me up tenfold, I need to vent

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Love Unintentional (Part 3)

Originally posted by irinagudronchik

Word Count: 3183

A/M: The first part has become one of my most popular posts for a story and thank you so much for that! ❤️ Here’s Part 3. As always, if you like it, let me know :)

Other Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

You went back to your place only three hours after you had found out your boyfriend’s secret.

You had made it to a bench in a quiet park nearby, wiping away the endless tears that came with the pain. 

The place was quiet and the only people around were a couple nearby, playing fetch with their dog. 

You watched them as they smiled at each other, as the big Labrador ran across the field and caught the frisbee in the air. 

They looked so happy. You thought, We used to be happy like that. But then this all happened. I fucked up.

However you looked up in realization, as you let your thoughts sink in.

He’s the only that fucked up. NOT me. Why should I leave? That's my home, under my name. He’s the one that fucked up and I am NOT going to just run away. 

A sort of strength had been instilled in you. One you hadn’t realized that you had. Whether fuelled by anger or adrenaline you didn’t care. He was making life difficult the last few months and you didn’t deserve any of this.

You walked in and scoffed at his confused look, as he wondered where you had disappeared to that morning. But you confronted him about it, and you didn’t give him a chance to give you that same excuse he had given you for months. 

“You’ve been cheating on me! Don’t you fucking deny it! I’ve seen that number for months [Y/BF/N]. Months! And I believed you! I believed your stupid lie saying it was just a "coworker”. That I shouldn’t talk or ask you questions cause it’s comparable to mine and Harry’s situation. I thought I was paranoid! But I was right! I was fucking right!“ Tears had formed in your eyes but your anger kept you going, as the longer you looked at him the more you wanted to punch him in the face. 

"I only did it because you were slipping away from me [Y/N]. You were spending too much time with him. Talking about him.”

Your mouth fell open at his words, you were so angry you could barely think, “[Y/BF/N]. You’ve said some stupid shit before. But seriously? That is the fucking stupidest thing I have ever heard in my entire life." 

"So what? You’re gonna walk out? Finally get to be with him? I know it’s what you want.”


You continued to look at him almost laughing at his stupidity, “Oh my god! If you think I’m walking out you’re dead wrong. You get the fuck out!” You said pointing to the door, he gave a confused look, “For months! Want to enlighten me on how many months exactly?” You asked sternly, not sure if you were even ready for the answer.  

He suddenly had a look of guilt on his face, “4." 

You closed your eyes, the pain of that knowledge sinking in, "Four months… FOUR FUCKING MONTHS!” You said now yelling, “FOUR MONTHS YOU WERE CHEATING ON ME. Cause what? You felt you should’ve been more successful than me? Because I made friends that weren’t you? FOR FOUR MONTHS YOU WERE FUCKING SOMEONE BEHIND MY BACK, ACCUSED ME OF CHEATING ON YOU WHEN YOU WERE REALLY DOING IT TO ME?!” And suddenly you realized something, “All these months when you asked me if I was cheating on you. Accusing me of being too close to Harry. You were trying to cover for yourself! You were trying to find anything you could so you couldn’t be the bad guy weren’t you?”

He suddenly couldn’t look at you and remained quiet, and that was it, “Get the fuck out!” You said now physically pushing him away, not able to put up with his presence anymore. “GET THE FUCK OUT!” And you managed to get him out the front door. 

“But [Y/N]. I live here. My things-" 

You grabbed the door and gave him a look, "Not anymore you don’t. Never come back.” And you slammed the door in his face. 

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Swan Queen prompt: hesitancy

Thanks for the prompt!

Regina lay flat on her back. She was heaving and breathing heavy with the exertion she had just put herself through. Her skin was slicked with sweat, and she felt a pleasant lassitude seeping through her muscles.

She looked to her side, and gazed in wonder at the sight before her. Emma was doing much the same as Regina was; lying naked on her back, panting and trying to wrap her head around the amazing sex they’d just had. Emma smiled, then turned to face Regina.

“That was the best sex we’ve had yet.” Emma whispered, and Regina couldn’t disagree.

But she also couldn’t quite find the courage to speak either. It was the same every time. Emma would call her late at night, and Regina would let her poof herself into her bed. They wouldn’t talk, they’d just fall into each other. They’d spend several hours between the sheets, bringing each other to as many peaks as they had stamina for.

Then Emma would stand from the bed. She would put her clothes back on. She would say “Good night, Regina,” quietly, so quietly Regina was never sure she was meant to hear. Then she would leave. And Regina would begin to cry, wondering if one day she would ever be brave enough to ask Emma to stay.

Her breathing was beginning to regulate, and she knew it wouldn’t be long before Emma stood. Still, she couldn’t quite spur herself to act. She warred with herself, with her traitorous mind that laid out every possible way this could go wrong.

Finally, she couldn’t listen to it anymore. And she couldn’t handle another night of crying herself to sleep. Slowly, so slowly, she turned and reached her arm across the gap between them. Hesitantly, she placed it across Emma’s middle.

Emma jolted in surprise, and Regina retracted her arm as though it had been bitten. She winced, and she knew the tears were definitely coming tonight. She closed her eyes, feeling the rejection sting like alcohol on raw skin, and waited for Emma to just go. But instead, she felt a hand close gently around her wrist, then tug her arm until it was placed over Emma’s middle once more.

Regina’s eyes flew open, and she watched in awe as Emma scooted closer to her, and continued to tug on Regina’s arm until she was nestled right into Emma’s side. Regina was stiff, not sure what was happening, and wondering if maybe she hadn’t repulsed Emma by trying a post coital cuddle after all.

Emma began stroking her back, drawing little circles on the soft skin there, and Regina found herself relaxing into the embrace. She even felt brave enough to tangle her leg between Emma’s, who responded by humming quietly.

“Stay.” Regina breathed into the skin of Emma’s collar bone.

And Emma placed a kiss to the top of her head, and said, “Okay.”

JB Imagine - Slow

A/N - A bit of a later upload again so apologies for that! I’ve not exactly had the best of days today so I’m not feeling very happy or motivated enough to bring myself to write too much. Hopefully you enjoy anyway.

Can I request for a JB imagine? You’ve been dating for a few months and are chilling together at home. Until JB tries to make the move. Things starts to get heated up but you stop him because you are not ready to take things further. He apologises for rushing things.

Jaebum, was staying over since he had a day off the next day. The two of you were cuddled up on the sofa watching one of your favourite tv shows and it was just a normal night in for you both. You and Jaebum had been together for a few months now and you really cared for him but something that did worry you was that the two of you hadn’t gone much further than making out. It made you nervous because you weren’t sure if you were ready to go further just yet and Jaebum would feel offended or not like you as much for it. No matter how much the logical side of you told yourself that he wouldn’t think that, the less rational side made you paranoid. Despite your concerns, you found it better to just try and stop worrying and let the conversation come naturally. 

Beside you, Jaebum was feeling antsy. He shared the same caring feelings you had for him but was definitely ready to take things further. While he hadn’t planned for it, he realised tonight was a better night than any to test the waters since you would both have a day off the next day so didn’t have to worry about waking up late or getting distracted in the morning. Jaebum’s arm was already around your body but his other hand was free to trail softly on your thigh. You didn’t think much of it and just thought Jaebum was being a little touchier than usual. Some nights he’d get like that but nothing much else would come from it. However tonight was different. Jaebum leaned in to kiss your cheek, slowly reaching closer to your lips. You giggled at the gesture, turning your head to return the kiss. Jaebum took that as a sign to heat things up even more.

Feeling Jaebum’s hands exploring your body was a nice feeling but you weren’t ready for things to continuing escalating the way they were. Your heart pounded and you felt yourself tense up. There wasn’t an easy way for you to stop this without feeling guilty towards Jaebum. Luckily for you, he could feel that you weren’t into it. 
“Is everything okay, (Y/N)? It’s okay if you want me to stop.”
“Uh, yeah. Sorry, Jaebum but I’m just not ready for that yet.”
“No don’t you apologise, love! If it’s anyone who should apologise it’s me. Sorry for rushing things without asking if you were ready. We can go as slow as you want to.”
“But I feel bad knowing you want to take things further.”
“I only want to take things further if you do as well. I don’t want to rush you into anything you’re not ready for,” he said, bringing his hand to gently stroke your face, brushing strands of hair from your cheek. He smiled sweetly at you, trying to reassure you that he didn’t mind if you wanted to take things slow. Because he knew that you’d tell him when you were ready and whether that day was soon or months away, he’d be there for you regardless.

Realize -- Chapter Ten “Decisions”

Sebastian StanxReader and Tom HiddlestonxReader?

I’ve been reading too many imagines on @theartofimagining13 and some from my own silly brain … So… I couldn’t stop writing and this happened… Here’s Chapter Ten! :)


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#TeamTom (Sorry you guys, I love you!)

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chapter one | chapter two | chapter three | chapter four | chapter five | chapter six | chapter seven | chapter eight | chapter nine

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Passive-Aggressive Partnership

@coveofmemoriesPart 1 / Part 2

Part 3


Spencer walked out to the car, ready to return to the team with the new-yet-old information; the latest victim had suffered the same abuse as the other two. After a short drive back to the Bureau, he parlayed the information he’d learned to the rest of the team. “The first victim was probably killed with the butt of the broken vase we found at the crime scene. As for the other two victims, I think we’ll probably find a trophy of some kind in a dumpster near the crime scenes. The measurements Y/N took of their blunt force injuries show that a trophy with a squared-off base is the most likely candidate for our murder weapon.” For a split second, Garcia beeped into the room, claiming she had found a connection between the three victims. 

“The kind of rage that this unsub had starting with the first victim doesn’t just come out of nowhere,” Hotch started, looking down the hallway as Garcia teetered in on her impossibly-high heels. “When we find him, we’ll undoubtedly uncover other complaints that no one took seriously.”

“As always you are correct, my liege,” Garcia said. “I found a link between the three victims. All three had been frequenting a local career center after being laid off. I used the basics of the profile to narrow down employees, and as I suspected, they were all helped by George Van Der Vennan. If the crime scenes weren’t so unbelievably brutal, I might actually feel bad for him, but I can’t because he’s a horrible human being. I just don’t understand why people do the things they do. I mean…”

“Penelope,” Hotch said sternly.

“Right, sir. Sorry. Anyway, Van Der Vennan is 41 years old and currently lives with his 67-year-old aunt Betty. He was raised by a single mother, Betty’s younger sister Margaret, who had George at the age of 18; she’s since overdosed on heroin. In order to make ends meet, she worked part-time as a cashier and part-time as a hairdresser, which was my first indication because Y/N said that the weapon used for the sexual assault was likely a curling iron, right?” she asked, turning toward Spencer. With his confirmation, she continued. “CPS was called on more than one occasion because the neighbors claimed they could hear screaming, but every time they arrived, George would say that there was nothing wrong and the authorities would leave. The nail in the proverbial coffin? I looked up a picture of his mother and she has a very distinctive nose. If the blunt force is to their noses, it makes sense that his own mother has a peculiar-looking nose…right?”

Morgan put his arm around Garcia’s shoulder, pulling her into his embrace so he could kiss her on the head. “That’s our guy. You have an address?”

“Do I? Do I have an address?” she asked, her blonde hair bouncing as she feigned hurt. “Of course I do.” After handing Morgan the address, the team was out the door in flash. Hopefully, Van Der Vennan hadn’t already picked out his next victim. 


“George Van Der Vennan,” Morgan screamed as he knocked on the door, his gun cocked and ready to shoot. “Open up!” Instead of a gentleman around his age, an elderly woman, presumably his aunt, opened up, claiming that her nephew was down in the basement. 

“What did he do?” she asked meekly as the rest of the team shuffled in behind Morgan and started down the stairs to the unsub. She really had no clue. It was amazing how family could be so oblivious to the troubles of their loved ones. Undoubtedly, she was aware of the abuse he’d suffered at the hands of her sister, but judging by the look in her eyes, she had no inkling that he was up to anything sinister. 

As the last one down the stairs, Spencer watched, gun at the ready as Morgan called for him to stand up. Van Der Vennan glanced quickly at the basement window, probably wondering if he should try and make a break for it, but with six federal agents training their weapons on him, he had no chance, and he knew it. When he turned around, Morgan crossed the room, handcuffing his arms tightly behind his back.

After so many years with the Bureau, Spencer unfortunately knew what made these unsays tick, but on occasion, their savagery still took him by surprise. Morgan made his way up the stairs with Van Der Vennan, but he stopped himself dead in the center of the staircase, turning to read with the deadest of eyes. “She had to pay.”

“They weren’t your mother,” he said, knowing what the deranged man meant; he hated that he knew without clarification. “They were innocent young women that came to you for help.”

“Well they made a mistake then, didn’t they?” he said calmly, with the slightest smirk of knowing that betrayed his attempt at an insanity plea.

Spencer shoved him in the back up the rest of the stairs, swallowing hard as he went down to where the man lived. Morgan, Rossi and JJ went up with the unsub to handle things on that end, while Spencer, Emily and Hotch stayed downstairs to look for the assault weapon. 

The hiding space he’d kept it in was almost cliched. Conspicuously hidden in a box under the bed was an older model curling iron. From the looks of it, it hadn’t been used for its intended purpose for years. Hotch held out an evidence bag as Spencer dumped the iron wand into it, handing it off to JJ so that she could close it. “Mrs. Van Der Vennan?” JJ asked once they returned upstairs. “Do you recognize this?”

At the sight of the wand, the woman started to cry. “That was my sister’s favorite curling iron she used at work,” she croaked. “It was the one she used to hit him with. I couldn’t do anything to help him. I’m so sorry.”

“This is not your fault,” JJ said, placing her hand on her shoulder.

After handing over the evidence and the unsub to the local authorities, the team headed back to the Bureau to finish up their paperwork for the night. It turned out the only one who actually stayed was Hotch. Everyone else was too tired, sleepily walking out of the bullpen thankful that they’d stopped Van Der Vennan before he had a chance to hurt anyone else.


The case was over.

The adult in Spencer wanted to go and talk to Y/N - ask her what happened and what it meant - if anything.

The child in him however wanted to avoid all awkwardness, go home, go to bed, and forget this ever happened. 

But the adult won out. Before driving toward her office, he texted her to see if she was still there. Thank god she was, because he just wanted to get this awkwardness over it and either do something about it or forget it entirely. “Hello Y/N,” he said, opening the door to the dimly lit room. Apparently, she was also finishing up paperwork for the case.

When she looked up, something had changed. The eyes that had looked so hard in the past looked softer now, but he honestly wasn’t sure if that was because his brain was looking for something or because there actually was a change in her. “You caught him, right?”

“Yea, thankfully,” he stuttered. “When we looked in his basement we found the name of his new clients, so he was definitely not going to stop.”

“The nature of the business, I guess,” she said, taking a deep breath and stilling the pen on the paper. He could see she was tired, whether it was just tonight or the job in general he wasn’t quite sure. He was about to bring things up, when she saved him the trouble. “What exactly happened the other day?”

Spencer opened his mouth to speak, but at first nothing came out. “I don’t know. I was pretty sure we hated each other. But that night, it sure didn’t feel like it.”

“Me too,” she chuckled, putting her paperwork in a lockable drawer for the night. “I can’t take anymore tonight. I need to go home. Another question. Do you regret what happened?”

“No,” he said honestly and without thought. When he stopped to think about, he realized he didn’t. Maybe they clashed so much because they were more alike than they wanted to admit. “No, I don’t. Do you?”

Reaching behind him toward the coat hook, she grabbed her peacoat and hung up the clinical lab coat. “No. In addition to your big brain and hot bod, you’re a good kisser. But I am wary about taking this any further. Given that we work together, I mean.”

“You know a recent study has shown that nearly 15 percent of people meet their long-term significant others at work,” he said without thinking. Of course he would know that. “And you think I’m hot?”

She laughed as they walked outside into the cool night air. As she tugged her coat tighter around her body, she said it again. “Of course I think you’re hot. Who doesn’t?”


“You don’t see the way people look at you, Dr. Reid,” she replied. “Let’s try this. Kiss me again. If we both feel the way we did the other day, we’ll try a date. If not, we won’t.”

They stepped next to her car and he opened the door, bringing his hand to the right side of her face and leaning in to press a soft kiss to her lips. Much more tender than the other night. A sigh escaped her as their lips met and in response her hand snaked its way around his waist. “Tomorrow night?” she whispered after breaking the kiss. 

“I’ll probably be in the office late tomorrow night,” he said regretfully. “But the night after?”

“Difficult as always, Dr. Reid.”

“S- Spencer,” he stammered. “Please, call me Spencer.”

“Difficult as always, Spencer,” she said with a smile. “I’ll see you then.”

Make Good Decisions // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: family fluff, domestic fluff, slight angst, parent!phan

Words: 2.3k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: swearing, mentions of alcohol

Summary: Dan and Phil have noticed that their youngest child, Izzy, has been acting strange ever since she started her new school. What could be the problem?

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