tonight in la

  • Hamilton: It's alright Burr, I wish you brought this girl with you tonight Burr
  • Burr: You're very kind but I'm afraid it's unlawful, sir.
  • Hamilton: What do you mean?
  • Burr: She's married
  • Hamilton: I see
  • Burr: She's married to a british officer
  • Hamilton: ¡NO ME DIGA!
a long list of my favorite films (in no specific order): almost famous (2000) electrick children (2012) the dreamers (2003) the royal tenenbaums (2001) submarine (2010) empire records (1995) la belle personne (2008) lords of dogtown (2005) palo alto (2013) blue is the warmest color (2013) eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004) tonight you’re mine (2011) kids (1995) the perks of being a wallflower (2012) into the wild (2007) pulp fiction (1994) my week with marilyn (2011) sixteen candles (1984) white oleander (2002) amelie (2001) stuck in love (2012) the virgin suicides (1999) reality bites (1994) adore (2013) frances ha (2012) prozac nation (2001) cruel intentions (1999) the breakfast club (1985) mr. nobody (2009) singles (1992) clueless (1995)
skam fic rec masterpost

here’s a huge fic rec list of some fics that i have read and am currently reading and im in love with

big thanks to fic writers! yall are amazing and so important to the fandom <3

(ps i’m so sorry i had to shorten up the summaries on some of them so it wouldnt be too long!!)

(pps i update this very frequently as i read so feel free to come back from time to time to look for any new fics!)

make sure you read the trigger warnings for some fics as they can get angsty

okay here we go :) happy reading <3

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