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I can’t focus on the mission if I’m worried about protecting Rose. Explain: I’m seeing Daniel Sousa but I’m hearing Jack Thompson.

being lazy is thinking about doing the thing and choosing not to do it

executive dysfunction is really wanting to do the thing but not being capable of doing the thing because you have a disorder of your frontal lobe that disrupts your cognitive processes.

a huge fucking shout out to all my peeps with executive function who want to do the thing, and know it’s important but can’t get around the mental block preventing them from starting.
Who stand in the bathroom for twenty minutes in the morning trying to turn on the tap to wash their face.
Who feel like they let people down every day because they can’t follow through with basic, everyday tasks and requests, especially ones that require multiple steps or follow-ups at a later date.
Who know the panic and self-hate when you tried for three weeks to start that assignment and now it’s due tomorrow.
Who live in a world where “I can’t” is always seen as “I won’t”.
Who live in a world where people only notice when they can’t do the thing and fall short of the mark.
Who never get any praise or acknowledgement of the sheer amount of effort it takes to function like a normal human being.
Who are constantly labelled lazy, disorganized, unhygienic, doesn’t try, doesn’t listen, doesn’t care. Who’s best isn’t good enough for anyone. Who are shamed for things they can’t control and can’t describe. 

Y’all are fucking angels. Never let the ignorance of others make you think any less of yourself. You are NOT lazy. You are NOT a failure. you are NOT a disappointment, you are a FIGHTER. You try so hard, and you do so well to keep up, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Stay strong, guys. We got this.

Hold me tight ( Teaser )

Synopsis : When money gets tight what do you do ? Become an escort of course, obviously. *awkward laugh*

A/N : Just putting it out there, the title has nothing to do with this serie. I’m just really bad at naming stuff as you may already know. This is a prologue or a teaser, whatever you would like to call it, to a mainly explicitly mature serie of 7 parts one for each member. So yeah, it will be complete smut, if you’re uncomfortable reading such content this is your warning.

||Teaser || Kim Namjoon || Kim SeokJin || Jeon Jungkook || Min Yoongi || Jung Hoseok pt 2 ||

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Day 0, 10 AM :

“ You will go through what we would like to call a 7 days trial in which you will be introduced to 7 men, of both different preferences and backgrounds, from who you will choose, eventually, who your permanent partner will be ” She pushed the contract towards you “ Of course, after the 7 days, you can either go on with the person of your choice or leave with the money that had been set ”

You scanned over the papers, having spent the past hour discussing the rules and the ‘job’ that you were recommended for by a friend who was already in the business with this same company. It didn’t take you that long to register that it was a confidentiality agreement, you looked up at her with a questioning gaze which she returned with a smile.

“ Our clients, as I’ve explained before, range from powerful people to famous people. Secrets aren’t to be spilled and whatever happens from the moment you stepped into the agency is to not leave it. It’s just a precaution for the security and secrecy of both the clients and you. That’s what every escort has to sign before starting, formalities ” She didn’t really leave you room to say anything, her way of speech was so well-articulated and assertive, probably why she had the job.

You fidgeted the pen in your fingers, biting your lips, before signing in your name and giving her back the papers.

“ I hope you understand everything that goes with the experience by now ” She casually added eying each paper on its own making sure you didn’t miss any of them.

“ Yeah, when can I start ?”

“ Your first meeting will be tomorrow, we’ll contact you with the meeting information by then ” She stood up offering her hand with the same board smile that both appealed and frightened you. You mimicked her actions by standing up as well reaching out to shake her hand.

“ See you in a week, Y/N, Make sure to enjoy this experience as much as you can ”

“ I’ll try to ” You nodded, smiling back.

“ I’m sure you will ” She whispered, playfully winking at you.

From the second you stepped out of her office you were 'officially’ an escort, which was just a fancy way to say that you were a prostitute for the higher class. It was your way to make fast, great, and easy money, that’s how your friend put it at least, and you needed just that. Paying tuition while living alone while hoping to still keep up the good grades was nearly impossible when holding down three underpaid part time jobs that barely helped you go through the month. You couldn’t deny that the pay they offered was quite tempting, especially with the possibility of it adding along, you just needed to come to terms with having to technically sell your body for it.


Day 1, 2PM :

“How bad can it really be ?” You thought while considering it once more. How bad would it be ? The doorbell rang, tearing you away from your thoughts. You opened the door to a delivery man, hidden completely behind one large box that he put down panting.

“ Miss Y/L/N ?” He breathed out between deep breaths, probably from the large amount of stairs it must have took him to get to your rooftop flat.

“ Y-yes, that’s me” You nodded, not expecting any packages today or anytime for that matter.

“ I need you to sign here, please ” He handed you the electronic pen, waiting for you impatiently.

You settled into dragging the box inside unable to pull it up, guiding it to the middle of the room and opening it there. Inside were seven flat boxes with sets of colorful lingerie, one different from the other and dresses. There was a little note on top of the first box from the woman who first greeted you the day before reading :

“Just a little gift to get you started”

                                                       - Stacey

“ Yeah, this is definitely something I could get used to ” You said, holding up one of the clean cut, expensive looking dresses. A notification, as if on timing, lit up your phone. You hurried to it having waited in anticipation all day for it.

[ Kim Namjoon, 27, Black

Hit Hotel, room 787, 9 PM  ]

Out of the seven boxes you clearly remembered the black lingerie, since it was the ones you liked the most amongst them. Black having always been your favorite color as well, it wasn’t that hard to guess that it had to do with the preferences of who you were meeting. Looking at them now, you saw the order they were put into and the number of them.






Dark blue

Light blue

“ They’re really meticulous with their work ” You thought to yourself, getting ready for the first meeting.

Maggie in cute maid outfit

Quick sketch for tonight I was going to draw luan but I was to tired to lazy and to late. Next time I’ll draw it


nice to meet you, 2017!

It’s funny how I can’t remember much from january to july at the end of each year (my life begins when summer vacation begins)

This year, I started doing lots of new things like learning the guitar or playing volleyball! I fell head first in the Haikyuu!! fandom (and Tsukkiyama hell) and well I’m really glad to have decided to make a tumblr account because it’s been really amazing so far!

Big big thanks to all my followers I hope you’ll all dream of eggplants tonight ❤

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Cheer up, buttercup!

Authors note: second fic on my page, about time I stopped being lazy right?? Overwatch fic tonight!
Summary: Overwatch McHanzo fic. The stresses and worries of the past and present are getting to Hanzo, Jesse can’t stand seeing him so upset. Comfort and fluff all around!!! Just a reminder; this is a tickle blog, this is a tickle fic. If you no like-y don’t read-y. Enjoy! Sorry for mistakes or just being a crappy writer!!

When McCree walked into the room, he had expected his boyfriend to be there. What he hadn’t expected was that he was there moping by himself, twirling one of his arrows in his hand, staring at the spinning haze of silver and blue thoughtfully. Hanzo’s hair was out of its usual ponytail, the black strands framing his saddened face, sunken into a comfortable looking chair.He always bottled up his emotions, McCree had known that from the beginning of their relationship, but what he learned later on was that if Hanzo didn’t allow the bottle to overflow, it would shatter. This was how he showed the first cracks in the glass. Though there wasn’t really any danger, McCree tried to approach quietly. He slowly leaned against the back of the chair.

“Darlin’, what’s troublin’ ya?” All he got was a grunt. The brunette frowned, gently spinning the chair around to have the archer face him. Hanzo didn’t fight it, looking up briefly before resuming his arrow spinning. Jesse knelt down in front of the chair, trying to catch Hanzo’s gaze. Chocolate brown eyes softened when upset amber ones met them. “Honey, what’s wrong?” The eldest Shimada nearly broke then, tearing up for a moment before looking away. “It’s nothing. I am alright, Jesse.” “Bull.” The raven head looked at Jesse, the remark startling him with how sudden it was. “I’ve only seen you like this a couple times before, n’ I know that there has t'be something wrong for this to happen.” He suddenly pulled Hanzo foreword, wrapping his arms around him. The archer didn’t fight this either, he leaned into the warm touch, tightly placing his arms around the cowboys shoulders and burying his face in his neck. “Now tell me, what’s goin’ on?” Hanzo began to weep, his voice wavering when he responded. “All the fighting, I’ve watched people die before me. I have killed, I tried to kill my own….” he hiccuped, McCree rubbed his back in attempt to soothe him. “All because he would not live up to the legacy that our family had set.” He sniffled, allowing himself to let go, melting into the arms of the American.

McCree guided his boyfriend to sit on the floor with him, allowing him to cry to his hearts content, offering a soft “it’s okay, you’re okay.” Between the loud sobs. The long haired man composed himself after a couple minuets, still sniffling as Jesse rubbed circles into his back. He pulled back slowly, finding it hard to look McCree in the eyes. “Forgive me, I was not in control of myself.” The brunette smiled softly, moving a hand to the side of Hanzo’s face to turn his head toward him. “It’s okay, darlin’. We all need t’ let it all go at some point.” Hanzo nodded, though he still wore an unhappy look. “What I have done is inexcusable.” The archer brought his hands to his lap and stared down at them, was there ever a difference between them being a tool or a weapon? “Especially to Genji. I know that he claims to have forgiven me, but….” he looked off to the side. “Does he?” Jesse took Hanzo’s hands in his.

“Now hold on, I know your brother.” His voice was calm and reassuring, the southern drawl acting as support to his cause. “I don’t know what he was like in the past but I know him now, and he would never tell you something that he didn’t mean. Especially something this heavy.” The raven head smiled slightly then going stoic again. Looks like he’s back. However, that’s not exactly good enough for Jesse.

“Hey now, where’d that smile go?” Hanzo’s face showed confusion for a moment. “What smile? I did not smile, I never smile.” The shorter of the two stood, trying to find something to change the subject. McCree stood as well, a mischievous smirk on his lips. “C'mon, where are you hiding it?” A couple quick jabs at his sides and ribs made the Shimada jump. “Oop! Saw it for a second there. Let me see it again!” The dragon wielder darted to the other side of the room, turning around to find his boyfriend ready to pounce. His heart jumped to his throat when he saw wiggling fingers pointed his direction. “Don’t make me chase you, darlin’. I just wanna see you smile!” McCree stepped forward, Hanzo took a step back. Jesse chuckled. “Im…… gonna……” he held the last syllable for as long as his breath would let him. “….getcha!!!”

With that, they were off. A high speed chase between the cowboy and the archer. Speeding down hallways, sliding around corners, crashing into walls, and scaring the fuck out of other overwatch agents as they darted past. Hanzo’s hair was flying behind him as he ran, having forgot to put it back up, and despite his terror he was grinning ear to ear. He tried everything to stop Jesse from catching up; knocking papers and books off of tables and onto the floor, taking sharp turns, pushing Lucio into McCree’s path, hiding behind Reinhardt, but the chase went on. Jesse could have caught up with Hanzo any time he wanted, he has much longer legs and can run definitely faster, but he could tell that they were both having fun.

Eventually, they ran into a recreational room. There were a few couches and games and a holo-tv, but nothing Hanzo could use to hide or fight. He ran around the room, trying desperately to find a way out. He was cornered. Jesse slowed his pace to a lazy stroll, the smirk still on his face, though his hands were swinging at his sides rather than in the air, wriggling threateningly. He came over to his panicking boyfriend and picked him up bridal style, bringing him over to a couch. After being gently tossed onto the cushions, much to his dismay, McCree managed to straddle him, settling on his waist before he could scramble away. “Please…..” Hanzo blurted, fighting back a smile trying to surface on his face. “Don’t!” McCree grinned. “Don’t what, darlin’?” “Tickle me!” The brunette’s grin deepened. “Well, why didn’t you just ask?”

Jesse’s hands darted all over his sides and tummy, quickly wiggling, varying between gentle scribbles and squeezes, and Hanzo couldn’t have stopped himself from laughing if he tried. The Shimada squirmed from side to side, giggling wildly. His face was red as a stop sign, Shimadas didn’t giggle! Shimadas weren’t supposed to have weaknesses, let alone be ticklish!

“Nohoho!! Please stahahop!” He managed to blurt between cackles. McCree switched from Hanzo’s sides to his ribs making him let out a high pitched squeal. The American couldn’t get over how happy Hanzo looked. Of course the laughter was forced, but the smile was genuine. The pure happiness and giddiness was shining in his eyes as he squirmed in ticklish agony. Though the raven head clawed at his hands to stop him, no real attempt was made. Not enough to get Jesse to stop anyway. The cowboy stopped and let Hanzo have a break once tears formed in his eyes. He sat back, trying to decide on where to tickle next. “Let me up!” The Japanese man yelled, the taller male’s eyes looked up at him. “Stupid American southern man-bear, let me go!” He cried angrily. Once he stopped struggling long enough to see the look in Jesse’s eyes, he paled. “Wait, no, I’m sorry, forgive me?” His words were frantic, though he knew there was no way he was getting away. Not after he said that.

“Wait, what are you- wait nonononono!” Jesse shifted his weight momentarily and flipped Hanzo onto his front and moved downward to sit on the back of his thighs. After being together for awhile, you learn a lot about a person. One of these things is the strangest tickle spots that you never would have guessed could be ticklish. McCree scribbled his fingers up and down the raven haired male’s back, occasionally stopping to gently squeeze the firm muscle lining the spine. This tickle spot was tricky, but it was a good one. You have to get it just right, that way you get him to- “MATEE!!” Yep, there we go. “YAHAMETE!! Ghahaha!!!” Hanzo shrieked, beginning to speak Japanese between high pitched, loud, bubbly laughter. “HahahahaHAHA! Nooooooo!!!”

Something a lot of people don’t know about Hanzo; his laugh is very contagious. Jesse found himself laughing along with his boyfriend, not being able to contain himself. “PLEASE STAHAHAAAAAP!!” McCree let out an over dramatic sigh before stopping, lazily getting off of his boyfriend. “You feel better now?”

For awhile the only sound in the room was Hanzo trying to catch his breath. When he did, he sat up and straightened his clothes. “Yes. Thank you, Jesse.”

Jesse smiled, mission accomplished.

“I am giving you five seconds to run.”


Making dinner for one tonight. Which by my standards either means I’m going to be lazy as heck and just one-pot my way into comfort food hell, or that I’ll go all out and get experimental and weird. This ended up being the latter.

Roasted diced squash and garlic and cavolo nero, with crushed cumin and caraway and cubeb pepper. Earthy spices with a hint of fruitiness — that orange zest tang from the caraway and something more berrylike from the pepper, to compliment and contradict the natural sweetness of squash. Cracked some eggs to bake in there at the last minute because baked eggs are fucking excellent.

A pepper…thing. I don’t know what I’d call this. Basically just sauteed peppers in a thick sauce but the sauce was bizarre and fucking great. I gently fried some fresh white anchovies in good olive oil until they basically dissolved, and fried garlic and fresh long joe chilli alongside that. Added a bit of crushed sichuan pepper and crushed dried chilli and some gorgeous coarse ground pimenton from Seville. Deglazed the pan with white wine vinegar and a drizzle of honey. And basically just slowly cooked the sliced peppers in that til they were tender and covered in the cooked down sauce. It was salty and very savoury from the anchovies, but sweet too, but really lifted up by the sichuan pepper’s natural lemony mouth-numbing whatever-it-is-sichuan-pepper-even-does-I-mean-like-powerful-fucking-magic-that’s-fucking-what-ness. That on top of the crunchiness of the peppers…

Shoveled all that into my fave with good homemade bread. Cleansed my palate with nocellara del belice olives and caper berries. Sipped a comparatively uninteresting lager as I went. And ate slices of ripe persimmon for dessert.

Basically, for me, this ends up being fantasy food. Adventuresona food all over again. Though not for any particular setting, nor with any story in mind. Stuff for maritime cities full of merchant princes. Or else stuff just weird enough to keep me entertained on a night cooking just for myself. I could write whole drabbles about my thought processes when messing around like this, but on this occasion, the food kinda speaks for itself.

Enjoying my rest day

Making some new Bariatric recipies (Ricotta Bake and wonton Mexi rolls) and waiting for the Chief’s game tonight.

I’ll post some pictures later.

Lazy days are nice. 😃

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Here are 5 of my OTPs:

1) Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist)

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2) Miroku and Sango (InuYasha)

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3) Bishamon and Kazuma (Noragami)

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4) Rin Okumura and Izumo Kamiki (Blue Exorcist)

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5) IamliterallyforgettingeveryothershipIloveI’msorry

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