tonight i will be ic

So how about an Otayuri mafia AU where Yurio is the rebellious troublemaker grandson of the mob boss and Otabek is hired to protect him (from himself, and others). Because I can’t stop thinking about it :’)

Y'all, I’m just so thankful because I honestly went into YOI expecting Viktor to be an asshole, diva, stuck-up superstar that’s hot shit and he knows it but… that’s not what I got at all??? Like, yeah, he’s a little bit of a diva. And yeah, he’s a superstar. But he’s also so PURE?? And earnest? He doesn’t know what he’s doing and he’s just going around fucking winging it half the time but he’s so happy with Yuuri and he wants to be a good coach and prove that he can do a good job and he gets so excited about little things and stuffs his face with katsudon and #ninjas and says “wow” in his cute little voice and I just… I will never be able to thank Kubo-sensei enough for the wonderful gift that is Viktor Nikiforov.

All I could draw for tonight before I called an ambulance


Yuri Plisetsky,
15 years old,
GPF gold winner 🏅

everyone following my blog: when are you going to stop drawing that one guy from YOI, or start drawing any of the other characters as well

me: ???? ?? ?

Can we appreciate?





things that happened in episode ten of yuri on ice:
  • viktor implies that yuri is his first real love and that his life has been improved so much with yuri in it
  • to the point now that the ocean doesn’t remind him of russia anymore, but hasetsu, his home w/yuri
  • viktor and yuri have a super cute sightseeing date trip together around barcelona, which is lovely
  • yuri literally buys a pair of gold engagement rings (can you believe???) that he can’t even afford outright for him and viktor as a ‘lucky charm’
  • (i’m just thinking, when yuri was asking viktor about his birthday and christmas, he was just looking for a good excuse to give him this gift he’s clearly been thinking abt for a while. i’m gonna-)
  • they go to a church together and lovingly slip the rings onto each other’s fingers, looking sappy and so happy
  • they walk off with their arms around each other’s shoulders for dinner
  • yuri doesn’t deny that the rings represent his ‘engagement’ to viktor and lowkey rolls with the idea that they’d get married after the gp final (again, can you believe????)
  • and then we get the ending credits (can i just say - what a concept! love the way they did it with all of the photos like the regular credits)…… drunk yuri is quite the mover and shaker. expert, sexy pole dancer. mad hip hop dancer.
  • and Most. Importantly. Of. All. he is the one who approaches viktor and dances with him, taking the lead and puttin on a whole load of charm
  • he literally GRINDS on viktor and throws his arm round his neck, begging him to be his coach
  • and viktor blushes and gasps bc, by god, the boy is smitten with this japanese twenty-something who completely flunked in competition
  • viktor!! the guy who’s meant to be the charming, suave, worldly, experienced one, the guy whom yuri has idolised his entire skating career, is the one who fell for yuri!
  • to reiterate: yuri seduced viktor a whole freaking year before the main narrative begins
  • and this just.. changes everything. viktor being so forward with yuri and wanting to be so physical was just him trying to subtly eek out the yuri he fell for at last year’s banquet. viktor choosing eros for yuri? literally just wanted to see him be sexy again. this whole damn time has been viktor falling more and more for yuri and trying to see his feelings reciprocated (which is happening lil by lil, like a slow-cooked roast)
  • throw me in the bin tbh because my sons are so good together and in love