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Hot Blooded

Warning:- Smut, Swearing 


This is a mash up of several request because they were pretty similar :) so I hope you like!!


wantated said: Hey! I love your blog! I spent like, a whole day reading you Masterlist and since then I am in love! So… I have a request but it is big… so sorry! I was wondering if you could write something about Jody, Charlie and the Reader having a girls night at the bunker or somewhere where they talk about girls, boys and relationships and they make the Reader admit that she is in love with Dean and that she should confess to him, because he totally loves her too. Thank you so much! You are great!

Anon said: Can we have a reader and charlie girly night? thanks

Anon said: Can I ask for a deanxreader where charlie and sam plot to get them to admit their feelings? 


You stumbled from the kitchen with snacks piled so high in your arms it was impossible to see over the top. It was your monthly “girly” night with Charlie and you were incredibly excited. Your knee collided with a chair on the way out of the room towards the converted “Movie room”; A string of not to colourful curse words flew from your mouth as the pain radiated up your leg.

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After Party

Originally posted by intensekisses

‘you guys decided to throw your own after party in the end’

Featuring: Kai (EXO), D.O (EXO), Jungkook (BTS), Jimin (BTS)
Genre: Smut/Multifandom
Word Count: 1,704


A/N: @jonginswife619 and I wrote this months ago and just never posted it. Reading this over I am ashamed and was in a dark smutty time in my life when producing this. I hope you enjoy!

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Made Of Starlight ~ Kili Imagine

Requested by blu3tid3sI think I have a Kili x reader obsession, but who doesn’t? Lol, It would be great if you could please write a Kili imagine where (Y/N) is Thranduils daughter and catches wind of the rumor that Dwarves were taken prisoner and are being held in the cells. She asks Thranduil, but her father denies it instead, insisting that she go get ready for the Feast. That night during the feast of starlight, (Y/N) slips away to see for herself. Kili, who has a clear view of the stairs first catches sight of her pure white dress that is covered in white gems and then his eyes land on (Y/N) and he’s captivated.

“Dwarves? In the cells? Are you sure?”
“I am more than sure. I saw them with my own two eyes.” 

Y/N stood in her room, listening to two maids gossiping as they helped her prepare for the Feast later that evening. She knew it was probably none of her business, but her curiousness got the better of her, and she arched a brow as she turned to look at the two women. “What were they like?” she asked the one who had seen the Dwarves. Her name was Ellaine, and she was quite young compared to the other woman, who’s age showed through experience rather than looks. 
"I.. what do you mean, m’lady?” Ellaine asked softly, taken aback slightly by Y/N’s question. 
“The Dwarves..” she replied, “I have never seen a Dwarf before.. what are they like?”
“Oh..” Ellaine replied, frowning in thought. However just as she opened her mouth to speak, the other woman covered her mouth with her hand. 
“There are no Dwarf prisoners in the cells m’lady. It is nothing but a rumor. Now we must continue preparing you for tonight, otherwise you’ll miss the Feast,” she said, smiling and stepping forward to pick up the dress Y/N were to wear that night. Y/N narrowed her eyes slightly and shook her head before nodding and sitting back down. She watched the two women out of the corner of her eye, waiting for them to turn around, and as soon as they did, she made a dash for the door. She walked quickly down the halls, considering going straight to the cells, but instead she decided to go to her father to seek the truth. The cells weren’t a place she liked to go often, especially after she had gone down there once as a young Elf, only to find an Orc in one of the cells. She had made the mistake of getting too close, and the Orc would have hurt her, had her older brother, Legolas, not been there to pull her back. So she tried to avoid the cells as much as possible. 


As she walked up to her father, Thranduil stopped listening to Figwit and turned to look at her. Figwit stopped talking the instant he caught sight of Y/N, his words getting caught in his throat as they always did whenever he was graced with her beauty. “My daughter.. you should be getting ready for the Feast tonight. Figwit was just informing me of how marvelous everything is looking.”
Y/N looked over at Figwit and smiled softly, the small gesture making the male Elf’s cheeks redden slightly, before she looked back at Thranduil, eager to ask her question. 
“I was getting ready- I mean, I am. I will be ready,” she stammered slightly. Thranduil raised a brow of amusement. 
“And yet here you are.. now tell me, what is it you wish to ask?” he teased lightly. Y/N took a deep breath, pausing for a moment before blurting out her question. 
“I overheard someone talking.. they spoke of Dwarves in the dungeon. Is it true father? Are there really Dwarves… here?” she asked, her eyes lighting with excitement and curiosity at the thought. Thranduil’s playful expression dropped almost immediately, and instead was replaced with the hard mask he usually wore. 
“Go get ready for the Feast, Y/N.” he said, his voice almost as expressionless as his face. It was times like this when Y/N reminded him too much of her mother, and he knew if he were to let her curiosity get out of hand, he would lose her too.
“But-” Y/N started to say, but Thranduil cut her off. 
“There are no Dwarves in the cells. That is nothing but a petty rumor. Now go get ready for the Feast." 
Y/N opened her mouth to speak again, but just as she did Figwit stepped forward. 
"M’lady, it would be best to do as your father says..” he said gently. Y/N turned to face with a look of disbelief, glancing between him and her father before she let out a small huff and turned quickly, storming past the guards standing at the door before disappearing around the corner. 
Thranduil sighed as he watched her leave, but said nothing more on the matter.


Later that night, Y/N made her away around the room graciously, socializing with whomever she came across. She was good at keeping conversation with others, her voice and words a pleasure to anyone who spoke to her.
The Feast of Starlight had been going on for a while, but the whole time, Figwit could not keep his eyes from her, which is part of the reason why he was the only one to see her leave the room..

Y/N had been thinking about the Dwarves all night. She didn’t believe her fathers denial of them. He was too obvious about it, too angered, and she knew her father. So she waited until everyone had had a bit too much to drink before she slipped from the room. She kept glancing behind her as she moved quickly through the halls. 
When she reached the entrance to the cells, she felt her chest tighten. Two guards stood posted at the door. She let out a small huff before straightening up and rounding the corner, her expression formal, making her seem a lot more important than she felts. 
“Lady Y/N, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be enjoying the Feast?” one of the guards asked. 
“I wish to speak with the Dwarves.” she replied. The Guards looked at her curiously. 
“For what reason? Dwarves are filthy creatures with no manners.”
“The reason is not of your concern. Are you going to let me through, or do I have to go get Legolas or Father?” she asked firmly. The Guards hesitated for a moment before stepping aside. 
Y/N walked past them and started to enter the cells, but when they started following her she stopped. 
“I wish to go alone,” she said quickly. 
“Do not question me,” she said dangerously before continuing on her path towards the stairs that led into the cells. 


Kili sat in his cell, bored out of his mind. Not only did it suck that their quest had been put on hold, but he was devastated that the Elves were having a feast while he and the others were trapped in cells with no food. He let out a sigh as he continued to toss his rune stone into the air, watching it fall back into his hands before he would throw it again.

Just as he threw it and caught it one more time, something at the top of the stairs caught his eye. He turned to look at it, his eyes narrowing slightly at the silky white fabric that held what looked like millions of white gems. These gems sparkled as the fabric moved, reflecting light and reminding Kili of stars in the night sky. The more the stared, the further down the stairs the fabric descended, and Kili’s jaw dropped slightly as a petite figure revealed itself to him. The white fabric clung to the woman’s upper body like a second skin, flowing around her legs like a waterfall covered in stars. He could see long, soft hair flowing down around her waist, and his eyes lingered on her body before her face was visible to him. By now he had moved to stand up against the door of his cell, his hands holding onto the bars as he tried to get a better look. Her face was even more beautiful than he had expected, and his eyes widened as he looked up at her with a look of pure admiration. Everything from the outline of her face, to her cheekbones, to her lips were all perfect. In Kili’s eyes he could see not one single flaw.. and then his eyes connected with hers, and he felt as though his heart was literally melting. 

Y/N had walked down the stairs slowly. She had watched the stairs, bracing herself before she looked up to see the Dwarves, but as her eyes slowly flickered up, they met the eyes of a male Dwarf, who was staring at her as though she was the most majestic creature he had ever seen. A light blush crept across her cheeks, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from his. She had seen many riches, but the chocolate brown eyes of this particular Dwarf had left her speechless. 
At the same time, her sparkling eyes had left Kili totally and utterly entranced. He couldn’t stop staring at her, and to be honest he didn’t want to. 

After what seemed like hours, but was only a few minutes, Kili finally cleared his throat before bowing formerly, giving her a cheeky grin as he straightened up. 
“I must apologize, my lady.. I am not usually this, lost for words.. but your beauty is, radiating." 
Y/N tilted her head curiously, a small smile playing at the corner of her lips as she cautiously walked closer to the Dwarf. 
"What is your name?” she asked softly, her honey-like voice making him grin wider.
“I am Kili,” he replied, “And you are?”
“Y/N,” she answered with a small curtsy.  
“Y/N…” Kili repeated, the name rolling off his tongue and sending a shiver up Y/N’s spine. The way he said it so easily made her feel as though he had been saying it his whole life. Blushing lightly again, she glanced away for a moment, returning her gaze to his a few seconds later. 
“I have never seen one of your kind before,” she admitted. Kili chuckled softly and bit back a cheesy comment about not seeing someone as beautiful as her before, deciding it would probably creep her out rather than flatter her. 
“Is that why you are here, and not attending the Feast? It sounds like quite a party,” he chuckled again. Y/N laughed softly and nodded, biting her lip as she looked back up at the top of the stairs. 
“I suppose you could say that,” she said, looking back at him before speaking again.


It didn’t take long for Kili and Y/N to strike up an interesting conversation. The two of them spoke as though they had been friends for many years, sharing tales of their customs. Kili managed to keep a smile on Y/N’s face, making her laugh every now and then. She felt comfortable around him, so comfortable she forgot to filter her words before speaking them. 

“So how did my father find you and your company?" 
Kili raised a brow. “Your father?” he asked curiously
"Thranduil.” Y/N replied simply. Kili’s eyes widened again and he ran a hand over his jaw. 
“Your father is Thranduil?” he asked. 
“Yes?” she replied. 
“Do you think you could speak to him? You see, we’re kind of on a quest to get our mountain back…” he said eagerly. Y/N looked away quickly, instantly regretting telling him of her relation to Thranduil. She knew it was silly, but she had grown so comfortable being in the company of this dwarf, she didn’t want it to end just yet. She didn’t want to go back to her everyday life. Doing the same thing everyday and staying within the safety of her fathers walls. She wanted the adventures this dwarf had lived. She wanted to see the rest of Middle-Earth, but she knew that wouldn’t happen any time soon, so this dwarf was the closest she would get to freedom. 
“You would leave here so willingly..?” she asked, her voice barely louder than a whisper as hurt flickered through her eyes. Kili’s eyes softened and he felt a lump rise in his throat. The sight of this beautiful woman looking so sad made him feel things he had never felt before. Reaching through the bars, he took hold of her hand. 
“It would only be to reclaim our mountain.. then I’ll come back for you, I give you my word..” he said gently. Y/N looking down at his hand on hers before looking back up at him. 
“I wish I could set you free.. but my father.. I would not be able to persuade him.. he even refused to tell me you were here in the first place..” she admitted. Kili smiled softly and nodded, he opened his mouth to speak, but before he could he was interrupted by a voice echoing around them. 
“Y/N!” the voice called. Y/N stood up quickly from where she had been sitting on a rock. 
“Who is it?” Kili asked, feeling like slight twang of jealousy. 
“My brother,” Y/N said as she started to moved towards the stairs, but Kili grabbed her arm again. 
“Will you be back?” he asked, looking up at her with puppy dog eyes. Y/N bit her lip but nodded. “I will..” she said, looking up at the stairs again as Legolas’ voice echoed once more, only it was louder and closer this time. “Give me your word?” Kili said quickly. 
“I give you my word,” Y/N replied in a heartbeat, “now I must go," 
Kili nodded and let her arm go, watching her as she ran up the stairs and disappeared around the corner. 

But Kili wasn’t to see Y/N ever again. For that night, Bilbo had managed to sneak into the cells and set the Dwarves free, but as the barrels were lowered into the water, Kili couldn’t help but look back in hopes of seeing the dress that resembled stars, and the beautiful Elven princess that wore it..

Hi guys! i have been away for a while, haven’t i? Hopefully i will be back soon but in the meantime, Shannon is doing me the incredible favor of posting this fic. It’s my birthday present to Hannah (her birthday was last month but she did read it a few days after her birthday.) Hannah also did the huge favor of being my beta for her own birthday present so i could share it with you guys (isn’t Hannah a sweetheart? Shannon is also a sweetheart, everybody is a sweetheart. Also i find hilarious that Hannah beta her own present.) Here is the fic! Enjoy! 


She had been standing in front of the mirror for a while, eyes on her own reflexion, scanning her body. She was wearing only black lingerie; she had wanted to surprise her boyfriend when he got home, but the mirror had stopped her plans. She had never cared too much about her body or the way she looked, but there were days, like today, where the scars on her skin made her feel self-conscious. She had wanted to look sexy for him, wanted to make him lose control at the sight of her. But instead she had ended up tracing the scars on her skin, losing the usual confidence that was such a big part of her.

“Please tell me this is not the part where you ask me if you are fat,” a deep voice said behind her. She turned and saw her boyfriend leaning against the door frame of their room. “Because you and I both know you have better abs than I do.”

“Shut up, Percy,” she said quietly.

“It’s true!” He walked over to stand behind her. “Look at them, I wish mine were like that.”

“It’s not about that.” She really hoped he didn’t notice how her voice was slightly trembling. But he was Percy and she was Annabeth and he knew her like nobody else had so of course he did.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, eyebrows pulling together like they always do when he’s worried.

“It’s silly.”

He put his hands on her shoulders and gently turned her so she was facing him, he leaned down a little so they were face to face. “If it’s something that is making you this upset, then it’s not silly, at least not to me.”

“Percy,” she said quietly.

“Annabeth,” he replied, voice full of concern.

“I was planning on surprising you tonight,” she started saying, avoiding looking at his eyes but she could feel his gaze on her. “Wear something sexy, you know.”

“Were you planning on seducing me?” he asked, a hint of laughter in his voice.

“Something like that.” She was having trouble explaining her feelings But this was Percy, if she couldn’t tell them to him, she couldn’t tell them to anyone. “But when I was about to put on some lipstick, I saw them.” 

“Saw what?” he asked her softly.

“The scars,” she whispered, staring at his chest. “They’re everywhere and I didn’t- I don’t feel-”

“You don’t feel beautiful?” he asked her, his voice still soft. His hands were no longer on her shoulders, he was rubbing them across the length of her arms.

“I wanted to look pretty for you,” she said.

“You are always beautiful to me.”

“My body is covered in scars.”

“Annabeth,” he said, “Look at me, please?”

She did and he held her gaze for a few seconds before taking off his shirt.

“Look at me,” he said again, this time taking a few steps back so she could see his bare chest. “What do you think about me?”

“What are you doing?”

“Do you think I am hot?” he asked her, he had raised his arms so they were in line with his shoulders.

“Are you seriously asking me that right now!?” Annabeth asked, she was getting mad. All of the things Percy could have done to cheer her up, asking if he was hot was the last thing on her list.

“Am I handsome?” he asked her, holding her gaze even as she started to glare at him.

“What are you trying to do?” She was mad now. She had told him about her insecurities and he was reacting in a very un-Percy way.

“Just answer my question, Annabeth.” He walked towards her. “What do you think about me?”

Annabeth glared at him.

“I have a point, I truly do,” he said, cupping her face in his hands. “Just answer me.” 

His voice had shifted to that tone, the one he used when he whispered “I love you” in her ear after she had woken him because her nightmares were too much to handle alone.

“I think you’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever met,” she told him.

“You think I’m beautiful,” he said, his thumbs tracing circles on her cheeks. “But you don’t think you’re beautiful because of your scars?”

She took a deep breath before replying. “I don’t feel beautiful right now,” she confessed.

“Annabeth, look at me” he said, pointing to his chest that was covered in little white and pink lines. “I am covered in scars too and you still think I’m beautiful.”

She hesitantly reached to touch his chest, fingers tracing a particularly large scar that he got a few weeks ago, it was still more pink than the others. She remembered seeing him after that quest, how Jason was supporting all his weight and how pale Percy looked and how much blood there was on his shirt, and how afraid she had been of losing him.

“Yes, your body is covered in scars,” he said, hands gently turning her so she was facing the mirror again. “But these scars, they tell your story; they are part of who you are, of everything you have been through.”

“They are part of me,” she said as he kissed a scar on his shoulder. 

“This is my favorite,” he whispered against her skin after he kissed the scar on her arm, the one she got when she protected his achilles spot.

She closed her eyes, feeling Percy’s lips on her skin, tracing her scars, getting dangerously close to her navel. “Percy,” she whispered. “don’t stop.”

“I can tell you a million times how beautiful you are.” His kisses were getting lower and lower on her body. “But it wouldn’t matter, you have to believe that yourself.”

“I am,” she said, confidence back in her voice.

He kissed the hem of her underwear. “You are what?”

“I am-” She gasped when she felt his lips kiss the fabric on her underwear. “I am beautiful.” 

“The most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.”

AH Origins: Jack

AH Origins explores how the Fake AH Crew came together. Their heists, their origins and their rise to power.

Previous origins:

Gavin | Ray | Michael | Ryan

Jack knew he had hit rock bottom when he lost $1700 betting on the puppy bowl. He went to bed, promising himself he’d never do anything so stupid again.

That weekend he lost another grand at blackjack.

It was how it worked. He grew up the only child of a well-respected gangster. Money was no object. Jack could have whatever he wanted. Toys, games, fast cars, dresses. And no dared to mock him. Robbie Pattillo would never have his kid bullied for being the way he wanted.

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The Caged Bird

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo [달의 연인-보보경심 려] fanfiction

  • Fairy Tale AU
  • Wang So/Hae Soo

Princess Hae Soo had never seen a crow before.

She noticed it from her bedroom window, right as the sun began to set. She called her servant and friend Chae Ryung over but, by the time the girl arrived, the crow had already hidden itself amongst the leaves of trees. With a grin, the princess quickly began to change into common clothes, to her friend’s exasperation.

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Avengers Fic: Diplomatic Relations and Intelligence Failures, Pt. 8

((AKA The Lady Sif asks Maria Hill on a date.  The first parts of this can be found on AO3, or here on my tumblr.  Sorry it’s taking so long to finish, but I’m getting close, I promise!))

“Help me out here. Is our goal to make sure she scores, or make sure she doesn’t?” Darcy tipped her head towards Natasha, her teeth flashing in a grin. “‘Cause I can work with either, but I need a goal here.”

“Your goal is to be invisible,” Natasha said, amused despite herself. That was her default outlook around Darcy.

“Well, I could’ve used that information earlier, this dress will make 'invisibility’ really, really hard.” Darcy cocked a hip and crossed her arms under her breasts. They didn’t need the extra encouragement. Her black and red dress was sleeveless, with a semi-sweetheart neckline that barely met community decency standards and a skirt that swept over her curves to end at mid-thigh.

It was impressive. And Natasha was hard to impress.

“Yes, it will,” Natasha said. Her own dress was a simple black sheath that was cut high on a square neckline and left her arms bare. It was the back that was daring, dipping low enough to show off the upper curve of her ass. It was one of her favorites, because she loved the doubletakes she recieved as she walked by.

Shaking her head, she cut through the crowd, heading towards the bar. Darcy wandered along behind her, her head craning to tip a flirtatious smile at a woman passing in the other direction. The woman smiled back, and Natasha slipped her hand into Darcy’s elbow, moving her firmly in the correct direction. “Do not get lost.”

“Not going to get lost.” Darcy tossed her head, her dark hair bouncing around her bare shoulders. “I know right where I’m going.” Her red lips parted in a very dirty grin. “The only question is how I’m getting there.”

Natasha’s eyes rolled up towards the ceiling. “Don’t wander off, either,” she said.

“How am I to acquire alcohol if I don’t ply my wiles?” Darcy asked, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. “I deserve alcohol.”

“I’ll buy you a drink.”

“Oooo, are we on expense account?” Despite her towering heels, Darcy’s steps acquired an extra bounce as the bar loomed in front of them.

“I am on expense account. No one in their right mind would give you an expense account.”

“Tony gives me an expense account,” Darcy pointed out.

“I repeat. No one in their right mind would give you an expense account.”

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Stuck on a title or url for your roleplay, use one from a Glee song

This is the full list of songs Glee have performed over 5 seasons. At the bottom you will also find the songs that have been unreleased. I have found using a song for a title or URL has helped me and give a sense to people outside what the roleplay could be about.

Note some songs appear multiple times asuch as Don’t Stop Belivin’ because they have been performed a different way etc.

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