tonight don't leave


from a mountain in the middle of the cabins // panic! at the disco

This episode of drag race took a lot out of me. I literally cried.


pls listen to this song, no joke i’ve been looping it all day lmao

EDIT: i’m gonna do it and it shall be called “get rec’d”

  • *the garden, Mummy & Daddy's*
  • Molly: *examining the buffet table*
  • Sherrinford: *slides up beside her; puts on a mocking voice* What are you thinking, the pork or the pasta?
  • Molly: *looks up; smiles* Oh, hey. Your mum keeps asking me when we're getting married!
  • Sherrinford: Mmm, she was a mathematician. Knows what adds up.
  • Molly: *chuckles* Very funny. Anyway, I told her it's not like that. Now she's trying to fix me up with Sherrinford.
  • Sherrinford: *smirks*
  • Molly: *eyes wide* You...are Sherrinford, aren't you?
  • Sherrinford: *extends his hand* Guilty as charged, Molly Hooper.
  • Molly: *blushing* Oh God. Sorry, hi. You look like- I mean, Sherlock never mentioned he had a twin brother
  • Sherrinford: Hmm, it doesn't really come under his favourite subject *pauses* himself.
  • Molly: *giggles*
  • Sherrinford: *grins* Or you.
  • Molly: *confused* Huh?
  • Sherlock: *hurries over to them, almost spilling his drinks; almost nervous* What are you talking about?
  • Sherrinford: *winks at Molly* Ears burning...
  • Molly: *giggles*
  • Sherlock: *annoyed* Sherrinford!
  • Sherrinford: *rolls his eyes* If you must know, I was about to tell Molly Hooper - pathologist, brainy, single, cat lady, sexy as hell *turns to Molly* sorry, I'm paraphrasing but that's the jist *back to Sherlock; slowly* that you fancy her *smug*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: ...
  • Sherrinford: For me? *nicks one of Sherlock's drinks* bonsoir, brother dear *leaves*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *clears his throat* I-I don't fancy you. It's a...deep affetion *stares into his remaining glass* I love you.
  • Molly: *holds his free hand, smiling* I love you too.
  • Sherlock: *smiles*

I can’t tell if tonight was terrible and I’m going to point to it as the beginning of the end or if it was productive and good?

People you find on lesbian dating sites:
-“just looking for new friends!!”
-“I’m bi and have a boyfriend but you can be my side piece”
-“my bf and I are looking to experiment!”
-like 2 girls who seem nice and normal
-probably fake
-“just trying 2 promote my business”
-probably a man

  • Non-Tokyo Ghoul fans: Yes, it's finally Friday, time to chill
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Rey fell in love with with her best friend Ben Solo in high school. Years after he breaks her heart, she is on the verge of marrying someone else when he unexpectedly comes back into her life.

One shot, based on a Tumblr prompt.