tonight alive signing

True Female-Fronted Zodiacs
  • Aries: Heidi Shepherd/Rena Lovelis
  • Taurus: Sydney Sierota
  • Gemini: Cristina Scabbia/Jenna McDougall
  • Cancer: Sharon den Adel
  • Leo: Taylor Momsen/Alissa White-Gluz
  • Virgo: Lacey Sturm/Ariel Bloomer
  • Libra: Lzzy Hale/Gwen Stefani
  • Scorpio: Angela Gossow
  • Sagittarius: Amy Lee/Maria Brink
  • Capricorn: Hayley Williams/Simone Simons
  • Aquarius: Joan Jett
  • Pisces: Lynn Gunn/Ash Costello
What band member should u date??

Aries: Jenna McDougall

Taurus: Tyler Carter

Gemini: Gerard Way

Cancer: Patrick Stump

Leo: Brendon Urie

Virgo: Andrew Volpe

Libra: Tyler Joseph

Scorpio: Renee Pheonix

Sagittarius: Ed Sheeran

Capricorn: Frank Iero

Aquarius: Jeremy McKinnon

Pisces: Hayley Williams

playlist for the signs: virgo

listen here :)

paolo nuitini - someone like you
a day to remember - all I want
bruno mars - if I knew
the used - hard to say
arctic monkeys - knee socks
ben howard - promise
bastille - poet
tonight alive - come home
new politics - goodbye copenhagen
vampire weekend - unbelievers
ellie goulding - hanging on
the coronas - someone else’s hands
ariana grande - just a little bit of your heart
blink 182 - anthem part 2
two door cinema club - next year

(inspired by zodiacale)

and you will always be perfect: 

virgo, libra, taurus

you will always be beautiful:

leo, pisces

our hearts will never forget you:

scorpio, sagittarius

earth’s just not the place for an angel like you:

aquarius, aries, gemini

and it just doesn’t seem right, was it really your time:

capricorn, cancer