tonight alive event

Jenna of Tonight Alive at Nashville’s Cannery Ballroom

Photographed by Kate Landers (Under Construction) 

On a personal note..I am sorry I haven’t been posting. School has been crazy! I had strep throat, and finals. Unfortunately, school has to take precedence - but thank you so so much for all your support!!

xx Kate 

16/2/13 - part 1 (meeting tonight alive)

okay this was probably one of the best days of my life. i woke up at 6 to get ready and left at 8 to get the train to oxford circus. when i got there i went to mcdonalds then walked down to drop dead at 10 and managed to be like in the first 20-30 in line! tommy/the kitty mascot even came out to take pictures and keep us all entertained, i even said hi to kellins-ankles from tumblr. at around 12 i went back to oxford circus station to meet Kathy (girl i met through tumblr) and her friend Andrea. when we got back it wasnt that long to go until the acoustic set started. we managed to be the last group to fit into the first tonight alive acoustic set, which was fab. only jenna and whak did the acoustic set, they played 4 songs (safe & sound, breaking & entering, amelia and listening) but they asked us what songs we wanted to hear. jenna was kinda avoiding singing ameilia but she did it in the end, i think it was because it was an emotional song to her. when she sang it she looked like she was going to cry! i secretly wanted her to sing thank you & goodnight though. they did 5 mini acoustic sets while we waited outside for the signing (we managed to be the second group in line!).

while in line there was a dude with a camera who asked the girls in front of me if they wanted to be on camera but they said they were camera shy so i volunteered. he asked me how the set was and what my favourite song they played was. i said it was amazing and that i loved amelia and breaking & entering (hopefully it will be included in the video drop dead release on wednesday). omg i was so excited to get inside at this point and i think i was the 4th person to meet them all. Matt Best (drummer) was the first person i met, he was absolutely lovely. he asked me how i was and i showed him the tonight alive artwork i did in my music journal. then Whak (lead guitarist) became interested so they started looking through my book and asked me how i did it. i love how they were actually genuinely interested in what i had done for them, i couldn’t stop smiling haha. i was still a bit dazzled when i met Jake Hardy (rhythm guitarist) so i paused quite a lot when answering him, he asked me when i got there and how long id been waiting, i replied with “10am but it’s been worth it!” then i met Cameron Adler (bass) who is gorgeous :o aha he was also interested in my art work which was pretty cool.

omg then i came to Jenna McDougall (lead singer) i gave her my letter and i said it has some chocolate in it, she replied with “ahh thats naughty!” in her cute australian accent!“ she also looked at my art work, with cameron still pretty glued to my book, i cant actually believe they said it was amazing wow. while jenna finished singing all my things (book, album and flyer) she asked me if we’ve met before or if i’ve seen them live. i said "nope, this is the first time” then she asked for my name! omg at this point i started picking up all my signed stuff, asked for a picture with her (i got two!) and a hug. i was literally walking towards the door when Jenna said “hey come back, do you wanna take a picture for the store?”. i was totally not expecting this! somehow i acted all cool and just said “sure!”, dont ask me how! it was fab, really fab and that was just part one of the day!

oh and apparently (my friend behind me) said that all the people lined up behind us were like “omg did she really draw that” and she was slightly annoyed that i has all their attention! if you look at the picture of me at the desk on the drop dead website you can 4 of them looking at my book haha, all in all im pretty proud of that book.